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This resource is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but was compiled and authored by Padraig O’Malley. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.


The Suppression of Communism Act

The Native Laws Amendment Act

The Defiance Campaign of 1952 is launched when African nationalists and communists drew closer together and adopted a provocative policy of actively fomenting civil disobedience, boycotts and strikes. On 26 June 1952, defiant blacks pleaded guilty to ignoring apartheid laws, and chose to serve prison sentences rather than pay fines. Riots occurred accompanied by arson and murder in Port Elizabeth, East London and Kimberley townships

Walter Sisulu, Duma Nokwe and others leave South Africa without passports to visit various counties.

Coloured People's Organisation (later Coloured People's Congress) is formed under James La Guma and became the successor to the APO

Walter Sisulu travels through the country to organise for the resistance campaign and addresses numerous meetings. Among others, he visits Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

6 April 1952

Walter Sisulu is one of the speakers for a meeting which is described as a "People's Protest Day Rally" and outlines the "Plan of Action". The following people also officiate as speakers: Dr. Y.M. Dadoo, D. Ilsome, James Phillips, Moses Kotane and D. Bopape

21 April 1952

Walter Sisulu, Dr. Y.M. Dadoo, A.M. Dadoo and Y.A. Cachalia are detained at Idatywa in the Transkei, because they entered the area without the necessary permission

9 June 1952

Walter Sisulu speak at a united meeting of the ANC and South African Indian Congress in Johannesburg

12 August 1952

Walter Sisulu and others are arrested on a charge under the Suppression of Communism Act

December 1952

Chief A.J. Luthuli elected President-General of the ANC

2 December 1952

Walter Sisulu is sentenced to 9 months imprisonment, conditionally, suspended for three years

17 December 1952

Walter Sisulu is served a notification, in terms of section 9 of the Suppression of Communism Act, whereby he is prohibited, for a period of six months, from attending any meeting in the union

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