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List Of MK Operations

ANC-2nd Submission to TRC - APPENDIX FOUR

Please note:

Information in this list was drawn from press reports and the Annual Surveys of the SAIRR. These are not MK records. There are probably omissions and errors, due to censorship during the apartheid era and other difficulties in collecting information of this nature.

1960s Details are not available, but it is estimated that the MK High Command co-ordinated over 190 acts of sabotage between October 1961 and July 1963. There were no deaths or injuries.

1976: Note: a study by Tom Lodge of the University of the Witwatersrand estimated that there were 150 MK attacks between 1976 - 1982

30/11/76 Skirmish with SAP: Eastern Transvaal Two SAP killed as arrested cadres escape custody, throwing grenade into SAP vehicle


08/01/77 Economic: railway line near Soweto

15/06/1977 Unplanned actions/skirmish with SAP: Two civilians killed in warehouse in Goch Street during unplanned panic reaction when cadres realised they were being followed by SAP; two cadres captured; Monty Motlaung beaten so badly by SAP he was brain damaged; Solomon Mahlangu hanged

24/02/77 SAP buildings: Daveyton SAP station Bomb causes structural damage; no injuries

15/07/77 Economic: Umlazi/ Durban Damage to railway line

26/07/77 Skirmish with SAP: Vosloorus One cadre killed

26/07/77 Skirmish with SAP: Dobsonville One cadre killed, 2 SAP injured

09/09/77 SAP SB personnel: Leonard Nkosi; turned ANC cadre killed.

27/10/77 SAP personnel: Bophutatswana; Three cadres killed by SAP after throwing a at a police patrol; 1 SAP injured

02/11/77 Skirmish with SAP: near Pongola One cadre killed, 1 SAP injured

??/11/77 Economic: railway at Dunswart & Apex Train driver slightly injured

12/12/77 SAP building: Germiston police station Structural damage


??/01/78 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Former ANC member (Steve Mtshali) who turned state witness in various trials; shot and wounded

??/02/78 Skirmish with SAP: near Swaziland border Two SAP killed

02/02/78 SAP building: Daveyton police station Structural damage

01/03/78 Skirmish with SAP: Witkleigat area No details

10/03/78 Government buildings: Bantu Affairs Admin. Board, Port Elizabeth Bomb explodes outside offices; One civilian killed, three injured

??/04/78 SAP personnel: Swaziland border Cadres ambush SAP patrol; two SAP wounded

14/04/78 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Former deputy president of  the ANC in the Transvaal (Abel Mthembu) turned state witness at the Pretoria ANC trial

25/06/78 SAP Personnel: Det-Sgt Chapi Hlubi shot dead

21/08/78 BOSS personnel: B. Mayeza; shot dead in Umlazi

??/12/78 Government buildings: Soweto Community Council Bomb damages offices


1979 Economic: Sasol Oil Refineries Massive structural damage

1979 SAP building: Orlando police station attacked

14/01/79 Skirmish with SAP: farm near Zeerust; Seven cadres clash with SAP; I captured, others escape over Botswana border

23/01/79 Economic: near New Canada station Explosion damages railway

24/01/79 Economic: railway between Fort Beaufort and King Williamstown Large quantity of explosives on line found and defused

February 1979 SAP SB personnel: Sgt Benjamin Letlako shot dead in Katlehong

April 1979 Economic: railway near Soweto Explosives discovered and defused

05/05/79 SAP personnel/building: Moroka SAP Station Cadres open fire in charge office; 1 SAP killed, 3 injured; 3 civilians injured; extensive damage caused by grenades in offices

June 1979 Economic: railway in Eastern Transvaal Explosives found, defused

November 1979 SAP building/personnel: Orlando SAP Station Cadres open fire, hurl grenades into charge office; 2 SAP killed, 2 SAP wounded; pamphlets distributed

November 1979 SAP SB personnel: Lt Magezi Ngobeni; grenades thrown into home; 5 children wounded

December 1979 Economic: railway near Alice Explosion damages line


1980 SAP building: Booysens police station Damage to building

14/01/80 SAP building/ support for community resistance: Soekmekaar SAP Station Little damage; minor injury to one SAP; local community involved in struggle against forced removal

1980 Skirmish with SAP: Meadowlands No details

??/03/80 Skirmish with SAP: Bophutatswana Two cadres killed, one escapes

04/04/80 SAP buildings & personnel: Booysens SAP Station Attack with grenades, rocket launchers, AKs causes damage, no injuries

June 1980 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Tennyson Makiwane Expelled ANC official; shot dead

01/06/80 Economic: Sasol 1,2 and Natref Eight fuel tanks destroyed in series of blasts; no injuries; R58-m damage

August 1980 SAP SB Personnel: Det-Sgt TG Zondi; shot at in Sobantu Village; uninjured

15/10/80 Economic/support for community resistance: Railway line in Dube blown up; Soweto community had called for a stayaway previous day to protest against rent increases, visit by Koornhof

29/10/80 Government buildings: West Rand Administration Board Two grenades cause extensive damage, injure security guard and friend

30/10/80 Government residence: Port Elizabeth House of Transkei consul damaged with bomb; no injuries

21/11/80 Skirmish with SAP: Chiawelo; cadre killed, SAP injure child


According to the SAIRR, between January and October 1981 there were at least 40 ANC guerilla attacks in urban areas; there were 17 between July 1979 and June 1980.

1981 Skirmish with SAP: house in Chiawelo; One cadre killed; possible SAP casualties

1981 SAP building: Wonderboom SAP station No details

1981 Economic: Capital Park sub-station Damage by limpet mine

1981 SAP building:Mabopane SAP station Two dead (no details)

1981 Economic: Rosslyn sub-station Damage by limpet mines; Two injuries

14/04/81 Economic: Richards Bay / Vryheid line 20km railway destroyed, coal trucks derailed

21/04/81 Economic: power station, in Durban Two transformers destroyed by limpet mines

May 1981 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Hoedspruit Railways policeman killed with grenade

06/05/81 Economic/ Republic Day protests: railway in Hoedspruit area Line damaged

21/05/81 Economic/Republic Day protests: PE rail link to Johannesburg and Cape Town Line damaged by explosion

25/05/81: Series of actions in support of Republic Day protests:

Propaganda: pamphlet bomb in Durban;

SAP building: Fort Jackson SAP station;

Economic: railway line near Soweto

Economic: railway line on Natal South Coast

Economic: powerlines cut in Vrede, OFS

27/05/81 SADF buildings: recruiting office, Durban Destroyed in explosion

01/06/81 Firebombs at three PFP offices, Johannesburg No injuries

04/06/81 SAP building: SAP station, Johannesburg SAP building: SAP station, Meyerton

11/06/81 Economic: railway line Natal North coast

16/6/81 Economic: railway line near East London

28/06/81 Economic: railway near Empangeni

03/07/81 Economic: fuel storage dept, Alberton Limpet mine defused

21/07/81 Economic: power supply; Pretoria, Middelburg, Ermelo At least six explosions at three installations

11/08/81 SADF personnel & buildings: Voortrekkerhoogte Military Base Damage by rocket attack

19/08/81 Economic: railway line near East London

02/09/81 SAP buildings & personnel: Mabopane SAP station Two SAP, two civilians (one a child) killed

12/09/81 Economic: main railway line, Delville Wood, Durban Explosion damages line

10/10/81 Economic: Durban railway station Government buildings: Durban offices, Dept. Co-operation and Development Four injuries; no details

21/10/81 Economic: Transformer in Evander destroyed Economic: Sasol III water pipeline, Secunda

26/10/81 SAP buildings & personnel: Sibasa SAP station Two SAP killed, station destroyed

01/11/81 SADF buildings & personnel: Jeppes Reef House near Swaziland border occupied by SADF Destroyed in rocket/grenade attack

09/11/81 Government buildings: Orlando Magistrates Court Explosion; no details

12/11/81 Economic: Rosslyn power substation, Pretoria Damage by 4 limpet mines

09/12/81 Government buildings: office of Chief Commissioner, Department of Co-operation and Development, Cape Town

14/12/81 Economic: Pretoria power sub-station bombed

23/12/81 Government buildings: E. Cape Admin. Board, Duncan Village No details

26/12/81 SAP buildings: Wonderboompoort SAP station No details


According to the SAIRR, there were at least 26 sabotage attacks by the ANC between December 1981 and November 1982; 13 suspected ANC cadres were killed in shoot-outs with the SAP. According to the SAP, there were 39 acts of insurgency in 1982.

21/05/81 Government buildings: Port Natal Administration Board, Pinetown bombed Government buildings: Offices of Dept. Coloured Affairs, Durban

07/01/82 Government buildings: West Rand Administration Board, Soweto Bomb damages office

12/05/82 Government buildings: West Rand Administration Board. Soweto Bomb damages offices again

20/03/82 Government buildings: Langa Commissioners Court Damaged in explosion

28/05/82 Economic: Fuel depot and power transformer, Hectorspruit Damaged by limpet mine

03/06/82 Economic: railway near Dube Damaged in explosion

04/06/82 Government buildings: offices of Presidents Council, Cape Town Bomb explodes in lift shaft of building housing these offices; one killed

28/06/82 Economic: railway depot at Vryheid Damaged in explosion

28/06/82 Economic: Scheepersnek: Two bombs cause extensive damage to railway depot, pump station, stores, vehicles; Durban-Witwatersrand oil pipeline shattered SAP & Government buildings: Port Elizabeth; Station Commanders office and New Law Courts damagedJuly 1982 Government buildings: PE court building

28/08/82 SADF buildings: Umvoti Mounted Rifles Army Camp, Red Hill, Durban Extensive damage to building and three SADF vehicles

September 1982 Skirmish with SAP: Boksburg Two cadres killed

24/09/82 Economic: railway bridge near Upington Explosives placed; no details

October 1982 Skirmishes with SAP: KwaZulu One SAP SB member killed; one cadre killed

26/10/82 Government buildings: Drakensberg Administration. Board, Pietermaritzburg Three bombs explode

November 1982 SAP personnel: W/O P. Selepe, Mamelodi killed; gave evidence in many trials

08/11/82 Economic: Mobil fuel storage depot, Mkuze Blast causes severe damageDecember 1982 Personnel actively assisting SAP: B. Hlapane

13-14/11/82 Skirmishes with SAP: Piet Retief Two SAP seriously wounded

18-19/12/82 Economic: Koeberg nuclear power station Massive damage in four explosions; no injuries

20-21/11/82 SADF/SAP installation & personnel: SAP rural station & temporary SADF garrison at Tonga Rocket attack seriously injures two SADF personnel

31/12/82 Government building / SAP building: Johannesburg Magistrates court (200m from John Vorster Square) Explosion; no details


1983 Economic: line near Phomolong station Damage to railway line

1983 SADF building: offices in Marshall Street Structural damage

1983 Economic: pylon in Denneboom Structural damage

1983 SAP personnel: Soweto Grenade attack on patrol; no injuries

26/01/83 Government buildings: New Brighton Community Council offices Building extensively damaged; one dead, five injured

30/01/83 Government buildings: Pietermarizburg Supreme Court Explosion; no details

10/02/83 Economic: Richards Bay area 500 hectares burned in arson attack

11/02/83 Government Buildings: Drakensberg Admin. Board Offices Explosion, no details

08/02/83 Skirmishes with SADF: Paulpietersburg No details

20/02/83 Economic: Pelindaba Nuclear Research Station Set on fire; no details

21/03/83 Government buildings: Supreme Court, Pietermaritzburg Explosion, no details

21/04/83 Government buildings: Supreme Court, Pietermaritzburg Second explosion; no details

May 1983 Skirmish with SADF: Botswana border Four cadres, one SADF killed

May 1983 Government buildings: Roodepoort; Offices of Dept. Internal Affairs Damaged in two explosions: R250 000 damage

20/05/83 SADF personnel and building: Nineteen killed (2 MK, 11 SAAF officers) in car bomb at entrance to SAAF HQ, opposite building housing military intelligence personnel; 217 injured (number of military/ civilian injuries unclear

17/06/83 Economic: pylon at New Canada station SAP defuse bomb

28/06/83 Government buildings: Dept. Internal Affairs, Roodepoort Explosion; no details July 1983 Economic: Sasol plant, Secunda Minor damage

07/07/83 Government buildings: Durban Supreme Court Two bombs defused

07/07/83 Government buildings: Dept. Internal Affairs, Roodepoort; SAP building: Roodepoort Bombs detonate at 00h40 causing structural damage

06/08/83 Armed propaganda: Bomb explodes at Temple Israel, Hillbrow, before Marais Steyn due to speak there; no injuries

20/08/83 Economic: substation near Mamelodi Explosion causes damage of R100 000 26/08/83 Government buildings: Ciskei consular generals offices, Carlton Centre Limpet mines explode at 18h50; one injured

08/09/83 Economic: electrical sub-stations, Johannesburg area Two (Randburg and Sandton) bombed

11/09/83 Economic: substations at Bryanston North and Fairland Limpet mines cause structural damage

12/09/83 Government buildings: Ciskei offices in Pretoria Limpet mine planted after hours causes structural damage

13/09/83 Economic/support of industrial action: Rowntree factory, Umbilo Bomb blast at 19h45; structural damage

29/09/83 Economic: pylon in Vereeniging Police defuse explosives

11/10/83 Economic/SADF personnel: Warmbaths; Mines explode at 02h20; extensively damage large fuel storage tanks, three rail tankers, one road tanker; two devices set to explode 1 hour later found on door of Civil Defence office; no injuries. PW Botha due to speak in Warmbaths.

14/10/83 Economic: two electricity pylons, Pietermaritzburg Mines explode at 02h00, 03h00

01/11/83 Economic: Durban Buses at municipal bus depot damaged by bomb at midnight Economic: Germiston Railway line bombed Economic: Springs SAP defuses bomb on railway line SAP building/personnel: Durban SAP workshop Bombed; no details

02/11/83 SAP vehicles: Wentworth; Explosion at 02h55 damages vehicles in SAP mobile store and adjacent student residence (Alan Taylor Residence)

03/11/83 Economic: Bosmont railway station Damaged by bomb Economic: bus depot near Durban SAP buildings: SAP store near Durban 22/11/83 Economic: Durban Pylons damaged by two explosions

03/11/83 Economic: railway line, Bosmont/Newclare railway line damaged in explosion railway line near Germiston damaged by explosion railway line near Springs; explosives defused

03 or 07/12/83 Government building: office of Department of Community Development, Bree Street., Johannesburg Explosion; no injuries

08/12/83 Economic: railway 1km from Bloemfontein Locomotive and two trucks derailed

12/12/83 Government buildings: offices of Dept Community Development and Commissioners Court, Johannesburg Severe damage in limpet mine explosion; seven injured

15/12/83 Government buildings: offices of Dept Foreign Affairs, Johannesburg Seven injured in explosion SADF buildings: Natal Command HQ Three bombs explode on beach front nearby; no damage

19/12/83 Government Buildings: KwaMashu township offices Explosion causes R60 thousand damage


According to the Institute for Strategic Studies, Pretoria, there were 44 MK attacks during this year.

1984 Skirmish with SAP: Mapetla One cadre killed; no SAP injuries

1984 Skirmish with SAP: SAP ambush, Jabulani One cadre killed, one injured

04/01/84 Skirmish with SAP: Mamelodi One cadre killed

03/02/84 Government buildings: Ciskei consulate, Durban Offices destroyed in explosion

23/02/84 Economic: Escom installation, Georgetown Slight damaged caused by explosion

29/02/84 Economic: Mandini Power Station Bomb explodes; no information SAP building: Mandini SAP station Bombed; no details

11/03/84 Economic: Mobil fuel depot, Ermelo; Four explosions, extensive damage, five storage tanks destroyed; no injuries

12/03/84 Skirmishes with SAP: area unknown Two SAP seriously injured

April 1984 Skirmish with SAP: De Deur Onecadre killed

05/04/84 Government buildings: Transkei consulate in Botshabelo Explosion destroys offices

12/05/84 Government buildings: Durban, Trust Bank; Explosion causes extensive damage to offices of Dept. Internal Affairs and Durban HQ of SA. Railways Police injured

13/05/84 Economic: Mobil Oil Refinery, Durban; Cadres set fire to refinery in RPG.7 attack; running skirmish lasting several hours ends when car in which cadres were travelling is followed to construction site by police; all were killed along with three labourers who burned to death when paint store set alight in the battle. 4 SAP also injured.

16/05/84 SAP personnel: Jabulani; Explosion destroys two private vehicles belonging to SAP members outside Jabulani SAP station

18/05/84 Economic: railway near Lenasia Damaged by explosion

06/06/84 Economic: petrol rail tankers, Merewent, Durban Four mines damage railway / defused (unclear)

08/06/84 Skirmish with SAP: Ndwedwe Two cadres killed in running gunfight with SAP

21/06/84 Economic: substation, Berea (Durban) Explosion damages substation, disrupts supply

12/07/84 SAP personnel: Jabulani SAP vehicle attacked; one SAP killed, one injured

28/07/84 Government buildings: SA Railways Police charge office, KwaMashu Attacked with hand grenades

03/08/84 Skirmish with SAP: Ellisras area; one cadre killed Details unclear

7/08/84 Property of government personnel: Extensive damage to Tshabalala Dry Cleaners, Soweto Economic: Glenmore, Durban Escom sub-station destroyed

12/08/84 Government buildings: Department of Internal Affairs, Johannesburg Explosion causes minor damage

16/08/84 SAP buildings/personnel: SAP HQ Soweto East; Roodepoort City Centre Building Two mines destroy the second and third floors of building, injure District Commander, four SAP, two civilians; R260 000 damage\

17/08/84 Skirmish with SAP: Mapetla Cadre resisting arrest killed

23/08/84 Government departments: DET, Booysens Explosions destroy 4th floor at 18h30

24/08/84 Government buildings: SA Railways Police Regional offices, Dept Internal Affairs offices in Anchor Life Building Bomb explodes at 17h30; two civilians and four Railways Police injured

03/09/84 Government buildings: Dept. Internal Affairs, Johannesburg Explosion at 16h07; four injured

05/09/84 Economic: Escom sub-station, Rustenberg; Explosion destroys installations, disrupts power to Rustenberg and large area of Bophutatswana.

13/09/84 Economic: Escom sub-station, Durban Limpet mines cause damage

14/09/84 Government Buildings: Department of Community Development, Krugersdorp Bomb at 17h00 causes damage

11/12/84 Economic: railway near Durban Explosion damages line, goods train damaged

14/12/84 Skirmish with SAP: Ingwavuma One cadre killed, one SAP injured

25/12/84 Skirmish with SAP: Ingwavuma Cadre killed


According to the Institute for Strategic Studies, Pretoria, there were 136 MK attacks during this year, a 209% increase compared with figures for 1984.

??/01/85 Skirmish with SAP: Nongoma Three cadres, 1 SAP killed

??/03/85 SAP personnel: Mamelodi Limpet mine destroys SAP vehicle; no injuries

??/03/85 Skirmish with SAP: Eastern Transvaal Two cadres killed, one captured

??/03/85 SAP SB personnel: Tembisa Grenade attack on unnamed SB members home; no details

22/03/85 Skirmish with SAP unit: Bushbuckridge Two cadres killed

??/04/85 Economic: Escom sub-station, Durban Parking attendant killed

02/05/85 Economic/ support for workers: explosion at Anglo American and Anglovaal, Johannesburg R170 thousand structural damage caused. Both had engaged in mass dismissals of mine workers

09/05/85 SAP personnel: two grenade attacks in Pretoria townships No details

15/05/85 SAP building & personnel: Brakpan SAP barracks Three explosions; no details

15/05/85 Government buildings: Brakpan Commissioners court and offices of Messenger of the court Attacks on the morning of the funeral of Andries Raditsela who had died in detention

30/05/85 SADF building: Military Medical Centre, Johannesburg Limpet mine causes structural damage

31/05/85 SADF building/personnel: Southern Cross Fund offices Fourteen injured

??/05/85 SAP personnel: GaRankuwa SAP member killed by suspected insurgents

??/06/85 Government buildings: Lamontville Three limpet mines explode at Natalia Development Board

??/06/85 SAP buildings: Umlazi SAP station Three limpet mines explode; no details

??/06/85 Economic: Durban Escom sub-station damaged by explosion

??/06/85 Economic/support of worker struggle: AECI offices, Johannesburg Bomb damages offices; company was involved in labour dispute

??/06/85 SAP personnel Mmabatho: policeman who fired on crowd killed by alleged insurgents

//?06/85 Economic: Umtata Explosion destroys Transkei Development Corporation bulk fuel depot; disrupted water and power supplies

??/06/85 Collaborators in apartheid repression: Attack on home of Rajbansi with petrol bombs and hand grenades; no injuries Government personnel: Attack on home of former Gugulethu town councillor; no details

??/07/85 Economic: Durban Limpet mines destroy sub-station

??/07/85 Skirmish with SAP: roadblock near East London Two cadres, one SAP killed in shootout

??/07/85 SAP personnel: Soweto Group dubbed the Suicide Squad attacks home of two Soweto policemen

??/07/85 Support for worker struggles: Umlazi Hand grenade damages bakery in Umlazi where workers were on strike

??/07/85 Government personnel: hand grenade attack on former community councillor in Gugulethu

??/08/85 Home of MP Barend Andrews attacked with hand grenade No injuries

02/08/85 Skirmish with SAP: roadblock near Mount Ruth Two cadres, one SAP killed

10/08/85 Economic: petrol bowser, East London fuel depot SAP defuse limpet mine

??/10/85 SAP personnel: Cape Town; Shots fired at police patrol; two incidents of attacks on police with hand grenades; no further details

??/10/85 SAP personnel: Mamelodi Home of SAP member attacked with hand grenade

??/11/85 SAP personnel: Cape Town Four people including SAP officer and wife, railways policeman, killed in various hand grenade attacks; total of 20 such attacks recorded by this time say SAP.

??/11/85 SADF personnel: Cape Town Three SADF injured in grenade attacks

??/11/85 Economic: Central Johannesburg Building housing Institute of Bankers damaged in blast

??/11/85 SAP personnel: Cape Town Two grenade attacks on homes of SAP personnel SAP buildings: Manenberg SAP Station Vehicles damaged in grenade attack

??/11/85 Economic: Sasol 2 and 3 Rocket attack; three cadres killed by SAP

??/11/85 SADF/Personnel actively assisting SADF: Soutpansberg area Anti-tank mine explodes; four SADF, four others injured

??/11/85 Skirmish with Bophutatswana Police: Four cadres killed, two cadres injured

??/12/85 Economic: Bus depot Umlazi No details

6/12/85 SAP personnel: police patrol in Soweto One SAP injured by grenade 08/12/85 SAP personnel: Chesterville Home of SAP member bombed; no details

13/12/85 SADF personnel: troop carrier in Messina One soldier injured in anti-tank mine explosion

??/12/85 Skirmish with SADF: near Botswana border One SADF killed

??/12/85 Government buildings: Chatsworth Magistrates Court; Limpet mine explodes at 18h00; structural damage

14/12/85 Skirmish with SAP: Chiawelo One cadre killed

17/12/85 Economic/support of industrial action: Limpet mine explodes at 03h00; damages eight buses, PUTCO Fleetline depot, Umlazi

19/12/85 SADF/Personnel actively supporting SADF: Wiepe area One farmer or civilian injured in anti-tank mine explosion

20/12/85 SADF/Personnel actively supporting SADF: Messina Six killed in anti-tank mine explosion in game farm

23/12/85 Cadre response to state brutality: Five civilians killed, 40 injured in Amanzimtoti shopping centre blast; attempted warning failed; Andrew Zondo hanged.

29/12/85 Propaganda: pamphlet bomb, Durban Defused by SAP

1986: In Parliament in February 1987, Adriaan Vlok refused to disclose the number or nature of incidents of sabotage, armed attacks and explosions that had occurred during 1986 as this was not in the interests of the safety of the Republic. According to the Institute of Strategic Studies at the University of Pretoria, there were 230 incidents of insurgency during the year, a 69,1% increase over the 136 incidents in 1985.

??/??/86 SAP personnel: home attacked in Springs One person injured in grenade and AK attack

??/??/86 Economic: Springs railway station Limpet mine damages building

??/??/86 SAP personnel: Vosloorus No details

??/01/86 SADF/ Personnel actively supporting SADF: Ellisras area near Botswana border Two killed in anti-tank mine explosion; no details

January 1986 SAP personnel: Soweto Cadre throws grenade at 3 SAP members; cadre killed; no details

04/01/86 SADF/personnel actively assisting SADF: Stockpoort (Botswana border) Two killed and two injured in anti-tank mine explosion

05/01/86 Skirmishes with SAP: roadblock on East London /King Williamstown road One SAP killed, one cadre killed

04/02/86 SADF personnel: Gugulethu Four SADF injured when grenade thrown into their military vehicle

07/01/86 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Soweto Grenade thrown at Railways policeman

06/01/86 Skirmish with SAP: near East London One cadre killed

08/01/86 Economic: Pretoria sub-station Damaged by explosion

09//01/86 Economic/ SAP personnel: Durban Limpet damages substation in Jacobs, 21h15; second limpet explodes kills one SAP, injures three - five SAP (or one SAP, two engineers)

18/01/86 Economic: substation in Westville, Durban Two limpets damage substation

20/01/86 Economic/SAP personnel: Four limpets damage pylon near Durban 20h45; fifth probably aimed at SAP explodes later; no injuries

24/01/86 SAP personnel: Mamelodi Sgt Makhulu killed in grenade attack on his home

??/02/86 SADF personnel: Gugulethu Buffel attacked with grenade; four SADF injured slightly

01/02/86 SAP personnel: Lamontville Grenade thrown at patrol; one SAP injured

09/02/86 SAP personnel: Umlazi Limpet mine destroys two SAP vehicles at Umlazi SAP station when parked after returning from riot patrol; no injuries

19/02/86 SAP personnel: Cambridge East SAP station; Explosion in toilet block near Radio Control room; no injures

February 1986 Skirmish with SAP: near Port Elizabeth; Two cadres killed, two SAP injured

February 1986 Economic: Durban Explosion at Durban sub-station; no details

12/02/86 SADF/ personnel actively assisting SADF: near Messina Bakkie detonates anti-tank mine; no injuries

2/02/86 Skirmishes with SADF: near Alldays One SADF, one cadre killed

16/02/86 SADF personnel: Mamelodi Casspir severely damaged by anti-tank landmine

17/02/86 Skirmishes with SAP: Zwide Two SAP killed, two cadres killed, one arrested SAP personnel: area unknown One SAP injured when vehicle hit by 10 bullets

??/02/86 Skirmishes with SAP: Zola, Soweto Cadre blows up two SAP, kills self with grenade

??/02/86 Economic: De Deur Limpet causes structural damage to substation 01/03/86 Skirmishes with SAP: Port Elizabeth or Grahamstown One SAP seriously injured, cadre killed

03/03/896 Skirmishes with SAP: Gugulethu Police execute seven cadres

04/03/86 SAP building/personnel: John Vorster Square Two SAP members, two civilians injured in explosion on 3rd floor

07/03/86 SAP building/personnel: Hillbrow SAP Station Limpet found and detonated by SAP

15/03/86 Government buildings: Limpet mine explodes in front of Springs railway station, outside Indian Administration Offices; one civilian seriously injured

17/03/86 SAP personnel: Mamelodi SAP member shot; dies in hospital

18/03/86 SAP personnel: Mamelodi Constable Sinki Vuma shot dead at home

19/03/86 SAP personnel: limpet mine attack on SB member (no area); car destroyed member

21/03/86 Economic: Durban Four mines explode at Escom sub-station

26/03/86 Skirmish with SAP: Volsloorus One cadre killed when he allegedly threw grenade at SAP members

08/04/86 Collaborators in apartheid repression: attack on home of former LP secretary in Natal, Kevin Leaf No injuries

??/03/86 SAP Personnel: Dobsonville SAP come under fire at funeral; no details

21/04/86 SADF / personnel actively assistingSADF: Breyten/Chrissiesmeer district Two anti-tank landmines detonate, injuring two civilians in taxi and one tractor driver

21/04/86 Skirmishes with SAP: Alexandra Cadre attacks SAP, one seriously injured; cadre retreated unharmed

23/04/86 Government buildings: Cala Blast at Cala post office; no injuries

24/04/86 Government building: Meyerspark post office Explosion causes tructural damage

27/04/86 Skirmishes with SAP: Edendale hospital Gordon Webster rescued; one civilian killed, two SAP injured

25/05/86 SADF / personnel actively assisting SADF: farm of Colonel Koos Durr, near Davel Anti-tank miine kills two, injures eight

26/05/86 As above: same road landmine detonated by tractor No injuries

10/06/86 SADF/ personnel actively assisting SADF: the farm Boshoek, 5km from Volksrust Anti-tank mine injures one person

10/06/86 SADF/ personnel actively assisting SADF: the farm Blomhof,near Volksrust Anti-tank mine injures two farmworkers

14/06/86 SADF personnel: Magoos/ Why Not bars Car bomb kills three, injures 69, the majority civilians; McBride sentenced to death

16/06/86 SADF/ personnel actively assisting SADF: Winterveldt: Probable anti-tank mine explosion kills three BDF troops in troop carrier

22/06/86 Economic: fuel storage tanks, Jacobs; Limpet damages tanks Economic: liquid fuel pipeline betw. Sapref and Limpet damages pipeline Mobil Refinery near Durban

26/06/86 SAP personnel: Soshanguve Grenade attack on SAP members home; nodetails

27/06/86 Skirmishes with SAP: roadblock near Botswana border Four cadres killed, one SAP injured

29/06/86 Government buildings: Alice post office Explosion; no injuries

30/06/86 SAP personnel: Westville, Natal Mine explodes 03h15 on pedestrian bridge; second limpet aimed at responding SAP members explodes 15 minutes later

July 1986 Skirmish with SAP: Mdantsane After a two-hour gun battle SAP kill one cadre

05/07/86 SAP buildings: Mowbray SAP station, CT Explosion slightly injures two SAP

05/07/86 SADF/Personnel actively assisting SADF: Volksrust One person injured by anti-tank landmine; no details

05/07/86 Government personnel: Vosloorus and Katlehong; Five Development Board. officials killed in two attacks on their vehicles; two cadres killed

06/07/86 Skirmishes with SAP: Empangeni Three cadres killed, one arrested

10/07/86 SAP building: Silverton Explosion injures seven people

22/07/86 SAP personnel: Katlehong One SAP killed

26/07/86 SAP personnel: Katlehong; Cadres attack municipal police twice; both cadres killed, five police killed, 12 police injured

30/07/86 SAP personnel: Umtata SAP station Three SAP, four civlians die , seven SAP injured in grenade and AK attack

28/07/86 Skirmish with SAP: Nelspruit Two cadres killed

30/07/86 SADF/Personnel actively supporting SADF: near Nelspruit Anti-tank landmine explodes: no injuries

03/08/86 Government buildings: Lakeside post office Explosion; no injuries

09/08/86 SAP Personnel: Durban Lt Victor Raju killed in grenade attac on his home

16/08/86 Skirmish with SAP: Eastern Tvl, near Swaziland Four cadres killed, one injured

16/08/86 SADF/ personnel actively assisting SADF: E. Tvl border area Anti-tank landmine kills five, injures two civilians

17/08/86 SADF/ personnel actively assisting SADF: the farm Stellen Rust near Nelspruit Anti-tank mine injures two civilians

22/08/86 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Natal Grenade attack on Inkathas Winnington Sabelo; AK 47 fired at car of his wife as she entered the driveway, killing her and injuring 3 children

24/08/86 Government personnel: Imbali Grenade attack on home of town councillor Austin Kwejama; one child killed, one child injured

24/09/86 Government personnel/ support for community action Home of Soweto Housing Director, Del Kevin, extensively damaged by limpet mine; no injuries

30/09/86 Skirmishes with SAP: N. Natal One SAP injured

Early Oct. 1986 SAP building: SAP station Newcastle Attacked, no details

06/10/86 SADF/ personnel actively assisting SADF: Mbuzini, near Mozabique border Anti-tank landmiine injures six SADF members in military vehicle

20/10/86 SAP buildings: Lamontville SAP station Limpet mine explosion outside; no injuries

22/10/86 Personnel actively supporting SADF: two anti-tank landmine explosions Damage to property (Van Zyl)

31/10/86 SAP personnel: Umlazi Det. W/O Seleka(?) killed in grenade attack on home

Early Nov. 1986 Economic/ support for community struggle Two offices of PUTCO bombed in Soweto after fare increase of 17,5% announced

02 or 04/11/86 SADF/Personnel actively assisting SADF: near Nelspruit Anti-tank landmine explosion kills one woman, one child injured

04/11/86 SADF personnel: landmine, E Transvaal One soldier on horseback killed

10/11/86 Government buildings: Newcastle Magistrates Court Two bombs explode; 24 injuries including Magistrate and Public Prosecutor

14/11/86 SADFl/ personnel actively assisting SADF: Alldays district Landmine injures farmer and son

23/11/86 Government buildings: Fordsburg flats Limpet mines explode at new housing for Sowto town councillors; no injuries

??/11/86 SAP Personnel: KTC Camp Grenade injures two SAP members

15/12/86 SADF / personnel actively assisting SADF: Barberton area Anti-tank landmine injures two SAP in SAP vehicle

19/12/86 SADF / personnel actively assisting SADF: Komatipoort area Anti-tank landmine injures SADF member Government personnel: Soweto Grenade attack on home of Soweto councillor; two SAP injured

27/12/86 Skirmishes with SAP: near Messina Two SAP, three cadres killed; two cadres escape1987 Note: According to the Institute of Strategic Studies at the University of Pretoria, there were 234 incidents of insurgency during 1987; there had been 230 in 1986.1987 SAP personnel: home of Hlongwane, Mamelodi Damage to property

1987 Government buildings: Jhbg Magistrates Court Four killed, several injured 1987 SAP buildings: Kwandebele SAP station No details

01/01/87 SADF personnel: Alexandra National servicemen attacked; at least one injured

08/01/86 SAP personnel: AECI plant Policeman shot at; skirmish followed inwhich two SAP and one civilian injured

09/01/87 Support for strike action: OK Bazaars Eloff Street Bomb explodes, no injuries

12/01/87 OK Bazaars HQ: Bomb causes extensive damage, no injures (Note: there had been a protracted strike.)

09/01/87 SAP personnel: near KTC Riot Squad member killed, two injured by grenade thrown into their vehicle

23/01/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Soweto Two cadres killed

24/01/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Mendu, Willowvale One TDF or Transkei police member injured

30/01/87 SAP/SADF personnel: Alexandra Three SADF, one SAP killed in attack

31/01/87 Government personnel: Diepmeadow; Home of town councillor Senokoane attacked; six injured including two SAP officers

02/02/87 SAP personnel: Single Quarters, Bokomo SAP Station Two attacks with grenades; one SAP injured

18/02/87 SADF personnel: Tladi Secondary School Grenade attack kills for SADF personnel

19/02/87 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Grenade injures Chief Lushaba and Samuel Jamile of Inkatha

03/03/87 SAP personnel: Gugulethu Cadre shot dead by police after he allegedly fired on their patrol with an AK 47

09/03/87 SAP personnel: Gugulethu One SAP. two municipal SAP killed; one cadre possibly killed

11/03/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Zone 13 Mdantsane Ciskei police confirm skirmish, no details

11/03/87 Skirmish with SAP: New Crossroads Cadre shot dead in house

13/03/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Atteridgeville Four municipal police killed, one injured

16/03/87 SAP personnel: Kagiso Grenade attack on home of SAP member; no injuries

17/03/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Inanda SAP raid; cadre resisted; SAP kill cadre, one woman, injure man and baby

17/03/87 Economic: railway line between Newcastle and Johannesburg Three explosions damage line

28/03/87 SADF / personnel actively assisting SADF: Josefsdal/Swaziland border area Anti-tank landmine kills four, injures one civilian

01/04/87 SAP/SADF personnel: Mabopane or Mamelodi Grenade thrown into Hippo, three SADF killed, two injured

01/04/87 Government personnel: Dobsonville Grenade thrown at home of Councillor Radebe; no injuries

02/04/87 SAP personnel: Nyanga Grenade injures three SAP

08/04/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Ventersdorp Two cadres, 1 SAP killed in shootout

09/04/87 SAP personnel: Meadowlands Zone 10 Three SAP attacked; casualties unknown

14/04/87 SAP personnel: Chesterfield, Durban Grenade attack on home of SAP member; no injuries

15/04/87 SAP personnel: Umbumbulu SB officer killed by sniper, another SB injured

20/04/87 SADF personnel: Dube station Grenade thrown at group of soldiers; casualties not reported

??/04/87 Skirmish with SAP: Umlazi Three cadres killed, four SAP injured, one critically, in shootout

23/04/87 SAP personnel: Bonteheuwel Grenade attack on home of SAP member No detailsPersonnel actively assisting SAP: Mitchells Plain Grenade attack on home of security guard; no detailsSAP personnel: Ravensmead Grenade attack on home of SAP member; no details

24/04/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Umlazi Riot SAP raid; cadres resisted; three Riot SAP injured, two cadres killed

30/04/87 SAP personnel: Osizweni, Newcastle SAP barracks Grenade attack; four SAP injured

??/04/87 SAP personnel: KTC Seven SAP injured in grenade attack on their patrol

04/05/87 SADF / personnel actively assisting SADF: area west of Messina; Driver killed and 10 passengers injured when truck detonates landmine

09/05/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Mamelodi One SAP, three SADF, one cadre killed

16/05/87 SAP personnel: Newcastle; Explosion at Newcastle station waiting room; second explosion at 01h34 while SAP investigating first blast; one SAP injured

20/05/87 Government buildings; SAP personnel: Johannesburg Magistrates Court Car bomb kills three SAP, injures four SAP, six civilians injured

11/06/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Emdeni, Soweto SAP raid/ ambush of raiders: one cadre, one SAP killed

12/06/87 SAP personnel: Witbank Two SAP found dead Government buildings: Athlone Magistrates Court Limpet mine explodes; no details

15/06/87 Government personnel: Gugulethu; Grenade attack on home of councillor; four injured, two of them special constables

16/06/87 Government personnel: Guglethu Grenade attack on councillors home; two injured

21/06/87 SAP personnel: KTC camp Grenade attack on SAP patrol injures seven SAPs

22/06/87 SAP personnel: KTC Two SAP, five municipal police injured in grenade attack

12/07/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Athlone SAP raid; one cadre killed, four arrested

06/07/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Mdantsane; SAP ambush: cadre kills two, injures three Riot Unit SAP; cadre shot dead

08/07/87 Skirmish with SAP: Motherwell SAP crush alleged cadre and his sister to death in shack after they allegedly were fired on

18/07/87 SAP personnel: Mamelodi East SAP member and wife injured in attack on their home

??/07/87 Skirmish with SAP: Mdantsane Two SAP, one cadre killed in shootout

20/07/87 SADF personnel: SADF flats, District Six Car bomb explodes; no injuries

25/07/86 SAP/SADF personnel: Pimville Grenade thrown at home; exploded outside house

26/07/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Katlehong Cadre escaped; no details

30/07/87 SADF personnel/ personnel actively assisting SADF: the farm Bodena owned by Danie Hough Anti-tank landmine injures three civilians

30/07/87 SADF personnel and buildings: Car bomb explodes outside Witwatersrand Command killing one SADF, injuring 68 military personnel and civilians

??/07/87 SAP personnel: Gugulethu Home of SAP officer attacked with grenade

05/08/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Ntsekisa Rd, New Brighton Cadre killed in shootout

13/08/87 SAP personnel: Emdeni SAP Sgt. injured in grenade attack on SAP van

23/08/87 SADF personnel: Emdeni Shop frequented by SADF members attacked with grenades; no details

24/08/87 SAP personnel: Emdeni Grenade thrown at SAP vehicle; two SAP, eight civilians injured

27/08/87 Government personnel: Soweto; Home of former Mayor Kunene attacked; two council police killed

30/08/87 SADF personnel: Military barracks, Dobsonville Grenade thrown at five soldiers outside barracks; estimated eight SADF members killed or injured

02/09/87 Skirmish with SAP: Sandton SAP kill cadre after he allegedly threw a grenade at a roadblock

??/09/87 Skirmishes with SAP: near Zimbabwe border SAP say six cadres killed in various incidents

24/09/87 SAP personnel: Soweto 10 people including two SAP injured in grenade attack on SAP patrol

??/09/87 SAP Personnel: Marble Hall Commander of KwaNdebele National Guard Unit and his son (also SAP officer) found shot dead by AK 47 fire

01/10/87 Collaborators in apartheid repression: Bomb placed outside door of Rajbansis NPP office in Lenasia explodes hours after official opening; no injuries

17/10/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Heidedal, Bloemfontein SAP raid on house comes under fire; no details

28/10/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Swaziland border Cadre wounded; killed SADF member who approached him

06/11/87 SAP personnel: Khayelitsha One Special constable, two civilians killed by sniper fire

12/11/87 Government buildings: Zola Municipal offices Two limpet mines explode, third detonated by SAP

14/11/87 SADF personnel: Cape Town; SADF commemoration march from CT to the Castle: limpet mine explodes in bin which over 700 SAP and SADF filed past; 1 SADF injured

18/11/87 Government buildings: Johannesburg post office Limpet mine found

23/11/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Umlazi; SAP raid on house: two cadres and alleged collaborator killed; two SAP injured by cadres who resisted

30/11/87 SAP buildings/personnel: Dube municipal training centre Three explosions; no injuries

10/12/87 Skirmishes with SAP: Port Elizabeth area SAP raid on shack; heavy resistance from cadres; SAP drove Casspir over shack, killing four

12/12/87 SAP personnel: Soweto Group of SAP fired on by cadres in car; two SAP killed, four injured

??/12/87 SAP personnel: Nyanga Group of five Special Constables come under fire; one killed1988 1988 SAP personnel: ambush in Emdeni, Soweto No information

January 1988 SAP personnel: attack on police in Kliptown No information

25/01/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Ugie; roadblock Cadres wound 1 SAP, retreat safely

25/01/88 SAP personnel: Kokstad; Limpet exploded at Kokstad Mens Club opposite Kokstad SAP station; frequented by SAP; building, two vehicles damaged

27/01/88 SAP personnel: Soweto Cadres open fire on SAP vehicle; three SAP, one civilian injured

01/02/88 Skirmishes with SAP: ? Transkei; roadblock Cadres attempted to resist; three killed, one injured by Transkei police

02/02/88 Skirmishes with SAP:? near Mount Fletcher Cadre killed in skirmish: no details

06/02/88 SAP personnel: East London One SAP killed in attack; no details

12/02/88 SAP personnel: Soweto Municipal police guarding installation attacked; two injured

12/02/88 Personnel actively assisting SAP: Johannesburg; Cadre opens fire on car driven by ex-Rhodesian soldier, now private security firm official; details on injuries unclear

01/03/88 SADF personnel: Benoni Explosion causes extensive damage to bus transporting SAAF personnel; no details

07/03/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Queenstown SAP raid; cadre resisted, wounded six SAP; cadre and civilian killed by SAP

08/03/88 SAP personnel: Phiri Hall SAP mess Prolonged attack kills one SAP, wounds 10 SAP

14/03/88 Government building: Johannesburg City Hall Bomb explodes at; no injuries

17/03/88 SAP personnel: Krugersdorp magistrates court and adjacent SAP Station Two SADF, one civilian killed; 20 injured in car bomb court and adjacent SAP station; plan to prevent civilian injuries failed

18/03/88 SAP personnel: Atteridgeville Cadres attack tavern frequented by SAP; three SAP killed

25/03/88 Skirmishes with SADF: Batavia, Far Northern Transvaal Three cadres killed

27/03/88 SAP/SADF personnel: Pietersburg; Antheas Club, frequented by SAP and SADF, slightly damaged by limpet placed in back garden; no injuries

28/03/88 Skirmishes with SADF: island on Mutale river Four cadres killed, one injured

??/03/88 Economic: Fort Jackson electrical sub-station Three limpet mines cause damage, no injuries

??/04/88 SAP building: attack on municipal police training centre No details

09/04/88 Government buildings: Atteridgeville Development Board canteen Limpet explodes nearby; no injuries

12/04/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Mpumalanga township; SAP cornered cadre who killed self and two SAP with grenade; trapped second cadre who resisted: cadre killed one SAP and three civilians wounded in crossfire

15/04/88 Government buildings: Atteridgeville Municipal offices Limpet mine explodes; no details

15/04/88 Explosion outside Pretoria Sterland cinema One cadre killed, one civilian injured According to an ANC official in Lusaka, the intended target was a nearby government building; the bomb exploded prematurely

22/04/88 SAP personnel: Soweto Cadre ambushes municipal police vehicle, wounds four SAP, one civilian

25/04/88 SAP personnel: Newcastle Sgt JM Mazibuku killed at bus stop

01/05/88 SAP personnel: Cape Town; Special Guard Unit vehicle attacked No injuries

04/05/88 SAP personnel / buildings: Kagiso SAP Single Quarters Limpet mine explodes against wall; no details

10/05/88 SAP personnel: Mamelodi Grenade attack on SAP members home; child killed

14/05/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Newcastle SAP raid home of cadre; cadre resisted but was killed

24/05/88 SAP personnel: Germiston station Cadre opened fire on SAP at station; killed when SAP returned fire; three civilians injured in crossfire

03/06/88 SADF buildings / personnel: SA Irish Regiment HQ, Anderson St, Johannesburg Explosion; no details

03/06/88 SAP personnel / buildings: Explosion outside Standard Bank, Roodepoort during lunch hour kills 4, injures 18 civilians According to an ANC official in Lusaka, the target had not been civilians but an SAP station nearby; no details on what operational difficulties caused this incident.

20/06/88 SAP personnel: Mdanstane W/O Swelindawo of Ciskei police injured in explosion at his home

29/06/88 SADF personnel: cafe in Poynton building frequented by SADF and Prisons officials Explosion injures two SADF, two Prisons personnel, 13 civilians

05/07/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Gugulethu Police raid; cadre resisted for 3 hours; shot dead

12/07/88 Landmine incident - no details

14/07/88 Skirmishes with SADF: Kruger National Park; follow-up operation after 12/07 landmine Four cadres killed

16/07/88 SAP personnel: Nyanga Cadre fires on SAP vehicle; one civilian killed, one injured SAP return fire; cadre wounded

17/07/88 SAP personnel: Soweto highway Cadre opens fire on SAP vehicle from back of bakkie; two SAP injured

22/07/88 Government personnel: Soweto Grenade attack on home of Soweto Council personnel manager, BE Qakisa; no details

23/07/88 SAP personnel: Pinetown Cadre wounded SAP member; no details

26/07/88 Government personnel: Soweto Three grenade attacks on homes of Administration Board employees( P. Legare, Mr Naledi, Mr Gumede); no details

??/07/88 Collaborators in apartheid represssion: Lenasia Explosion outside home of member of Presidents Council, Dr Ismail Jajbhay; no injuries

03/08/88 SADF building and personnel: Wits Command Car bomb explodes; no injuries Skirmishes with SAP: Bridgewater area Five cadres killed in two incidents

04/08/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Wild COast hotel SAP raid; one cadre killed, one escaped

08/08/88 Skirmishes with SAP: near Palala river No details

19/08/88 SADF buildings/personnel: The Castle, Cape Town Mini-limpet mine explodes within Castle grounds; no details

20/08/88 Government personnel: Duncan Village Grenade attack on home of mayor, Eddie Makeba; extensive damage; no injuries

??/08/88 Government buildings: Westville Post Office Mini-limpet explodes; no injuries

??/09/88 Collaborators in apartheid repression: Bomb goes off at Laudium home of Pretoria municipal election candidate; no injuries

22/09/88 Collaborators in apartheid repression: Explosion at the home of municipal election candidate SD Goolam injures four SAP, two guards, one civilian

??/09/88 Three limpet mines in Lenasia explode at the offices of the Lenasia bus service, at the home of the Lenasia Management Committee, and the offices of the House of Delegates; no injuries

??/09/88 Government buildings: King Williamstown Magistrates Court Bomb explodes, no injuries

02/09/88 Government buildings: Standerton post office Limpets discovered

03/09/88 Skirmishes with SAP: Molweni, Durban Cadre fires on SAP from house; cadre killed, four injured

10/09/88 SAP building/personnel: Moroka SAP Station barracks No details on results of explosion

10/09/88 Collaborators in apartheid repression: Mini-limpet placed under basin next to back door of Lenasia HOD candidate, Mrs Ebrahim; no details

19/09/88 SAP building & personnel: Benoni Car bomb explodes in flats 100m from SAP station; two civilians injured

??/09/88 SAP buildings & personnel: Woodstock Police Station Mini-limpet explodes, no injuries

??/09/88 SAP Personnel: Soweto Home of municipal policeman attacked, child injured

??/10/88 Government buildings: Redhill Post Office Bomb explodes; no injuries

??/10/88 Collaborators in apartheid repression: Bomb damages campaign HQ of a Wentworth municipal candidate in Durban

??/10/88 Government personnel Municipal councillor and assistant escape injury when hand grenades thrown at them in Thokoza

??/10/88 Explosion at KwaThema civic centre used as polling point in municipal elections; baby killed, four people injured

??/10/88 Government buildings: Magistrates Courts at Wynberg (Johannesburg), Bishop Lavis, and Stellenbosch Explosions at these three places cause no injuries

??/10/88 SAP Buildings: Woodstock Police Station Bomb causes damage, no injuries

??/10/88 SAP Personnel: Tembisa police barracks Limpet mine explodes, injures four SAP

??/10/88 SAP Buildings & personnel: near Alexandra Municipal Police offices Limpet mine causes extensive damage, no injuries

??/10/88 Government personnel: Wattville and Thokoza: Homes of municipal candidates attacked with hand grenades; no injuries Tumahole; Limpet mine explodes at homes of two councillors; no injuries Gompo Town; Hand grenade attack on home of deputy mayor; no injuries

??/10/88 SAP buildings & personnel: Katlehong Municipal Police barracks Mini-limpet explodes, no details

??/10/88 SAP personnel: Potchefstroom: building housing Security Branch Bomb explodes, at least one SAP injury

??/11/88 Government buildings: Port Elizabeth Post Office Limpet mine explodes, no injuries

??/12/88 Government buildings: Boksburg Receiver of Revenue offices Limpet mine explodes; no injuries

??/12/88 Government offices: Brakpan Dept. Home Affairs Limpet mine causes damage, no injuries

??/12/88 Government buildings: Cape Two municipal buildings, Magistrates Court in Paarl. Bombs explode; no injuries

??/10/88 Economic: Sandton Eskom substation Limpet mine explodes

??/10/88 Government buildings: Diepmeadow Mini-limpet damages offices, no injuries1989 ??/??89 SAP personnel: Jabulani, SowetoMine detonates on vehicle; no details

??/??89 SAP personnel: attack in Diepkloof Unnamed SAP member killed by AK fire

??/01/89 Economic: Post Office, King Williamstown No details Economic: Railways, Wilsonia, (E Cape) No details Economic : Mount Ruth railway station, Mdantsane No details

??/01/89 Economic/SAP personnel: Glenwood, Durban Escom sub-station damaged by explosion; SAP defuse second bomb nearby

??/01/89 Economic: Sandhurst Explosion at Escom sub-station

??/01/89 Collaborators in apartheid repression:Benoni Limit mine explodes at home of the chair of the Ministers Council in the House of Delegates extensive damage no injuries

??/01/89 Economic/military: Ciskei Explosion at aircraft factory; no injuries; no further details

??/01/89 SAP building/personnel: Katlehong Municipal Police Station Two municipal police killed in grenade attack

??/02/89 SAP building: municipal police barracks, Soweto Structural damage; 4 SAP injured

??/02/89 SAP personnel: parade in Katlehong One municipal constable killed, nine injured

??/02/89 SAP personnel: Col. D. Dlamini, commander of Katlehong SAP Station Limpet explodes at his home; no details

??/03/89 SADF buildings: Natal Command HQ Explosion; no injuries

??/04/89 SAP buildings/personnel: SAP HQ Durban Explosion at single quarters; no details

??/04/89 SAP buildings: Yeoville SAP Station Bomb explodes; no injuries

??/04/89 SAP buildings: SAP station, Durban No injuries in explosion

??/04/89 SAP Outpost: Katlehong Five special constables injured

??/04/89 SAP personnel: Thokoza Two municipal police injured when grenades thrown at councillors home

??/04/89 Government personnel: Thokoza Grenade thrown at home of Councillor Abram Mzizi; no details

??/04/89 SAP personnel: Single quarters No details

??/04/89 Economic: Nigel post office Explosion; no injuries

??/05/89 SADF installation: Klippan Radar Station Attack by large group of guerillas using mortars; no injuries reported

??/06/89 SAP personnel: Duduza Limpet explodes under SAP vehicle; four civilians injured

??/06/89 SAP personnel: Tsakane Limpet explodes under vehicle outside SAP members home

??/06/89 SAP personnel: Tsakane Grenade thrown at SAP patrol; no details

??/06/89 SAP personnel: Soweto Limpet explodes in rubbish bin outside home of SAP member

??/06/89 SAP personnel: KwaThema SAP station Bomb shatters window of dining hall

??/06/89 SAP personnel: Ratanda SAP Single Quarters Limpet mine explodes; no injuries

??/06/89 Collaborators in apartheid repression Limpet mine at home of Boetie Abramjee LP MP; no details

??/08/89 Armed propaganda Grenade explodes at Labour Party polling station, Bishop Lavis

??/08/89 SAP building/personnel: Brixton Flying Squad HQ Attacked with hand grenades and AKs; no injuries reported

??/08/89 SAP personnel: Lt-Col. Frank Zwane; Former liaison officer for SAP, Soweto; Zwane and two sons injured in grenade attack ??/08/89 SAP building: Athlone SAP Station Explosion; no details

??/09/89 SAP equipment/personnel: Duduza Limpet mine on SAP vehicle: no details

??/09/89 Government buildings: municipal offices, Alexandra No information

??/09/89 SAP personnel: patrol ambushed, Katlehong No information

??/09/89 SAP building: Mamelodi SAP station Mini-limpet explodes outside; SAP vehicle damaged


Please note:This list includes all incedents we have found in press reports and from SAIRR annual surveys which cannot be classified according to the target categories used in the appendix headed "list of known MK operations". In addition, we are uncertain as to whether these attacks were carried out by bona fide MK cadres. Some appear to be the result of operationla difficulties; others very probably "flase flag" operations.07/03/77 Pretoria restaurant destroyed by bomb - no details25/11/77 Bomb explodes at Carlton Centre, Johannesburg; 14 injured. 3

0/11/77 Bomb explodes on Pretoria boundtrain

14/12/77 Bomb explodes in Benoni station 22/12/77 Unexploded bomb found in OK bazaars, Roodepoort

??/02/78 It is reported that an unexploded bomb "capable of destroying 22 storey building found in Johannesburg office block"

??/02/81 Bomb blast in Durban shopping centre; two injuries

26/06/81 Durban Cenotaph: 2 bombs explode

26/07/81 Two bombs extensively damage motor vehicle firms in central Durban, 05h50 and 06h10; three injuries

06/08/81 Bomb explodes in East London shopping complex minutes before rush hour; no details

08/08/81 Bomb explodes in Port Elizabeth shopping centre in similar manner to East London bomb

??/12/82 Southern Free State Administration Board, Bloemfontein; blast leaves one dead, 70 injured

12/02/83 Free State Administration Board offices; bomb injures 76 people

12/03/83 Bomb on railway coach on Johannesburg bound passenger train

13/05/83 Explosive device (37kg of explosives in gas cylinder) found by SAP under bridge on Southern Freeway, Durban; defused

03/04/84 Car bomb at Victoria Embankment, Durban, kills three civilians, injures 20 civilians Note: According to the SAIRR, two of those killed were Daya Rengasami and his wife Navi. He had been a member of the SA Students Organisation and the BPC. The ANC in Lusaka denied an SABC report that it had claimed responsibility; other reports claimed that the ANC had prepared a statement on the blast which was held back once it emerged that the Rengasamis were casualties of the bomb. Rajbansi said he believed his offices nearby had been the intended target of the bomb. The investigating officer was Capt. Andrew Taylor of the SB who is one of the accused in the Mxenge trial; he may be able to supply more details.

08/04/84 Arson attack at Hermansberg German Mission, Natal; extensive damage to vehicles and farming equipment

??/08/85 Three limpet mines explode in department stores in Durban, causing limited damage and no injuries

??/08/85 Bomb explodes in night club at an Umlazi hotel; 30 children injured

27/09/85 Limpet mines damage basement of OK Bazaars

(17h00 and early hours of 28/09), Smith Street; Game Stores (17h30), Checkers (17h30), all in central Durban Limpet mine defused in Spar, 18h30, central Durban

??/10/85 Home of Umlazi headmaster attacked with hand grenade. Limpet mines found at school in Durban (no details on area)

??/11/85 Building housing Institute of Bankers in central Johannesburg damaged in blast

??/11/85 Hand grenade explodes at Barclays National Bank branch, Woodstock

??/12/85 Grenade attack on tourist kombi in central Durban; no details

21/12/85 Limpet mine attached to minibus injures 8 or 13 civilians

??/02/86 Hand grenade explodes in Transkei minister's official car; no details

10/02/86 Large bomb defused by SAP in Amanzimtoti 200m from where the December 1985 blast (for which Andrew Zondo was hanged) took place.

17/03/86 Mini-limpet discovered at Afrikaans high school at Elsburg, Germiston; police detonate limpet

19/03/86 Bomb blast inside wall of Springs New Apostolic Church

10/04/86 Limpet mine at Braamfontein station; 1 person killed, 4 injured

18/04/86 Bomb explodes in casino of Wild Coast Holiday Inn; 2 civilians killed, 1 injured Note: the ANC denied responsibility for this attack.

01/05/86 Two grenades thrown at the home of Mr Klein, principal of Wentworth Primary School. Klein says he is not politically involved. He was a police reservist some time ago. Klein and wife both injured.

07/05/86 Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre, Sandton: bomb causes extensive damage, no injuries

??/05/86 SAP say a 15kg bomb was found under a car in downtown Durban; defused

22/06/86 Limpet mine explodes at 01h45 outside Copper Shop, West St, Durban

24/06/86 Explosion at 14h00 injures 16 civilians at a Wimpy Bar, Rissik Street ? Outside President Hotel, Johannesburg; explosion at 14h26 seriously injures five civilians

28/06/86 Queenstown shopping centre; explosion just before 12h00 injures two civilians

??/06/86 Bomb explodes at Jabulani Amphitheatre, Soweto; no injuries

??/06/86 Ten people killed in explosion in minibus in Bophutatswana

??/06/86 Limpet mine explodes in Queenstown shopping centre; one child injured

??/06/86 Limpet mine explodes in Johannesburg restaurant, injuring 17 people

01/07/86 Explosion outside Carlton Hotel injures 8 civilians

04/07/86 Limpet mine explodes outside Checkers supermarket in Silverton; 20 civilians injured

01/09/86 Pick and Pay supermarket Montclair, Durban; bomb injures 1 civilian

07/09/86 The Durban holiday home for underprivileged children escaped unscathed after a car bomb blast nearby

??/09/86 Mini-limpet explodes in bar of Devonshire Hotel injuring three civilians (this was a popular venue for Wits students)

??/09/86 Grenade thrown into crowded night club in Edenpark (Alberton)

03/01/87 Corner Jeppe/Delvers St, Johannesburg; limpet mine injures three civilians

05/02/87 Explosion at bus shelter outside Groote Schuur estate; 1 civilian slightly injured

??/02/87 Limpet mine causes damage to a shop in Matatiele (Transkei)

??/04/87 Bomb explodes in a shop in centre of Newcastle; no injuries

03/04/87 Car park of Came Arcade shopping centre: limpet mine injures three civilians

16/04/87 Parking area of Newcastle supermarket: explosion injures two civilians

05/05/87 Johannesburg Civic Centre: two mini-limpets explode, no injuries

19/05/87 Carlton Centre; explosion; no details

08/07/87 Bar of Village Main Hotel, Johannesburg: limpet mine explodes at 11h12; no details

28/09/87 Standard Bank arena: two bombs explode, no injuries

??/04/88 Bomb explodes at Johannesburg City Hall; no injuries

19/04/88 Explosion at private office block less than 100m from Parliament. Back entrance destroyed, branch of Santambank seriously damaged

25/05/88 Grenade attack on Sofasonke Party rally in Soweto; two killed, 38 injured Note: an ANC spokesperson blamed "armed political renegades" for carrying out attacks which were then blamed on the ANC, and denied knowledge of this attack.

26/05/88 Outside African Eagle Building, Pretoria: limpet mine injures four civilians Outside Ruth Arndt Early Learning Centre, Pretoria: limpet mine detonates during lunch hour (target may have been SADF offices, Proes St)

28/05/88 Explosive device at bottom of platform staircase at Johannesburg railway station: - 1 civilian injured

05/06/88 Bomb detonated while train was standing at Saulsville railway station

22/06/88 Amusement arcade in Winning Side Arcade, Johannesburg: limpet mine kills ten civilians

26/06/88 Papagallo Restaurant, East London: limpet mine discovered and defused

??/06/88 Bomb blast near Soweto's Inhlanzani station; no injuries

??/06/88 Mini-limpet mine explodes at Pretoria snack bar, injuring 18 people 09/07/88 Outside Johannesburg Cambrians hockey club: limpet mine explodes outside; no details

29/07/88 Bus stop cnr. Victoria/Odendaal Streets, Germiston: limpet mine injures one civilian

30/07/88 Wimpy Bar, Benoni Plaza: limpet mine explodes at lunch hour; 1 civilian killed, 57 injured

??/07/88 Two explosions at a meeting of Sofasonke party; no injuries

05/08/88 Morula Sun Casino: limpet mine discovered and suppressed; minor damage

13/08/88 Hyde Park Shopping Centre: explosion injures three civilians

23/08/88 Wimpy Bar, Oxford St, E London: explosion at lunch hour injures 23 civilians

24/08/88 Limpet mine discovered outside Wimpy Bar, Standerton: limpet mine discovered; dragged into street and detonated; no details

??/08/88 Powerful explosion at a bus terminus used by black people; no injuries

??/09/88 Bomb explodes at discothËque in Hillbrow injuring 19 people

??/09/88 Limpet mine explosion at Vinderbijl Square bus terminus in Johannesburg injures 19 people

??/09/88 Hand grenade thrown at home of Allan Hendrickse, leader of the Labour Party, from a moving car

02/09/88 Outside a shop on the corner of Smith and Fenton Streets, Durban: limpet mine explodes at 17h30; two civilians injured

07/09/88 Basement of North Park Plaza Shopping Centre: explosion kills one civilian

08/09/88 Grenade thrown into the home of couple who did not join a strike (Mr and Mrs Modiko); child injured

21/09/88 Vanderbijlpark bus terminal: explosion after 17h00 injures 14 civilians

??/09/88 Bomb under a car in parking lot of East London hotel explodes after area cleared; no injuries

??/10/88 Limpet mine explodes at central Johannesburg bus terminus, injuring four people

??/10/88 Car bomb explosion outside a Witbank shopping centre; two killed, 42 injured

??/11/88 Explosion at Lenasia civic centre; no injuries

??/11/88 Explosion damages section of railway line on outskirts of Durban; no injuries

??/12/88 Two explosions in Bisho result in damage to garage and shop; one minor injury

??/12/88 Five people, one an SAP member, killed in Soweto; police said an AK 47 was used indicating that the ANC was responsible

??/02/88 12 civilians injured in a blast at Wits Medical Command administration building in Braamfontein. The head of SAP public relations (Brig. Herman Stadler) claims that the ANC was responsible and had carried out the attack for propaganda purposes; this was proved by the fact that newspapers had received an early tip-off, he said.

??/07/89 Bomb at JG Strijdom hospital; no details

??/10/89 Bomb explodes outside BP centre, Cape Town and at a Woodstock garage a few minutes later

??/11/89 Bombs at First National Bank ATM at Berlin railway station, King WIlliams Town

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