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Motshekga, Dr. Mathole S.

(Abbreviated (CV))

LLB; LLD; LLM;  Bjuris

Current: Adv. of the Supreme Court; Legal Advisor: National House of Traditional Leaders of SA, National Coalition of Traditional Leaders; Mem: Gauteng Provincial Govt Legislature; Hon Prof: Dept Polit Sci: Unv Pta (UP); Attorney: Dr. Mathole Motshekga Attorneys; Pre: Kara Heritage Inst: Founder Mem: National Inst for Public Admin Mgmnt (Nipam), Kara Heritage Inst: Founder Mem: National Task Team on Healing & Reconciliation Centre at Makplaas, Presidential Techn Com: Local Governance, Inst of Traditional Leadership.

Previous: Chair: ANC: Gauteng 1997-2000; Facilitator: Govt Workshops in Abujai, Nigeria for the 36 Nigerian State Govs at invitation of Nat'l Democratic Inst 2000; Premier: Gauteng Prov Govt 1998-1999; Dep Chair: ANC: Gauteng 1991-1997; Chair: Transformaton Com: Consultant: Nat'l Development Agency on Rural Development & Poverty Eradication & Social Justice, Local Governance & Traditional Leadership: Mem: Black Empowerment Com: Dept of Public Works; Dir: Sechaba Trust; Dialogue between acads, civil leaders & Dept of Justice on informal justice 1988-1989; Vice Pres: Nat'l Assoc of Democratic Lawyers (Nadel) with Dullah Omar 1988-1989; Founder Mem: Nadel 1986-1989; Mem: Res Task Teams on Post Apartheid SA: ANC HQ Lusaka 1987-1989; Participant : Illegally entered Tanzania with group of lawyers & addressed Int'l conference: The World United Against Apartheid 1987: Mem: Dept of Legal & Constitutional Affairs: ANC 1986; Founder: First Community Legal Advice Centre, Mamelodi 1985; Snr Lect: Dept Criminal & Procedural Law: Unisa1984; Visiting Lect: Univs of Austria & Germany, Albert-Lüdwigs Univ 1982; Attorney: Supreme Court of SA 1979; Candidate Attorney: Savage Jooste & Adams, Pta 1977

Works: Author of numerous articles on African Renaissance, philos, heritage & religion.

Awards: Fullbright Scholarship: Harvard Law Sch 1980; German Acad Exch Scholarship: Max Planck Gesellschaft.

Personal: b: 2 Apr 1949, Bolobedu, Duiwelskloof, Limpopo; Educ: Unisa: Bjuris;Unisa: LLB; Unisa: LLD; Harvard Law Sch: LLM.

Politician and academic, Motshekga gained a law degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 1974, an LLB from the same institution in 1980, and an LLB with distinction from Harvard University, USA.  He launched legal clinics in Pretoria and in 1995 earned a doctorate in law from UNISA.  He was senior law lecturer at UNISA from 1984 to 1994, and served as chairman of the National Association of Lawyers.

In 1997, following unexpected rank-and-file support for his candidature, he was elected successor to Tokyo Sexwale as leader of the African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng and heir apparent to the provincial premiership.

The election of a populist rather than an establishment figure represented a rebellion against the authority of the ANC leadership, which was made up almost exclusively of senior figures within the ANC-in-exile, Robben Islanders, Umkhonto we Sizwe (the organisation's military wing) and the United Democratic Front.

Motshekga formally took office at the end of 1997.

Source: A Concise Dictionary of South African Biography by Peter Joyce

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