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Kögl, Jürgen

In the wake of the successful United Nations led and managed transition of Namibia into political independence in 1989, Jürgen Kögl, together with well known South African sociologist and politician Dr F van Zyl Slabbert and labour affairs lawyer Charles Nupen founded a consulting firm which aimed at providing strategic and political analysis to companies operating or wishing to operate in Southern Africa.

Jürgen Kögl is a third generation born Namibian who read civil engineering and economic history at the University of Cape Town.  After spending six years managing the family owned industrial engineering firm in Namibia, he joined stockbroker Max Pollak & Freemantle at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1987and specialised in trading and asset management of fixed income and hybrid financial instruments.

Given the experience in Namibia's transition, throughout the 1990's Jürgen Kögl chaired various forums, which contributed to the peaceful revolution of South Africa's political democratic order.  These included forums to engage the conservative white community in the election of 1994 and to facilitate various contributions to the 1996 constitution of South Africa. In addition he chaired and facilitated various conflict preventing initiatives in the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission finding. These include chairing a forum called by the Deputy President of South Africa and the former Chiefs of Staff of the South African Defence Force.

Jürgen Kögl advises some 15 local and foreign blue chip clients and serves on the board of various companies, including Deutsche Telkom.  He serves as trustee of various family and NGO trusts and is a founding member of the Women's Development Bank, the CIDA endowment trust and various black investment holding companies.

He is married to Anna-Marie, a South African pianist and flutist and the proud father of Nicholas and Alexandra.  Jürgen Kögl is a member of the Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Country Club, nurturing a much-neglected high golf handicap.

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