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This resource is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but was compiled and authored by Padraig O’Malley. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.

Reasons for CODESA deadlock - Provisional Framework

1.. Introduction Inauguration ... thinking back - Politicians:

. 1st step - ignore
2nd step - crisis manage
3rd step - propoerly manage

2.. The aftermath of the CODESA 2 deadlock (June 1992-February 1993)

*. Reasons for deadlock

*. Boipatong and Bisho

*. Roelf and Cyril: the link in the difficult times - cf Long journeiy R&C standing in the comer

*. Record of Understanding

*. Business' attempts to get the process started again: ValliMoosa 21/09/92
Roelf Meyer 22/09/92
Ken Andrew 08/10/92
Roelf Meyer 20/10/92
ANC 13/11/92
KarelBoshoff 11/01/93
Constitutional Options Process Ben Ngubane 12/02/93 ????

*. Planning for the start of the MPNP:
Deon Du Plooys telephone call on 01/03/93
Facilitation Committee on 02/03/93
IFP presentation re Constitutional Options - Ulundi 03/63/93

3.. The Planning Conference (March 1993)

*. The Facilitating Committee

*. The Planning Conference

*. The Planning Committee and other structures

*. First meeting of the Planning Committee 08:00 18/03/93

*. First meeting of the Negotiating Council 11:00 18/03/93

*. The chairing issue

4.. What's hi a name??

. CODESA - easy out of bilaterals New Process: names offered In the end: ostritch politics?

5.. The Chris Hani assasination (April 1993)

*. First meeting of the Multi-Party Negotiating Forum (1 April arid 2 April)

*. A country holding its breath: Plettenberg cafe

*. The handling of the Chris Hani crisis: No meetings until 22/04/93 (Planning Committee)

6.. The formation of the Technical Committees and their mandates (May 1993)

*. The process, the people and the problems

7.. The Right Wing attack (25 May 1993):

*. The run-up to the attack (visits earlier to bring memorandum)

8.. Events in June 1993

9.. The second (and last) meeting of the Multi-Party Negotiating Forum $ Jully 1993)

*. Election Date Issue and the walkout of the IFF, KP and the Kwazulu Government. Also the reasons why the AVU, Ciskei and Bophui[hf;itirwana stayed in.

*. Cyril and Roelfs visit to America!

10.. August 1993

*. Tree Planting Ceremony on 12 August 1993

11.. September 1993

12.. October 1993

13.. November 1993

*. Buthelezi and Business Breakfast

*. Roger Fisher/RoelfCyril

*. Cyrils Party

14.. December 1993

*. Negotiating Council meetings

*. Parliamentary Monitoring Committee

*. TEC and its appointments and dynamics

Other Issues:

Security at the World Trade Centre

Commission on Regions (June 1993)

Commission on National Symbols (IS September 1994)

State President to Negotiating Council on 16 November 1993

Constitution passed in Parliament on 22 December 1993;

East Rand Violence

Corlia Kruger and her husband getting nauseous; Mr MJ Mahlangu calling Corlia Kruger Mrs Meyer three times in a row; Cyrils interaction with Corlia Kruger; Roelf and Cyiilis anialiation of Corlia Kruger;

Chief Ligege's comments on the parties out of the process

The whole gender issue - Zam and Cyril - including the points about the "Ombudsman"

The composition of committees : "gender" and "race"

Planning Committee article - Edyth and Mac, etc. suspecting Theuns

The PAC and all their issues

Mrs Gouws bottoms

Pictures of Dawie De Villiers

15.. January 1994;

*. The TEC getsunderway in Pretoria

*. The IEC is set up

*. The IMC and the IBA are ignored

*. First meeting of the Management Committee -10 January

*. First meeting of the TEC -11 January

*. Processes, structures and workings of the TEC

16.. February 1994

*. CBM meeting with Roelf, Neil and Joe Slovo - check up on dalje

*. Special session Parliament on 28 February and 1 March j aiisiing out of Negotiating Council meeting 21 February to amend transitionaijy legislation

17.. March 1994

*. Bophuthatswana Coup


*. Civil Servants Crisis: How the right to strike was "suddenly" lost

18.. April 1994

*. Second special Parliamentary Session after the joining of the IPF talc the process (put date hi and what happened that day) after the meeting of the Negotiating Council (final one) on 20 April 1994 - also mention the meeting of the Management Committee in Cape Town on 25 April

*. Supposed last meeting of the TEC

*. Election

*. Last meeting of the Management Committee on 30 April 1994!

19.. May 1994

*. Inauguration of the President


Cocktail for Diplomats

Cocktail for Media

Pretoria City Council Banquet;

The Management Committee lunches and the chocolate sauce issue

The participatory Management Committee - Deon, Theuns and Gillian contributing to the decisions

The "Green Party" letter

The Rugby fax with decisions to be made by the Management Committee

The "Janet" Dynamic

The "Cyril" problems experienced by Theuns

Joe Slovos comments about Bop and then Malawi

Cyril and empire building at the last Management Committee meeting

Zam and bis "I will be brief comments and his job to correct Minutes

The sometimes "racist" clashes between Cyril and Colin

The Chiefs and money

Rajbansi and self importance and other issues

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