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12 Oct 2005: Maharaj, Mac

POM. At the time whatshisname had -

MM. Schabir Shaik had been charged, I think first for possession of state documents and had been subpoenaed under Section 28, refused to answer questions and he took the matter – in the meantime the Scorpions, my news becomes public, I ask for the First Rand enquiry, after that the Scorpions issue a Section 28 subpoena to peruse my files, he needs Schabir also to come and answer questions.

POM. He needs Schabir? Just Schabir?

MM. Yes, just Schabir.

POM. He doesn't say I need Schabir, he answers questions by Zuma and a plea bargain, he says if you get Schabir to answer the questions –

MM. On the Section 28 to close the file.

POM. On you?

MM. Yes. So I speak to Schabir and I say, "Look, it's your decision to answer on the arms deal. Will you consider answering questions on the question of the driver's licence thing?" I'm saying I have objected, I am going to court. There was no corrupt dealing between you and me, and yet for that I know a man who can go and tell. He says, "I've thought about it, I will do that." In this exercise he wants me to deliver Schabir and Mo. I say, "No." The good faith from his side was just not there. OK?

POM. The conference at Stellenbosch took place, the ANC Stellenbosch conference, the reconstruction of the file.

MM. Yes, the question of Mo realising that this false flag operation that explains all this – as far as I recall, according to Mo's testament, he had done that analysis before even the Stellenbosch conference.

POM. Didn't he present a paper on this some place?

MM. That's the analysis.

POM. OK, but was it on RS452 or on the theory of false flag, do you know?

MM. Yes.

POM. Sorry, on which?

MM. Specifically on RS452 and the false flag.

POM. So what I'm saying is that – Hefer makes a point of saying that, oh, it was only after the revelation of Vanessa Brereton as being RS452.

MM. No, it's not true.

POM. But that's what Hefer says?

MM. Well Hefer is wrong.

POM. He came up with this ingenious kind of –

MM. He's wrong. Mo's evidence is very clear and Mo's evidence, you will have to ask Mo, who did you show that analysis to?

POM. Yes I will.

MM. Get a number for Brereton.

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