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This resource is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but was compiled and authored by Padraig O’Malley. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.



Sent Sunday 2nd July 1989

From Bea to Cindy:

Het is alweer Sinterklaas!  Hoop vanavond tijd te hebben het allemaal te bekijken en lezen etc.  Bedankt allemaal.  Plse vertel m'n lange vriend dat de afspraak voor 11 juli in het hotel om 14.00 uur prima is.  Als het hem niet lukt check ik op de andere tijd en de volgende dag.  Moet lukken!  Tot gauw en veel liefs.

Leo to Cindy:

Marianne II:  They have to book into a hotel, but from Europe.  Inform us which hotel.  Propose to meet at neutral meeting point, not their hotel.  We'll inform you of arrangements later.

Regarding investigation I asked you to make: will you bring feedback with you?

Charles to Cindy:

I told Leo about Willi.  I told him about the postcards and said that we are hoping he will make bags etc.  Here is Leo's response:  "We want 6 bags.  Two should be men's handbags (approx 20 x 15 cm) with compartments.  One a hand luggage bag (approx 60 x 40 cm) with compartments.  One a hand luggage bag (approx 50 x 30cm) with compartments. And two lady's handbags with compartments.  Obviously we want the compartments as big as possible, they're for documents and money etc.  As soon as you have the postcards, please send us six samples".  Leo is a fast worker!

Re Salvado:  We will pay for them to come over one day this week – either Wednesday or Thursday.  I will need a few hours with you to show you how it works.  I want toleave the same day.  Which day is best?  I can also delay it if that's better.

Liefs en niet roken!

Received Sunday 2nd July 1989

From Cindy to Leo:

1.. Good news.  Found new Paul, will be available from January for at least two years.  Will give details when I come.

2.. Not yet person for September.

Cindy to Bea:  Give arrival time and flight number John before Saturday 8th, then I leave for a week holiday.

Cindy to Charles:

1.. Have things Sally.

2.. Please let me know how much money you put on Dutch account.  Please phone me after you receive this and just mention figure, I need to know immediately.

Thanks and love Cindy.


Received Thursday 6th July 1989

Cindy to Mary:

Everything is arranged for John.   He will be met at airport by man called Willie, he is my new assistant.  Twt days later I'm back. Don't worry.  But please give me the arrival time and flight number, it is urgent now.  It takes so much energy to ask three times and it will spoil my holiday when I have to phone from there just to get this simple information.

2.. When I arrive I will have visa, but I won't enter because I fly same day at 16.50 to Harare, as I was asked to do.  Let me know what situation is on this.

3.. Travel scheme of Marianne II:  Aug. 4th Amsterdam-Johannesburg-Harare arrival: August 5th 12.45.  Harare-Johannesburg arrival: Aug 8th 10.30.  Departure Johannesburg-Amsterdam Aug 19th. Will inform you about hotel soon.

Bye Cindy.


Received Sunday 16th July 1989

Cindy to Leo

1.. John arrived safely.

2.. Still busy for replacement playboy.

3.. I had talk with Dr Theo Braken, asked him for assistance in medical field.  He is prepared to do that.  Other things are difficult. Treat him carefully.  Nice guy.  Person who is going to talk with him must say that he/she comes for follow up Amsterdam talk.

4.. Meeting with Marianne II will be on August 6th.  I will bring details.  Or you want them earlier?

5.. Please think about area for Paul II.  I will bring all info.  He can leave next January.  It might be good when he goes on holiday over there end of October.

Love Cindy.

Cindy to Charles

I met Margreth.  He will arrange trip to London with you.  Will be in August.  I arrange other trip with him.  Please don't forget I'm leaving on 27th.  Before that we must arrange everything for the time I'm away.

Bye and love  Cindy.

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