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Situation Affecting Integration Of Umkhonto We Sizwe Into New Sandf

The process of integration into the new SANDF is proving to be less than satisfactory, causing unnecessary tensions and hardships for many MK members who want to join the army and serve the new South Africa.

While the process of integration has been agreed to in negotiations, to date the newly appointed Chief of the Army, General Meiring, has as yet failed to confirm the appointments of senior officers who would be charged with overseeing implementation.

At the same time, administrative errors and deficiencies have resulted in the names of many longstanding MK cadres not appearing on the official list. Instead of resolving this constructively, utilising the presence of these cadres at the agreed assembly points, there has been a high-handed instruction to simply send them back to the regions.

The ANC urges that the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the Army pay special attention to the plight of these soldiers. At present there are approximately 2,000 people who have been removed from the Wallmannsthal assembly area.

The unfortunate manner in which these cadres were dealt with is unacceptable, and resulted in their spending the night on the street.

The inadequate situation affecting logistics and resources, including food and clothing, at all assembly points should also be urgently addressed by the Chief of the Army.

All of the above has been raised with the Minister of Defence, including the decision making process and lines of authority. We look forward to his immediate attention to the problem so that it can be resolved without further dispute or tension, and in the spirit of ensuring harmonious and effective integration.

Issued by:ANC Department of Information and Publicity

PO Box 61884

Marshalltown 2107

9 June. 1 994

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