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ANC Applications Heard In Pretoria

July 14, 2000

The Amnesty Committee of the TRC will as from Monday July 17 to 28 in Pretoria, hear amnesty applications of gross human rights abuses in ANC army and detention camps by twenty two former ANC security applicants.

The "Mbokodo", as the ANC's security apparatus was known, has been accused of torturing detainees suspected of being apartheid security agents who had infiltrated the organisation during its exile in Zimbabwe, Angola, Tanzania, Lesotho and Mozambique.

Thabo John Sphambo has applied for the death of Eric Pharasi in Kibashi, Angola in 1981. Kabelo Nimrod Matlaletsa has applied for the manslaughter of "Jovan" in February 1986 in Morogoro, Tanzania.

Saul Mandlenkosi Mandlazi has applied for screening, interrogation and assault of Sizwe Mabaso in Maputo in 1982.

Mzwandile Leon Ndaba Charles and Martin Lieta have applied for an incident in which Goodluck Bhekinhlanhla Mpungose was interrogated.

Samuel Mathidi Mangena has applied in relation to the assault of Edward Dlamini in Luanda, Angola in 1984.

Wandile Nathan Dlamini has applied for his involvement in the torture of Gabriel Phemelo Sthloke and the gathering of Intelligence information in respect of Isaack Seleke.

George Nkosinathi Thwala and Martin Mmapatla Ramphomane have applied for the killing of Monde "Chief" Mpatheni in Botswana in July 1981.

Keith Mokoape has applied for causing the arrest of several people and collecting information in respect of Dumisani Khoza which was then passed to the ANC's security department.

Oupa Shadrack Khumalo has applied for Human Rights Abuses that may have been committed while a Senior Officer in Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Moruti Edmund Noosi has applied for the shooting of Mwezi Thwala in 1984 and the assault of Ben Mmaseko during 1981 - 1985 in Angola.

Mzwandile Damoyi has applied for the existence of poor cell conditions in Camp 32 in Angola during 1983 - 1985 which resulted in the deaths of Zaba Maledza and Edward Masuku.

Itumeleng Tsimane has applied for the detention of Diliza Mthembu in Luanda in 1983.

Reginald Rabotapi has applied for the assault on Norman Phiri in Camp 32 (Quatro).

Ndima Saliwa and Kakole Motlatsehave applied for the killing of Isaack Seleke in Maseru in 1985.

Harold Khoabane has applied in relation to alleged supervision of the torture of Sipho Bongani Ngema at the Tirnoava Camp in Angola in November 1988.

Basil Mkhulu Mavuso has applied for Human Rights Abuses that may have occured during 1980 - 1994 in Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa.

Ralph Petersen (Lawrance Sekwalo) has applied for acts that may have occured at the prison "CC" in Angola during 1984 - 1988 and the acts perpetrated against Kate - no full names at this stage.

Lulamile Lennox Magajana has applied for the assault on David Mbatha in Lusaka in 1988.

Thlomedi Ephraim Mfalapitsa has applied for the killing of Thembisile Tuku (alias Shorty) in 1980 and the torture of "Disco", "Sewela" and "Tumisang". Mfalapitsa later voluntarily decided to join Vlakplaas while on a mission, is a now priest.

The hearings will be held at the Idasa Centre, Pretoria, cnr Prinsloo and Visagie Streets. Proceedings starts at 9.30am

For more information, call Mbulelo Sompetha at 082 452 7870.

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