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This resource is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but was compiled and authored by Padraig O’Malley. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.

Konigkramer, Arthur Jacob

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Konigkramer was born on 19 October 1941, Durban. He married Rosemary Edith Goff on May 20, 1967 and they have two sons and one daughter. He was educated at Hermannsburg High School, Durban and he graduated from university with the following degrees: B.A. (Natal), U.E.D. (Natal), Konigramer has held the following public positions: - MP KwaZulu-Natal Parliament 1994-1999.

Convener of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Provincial Constitution.

Deputy Chair: IFP Caucus in Parliament.

Chairman of Committees in Parliament 1994.

Member, Budget Council: KwaZulu-Natal Parliament 1999.

Chairman, Heritage Council: KwaZulu-Natal 1997.

Member of Interim Provincial tourism Steering Committee 1995- 1999.

Board Member: KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority 1993- 2003.

Chairman : KwaZulu-Natal Work Group on Tourism - Ulundi 1986.

Member of KwaZulu-Natal Liaison Committee on Tourism 1987.

Member of the Board: KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Services 2001-2004.

Managing Director Mandla-Matla Publishing (Pty) Ltd 1988.

Director Mandla-Matla Publishing (Pty)Ltd, Ilizwe-Lefatse Properties (Pty) Ltd.

Director: IFP Information Centre 1992,

Campaign Manager IFP 1993,

Member of Executive Committee KwaZulu-Natal

Conservation Trust 1988,

Chairman: KwaZulu-Natal Rock Art Trust 2004,

Chairman: eMakhosini-Ophathe Tourism Development Company 1993-2003.


Journalist: SABC, Natal Mercury, Daily News 1964-1973.

Editorial Director Ilanga 1973- 1978.

Manager : Ilanga Newspaper 1978-1979.

General Manager Mandla-Matla Corporation 1980-1986.

Director: HIM Properties (Pty) Ltd 2000.


Scholarship from Deutsher Padagogischer Ausauschdienst, Berlin 1965-1966,

He was a contributor to the book: "The Management of Large Mammals in African Conservation Area", 1983.

He is a member of the following societies:

Archaeological Society of South Africa,

Wildlife Society of Southern Africa,

Friends of the Botanical Gardens,

Birdlife South Africa.

Konigkramer's recreational pursuits are: Reading, collecting Africana on Zulu and early Natal history, bird watching, hiking, part-time farming.

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