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Zondi, Keith Musakawukhethi (Musa)

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Musa Zondi was born in Nkandla on 19 February 1960. HeHeH enrolled for a BA degree at the University of Fort Hare but education boycotts that year closed the university and when it re-opened Zondi was unable to return for financial reasons. He applied for entry to the University of Witwatersrand as he had obtained bursaries to finance his studies, but in 1981 his permit to study at a white university was withdrawn by the Minister of Education.

Zondi was then employed in the KwaZulu Department of the Chief Minister as a community development officer. He remained there until 1984 when he resigned and joined Khulani Holdings. He left this company in 1987 and helped establish the Foundation for Leadership Development, a non-profit, community-based skills training organisation. Zondi graduated from the University of South Africa in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Administration and African Politics.

During 1976, he became an activist in the Inkatha Youth Brigade's most active branch. At the end of 1978 he was elected chairman of the branch and in September 1979 he was appointed to the Inkatha central committee. He also served as vice-chairman of the Students Christian Movement at Dlangezwa High School during 1978 and 1979. In 1985 he became a member of its community development sub-committee. In 1984 Zondi was elected national chairman of the Inkatha Youth Brigade. Brigade projects range from community development such as the organisation of literacy projects for the elderly and other projects include various political campaigns.

After F W de Klerk became State President, Zondi became more optimistic about the possibility of real political negotiations over South Africa's future. Following South Africa's first democratic elections, Zondi has served as an MP on an IFP ticket and has subsequently entered the world of big business.

Zondi is a member of the Lutheran Church and serves as secretary of the Ekhayelihle Congregational Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Umlazi. He is married to Tembile, they have two children and live in Umlazi.

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