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Gasa, Faith Xolile

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Faith Gasa was born in 1945 in Bloemfontein.

She attained her General Nursing Diploma in 1967 and was awarded a bursary to attend the University of Zululand (1968-1972), graduating with a BA degree in History and Afrikaans. In

1971 she was elected to the SRC. She met her husband, Enock Doctor Gasa, at university where they became involved in the Black Consciousness Movement.

In 1973 she moved to Vryheid, Northern Natal where she taught at Ikhethelo High School. She became a member of the Natal African Teachers' Union of which she is life president. She also became involved in community work. Around this time she joined the newly formed Inkatha movement.

In 1991 she became press secretary of the IFP. At this time she became Chairman of the IFP Women's Brigade which she led into peace talks with their counterparts in the ANC in a bid to end political violence.

She was an inspector of schools, and held the following positions : -

Ø. Women's consultant for the African Teachers' Association of South Africa and Southern African regional consultant for women's affairs;

Ø. Member of the World Confederation of the Teaching Profession;

Ø. Life President of the Natal African Teachers' Union and co-convenor in training trainers on curriculum development for the post-apartheid era;

Ø. National Council member of Women for South Africa;

Ø. Council member of the Mother's Union Church of the Province of South Africa, Diocese of Zululand;

Ø. Member of the Third Order of St Francis of Assisi;

Ø. Convenor Teenage Pregnancy and Child Abuse Concerned Committee (Northern Natal Region);

Ø. Council member for Dice (Do I Care Enough?);

Ø. Secretary of the Mehlwesizwe Education Trust.

She was part of the IFP delegation at the WTC and on the steering committee of the National Women's Coalition. She was also a member of the IFP's election commission.

She became an IFP MP in 1994. Later she became an MPL in the KwaZulu-Natal legislature.

She is fluent in six languages and has travelled extensively. She has five children.

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