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MK Statement On The Right-Wing Attack On The World Trade Centre

25 June 1993

Umkhonto We Sizwe condemns the attack launched on the World Trade Center by the racist right wing. It is all the more serious in light of the fact that the attack was launched by individuals who were fully armed. All peace loving South Africans must reject in the strongest manner the attempt by these racist elements to derail the negotiations process by force of arms.

The information at our disposal points to the fact that some of these elements were intending to direct their attack on specific leaders of the ANC. This clearly demostrates that this incident is not only a threat to the democratic process but also to the very lives of our leadership and to the very existence of our organisation.

As MK we want to state clearly and in no uncertain terms that we have a right to defend our leadership and we will exercise that right.

The Army Commander of MK, Joe Modise, personally intervened to resolve the crises by calling General Jan Erasmus of the SADF and stating clearly that he expected the security forces to play a responsible role in defusing the matter. The MK Army Commander also made it clear to the SADF that if the security forces were not able to restore law and order, MK will have no alternative but act in defence of the democratisation process and our leadership.

The ANC has been given an assurance by the government that they will do all they can to restore order and safegaurd the negotiation process underway at the World Trade Center. We await the outcome of these assurances. It is disturbing that those involved, and the leaders responsible for this ourageous attack on the Negotiations Council have not been arrested immediately. We believe that if black people attacked the World Trade Centre the SAP and SADF would have taken very strong measures. Clearly, different standards are applied when white people are involved. We demand that all those who were involved in the attack on the World Trade Centre should be arrested and tried as a matter of absolute urgency for the very serious crimes that they have committed.

As MK we want to reaffirm our commitment to defending the democratic process underway in our country, our leadership, our organisation and our people. We will not allow our future to be dictated and determined by those who wish to entrench white minority domination and impose their will on our people through the use of force.


Department of Information and Publicity

P O Box 61884



25 June 1993

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