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Sent Sunday 4th Dec. 1988

Fri. 2nd:  Cindy to Patrick

1.. I received letter from Lennie's friend.  He wants to meet you on 30 or 31 Jan or 1 Feb – same place as was arranged.  Please confirm with him because he must book flight.

2.. My friend who visited Paul is back.  Everything worked out fine.  He sent report.  Shall I bring it with me or do you want it to be sent?

3.. It is difficult to get photo of those sizes.  I still don't feel happy about his idea.  Anyway: eyes = brown/green; hair = brown/grey; height = 1.63m

Adam to Oscar

a.. Series of reports for R and R on way.

b.. Remind Robin we've not had reply to our suggestion re linking up with JL.  Would appreciate feedback whether positive or negative.

c.. Because of usefulness of TS at Solly's we wish you to authorize Ken to purchase second unit a la last time, initially for standby and fallback.  (Ken:  TS cost R15,000 last time).

Ken to  Oscar

i.. Received your TC of 29.11 OK.

ii.. John only goes to Solly's again next year.  Adam might want Umseb and other things before then.  Would it be OK to send Anne if necessary?

iii.. John will work for us for foreseeable future but I think we need to develop others.  He revealed to Cindy that "he's in love' with person in Kenya.  This is tempering his attitude.

iv.. York couple: Aziz revealed that he knew of contact but in matter-of-fact way in front of other RPMC member.  Thus guess whole RPMC knows.  Aziz charged that I'm 'doing my own thing' and thinks I should be 'brought under control'.  Zuma is other person they were thinking of working for.

v.. Re IDAF assistance:  Linus Dlamini has been assisted since 1974; no record of Cleophas Nzimela (unless application very new and still being processed).


Received Mon 5th Dec 1988

a.. Re sp. Films for micro-copies:  A unit here has to do a lot of documents by photography.  What does a camera, flash and stand which handles this film cost and will you be able to supply.  Also automatic film advance.

b.. Tried to use KC program on an Olivetti PC and on Bondwell PC.  Did not succeed?  Can you hazard why we had problems?  Have access to Bondwell in Sollys and Olivetti at Graces and looking into how we can pass deciphered documents so that the print production unit can attend to printing and doing stencils etc themselves.

c.. Hope you ensure January 8th statement reaches us fast.  Any idea when John comes in January?  Waiting to hear from Oscar so that we can decide what we have to send, how much etc and then against what you have for us, decide whether we need a special courier for exchange of disks etc.

d.. Any news re Maureen's address and progress re Stanley and response re JL?

e.. Need a few more books and variations of it for concealing documents etc when sending couriers internally.

f.. Years back Albie did a translation and adaptation of a Portuguese booklet "If you are arrested, comrade.."  I am sure Sue and Co. have it stored in their files.  Could you obtain same and put it on disk for us?  More follows (PS to 2nd and 3rd part of this:  Also NB that we feel that enemy is strongly monitoring GM's activities.)

Received Mon 5th Dec 1988

Part 2:  In course of our work at Graces and Sollys we picked up that GM had taken initiative to create ANC underground in various regions. First hint came from CR who said that GM had put together group to establish authentic lines of communications with HQ.  He put together Dulla Omar (CT), CR and Khalima (Jhb), Xundu (EC) and Diliza Mji for this.  Meanwhile our progress at Graces reached a stage where we felt we had the major pieces for putting together proper RPMC with +30 units under it at the start.  One major piece missing is Paul G whose network seems in some trouble and hence he has taken cover deeper underground.  At this stage we decided we needed to see and draw in Diliza M.  Have since met him twice.  He raised problem re GM initiative to create underground in all regions per authorization from Reg.  DM stated that the group (same as above) has not done anything concrete as yet beyond trying to set up broad grouping in Graces to plan task; that the national unit (as above) is due to meet around 12th Dec for report backs and planning how to create the underground.  In this regard DM felt he would have problems if he did not report DM's involvement with us to GM unit and GM in particular.  Asked how he should handle this.  Also confirmed that he too concerned re Xundu role.

Received Mon 5th Dec 1988

3rd Part :  In this regard, the grouping in which DM is involved at Graces is made up of comrades of whom all save one are already in ANC structures we relate to though each does not know of the other's involvement in this structure.  Secondly, we feel need to avoid crossed lines with GM initiative (even K at Sollys is in our structures there).  Thirdly would like to be sure that GM does not confide details of structure at Graces, who's in it, to the national unit he has put together etc.  DM accepted our advice not to report his contact with us pending his seeing Reg and Robin.  That after he has seen you maybe formula could be worked out where Reg could advise GM that progress is being made at Grace's (and Solly's) in creating underground; that at this stage security requires these be kept separate and that therefore he should concentrate his efforts in other regions especially EC and Border.  Now DM indicated he would be in Harare from 12th Dec till after Xmas and that during this stay most convenient dates for him would be 19th/20th Dec;  if required he could get to Lusaka from Harare to meet Reg and/or Robin for discussion and guidance; that during stay in Harare he can be contacted via Stanley Mabizela.  Please do all to see him and advise us of your views etc.  Matter urgent as we want to ensure creation of RPMC also eliminates divisions at Graces and gathers disparate networks into a unified, viable and above all active force.  Plus we have to keep up momentum of processes we have unleashed.  Warmest greetings.

Both these messages prepared and sent by your new communication officer!  See you soon. All for now.


Received Tues 6th Dec 1988

Patrick to Ken

1.. Anne OK but will be very costly.  We will also try from here.  Please check with us again soon.

2.. York couple:  We will ask Reggie to intervene about Aziz, so that he gets off your back.  We will then remain with the task of giving the couple enough work to do.  I know you put this to me previously but it is difficult for me to place myself in your situation.  I thought and spoke to them about assisting with communications.  How practical this is, considering their location, you must assess.  I also asked them to spot potential recruits who are prepared to settle at home or do courier work etc.  If trying to deploy them causes us more rather than less time, then we can hand them over.  The last mentioned, however, does not in anyway affect the fact that we should get Aziz off your back.

3.. What happened to the LT that was being repaired?

Patrick to Adam

1.. Linking up with J hereafter called Susanne:  Robin says he's positive towards idea if link-up made without revealing identities and accommodation and personal support network.  That of course means person who has first meeting with S, which would have to be personal meeting, should not have met her previously.  And on no account should she know that you're there.

2.. Maureen's no. is 724-3667 (repeat 724 3667) in Jhb.  We've just received it.  Please contact soonest as arrangement made by Enrico to meet her in Vz middle of this month.  When successful contact made cancel Enrico arrangement and inform us accordingly.

3.. Gemma received presents and TK.  TK not undone yet because of location and difficulty with equipment.  But in process of going down there with everything to solve it.  Meantime she's prepared communication to send you via TC.  This'll be sent in next transmission.

Patrick to Lennie

Welcome.  Received you clearly.  However, messages read 'first of two' and 'two of two'.  Are there two messages or one?  Look forward to seeing you soon.  Lots of work awaiting you.  Regards Patrick.

From Ken:

1.. Micro-filming:  can use any good 35mm camera and ordinary electronic flash.  Best if you buy equipment in SA.  Will send instructions for process and special film next opportunity.

2.. TC and TK configured to work on LT only.  This done for security reasons. If you want TK for other computers, send details of configurations of such (i.e. no. of disk drives, size disks, memory etc.) and I'll prepare/send.

3.. Will get you Jan 8 statement as soon as possible but depends on Oscar getting it to Gill on time.  Will prod Dec who can take disks.  Can you arrange DLB or very safe meeting?  Person going on mission and later again to settle so if meeting it must be 100% safe.  Prefer DLB.  Let us know soon. ZZZ


Received Wed 7th Dec 1988

Patrick to Ken:

Please collect funds from Ishmail.  Should be 20,000 for Adam and 10,000 for Oscar.  Lennie can bring fan paper, radio cassette, and money – will let you know of other needs.

Patrick to Adam

1.. Minah:  Her training has not begun.  She is still here.  We are of the view that we abandon that attempt, send her for disguises and infiltrate her.  Disguises can only take place in mid January 1989.  This means that she could be with you end Feb. to mid March.  Are we in agreement?

2.. Jabu is back here.

3.. Exit point used by us in SD is near exposure.  We think system following up leads picked up through Cliff episode.  Making enquiries about houseowner.  But on the wrong side – your side.

4.. Robin keen to know how Richard faring?

5.. Also requests messages from organizations and individuals for the Congress.  Will it be wise?  What organizations and individuals?  Remind Marsh of article and GM.

6.. Robin met Abdul and Mulilo.


1.. Maureen's no. I got from Oscar = Joburg 724 3667. Will check.

2.. TR progress slow because special radio modems we were experimenting with not good enough.  Back to square one.  Trying new type modems and experimenting with automatic system.  Sorry slow but must be perfect.

3.. Just finished training 'Lennie' – new TC/TK operator for Oscar who will take over from just before Xmas.  Should help smooth operations that end though system working very well now.

4.. Will DLB/meeting with person I mentioned be possible?  Please advise soon.


Sent: Thurs 8th Dec 1988

Part one of two:

From Gemma:  Harare 4 Dec 1988, sent as 2nd message on 7/12/88.

Dearest Adam,  This message will have to reach you through TC as I am experiencing some difficulty in undoing TK.  I felt a compromise through TC would be a good idea.  As you know, I have been very much out of my stride since the 7th October when I was admitted to UTH after a road accident.  I was subsequently flown to Harare for surgery.  Fortunately the ribs have all healed and so has the shoulder blade, and the pain I my arm and shoulder has at last begun to lift, making me quite optimistic about the surgeon's prediction.  He says that one I have the last two operations (on Dec 13 and June 1989) to remove the screws from shoulder blade and arm and collar bone, I will regain most of the mobility in that region.  Robin assures me that you will be kept informed through a copy of the surgeon's report, which Reggie has already seen.  The good thing is that I will overcome the limitations in current mobility in my left arm through physiotherapy – also it is my left arm and not my right one, thank goodness.  As you can imagine this has been a trauma and a severe blow to the strides I was making in my PTA job.  Suffice it to say for now:  Once I presented Bax with the technical evaluation of the system developed by Geneva, and explained that on professional and political principles, and even under threat of being sacked, I had refused in Geneva to install that system, he put all his trust and confidence in me. Together with Mengustu, my direct boss, Bax assigned me the task of redeveloping the entire system from scratch for installation by the same deadline as originally planned, viz June 1989, for fear of losing face to the member states.

Sent Thurs 8th Dec 1988

Part two and last:  Now I have lost 3 months and do not feel up to the same intense momentum.  I understand that Geneva promised them an alternative consultant but they said they preferred to wait for me.  That was in November, though, when they expected me back in Lusaka for a couple of weeks.  So I do now know whether it is fair to the PTA not to advise them to get a new consultant, even though I will be returning to Lusaka in January.  The good news is that the children are here with me now.  Milou had apparently taken the accident badly, withdrawing into a shell.  But now he is as chatty, buoyant and provocative as ever.  Joey is as usual full of bounce and excitement and they never stop talking about you.  Needless to say, we miss you very much indeed, and hope you remain safe to return to us in one piece.  S is returning to your end within a few weeks.  Things went sour after you left.  In a rational moment she explained that she was too old to handle such boisterous youngsters and after what they had been through with their own kids, all they now wanted was peace and quiet.  The details of what triggered the final decision to leave are not so important now.  Her decision was actually made some time ago.  It has just been a question of waiting for your return.  So now I really do not know about the PTA job – even if they decide to shift the deadline, which is unlikely, I can't take it up because of the kids.  Next time I will let you know of the details of how things deteriorated.  But L was a fiercely negative force in all this.  I really look forward to undoing your message and hearing from you again.  All our love.  Gemma and the kids.


Received Sun 11th Dec 1988

Reggie and Robin to Adam:

1.. Your report is remarkable for both its scope and detail.  It gives us a clear vision not only of the immense potential of the Vula concept but also of its tremendous yield in terms of what has been achieved within a short period of time.  To Adam and Sylvester we say bravo!

2.. Re Zizi

(a). Thank you for your valuable insights.  We will do our best to give him a comprehensive briefing.  The document prepared to him for this purpose was read to Xundu, who took notes.  We now hope the document reaches him.  And we intend to keep him up-dated.

(b). DM is being told to come to Lusaka where R and R will brief him among other things, to inform Zizi that Reggie has set up an APC in Graces and will handle the area direct.  Whatever coordination Zizi may require with Graces should be done through Masha and DM.

(c). Has Masha been in touch with Zizi?  Shouldn't Adam find a way at some stage, to make contact with Zizi?

(d). As soon as we get a chance we will debrief Moss.

(e). You will note from (b) above that we use the acronym APC or RPC and not RPMC.  This is deliberate.  This is to emphasize the point that we are setting up POLITICAL leadership structures under which all functions, including the military, fall.

3.. Re Madiba:

Thanks for the progress report.  Things appear to us to be reasonably in hand.  SM should by now have reported to you on the nature of our discussions with UDF and COSATU.

(a). The briefing you suggest to Madiba is still under consideration.

(b). A secure line (Madiba-Reggie-Madiba) is welcome.

(c). Maximum collective functioning of the Rivonia group is vital including special contact between Zizi and Madiba.

(d). In addition to problems of reception  it is vital to launch and intensify release Mandela campaign etc.

4.. Gatsha:

(a). Read report ex film.  Contains useful outline of the situation.

(b). Agree Madiba needs special briefing on Gatsha.  Will do our best.

(c). Please also get briefing from SM on Gatsha and the Natal situation.

5.. Post elections:

(a). AA conference.  Refer to SM.

(b). Also get briefing from SM on how we view the link between a possible release and on the ground a legalization of the ANC by the masses.  If SM too vague, we will set out our thoughts.

6.. Your idea for Madiba's secretary is a good one.

7.. (a). With regard to 7.3 and 7.2.3 of your report, we want to sound a note of caution connected with the implementation of this side of your work.

(b). Over the years armed actions have preceded instead of being preceded by political organization.  They were intended and they served as armed propaganda to stimulate mass mobilization.  We are past, or should be past that stage now.

(c). We need a sustained, ever growing and expanding military offensive.  But we are unable to take off in any significant manner.  We hit one disaster after another continuously, year in and year out, precisely because we sought to run before we could walk, and kept falling.

(d). Vula must not follow the beaten path – it is a minefield.  Vula must strike out on a new road – to lay the indispensable foundations for a viable armed struggle by first creating, building and consolidating a strong, resilient, extensive political network that is self-protective, capable of providing protection and able to absorb shocks.  This is precisely the task that Vula has started tackling with startling vigour and effectiveness.  Much has been achieved but much, much more has yet to be done, especially in consolidating the ground already covered.

(e). We, therefore, wish to encourage an approach which maintains the priority of the main task and which will ensure that nothing in the enemy-infested military field can lead to Adam and Richard.  We would welcome your comments.

(f). In regard to your 7.7.1 Reg has already discussed along the lines suggested by you.  RM (the head) has accepted without asking questions.  We shall not mention Masha unless it becomes essential.  As the need arises we shall proceed as proposed by yourselves.

(g). As to individual units, we feel we should go slow about linking all individuals and units directly to a single centre.  In this connection how big is the area covered by the APC?  In the meantime, when the PMC 'misses' any of its units or contacts, we shall handle the matter.

(h). You should, for the moment, leave Paul G out.  The IPC appears to be in intimate contact with him and has elaborate and detailed plans.

(i). Re RK and JZ:  We are still discussing the question.  Big problem is that both comrades have just begun new projects that are vitally connected work at home.  In any case January seems unreal as a target date.

(j). Your scenario for adjustment in HQ and forward areas once APCs really get going is mot instructive.  A wider collective discussion on this will take place once the APCs begin to tick over.

(k). For your information, the forward areas RPMCs have been dissolved and are in the process of being replaced by small service machineries.  When the document that deals with this is complete it will be sent to you.

(l). Your D&A queries will be checked with London.

8a.. We are not happy about the purchase of weapons.  Unfortunately we are still waiting for Lorenzo's promised supply of silencers etc.

8b.. Your budget looks reasonable.  In the meanwhile you should be receiving 30,000 of which 10,000 is from Robin.  We are trying to place more funds into reserves for RR projects.

9a.. All your security info is being passed onto the right quarters.

9b.. Please give all information re basis of suspicion against Bulelani.

9c.. Xulu:  Please hold your horses.

10.. Funds for Masha and other Robin items: will reply separately.

11.. Best regards and love from all to all.  And for Adam especially from Gemma and the kids, whom Robin saw in Harare recently.  Still in the process of healing but she is looking good.

Patrick to Ken

I have checked with Logistics.  There are parcels here for us.  Not yet cleared.  Have received parcel from Vanessa.  Difficult to get here.

Patrick to Cindy

Have been in touch with Lennie's friend.  He confirms letter sent to me i.e. can only meet me on his return to Africa.  This will be towards the end of January.


Received Mon 12 Dec 1988

To Adam:

1.. Re Marsha:  R and R surprised to hear of Marsha's poor health and his continuing to overwork.  Taking into consideration the interests of the struggle and his own interests, R and R instruct that Marsha take some time off for a rest – a little holiday, with his wife if conditions permit.  R and R authorize the release of the necessary funds for this purpose.

2.. Maureen will proceed with Vz arrangement.

3.. Rahim:  Very slow response.  They indicate readiness now but not a good period for transfer.  So will wait for mid January.

4.. S leaves for home on Friday 16th Dec.  Have discussed with her possible scenario and emphasized that she has great responsibility.  L undergoing surgery.

5.. Consider giving us safe postal addresses so that we can get some copies to you without waiting for couriers.  'Take care Patrick'.

To Ken

1.. Holiday OK.  Have a deserved rest.

2.. Confirmation of telephonic conversation: R10,000 already here, sent by IC.  This will be dispatched with Wolpe.  Please collect.  That will make up 20,000 for Adam.  Half for APC and the other for family.

3.. Umsebenzi:  Find out from Adam if he has received a copy from UDF/COSATU persons.  If yes, then only need to send documents.  If not send Anne.

4.. Find out from Yorky where is the parcel.  If not with Gold, then substitute correct person and in the case of Cindy the correct telephone number also.

To Yorky

1.. Many thanks for your prompt response.  Difficulty on my side.  Please ask Gold to give parcel to the Queen to pass to me.

2.. Sally making good progress.  Declared fit for work and study.  She is at Phosi's trying to enroll for short course.

To Cindy

Please contact Maria Deventer 18591 ex SD, Mazimbu and Zambia.  She has parcel for me.

Sent Mon 12 Dec 1988


1.. Thanks for Gemma letter.

2.. SACOS were due to meet ANC but it fell through.  They want to ensure next meeting doesn't do same and suggest it should take place around 2nd week of Jan subject to proviso that 28th and 29th Jan is not suitable.  They await info re what dates are suitable for us.

3.. No. given for Maureen is a greengrocer's shop.  Maybe Enrico arranged for coding and has not decoded correctly.  Due to time etc. suggest Enrico keep date in Vz and give us all details re contact.

4.. Unable to assure Robin that all conditions set re Suzanne can be met here.  Suggest we drop idea.  We are in any event proceeding to set up propaganda reproduction facilities at Solly's and Grace's .

5.. Now have offset facilities at Grace's.  Hence would appreciate two copies of Umseb plus Umseb set on disk for this time.  Have test photocopy and platemaker for offset and quality very good.  But key is getting actual copies of Umseb.

6.. What's holding up filling DLB at Rahim's?  Love Ken

A.. Very happy with Lennie.  Should do good job.

B.. Yorkie says "the stuff you wanted was sent about four weeks ago to your lady friend.  She confirmed that she received it and waited for collection".

C.. Have 'hotline' with Yorkie's so if you've anything to say to them best to do so via this channel.

D.. I will get copies of Umsebenzi to Adam via John.  Can conceal safely.

E.. Repaired LT is the one you are using.  It has internal modem fitted which we will use one day.

F.. Ken wants to go on holiday for week after Xmas or around New Year.  Eddie can take over.  Is this OK?

G.. I gave to Lennie for you.  How much must I give to Ben?  IC seems confused.


Page 569, Reference 20:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1988/ [] December 12 should read:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1988/ [] December 11

Page 598, Reference 28:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1988/ [] December 12 should read:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1988/ [] December 11


Sent Fri 16th Dec 1988

a.. Fred sent me a reply re the parcel but unfortunately I wiped it out by mistake.  But if I remember correctly he said he'd sent it to Conny, whose number you know.

b.. Adam has asked to have the January 8th statement on time.  Only way we can do this is if it is sent to this area before that date.  Can you persuade authors to have it ready early so can have it distributed inside on or by that date.

c.. I recently sent you a tape cleaning kit to clean the heads of tape recorders and AM.

d.. At our family meetings we are regularly given various documents such as Inner Party Bulletins etc.  Is it OK to type these up for Adam?  Are they typed at your end?  If so, can they not be done on computer so I can have disks?  Difficult for me to ask questions this end as it gives something away.

e. Has anyone thought about having AC published inside SA?  Maybe now that Adam has offset facilities he could consider expanding publishing activities.  We can send anything encrypted on disk.

f.. Still awaiting Adam's reply on when they want Umseb etc.

g.. We will very shortly have another phone line at Anne's.  Hope it will get used.



Received Mon 19th Dec 1988

1.. Please standby to deposit the twenty thousand pounds into the same bank account as the last time.  We will advise you by TV on Wed after lunch whether to deposit the money.  After you have done so as soon as possible on receipt of our advise send us confirmation to our bleep (or TV) stating "merger terms accepted on……(date)" so that we can advise the other party to get independent confirmation from his bank of the deposit so that deal can be concluded here.

2.. Adam will be at Solly's around New Year.  If necessary can be there by 28th.  Problem is that we cannot say from where we can locate a DLB for person to deposit goods you have for us and collect goods we have for you.  If you think face to face transfer between Adam and your man can take place without each revealing real identities then we could make arrangements from here (or Adam could send a third party to the face to face transfer).  Advise what you think, so that we can finalise arrangements.

3.. Have not found anyone with copy of Umseb here.  No one seems to receive it through post regularly.  Will provide postal address but seems this won't be reliable.  Meanwhile we really have to find some other solution for us to receive two copies timeously.  Alles van die beste (All the best).


Sent Tues 20th Dec 1988

Thanx  message yesterday.  Everyone gets worried when we don't hear from you!

Decided against using person who'll be in Solly's on 28th.  He's not returning for some time and can't take anything more than disk.  Have another person we can send any time after New Year.  Person can take/bring anything you want including Umsebs and can go to Grace's if more convenient.  Please let know soon most suitable times/places but person prefers weekend; also your needs.

Ken taking break for week after Xmas so will revert to Eddie for period (S=883 0031; R=883 1623).  Will give CE signal to TB when change-over takes place.

Umseb:  Would it be possible for you to make litho plates from really good photos of Umseb pages?  Easier/safer to send by post film cassette or negatives than real thing.  You could enlarge and make as many prints as required and any size.  Alternatively you could use desktop publisher to create your own plates from articles sent on disk.  You would need: (a) hard disk computer; (b) desktop publisher program (we can provide); (c) laser printer; (d) someone with computer skills.  These all becoming common.

Standing by to deposit dough tomorrow.

Sent Tues 20th Dec 1988


Decided against using person who was going to Solly's after Xmas as he's not returning for some time and can't take anything more than disk.  Adam wants copies of Umseb and other gear and wants to send us disks etc in return.  So will use Anne early in New Year and if OK with you and if I can get booking.  Please promptly give go ahead or not.

Adam says he's received no copies Umseb.

Received the 10K from HW.  Depositing in bank tomorrow for Adam.

Reminder:  Please ensure we get Jan 8 statement on time.

Hi Lennie!  OUT

Received Tues 20th Dec 1988

From Patrick to Ken

1.. Jenny

1.1. Please hire voice-bank for use between above and yourself.  Require two numbers, one for Jenny to send to and one from which she can receive messages.

1.2. We will use T.C. between Ken and Oscar to relay messages for Jenny or from Jenny.

1.3. In the interim, please phone Jhb 642-4784 from a safe phone.  Say you wish to leave a message for Jenny from Alan.  Message is:  Alan wishes to buy the Datsun.  He would like to discuss it with you.  Could you phone him on 341688 at 12 noon.  You will of course introduce yourself as a friend of Alan.

2.. Lennie has arrived and already at work.

3.. Your holiday : what are the communication arrangements between Oscar and Eddie, i.e. (a) what telephone numbers; (b) what diskettes?  The same or the ones marked Eddie? Etc.

4.. Received your message of 20th.  Anne OK

Patrick to Cindy

1.. Read your note.  Not unpleasant.  Have always understood that would be the premise.

2.. I will leave HQ on 29.12.88.  During that period, and amidst other persons you would wish to see, are the three candidates for Jan/Feb 1989.

3.. Confirm require printer in my original request I am sure I wrote +R700.

4.. I suggest that you bring a few of your letterheads.  You could write letters of invitation for them to meet visa requirements.

5.. I asked Joe to hand you his manuscript.  Please bring it with you.

Patrick to Yorkie

The queen confirms receipt.  Thank you.  Schluss.


Sent Wed 21st Dec 1988

1.. I will be away from 27 Dec till 31 Dec.  During this period send messages to Eddie at 883 0031 (repeat : 883 0031).  Use disks marked 'Eddie' to encipher and decipher.

2.. Tried to get Jenny on number you sent me but male voice didn't seem to know who this was.  He just said "which Jenny?"  Send number again.

3.. Very difficult to get booking for Anne before end Jan so may as well wait for John.  Can get booking at expensive rate but this will cost more than 1,000 pounds.  Don't know how urgent.  Waiting for Adam to say.

4.. TV new line and AM for sending messages to her.  Should be installed very soon.  What codes will J use as don't want numbers sent to her in plain form.

5.. Lennie:  Sorry I wasn't much help explaining your problem but I couldn't hear very much.  When using TK (i.e. KC) you have to watch how much memory space is left if you have typed and enciphered a number of messages.  If you press F2 (Save files in memory) you can see how many bytes are left in memory (i.e. memory disk D:)  If figure is low save needed files on disk and delete (F3) unwanted files by typing 'D:' instead of name of file.  This will list files in memory and you can delete those not wanted to create space in memory.  If you don't do this anything more you type will be lost when you try to save it (F1, 'E' from editor).  If you have many messages to type and encipher best to use TEXT EDITOR program to type messages and save on disk.  Then load into TK and encipher, but watch memory space.  TERMINARE


Received Thurs 22nd Dec 1988

Patrick to Ken

Received yours.

1.. On Jenny: telephone number is correct.  Instead of leaving message for her, say you wish to leave message for Anna.  Please try again.

1.2. On coding:  For the moment Jenny and I will send messages already coded.

1.3. At a later stage, will move onto textlite.

1.4. Voice-bank :  Please send numbers to me when ready and instructions on procedure.  These will be sent to Jenny by courier.

2.. Noted your response to Eddie query.  Do you have a number through which we can speak directly to him to confirm receipt of transmission or to clarify issues, etc.

3.. Received box of videos only.

4.. Gemma has undone TK a week ago.  She will prepare a message soon.

5.. Jan 8th statement in process of finalizing.  Hoped to send it with Robin who is arriving there on Sunday (25/12) but will not be ready.  Will therefore send in many transmissions.

6.. A copy of brief which was made available to emissary of Zizi is being put on TK for Adam.  Will send with Robin.  Ends.

Sent Thurs 22nd Dec 1988

Thurs 21h00 (GMT)

1.. Just tried to get Jenny again but no reply.  Will try in morning.

2.. Eddie:  Use same number (883 0031) to contact him in case of problems.  If he doesn't pick up phone then leave message on AM.  You could use TV (400 4342) as I'm leaving TS and bleep with him but this may lead to confusion.  Suggest don't send Jan 8 Statement to him.  Doubt if he's be able to join the bits.

3.. TV:  Will send details as soon as Anne's line installed.  If you want Jenny to use TL on TV you'll have to get me a TL.  Place order with Cindy when she's at Oscar's, else send me one if you have extra.  Would not be possible for me to relay J's TL messages to you nor for you to pick them up from your end.

4.. In case Adam wants disks etc urgently, how do you feel about sending Anne first class?  Too expensive at over

5.. Lennie:  Did you use 'black box' to send your message today?  First few times there was just loud noise on AM, finally it came perfectly.  SLUIT (Close)


Sent Fri 23rd Dec 1988

Dec 23.  10h30

1.. URGENT:  Please get Robin to bring four or five copies of A4-size version of latest Umsebenzi.  Discovered that Gill has exported all A4 versions.  Normal size too big for concealment for Ben.

2.. Are you saying that you've not received fan-fold printer paper, tape/radio, tape cleaner?  Have you checked with OTG.  Should have been there weeks ago.

3.. Just tried phoning Jenny again using name of "Anna".  Same male voice said "Anna who?"   You must have sent wrong number.   Number I have is Joburg 642 4784 (repeat : 642 4784).

4.. Adam now has the 20k.  Deposited in bank here yesterday.  CONCLUDED.

Received Fri 23rd Dec 1988

Lennie to Ken, 23.12.88

Received yours; my problem was loose connection into computer.


1.. Will ask Robin re: Umsebenzis, but think all have been sent out.

2.. Yes, have not received items yet.  We check office every day.  Perhaps lost in our warehouse?

3.. Anne 1st class: is very expensive.   However, when is earliest booking on 1st class available.

4.. Robin and I agreed that when I go to Howard that I try to arrange some way of getting disk Eddie and Um directly to Adam from this side.  I will know by 30/12/88 whether we can do it or not can then telephone Eddie on outcome.   Finito.


Received Sat 24th Dec 1988

1.. Re Mainah:  Is fact of her not having gone for training symptomatic of what's out of sight is out of mind or of thinking from one 'crisis' to another?  Agree we arrange to get her in and forget about the training.  Suggest infiltration should be legal entry either by road via Bay or by air, again via Bay.  So we think key issues are ensuring she get the necessary documents IN TIME.  These are:

(a). Passport which will enable her to enter Bay.

(b). Passport which will enable her to enter RSA by air from Bay or by road from Bay.  Important that this should therefore have the right entry/exit stamps.

(c). Identity book based on appearance she will live under inside, with driver's licence entries.  (Be a good idea if appearance in RSA passport and ID book are different so she can switch when inside.)  This also means ensuring she can drive!  Our experience is that wigs etc are OK for short bursts (about 2-4 hours), otherwise impractical.  More effective to work on changes to natural appearance e.g. if she grows hair long from now we can do lot to appearance by styling, straightening, dyeing, etc.  By growing it long from now gives us flexibility when she comes.  Richard and I are still trying to grow our hair!  So while not discouraging you from special efforts re her disguise, we urge more attention and time be given to above aspects.  Please advise what target dates you think are feasible for entry on basis of above.  Feb/March?   Ends.

Received Sat 24th Dec 1988.

Sat 24th:

1.. One of the modems is giving trouble.  Please consider replacement.

2.. Eleanor K knows where to get a catalogue of wigs etc which are available ready made.  With this comes a chart showing how to take measurements for orders.  Please get both and send.  I think the coy is Banburys.

3.. Re documents we need:  First a reminder re the booklet on propaganda, notes on engineering.  Also, has there been no Internal Party Bulletin during the period we've been away?  Can we get key strategy and policy resolutions of 2nd Cons. Conf of ANC, and strategy extracts from Green Book.  What about videos?  Where are they – in Lusaka?  Howards?

4.. We are testing your idea of Umseb on film.  Arranging to make plates from photos.  Will report results.  Have one table model offset (new) and one old.

5.. Please advise deadline dates for articles for Umseb and AC.  Have one article for Umseb.

6.. Please push on radio modem.

7.. Have now 50 set left on A1 Data disk.

8.. Will your courier be able to come to Grace's during weekend of 13th Jan.  What is position re bookings?  We could send courier from here to Oscar's. But will Oscar's have copy of materials from Ken, plus camouflage Umseb and Jan 8th properly for courier and attend to disk we send?  Advise, as latter would be much cheaper.

9.. Hope S and Ken have a good week's rest.  Love.


Received Sun 25th (or 26th?) Dec 1988

25th Sunday:

1.. Please note Adam will be at Solly's around the end of December for about a week.  Which means during that period A1 will operate from Sollys and where necessary Richard will operate with you with A2 from Grace's.  If this coincides with switching to Eddie please ensure that Eddie has our numbers (both bleep and phone) at Sollys, and the bleep at Grace's.

2.. We are preparing a report for Robin.  It may well be that we may have to send it to you during the coming period via TC because it will contain a number of items which require that Robin's outfit decides on them and the necessary action to be taken e.g. attendance at Congress, etc.

3.. Re possibilities of courier – do ensure that Gemma is forewarned in time so that she could if she has the chance prepare a disk for Adam.  In the meantime do advise how her op on 13th Dec went.  Is Gemma back at Oscar's?  etc.  Greetings.


Sent Tues 27th Dec 1988


Patrick :

1.. Manah :  Neither "out of sight out of mind" nor crisis management.  Our friends have given continuous reassurances but don't deliver.  This even after Robin's trip to their country.

2.. Silencers:  as above.

3.. Patrick will meet Abdul on 29.12.88 and will try to get actual ums and a disc which has a brief given to X for GM.  X took notes only.  Therefore please get brief to GM.

4.. Sacos:  movement proposes meet for after Sacos March 89 conference.

5.. DM has been met.  What follows is line taken by us.  Please make DM copy of line which he's to take to GM.  For DM to take to GM:

i.. Swiss project:  thanks for your observations.  There've been no developments to date since this matter last raised by other side.  Given their chronic unreliability we'll need to proceed with extreme circumspection.  Already their handling of their own initiative has given doubts about their seriousness.

ii.. Internal structures:  we're pleased to note that you've now made start in this vital and crucial area of work, we're happy with core structure, place of youth, women and Mabuto/volunteer corps in structure.  We wish however to make following comments and proposals:

(a). Re Natal:  regional structure has begun to take shape.  It's result of a pilot project we have been working on over a period of time.  The structure had been developed in light of heavy enemy infiltration of our movement inside and outside country and special attention is paid to strictest observance of conspiracy rules.  Structure is linked directly to NEC through Ndima and work is proceeding remarkably well.  We'd therefore propose that for time being Natal region remains directly under NEC, while mechanisms are worked out for necessary co-ordination at national level leading to more fully integrated core structure.

Sent Tues 27th Dec 1988


(b). What we've said about Natal is true to a lesser degree on Jhb area and WC where, using experience of Natal, pilot projects have been set in motion.

(c). The co-ordination referred to, especially as between NEC and national level will be greatly facilitated by establishment of an efficient, reliable and reasonable regular system of comms, such as have now been between NEC and projects we have referred to.  Re this we propose that D (jnr) serve as a channel between you and us until a better means of comms has been developed – which we are now working on.

(d). What above would seem to indicate is that while national level concentrates on building EC and Border areas, in Jhb and WC it should proceed in a manner that minimizes crossing of wires, and might even consider EC and Border areas as possible models for pilot projects for rest of country.  The experiences drawn from combined sets of projects could prove invaluable.

(e). We note that meeting is to be held at which you intend to discuss and approve composition of regional structures.  We think this raises an important security consideration.  We understand that all comrades who were present at your first indaba are well-known activists who are very likely under regular enemy surveillance.  This is made easier by fact that they are not living underground.  The possibility of one or more of them being interrogated is considerable.  If each has knowledge of whole core leadership in every region we are risking a major national break-through by enemy.  We do not think full meeting should go beyond discussing and agreeing set of guidelines to be followed by each member in identifying the best qualified people for manning regional structure.

One more to come.

Sent Tues 27th Dec 1988


(f). We feel therefore that you consider approach with maximum chance of preventing all-round enemy break-through if one member of national collective taken in.  It is our opinion that, apart from the person who is charged with task of initiation, setting up of a particular regional structure, you should be only one who discusses with such person the names  selected and who should therefore have knowledge of composition of the regional structure and mandate to authorize it.  We are sure that all other members of national level will accept reasons for such an approach.

(g). National collective should of course meet from time to time to exchange experiences, consult on developments (both political and organizational) and discuss general modalities of whole project including question of growth.  But, even though it may occasionally limit discussions, full identity of regional structure and units which they create should be restricted to a maximum degree possible.

(h). Since, for time being D (jnr) will be our main channel of communication with you, could opportunities be created for you to meet him, from time to time, completely alone(!)?  We intend to use D (jnr) channel as one way of sending messages which are only for your ears.

(i). We are proceeding to act in regard to financial requirements.

(j). We shall communicate further in regard to other matters raised in your very useful communication.  Arrangements will be made to meet Mfundisi in March.


Think we wait for John instead sending courier on 13th as John goes week later.

Videos with Oscar.

Waiting for news of Gemma.  She's F5-ed your TK.



Sent Wed 28th Dec 1988

To Ivan from Robin

Ken is away, his partner has no knowledge about disks hence DHL arrangement will not work.  Part 5 of program is also being put on disk.  If you need it please send Ken instructions when he returns 1st Jan.  I have left your disk A (UMS) for him with your note.  Please be at Z's number tomorrow (29th) at 11.30 a.m. Lusaka time.  Ends.

Sent Wed/Thurs 28th/29th Dec 1988

In two parts by Eddie

1.. We saw DM and received full report on his initiatives.  By now you should have received Reggie's message to Zizi which speaks for itself.  The approach which characterized the first national get-together was clearly a recipe for another Rivonia disaster.  I hope you consider our message adequate to cover both the latter point and protection for the structures you are busy with at Grace's.

2.. Discussion document on the "Path to Power" is now ready and should reach you soon on disk.  After discussion at unit and district level it will be a guide to the draft of the final chapter of the program.  Your comments will be needed by the 10th Feb.

3.. We hope you are tackling the question of representation at our congress from both Grace and Solly.  We are of course aware of security problems.  But we are swayed by the fact that if we were all inside we would have to organize congress with nationwide representation.  But we would take whatever measures that are practical to protect exact identity etc.  We welcome any special ideas from you.  It would also be gret to receive a message for our 7th congress from Zizi and any other Robben Islanders who are acknowledged family members.

4.. Masha's money.  I have checked the question with JZ who informs me as follows;  his outfit cannot be expected to meet the costs of travel plus payment of travel documents.  They therefore deducted their outlay on these two items.  It's not worth  pursuing the matter.  We hope the balance did reach Masha.

5.. From your reports as well as discussion with Abdul etc it seems that predictably you are doing splendid work in the growing family structures.  We hope the amount forwarded (10,000 pounds) will cover the special immediate needs you mentioned.  Please don't hesitate to ask for further needs.

6.. Yes we are all very concerned about info on Africa Conf.  Our security section has been charged with the task of going into the question, and in the first place, establishing into, in our ranks would have known of the various items set out.  Speculations on your part, (even if addressed only to me) would be appreciated.

7.. I broached with RK the proposal concerning him.  He is genuinely over the moon about the idea.  Reggie and I are consulting further on this.  I believe we should move even though Jan is a little ambitious.

8.. Ivan has, I hope, explained the Rory incident you complain about.  In general, by the way, your legend continues to hold at this end.  All kinds of friends and colleagues (including RK etc) ask continually of you and express concern about your condition.  Our fat friend in SU is a marvelous operator and a consummate liar.

9.. Really looking forward to UMS and AC articles.  Next Ums deadline is 3rd week of Jan.

10.. By the way the SACOS meeting according to Reggie would be more convenient after the congress in March.

11.. Any further info on Bookshop project.

12.. Engineering notes and maps.  I am working on your requests.



Received Thurs 29th Dec 1988

1.. Please post Umseb and ACs regularly to following addresses, starting with current issue Umseb.  Whenever something is sent advise us so that we can intercept: a.  Dr R Jogessar; b. Dr MR Govender; and Dr D Nagiah, all three c/o Doctors' Quarters, RK Khan's Hospital, Chatsworth, Durban.

2.. Adam should be at Solly's by Sat 31st for approximately week and will be in touch from there.

3.. Thanks to Robin for his messages of 28th.  Shall reply at length soon including reporting re current state of Robin's outfits at Grace's and Solly's, comments from units and the Coordinating Committees on Draft, Constitution as well as proposals re attendance at Congress.

4.. Have prepared Reggie's message to GM – waiting for DM to pass through him.

5.. Please pass all love and new year greetings to Gemma and kids from Adam.  Ditto to all you guys and especially those who have been slogging away at our comms.  So far it's been a marvelous effort.  Adam's data program is down to 45, which means from this end we have sent at least 60 messages leaving aside TV and disks and everything has worked smoothly, thanks to comrade manning comms.  We think R and R are entitled to a toast on New Year's Day for we shall be commencing our 6th month inside then.  Love also to Patrick, Enrico et al.


Received Sat 31st Dec 1988

1.. For Robin:  Have an article for Umseb. re Inkatha.  On reading it I find it too long and diffuse.  If I can find the time I shall work on it (it is written by a comrade from Pietermaritzburg) before sending it.

2.. For Oscar:  We are sending herewith a report on one of the chiefs in Pietermaritzburg.  The report will probably be broken into 6-7 parts to facilitate transmission.  Eddie, please acknowledge to Adam's bleep at Solly's.  Is it OK if we send it in successive transmissions without waiting for each transmission to be acknowledged step by step?  Instead you can acknowledge all at one time.

3.. Here follows the report numbered in parts:  PART ONE:  The following is a summary of an informal discussion held between Chief Mhlabunzima Maphumulu and certain members of UDF and Cosatu held in Pietermaritzburg on 23.11.88.

The discussion was informal and not to be publicized.

Re his refusal to attend Gatsha's disciplinary enquiry:  Chief Maphumulu had clearly defied GB by refusing to attend the enquiry.  He seems to be relying on legal action to protect his chieftainship.  Although his defiance against GB has won him many admirers among the Chiefs he seems to be fighting this battle alone.  He does not seem to have a clear strategy. He is however determined to fight GB.


Received Sat 31st Dec 1988

Part 3:

Re divisions within Inkatha:

(a). He says that Dhlomo has no chance of succeeding/ousting GB.  Dhlomo although intelligent and learned does not feature in Zulu politics (has no status and respect in the KLA).  He says Dhlomo does not support the warlords but does not hae any backbone to stand up to GB.

(b). Mdlalose : stupid!

(c). Madide :  intelligent but a drunkard.  He supports Dhlomo like Ben Jele (Imbali) but is afraid to stand up to GB.

The warlords :  Nsiaayezwa Zondi and Shayabantu Zondi (Pietermaritzburg) are pressuring GB to kill Mapumulu.  According to him they tend to act independently but they are supported by GB as are Gerome Mncwabe, Tulani Ngcobo and Aweta (Imbali).  Shabalala he says is a cheeky warlord who supports GB but is not loyal.  W. Sabello is GB's favourite warlord.

Re: rebellious chiefs e.g. Chief Makanya (KwaMakuta) and the chief of KwaNdengezi.  Mapumulu says that most of the new chiefs are relatively young and more enlightened.  They are not loyal to GB.  M believes that his defiance of GB will encourage other chiefs to stand up to GB.  What is needed is for the chiefs to be organized.  He is willing to assist in this process.  He knows and understands the chiefs well and has good relationships with many of them.  He will provide us with a full list of all the chiefs and a brief assessment of each.

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