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Received Tues 1st Nov 1988


1.. 262535 no longer functional.  Presently only number we have is Gemma's.  Will inform you of new developments.

2.. Video's have not arrived.

3.. Specification of radio/cassette:  should have FM and SW at least.

4.. PP:  sending one passport.  But it will first go to Cindy for another purpose.  She will then forward it to you.  Please coordinate with her.

5.. Sending letters via Bing.  He will arrive 3/11/99.  Check with Ismael.

6.. Neither Enrico nor Patrick (Ivan) will be here from Thursday to Monday, 6/11/88.   Thereafter Enrico away for two weeks.  Patrick will TRY to keep the lines open.


Sending you a passport with Bing, please make the following:

1.. Zambian entry and exit with rotating date stamp, refer page 16 and 19.

2.. Zimbabwe entry and exit, with stamp as above, refer pages, 10 and 15.

3.. Zimbabwe visa stamp, including High Commissioner stamp with date stamps as previous.  Refer page 14.

4.. Dutch entry and exit stamps.  We have samples but passports now in use.

Regards Patrick.


1.. Lorenzo does not know of arrangement you made re Minah.  He is now checking!

2.. On equipment he promises that is coming soon.

3.. Raised need for accommodation with Lorenzo and has a flat available – 2 bedrooms near town centre.  Rent $400 per month.  What is your opinion?

4.. Gemma healing well.  Walking….(rest of message garbled)

Received Tues 1st Nov 1988

First, thanks for guide re printer.

Two, since Reg is at Oscar, am preparing to send a courier with a disk (encoded per KC with book you share with Oscar).  Urgent Oscar clear Ms Saloshna Moodley, passport number 248546 who presently scheduled to arrive in Lusaka on flight from Harare on Thursday 3rd November.  She is an attorney and Oscar should work out her legend for visiting Lusaka on basis that she is an attorney.  Present plans are for her to return on Friday's flight but Oscar can delay her return if needs be e.g. to give her replying disk.  Advise Reg that inter alia gives report re Madiba release preparations etc. and recommends he prepare a personal briefing from himself for Madiba.  If Reg will not be in Lusaka and you advise me timeously (by tomorrow lunch via even bleep message) then we could cancel courier.

3.. On Sunday, made 3 efforts to pick up your message – each time signals totally obliterated by what sounded like deliberate jamming.  Each effort made at different venue.  However via fourth venue successfully picked message up.  Still mulling over what was going on and what it may mean.

4.. Need SACP guidelines re recruitment and probation, also membership guidelines.

5.. Need u.v. torches and more container books please.

Last, any further news re Gemma.

Sent Tues 1st Nov 1988

Received message from Adam minute after yours:  Adam preparing TK disk to send with courier – Mrs Saloshna Moodley, passport number 249540.  Urgent please clear her.  She is presently scheduled to arrive at Oscar's on flight from Howard's on Thurs 3rd Nov.  She is attorney and Oscar should work out her legend for visiting on this basis.  Present plans are for her to return Friday's flight (4th) but you can delay return if you need to give her replying disk.  Advise Reg that inter alia disk contains report re Madiba release preparations etc and recommends he prepare personal briefing from himself for Madiba.  Do you have "Chaka" book by Thomas Mofolo sent to Gemma for deciphering TK disks?  I'm going to Cindy's on Thurs but can give copy of Mofolo to Robin who returns Monday.  If Reg not going to be at Oscar's then Adam will cancel courier and send disk with John (who returns 12th but getting disk to Oscar's will delay further).  Robin also bringing printer and phone.  Can you repeat details of Gemma for Ben as ending of your message contained bad date.  Over.


Page 575, Reference 1:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1988/ [] November 1 should read:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1988/ [] November 17


Received Tues 8th Nov 1988

Hi Ken, please receive the details of the person in whose account the 15,000 (fifteen thousand pounds) should be transferred.  National Westminster Bank, Marble Arch, 26 Edgware Road Branch, Mr A.I. Beeharie.  The number on the slip provided is "£100001"£ 50££3032£: 02282933££ 84.  I think the actual number is the last batch, i.e. 02282933, but there is no harm in giving the bank the whole series.  NB.  The money should be deposited in cash.  I will inform you tomorrow through TV to go ahead immediately with the transfer.  When that happens he will have transferred our money to a third party who will keep it until Beeharie is informed by his bank that the money is safely deposited in his account.  Page me as soon as you have made deposit.  Finito, Richard.


Received Wed 9th Nov 1988

Ken:  I tried getting your message last night after you had said I should phone Roger Miller.  All I could hear was garbage.  Today as well.  This is the second time this has happened.  Happened with Adam once.  Perhaps someone is deliberately interfering and spoiling your music.  I confirm the account numbers as given.  Will contact you tomorrow through TV for the go-ahead to transfer all the money.  Finito.


Received Sat 12th Nov 1988

Firstly, have glanced at letter sent via John.  Many thanks.  Only had glance as snowed under with work.  Have delayed departure for Graces because of that getting TS working.  Seems that has been sorted out as of tonight but can't send you anything as modem is stored far away.  Shall get up early to get it and hopefully send you this before I get down to tomorrow appointments which are spread throughout the day.  But will try to send this because if you have reply containing matters that I have to attend to while here I need to know as I plan to leave Solly's for G within 2 days.

2.. Have not had time to follow and test TK(?) so it shall have to wait for moment.

3.. Advise if Gemma is back and condition, etc

4.. Have you seen Chalker's plea of ignorance re UK company's  topping up salaries of those serving in army.  She was defensive and indicated she would oppose it if that is true.  Seems AAM etc should take it up: combine exposure of nature of SADF, atrocities, role in townships plus expose UK companies topping up practices.  Beside EEC parliamentarian who raised matter, FRG TV (ARD) carried exposure of German companies in this regard.  Could be important mobilizing issue.

5.. At Solly's you can now bleep me at (011) 393-1020, code 4455 (subscriber: Clifford Woods).  Same rules as at Graces.  Bye for now.


Received Sun 13th Nov 1988


1.. During week of 21st Frank Chikane will be in Harare with churches.  Reg/Robin should ensure that this opportunity is taken to get a feel of the situation here, especially re potentialities of masses around release of Madiba and company and to exchange views re strategic directions we should move in around this issue.  Further Cyril R will be in FRG around same period and I feel it similarly imperative that similar discussion takes place with him.  This is because as we have grappled with Madiba's reception I have begun to feel very strongly that despite the state of the mass organizations, the masses are going to take to the streets and we have a real possibility to bring the country to a standstill.  What is important is that we read correctly the spontaneous potential that is present and determine whether and in which directions we push now.  In this regard I have a problem.  Besides the disk I sent with John, I am taking the release issue beyond the question of proper reception.  But Ken states that no one in Oscar can access disk based on KC and that the code book can't be traced.  It is easiest for me to send courier (if Lusaka clears person) to Lusaka and cheaper.  But I could find courier to go to London and then hope material will reach Lusaka rapidly.  Please advise which arrangement should I go for.

Received Sun 13th Nov 1988


The weakness here re preparations re reception is that there has been movement (explicit) collective strategizing in all round way for the immediate and coming period.  Have initiated such discussion with FD, DR, Valli, Syd Muf and a few others at Solly's and hope to take process a stage further at Grace's with Masha and co. when I get back tomorrow.  The past week gave an awe inspiring glimpse when rumours went around that they were being released that day.  In Cape Town three to five thousand people gathered at the University of the Western Cape at what was supposed to be an activists meeting to decide on steps for their reception; thousands of kids left schools; in Kroonstad youth spontaneously marched the streets; in Diepkloof Prison where most detainees are kept, the detainees defied the warders and began talking of taking over the prison.  None of this was organized.  Joburg began to buzz and the atmosphere was electric.   Here I am just giving a small and quick glimpse, impressionistic, in order to emphasize that the issue needs boldness, careful look at the mood of the people throughout the country.  State of enemy (whose level of security preparations etc now suggests to me that the release will not be on 15th as predicted etc and which if correct means that we have a bit of space to move in right strategic direction and make active preparations along it).  Frankly, I do not know how you at HQ are thinking about the situation.  Am convinced that with correct thrust we can revitalize the leadership on the ground and make a massive surge forward more.

Received Sun 13th Nov 1988

The only way we can make this type of exchange of views is via disk so as to ensure we are on all sides on a common wave length.  But we have to forthwith unblock the communications blockage at Oscar's end.  May be for the moment the best would be for me to send couriers with disks to London where prints are made and sent by camouflage.  Will that work, given costs and create courier service between London and Oscar?  Await advice but repeat my reading says that we have to hurry and use what little time we have properly.

2.. From budget projection made in disk sent via John and advice that Ken has some funds for dispatch, I hope Ken can be provided with as much as possible to enable to effect immediate transfers to us here.

3.. For Robin:  Have agreed to provide R30,000 to CC at Solly's so that they can immediately get their propaganda production side together equipment wise.  In disk sent via John I budgeted for R20,000 for them so I suggest Party doubles this to R40,000 so as to cover the above R30,000, the balance being working expenses for CC, rents, paper, etc.

Warmest greetings for now and love to Gemma.

From Ken:

1.. Please make effort to find TK book ("Chaka" by Thomas Mofolo) so you can undo Adam's disks.  TK very similar to TC but simpler.  Full instructions have been sent.  If can't find book ask Gemma where it is but don't mention title over phone.  Else I can send it to you again.  Advise.  Lynn Danzig now in Lusaka.  She's been trained in TC and TK. Ask her to teach TK and help with any other computing problems.

2.. Please send report on Gemma.  Adam getting desperate for news.  Either send report to me via TC or TK.  Get Gemma to write letter which you can send to me for enciphering with TK or you can use TK yourself using book Adam sent specially for purpose of communicating with Gemma.

3.. Please send soon documents Adam has been asking for.

4.. Sending five TP kits this week.  Five more and one-time pads to follow.  Also sending extra ink cartridge for printer.  Is printer OK?

5.. Why does 262535 no longer work?  Gemma's line unsatisfactory as people pick up phone and this can cause AM to go haywire.  You MUST get comms sorted out soon.

6.. Going to John's tomorrow (Mon) to fetch Adam's disk.  Be ready to receive many messages from me.  ALL.


Received Thurs 17th Nov 1988


Re NM's release:  Thank you for comments.  We outline below the WC's approach which was conveyed orally per lawyer Vassen.  In addition we have received a memo from Ayob which we presume has been submitted to the reception committee.

1.. In addressing the issue of the possible release, need to look into the general significance and broad implications.  Some of these are:

1.1. The political impact on the masses is to be much heavier than after GM's release.  Certainly to give ANC open platform to state its policies and mobilize on an unprecedented scale.

1.2. Yet need to address the strategies and plans being pursued by the regime and its allies:

Ø. regime clearly has plans to minimize and contain the effect of NM's release;

Ø. this could include relative freedom at the beginning and a hemming in with time as was the case with GM

Ø. the more strategic question in this regard is the intention as was stated e.g. in the Citizen – to offer him some political role as defined by the regime.  Thus the regime could start a process of some negotiation, more as a protracted and fruitless exercise than with the aim of resolving SA's problems.

Ø. We should also take into account the message communicated to us from the regime – some time ago – seeking our assistance for a formula for NM's release without jeopardizing the regime's own position.

Ø. Further, need to take into account the fact that Thatcher has offered to visit South Africa if NM is/would be released.  Related to this is the attempt on the part of the British government to play referee in South Africa, on the basis  of constitutional formula drawn up by them.

Ø. The general approach of the regime and its allies would therefore be to be seen to portray themselves as having created conditions for a negotiation process, and demand of NM what they would define as responsible leadership.

Ø. We should also consider the state of unity/disunity within the Frontline States at this juncture.  Therefore our approach should have the aim of neutralizing any attempts to use this occasion to derail the struggle, and ensuring that NM's release advances the popular offensive on all fronts.

1.3. In order to render NM ineffective, the regime might simply put conditions for his release, including restrictions to some magisterial district, listing, no right to attend mass meetings, etc.  The question then is how should he and the MDM respond to these and other factors mentioned above:

2.. The fundamental question is that NM should talk on behalf of the movement and not compromise on this issue.  All his speeches and discussions with other forces should aim at projecting the movement and setting out a clear program of action for the mass of the people, the MDM and for as wide a spectrum of the anti-apartheid forces as possible.  This would include such issues as attitude to government structures in the context of the recent LA elections, negotiations, and international issues such as sanctions.  In this respect, unanimity of views between him and the movement as a whole is of crucial importance.  In this regard, the approach to be taken if and when NM has to defy any restrictions on him, should be worked out jointly with the MDM and have clear perspectives.

3.. Taking all the above into account, the program for his release should have a clear step by step approach to include the following:

3.1. There should be a tremendous nationwide welcome in all areas of the country.  This should be accompanied by clear slogans such as "Welcome back, peoples leader!  Freedom now!  Forward to peoples power!"  The MDM/reception committee should start now preparing propaganda along these lines.

3.2. A press conference to be organized where he states his/ANC positions.  Also thanks the people and the international community for securing his release.

3.3. Meetings with representatives of the MDM and also those of the anti-apartheid coalition.

3.4. Address rallies in major areas of the country; all provinces.

3.5. At this juncture, he should press for consultations with his colleagues in the ANC (hq).  Thus ensure that focus also moves to movement in its totality and the collective leadership.  Here two considerations need to be noted:

Ø. This is to be a trip to HQ to meet the leadership of the movement and if possible Frontline States leaders and not an international tour.  After such consultations he would go back into the country.  The international tour to be organized later.

Ø. The MDM and the people should assets his right to leave the country and return without any restrictions.  Also the international community should be mobilized.  NB.  The theme in the meetings and rallies referred to above should include release of all political prisoners and detainees, lifting of the SOE, unbanning of organizations, etc.

4.. The scope of NM's mobilizational capacity is relatively unlimited.  Many forces would want to be associated with him, including Gatsha(?) and blacks serving in the SADF and the SAP.  On the one hand, the fact that arises is to ensure that his message reaches these forces, in the sense that there should be clear messages in all of them.  On the other hand, arises the question how broad should his embrace be?  We recommend that consultations with forces broader than the anti-apartheid coalition should start after NM's meeting with the NEC (HQ) collective.  In the intervening period, the shaking of hands and other pleasantries cannot be strictly prohibited.  In the event that he has to meet GB before consultation with HQ, he would have to be given thorough briefing by the ….??? and the movement.

Reggie's Comment:  Having given him a thorough briefing, we should leave him to handle matter as he deems fit, for this is a matter on which he feels very strongly – he believes that it is wrong not to meet GB.

5.. Role of MK:

5.1. The liberation forces seek to achieve maximum unity and organization of the people and to ensure that they are mobilized  and purposely activated more than ever before.  The release therefore is not a substitute to struggle but a result of and a catalyst to action.

5.2. In the build up to and after the release, actions of MK should create the necessary atmosphere for action, and serve as a welcome for the first commander of the people's army.  These MK actions should be strictly in keeping with our policy and be accompanied by our propaganda.  None of these actions should be targeted near NM.

5.3. Generally, the movement should start to prepare propaganda which would be issued in its name.    More in fourth section

To Adam:

Fourth Section:

6.. The National Reception Committee should be a road one, in line with the anti- apartheid coalition, viz:

Ø. the MDM including Cosatu: regionally and according to sectors (youth, women, civics, etc).  Here we should also consider representation of the various (racial) communities.]

Ø. the religious community – all possible.

Ø. Sports and culture

Ø. Black business

Ø. White anti-apartheid organizations

Ø. Azacco, Nactu, etc

Ø. NB the MDM should work out the actual numerical representation, names, etc on the basis of consultations (broad).

6.2. The Crisis Committee as it presently exists should be constituted into a secretariat which will be responsible for day to day affairs of the reception committee.  The individuals therein should be as stated above.  However, the following also needs consideration:

Ø. The whole secretariat would undertake the task of briefing NM;

Ø. Two political aides should be attached to him – Sidney and Murphy.

Ø. Security sub-committee should be composed of cadres of MK now released from prison – preferably those trained for this task.  Names such as Stanley Nkosi and Ncobo come to mind, but need further consultations.

Ø. Legal advisers: Ayob and Pius Langa.

Ø. Medical aide: Mji.

6.3. The Reception Committee, both national and regional, should be consolidated into active structures which would help in the revival of mass democratic organizations, and in the drive to sustain mass enthusiasm generated by NM's release.

Conclusion:  The reception group should understand that the above outline was prepared with a view to discussions with representatives of the committee of nine, who did not arrive.  The committee is not bound by our opinions, although we hope they will find our proposals useful.   END

Sent Thurs 17th Nov 1988

Received all four your messages re NM perfectly.  Sending you urgently the disks from Adam via John with TK messages.  One is for Gemma which you'll have to decipher using special book Adam sent for her; other is report which uses Mafolo to decipher.  Report is very long and consists of six parts.  You will have to print them out.  If you have problems with TK and printer please consult Lynn Danzig.  Report is very urgent and contains budget for next six months.  Difficulty finding someone flying just now but if you know anything let us know.  Make arrangements to receive and decipher disks promptly. Also sending few presents sent by Adam for Gemma, kids and aunt.

Make sure AM always on.  Tried to send this Tuesday but AM off.  ALL FOR NOW


Sent Sat 19th Nov 1988

Cindy to Paul:

"It turned out that I have nothing of my friend in Lennies old place.  I'm sorry you have to get it from him.  Love Cindy."

Ken to Paul:

You should pick up from OTG Sat or Sun box with TP kits and printer ink head; parcel of presents for Gemma, kids and aunt; envelope with two TK disks (one labeled 'Oscar' use Mofolo; one labeled 'Gemma' use special book); envelope with negatives from Ben; envelope with new TC Program Disk.  New TC program does not give error message "Signal corrupted or volume incorrect" when it encounters bad data but just rides over it.  Hopefully error-checker will cope.  If too many errors on deciphering, press ESCape and then reload message from AM until best results obtained.  Have not tested new TC program on LT so keep old one as standby.  Please decipher TK disks immediately and, I repeat, if you have any problems with TK or printer contact Lynn Danzig.

Please send report on Gemma for Ben.  Think we should find new name for Gemma as it's been used too much (how about Jimmy or Karen?).

Please send documents that Ben wants so I can get them typed onto disk for deciphering to send to him.

Please make sure your AM is left on at all times.  Several times I've tried to send messages but it has not been on.  Very unsatisfactory at Gemma's.  Is it not possible to relocate AM?  CLOSED


Sent Mon 21st Nov 1988

Ken received your letter of 14th and MK Elementary Explosives handbook.  Is book what Adam's been asking for?

1.. Please inform when/if you've successfully deciphered Adam's and Gemma's TK disks.

2.. Adam explains refusal of funds on disk but I repeat here.  Ken deposited money in London bank account.  Person in South Africa will give Adam rands – more than would have been obtained if Sterling exchanged there.

3.. Lynn:  I informed her not to pass on knowledge to IPC but think you should also inform her not to.  Only taught her because JS said I should.  Not sure it was good idea.  She has copy of TK to encrypt own files but not other programs.  Doubt she has ability to recreate system as has no electronics knowledge.  However she can tell what we're doing.  Lennie coming here on 5th Dec.

4.. Eddie 'trained' in TC and has TV codes etc but has had no 'hands on' experience.  Giving it to him.

5.. Sending your tape/radio this week.

6.. Any decision yet on long-range radio TC?  Also, any demands re short-range radios for Oscar?

7.. Have informed Adam re Gemma.

8.. Somehow people know I've been to see York couple.  They think I'm recruiting on my own.  Not sure I should use them now.  In fact I'm receiving lot of flak after Hunter allegations.  People think I'm doing my own thing and have established personal links with HQ outside normal structures.  Can't defend myself because if I do I start saying things.  Someone needs to inform people here that what I'm doing is legitimate.  FINISH

Sent Mon 21 Nov 1988

1.. Thanks for briefing re NM.  So far no one seems to have heard of your views sent via Vassen, and we feel it is urgent that your views form basis for MDM discussions and planning.  Via courier we've sent memo to SM to Sollys to share with FC, CR, Smangi etc, and introducing it at Graces.

2.. Keep waiting for your response re readiness and dates when we could collect goods at Rahims.  Urge you to keep eye on enemy's planning – two days ago they started warning that movement has plans to escalate in Dec so we can expect border to tighten again.

3.. Please ensure Ken has more funds to deposit for transfer to us asap.

4.. For Robin:  Per budget and subsequent advice I sent from Sollys re CC at Sollys and CC at Graces can you urgently arrange for funds to be with Ken so that we can arrange transfer?  Expecting to launch revamped CC at Graces this week – will loan from overall funds so it can get working.

5.. Many responses awaited from you e.g. query raised ages ago re funds which were sent to Masha etc.  Cheers Adam.

Ken to Paul:


Print TK documents from within editor (F7) not F8. Press Shift + Prt Sc keys together and then keep pressing ENTER till it prints out.  If continuous paper in printer correctly page breaks should come where perforations are.



Received Thurs 24th Nov 1988

From Paul to Ken

All well with TK.  Please send continuous fan fold paper.  Cannot find here.  Latest Umsebenzi is available.  Please put on disk for Adam.  Check with IDAF (find a way) as to progress re application for assistance on behalf of Linus Dlamini and Cleophas Nzimela, ex Robben Island.

From Paul to Adam

1.. Your disc decoded and being discussed by Reg and Robin.  Response early next week.

2.. Rahim's appointment:  Can make delivery to your person of what is there.  Dates: December 3, 4 and 5.  Times at 11.00 and 16.00.  Meeting place: Nomathatha Shopping Centre, which is on the road from the Gaberone Sun to Broadhurst.  Your person to park in front of the shops, buy can of Coke and sip standing at the door of the driver's side.  Enrico will initiate.  Will ask whether he/she knows Siva.  After affirmative, will introduce himself as Charles.  Your person to use the name James/Jenny.

3.. Gemma will be in Harare until late December.  Children and aunt have now joined her. All injuries almost healed except for left arm.  Still in pain.  Very limited movement presently.  Reggie and Robin will see her this weekend.

4.. On meeting with Rory:  Met Rory because no details re JCC.  Did press him as Centre should know and he knows that I am from Centre.  In the course of discussion he revealed that somebody had met the JCC – that sounded to be you.  That is how you came into the discussion.  I did not press him on details re you.

5.. Cadres that may be useful to Grace:  Elvis Govender (Willie), member of Party.  Geno Govender (Mike), organizer for SAWU.  Was in unit with (Timothy).  T was in the Navy.

6.. For Masha:  Robin reminds him that his article for 30th anniversary of AC is needed soon.  Further R requests feedback on his linking with Zizi which he agreed to undertake.

7.. Need also progress re District at Graces.

Love Paul.

Sent Thurs 24th Nov 1988

From Ben:

1.. Syd M left for Harare today to attend ILO meeting arranged by Sactu with +15 others from Cosatu; Frank C left few days ago for Harare to attend WCC meeting.  Hoped they would stay there till 1-2 Dec when Cosatu-UDF-ANC meeting should take place.  Smangi left for FRG on 8 day passport.  Hope our side will ensure meeting takes place and use opportunity to discuss plans re advance at mass level and Madiba issue.  Syd could give Reg/Robin useful briefing re how we are beginning to see developments etc.

2.. Don't need 'Smart Alec Kill'.  We need engineering and sabotage notes giving formulas etc for calculating charges for different types of structures and materials.  Suggest Jabu be asked to put together these notes urgently.  Many in West return with notes made during training.

3.. Did I send our request that you prepare Myna for infiltration?  If not, please attend.

4.. Many thanks re new Gemma.  Please keep me informed and send her my love

5.. From Ken:  Ben asks when more funds will be available for deposit in London and how much.

6.. When typing TC messages don't use Enter Key for new line; don't use Tab; don't try to format and style message.  TC strips off and adds spaces.  Your messages unnecessarily lengthened with many spaces.

7.. Received yours 24th perfectly. ZZZ


Sent Sat 26th Nov 1988

Dear Oscar:  I heard from Richard this morning via TV.   His words are: "Re Rahims.  We think that the notice was short.  Advise that we postpone it.  Will inform you about other dates."

I have Umsebenzi but Adam will not be going to Solly's this time so I have not taken it to John, who is leaving for Solly's on Monday.

We need seriously to think of alternative to John as both Cindy and I have detected a lessening in keenness to help.  John only motivated by excitement, not politics.  Last few meetings with Ben were boring for John – merely handing over parcel.  John wants something dangerous (i.e. exciting) to do but has become aware of dangers after reading my book.

Please advise us re York couple after finding out many people know of contact.  OMEGA


Recevied Tues 29th Nov 1988

Dear Ken:

1.. On John:  Discuss with Cindy alternative to John.  But we should not give up on John.  What does Cindy feel?  Is there no possibility of developing John whatever her initial motivation.

2.. York couple:  How many know and who are they?  Who are the ones who are pressing you?  I spoke to the couple soon after you had approached.  They informed that somebody else had also spoken to them.  They, however, prefer to work with us.

3.. Input from the timers:  Still waiting for them.  They have completed discussions.  Final response after Robin returns from Harare.

4.. Enrico and I will be away from tomorrow (30th).  Enrico will return to Lusaka on Friday evening (2nd Dec) and I will be back on the 4th.  If you need to speak to us, phone Harare 24860.  Ask for Raphael or Gerry.  Leave message for Tim!

5.. To Cindy:

5.1. Received consignment.  Two TLs, one printer, plus accessories, including manuals.  Also base for wig with dentures in cavity.  I presume that the last mentioned items are for Richard.

5.2. Have received news from Lennie's friend i.e. A.  He will be in Holland on 1/1/89 and will leave there at the end of January.  It seems that we will not be able to meet him here.  You can meet him there when you go back and I will meet him on his return when he will pass through Lusaka.

5.3. Send passport details i.e. eyes, hair, height.  Photo too small.  Send 5 by 3.7cm.  Greetings Patrick.  Ends.

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