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6 April 1990


Carl to Pete

1.. Ready to collect from Boris after Easter weekend.  Suggest specific dates when you will be able to post your men.

1.1. We would prefer your crew to spend a few weeks there so as to enable us to collect over + three weeks.

1.2. In some cases we may want to collect using two separate vehicles whose drivers will not be known to each other.  Tell us whether this will not be a problem for your capacity.

Carl to John

1.. The man with whom I handle the funds transactions here suggest that it will be better if you opened a bank account in some name through which we will then transfer our funds to his banker there instead of taking cash to him as we have done in the past.  Is this possible?  If so let us.  The problem arises especially with sums as large as the recent transactions.  He has accordingly asked me to get in touch with the managers of the Habibson Bank by phone to ask for more clarity of the matter.  They are Mr Hanafi or Mr Khalid.  Phone them at 01-8951100 (zero one eight nine five one one zero zero).  They are expecting your call.  Tell them Mr Sheik in South Africa has said you must get in touch with them.

2.. I hope Theo has sent comm to the effect that you must be ready with another allocation soon.

2.1.. Although we have hardly received the last allocation (still some problems) we have budgeted such that there will be no funds left for this month-end's rents etc.

3.. Please start sending messages to Daniel.  This is Carl's last usage of his discs until further notice.

To John from Dan

1.. Please send Tut credit card.  No need cash back-up.

2.. Remind Pete to organize Ivor ID card.

2.2. Can you arrange credit card for Ivor your end?  Has Vincent sent credit card to Roz?  Could you arrange 500 back-up if he has?

3.. Carl passed disc with your message but I could not read on my machine.  I thought we were going to be able to interchange decoded files?

3.1. I am surprised you altered my prog disc.  The TE is an unnecessary version of TK and ML is in comms section.  Big let down was that ML memo was incorrectly book coded.  Otherwise things going OK and thanks again for your assistance.  Trip went smoothly.

To Ester (Rachel?)

Trust you had a useful trip and received my letter at Fatman's which answers your worry about explaining mishap to folks.  Just ignore that guy's silly allegation.  It certainly does not warrant taking up with Billy or anyone.  So far everything has gone smoothly with me.  Wonderful to be in here and seeing old and new sights including Pasadena.  Be brave and do your bit.


End of it all.



1.. Funds:  By the time the transaction was concluded we had already incurred further debt of R10, 000 from Pits (Mo's Bro) in addition to the R15,000 loan we had made.

1.1. Although the funds we received were more than we had estimated while we were working out the budget, I still think Pits is making a killing from the deals.

1.2. He is giving us 10% and I doubt his claim of the rate having been 4.08 on the day the deposit was made.  Anyway, this is how he worked out the exchange:

36,470 @ 4,08 = R148,797 + 10% (R14,879) = R163,677

1.3. I suggest you also look for other sources at Jessy's with whom we will make business in future.

2.. This is more or less how the money has been/will be spent as per agreement with you:

Received:. R163,677

Loan repayments. R  25,000

For ZoPC. R  40,000

Infrastructure rents, allow, etc. R  12,000

Set aside for vehicle prep and
collection of hardware. R  12,000

Set aside for Umsebenzi. R  10,000

Fuel, communications, etc. R    5,000

Given to Daniel for ops etc. R    7,000

Lara for Andy car, ops & debts. R  40,000

Total expenses. R151,000

Balance. R   12,677

Pits gave us a bonsella of R1,000

3.. I saw D. Mji concerning subject we discussed.  I wanted him to make arrangements for Daniel and I to meet him and Terror.  Unfortunately Terror had just left for the UDF indaba in CT.  DM himself left Sunday for a week to Maputo and so our meeting is scheduled for Monday 16/04.  Imperative that at least Daniel be there otherwise will be compelled to call the meeting off.

4.. It has not been possible to meet the CC.  Tentative agreement for next week when Daniel comes back.

5.. Other disc contains memo from ZoPC to ILC through you.

6.. Collection of hardware at Boris commences weekend 20th April for three consecutive weeks.  PB coming to Johannesburg this week to prepare tanks.  I'll also be on standby for his signal.




To Norman and Kay

1.. Theo met Sipho and Kay for about 2 and a half hours late this afternoon.  Originally the meeting was planned for 4 hours and X was supposed to be present.  But X had forgotten that he had another prior appointment so he couldn't come.  No real discussion took place around the issues that are posed in the "LAUNCH" document that we submitted, nor about the work of the ILC except that we confirmed that during the visit of the delegation, the meeting of the ILC-5 plus as I assume Norman and Kay of the delegation must take place and with enough time for a substantial discussion.  In particular Sipho overruled security problems around such a meeting which would be caused by the presence of Theo which Kay raised.  Theo however indicated that it would be possible to pull off the meeting if the others including those from the delegation make sure that they set aside time (to some extent this will be dependent on conditions put by the regime as well as commitments for the delegation in terms of rallies in Cape Town and Johannesburg, meeting their families and their return dates); as well as ensuring that the Vula outfit knows with reasonable advance notice as to which day can be set aside for the meeting.  Our understanding is that all of you will return from Cape Town on Friday evening; that Saturday will be possible left free for members of the delegation to meet family and friends; that there might be a rally in Johannesburg on Sunday.  Accordingly we have agreed to make tentative arrangements for the meeting to take place on either the Sunday or the Monday and it has been agreed that we will liaise with K to tie up the arrangements as to timing, venue, etc.  So in line whether the meeting takes place really depends on the programme of the 4 and the two from the delegation.

2.. In the absence of confirmation from you that when you referred to the delegation's visit, we assumed you are referring to the participation of Norman and Kay in this meeting.  However we allowed for the possibility that you might want Ntaba to be present.  Furthermore as we prepare this report I would like to suggest that you should consider the possibility that K should also be present.  I make this suggestion from the point of view of the other 4 in the ILC and more particularly Sipho and X – as I see it they have no idea of their programmes, agree left, right and centre to every overture to all and sundry for appointments, and depend on K to straighten everything out.  I also take into account that to ensure that they are prodded and reminded from time to time we shall have to rely on K.

3.. At today's meeting Theo drew their attention to the inadequate way in which the regions are being launched, the tensions and problems in Southern Natal region, the Midlands region as well as problems in various parts of the country which indicated that the task of organizing the ANC was proceeding in a very haphazard and ad hoc way.  It was unfortunate that X was not present but Theo will try to have a meeting with him.

4.. Several detailed aspects around security questions arose.  In particular Carl had brought to the attention of Theo that in one of the television clips he had noticed a chap called "Punky" close in the background to Sipho; that this Punky was already suspect during the 75-76 period and that he has a record stretching to the present as a drug dealer.  Sipho took an interest in our information, stated that no one had to date drawn his attention to this aspect.  We also exchanged some views about Bulelani, Peter Mokaba and Maxwell Xulu – the latter because during Theo's recent trip to Lobby we found that although he had lost his position as Treasurer in NUMSA, he appears to have become active at the local level of unions and other mass work including addressing MDM rallies e.g. he shared a platform on Tuesday 17 April at KwaMatuta and that he appeared to be pretty close to Diliza M.

5.. Sipho started today's meeting by urging Theo to meet Zami – he said that our people were coming to Zami in order to get into MK and that he was urging her not to be involved at this level of activity; that insofar as underground work is concerned, he told her that this was a matter that even Mike's end should only engage in through the internally based underground; that he had already informed her of Theo's presence.  Accordingly he wanted Theo to meet her to help ensure that she stayed away from that level of activity and felt that while he continued to discuss the matter with her, Theo's intervention was necessary and would be useful.  That left me with no option but to agree to meet her.  While on this point, Sipho did feel that there was great potential in the OFS and indicated tht he could ensure that Vula could get in touch with reliable people in the OFS with potential for being drawn into the underground.

6.. In our report from Lobby we indicated that we had looked at the questions that arose in the paper entitled "LAUNCH" and in particular have suggested 6 names of those we think should be in the Organisational Committee who would simultaneously and quietly be in charge of clandestine work.  We had also taken the matter further by looking at others who should be considered for this organizational committee, who would not be involved in the clandestine side of work but who we thought showed the potential of making the Organisational Committee into what it should be.  In discussions with K after Sipho left, this latter list of names was pursued further and Theo indicated the way in which the four looked at some of these names.  The four strongly felt that the Organisational Committee should be composed in such a way that it drew in people who had shown organizational talent, were already familiar with the terrain and problems, etc.  They felt strongly that for the Chair/Convenor of the central Organisational Committee the movement should consider Marcel (Popo).  Others to be considered were Cheryl, Amos Masondo, Ep Mohale (who is presently undergoing training at Fatman's), Terror L (despite substantial complaints about the positions he is taking at the moment and the way in which he is going about establishing the Southern Natal ILC but in the belief that he is basically good and in the proper collective would develop his potential), Vincent (presentely working for Kagiso Trust and who was turfed out of SAYCO some time back by Peter M spreading the story that he was enemy).

7.. Sipho agreed that it was extremely risky to send sensitive documents to him or to X but indicated great keenness to get periodic briefings from us on security aspects.  He indicated to K that he should always create space for Sipho to be able to meet Theo anytime that Theo wanted to see him.


1.. Theo informed Sipho and K that at the level of the Party we were in the process of organizing the secret mini-consultative conference.

2.. Theo also approached K to participate in this conference.  He indicated readiness to attend subject to the proviso that he could not undertake any real tasks as he was too tied up.  We however had felt that his presence would be useful.

3.. We would like to re-raise the question of that property deal in the sense of adding to what we said in an earlier message.  On returning to Jessie we found that our man who drew our attention to this particular deal and was willing to participate in the front company to ensure that it was run on a proper footing, and whose credit-worthiness was the basis for the bank to advance the remaining purchase price in the form of a mortgage loan was prepared to put R200,000 into the initial down payment of R1,3 million.  This is by way of illustrating that if you remain interested in this particular property or if you are prepared to consider other similar property deals involving a lesser amount, through such a share scheme and complementing what the Party is prepared to put in, it is still possible to move in the direction of income-generating investments.  Since then I have had further discussions with the lawyer who thought that we could go to the top in Standard Bank and even find a way to persuade them to value the property in such a way that the down payment is reduced substantially and the mortgage loan proportionately increased so that the down payment may thereby come within our reach.  Naturally this would, by increasing the mortgage repayment, reduce the monthly net returns.  But you must bear in mind that a company owning such an asset would have immense capacity to raise loans.  We look forward to hearing from you as to how you are looking at this sort of problem and that if your approach is positive, even if it rules out this specific property, you could give us some measure of the funds that you are prepared to set aside for this sort of project.

That's all for now, Theo.



How's TE coming along?  It looks like you've been busy with it.


To Carl, Marsha and Daniels:

One:. Regarding conventions of filenames, subject line (including reference) and sending and receiving, having received some feedback from John, the following conventions have been communicated to him and we should be kept to:

a.. The filename should be at the discretion of the centre from which it is being sent.

b.. Cleo will notify Jessie and Lobby via TB when a message is to be collected.  Jessie and Lobby will only notify Theo to collect message via TV if that message is urgent.

c.. Although each message received via ML does not need to be instantly acknowledged, all TE messages should include acknowledgement of messages received via ML from that centre to whom the new TE is addressed from the time of the previous TE communication.

d.. There should be no messages addressed to multiple destinations.  Any message intended for more than one centre should be repeated the requisite number of times, each with different reference number in the subject line.

e.. The text of the subject line will continue to support legend of phone being used (with business-type orientation).  This to be followed by a reference which should indicate the sender then the receiver.  (The digits which were to indicate who was sending the message will no longer be included.)  The sender should indicate which programme was used (i.e. A1/A2, etc) and the receiver should be indicated by the first letter of the centre (Mike and Cleo can simply be referred to with "C" – i.e.no need to distinguish).  We do, however, feel that "C" is preferable to "HQ" as the designation for Cleo and ask that you stick to this as we don't think it advisable for "HQ" to appear on the noticeboard.

f.. Lobby and Jessie should notify each other over TV using P.C. terminology.

Two:. John supplied us with an alternative SAPONET number for Lobby which we have tried the alternate SAPONET number for Lobby.  But like the original number, it just rings and rings.  So again it does not seem to be the correct number.  In case you did not collect this message the number he gave was 031 29 0277.  You may have better luck if you try it from there.  Please let us know.

3:. We collected your messages (Agent and Nadel) this evening.  The names you are giving to your files are a problem.  Although the actual filenames do not appear on the notice board (only subject line and reference appear).  If for whatever reason somebody decides to take the file off the notice board (irrespective of whether or not they can read/decipher it) the individual filename appears.  The only small detail making such access less straight forward is the password to the box.  But this aside from not being impossible to obtain through other means is also resident on our hard disks (Johan has written the programmes like that).  Thus the file names you are giving are an immediate and clear sign of the contents.  This must not happen.  Secondly, even if you store in encoded form the files you send, these names are extremely obvious.  Please make sure that this is corrected.  Also, as Daniels has pointed out (when talking about typing a full stop or not at the end of the address), no cypher is impossible to crack.  For this reason, please remove such details as "Presidents Project", references to Lara, etc at the top of such files.  Even in the case of condensing a number of files into one for a single sending, do not use such obvious names for the individual files and eliminate the unnecessary and revealing details mentioned above.

4.. Accompanying this file (LETTER) is a file called JOHN (which includes some additional information from the communications he has sent us since our return to Jessie regarding TE), a file called WEMBLEY (also sent from John and which we were unsure whether or not you had received.  Once we start using the new conventions outlined above hopefully this uncertainty about receipt of files will not occur again); and a file called MEETING (which we have included so as to keep you informed.

5.. Daniels received a message on his bleep (found on our return from Lobby):  "Please contact Peter Jordan 834-4073".

6.. Cleo has informed us that he has 37,000 pounds for us which Theo is hoping to exchange with addition of at least 15%.

7.. As you will read from MEETING, Theo saw Sipho.  Unfortunately neither Phillips report nor report of Marsha-TL meeting had been received.  We are still anxiously awaiting Marsha-TL report.  Please send asap as we must see how to attend to these matters.  Theo also picked up considerable concern about TL from here.  The most likely person to influence TL it seems is Popo (in future, Marcel) who at the moment is ill.  But arrangements for Theo to see him early next week are being made.  At the same time it has been strongly urged on Theo that Marcel should be strongly considered for recruitment for retailers and participation in mini-conference.  Feedback from you 3 on this question would be useful as I think we should consider for recruitment but as a D-category especially if he is to play a high strategic role in other structures including ANC – e.g. Chair of Organisational Committee.

8.. When Carl comes to Jessie he should bring with him the new TE A2 programme as we need it to sort out programme for the T1000 here before Theo proceeds to Doris.

That's all for now – Theo.




First:  Your four messages were on the board.  We managed to decipher only three and have attended to them.  The file SALESBOX.ZIP was undecipherable: whoever enciphered this did not check despite the numerous occasions that the need for this was stressed.  It is a waste of time and causes unnecessary delay.  Please resend it to us AND THIS TIME CHECK.

Two:  although we have asked to send us a message on our pager whenever you have posted a message on TE you have consistently failed to alert us.  Please find a way to get through to us on TB henceforth.  We for our part will always alert you for the moment on Jean's TB.  Please advise us when you think you would like us to send the notification to Shireen's pager rather than Jean's.

Third:  We had word today from Pete to say that they still do not have "official notification of your accident but that word has filtered through".  Also that Jean's ID is being attended to.

Fourth:  We received your TC message via Cleo re the meeting with TL.  Many thanks.  We included that in a letter we sent to K (in the absence of Sipho and X) strenuously urging that K get in touch with TL before the ILC is launched today in order to get TL to postpone this action pending discussions with X.  K replied that he would only be able to contact TL today but Theo then sent further word to K on Monday reminding him that the launch was planned for Tuesday and that therefore K should do everything to contact TL by phone on Monday.  Let's hope he manages to intervene in time.  However you should please keep us informed timeously in this regard.  To return to your message, it was not clear whether Marsha handled the matter with TL in such a way as to insist that before any launch either he and TL or he alone would come to Jessie to see Sipho and X.  That is to say did you take a firm position with TL in the light of his explanations of did you agree to let things ride?  We have proceeded here on the basis that your objections remain firm.  But if there are any changes please keep us informed.

Five:  Please confirm that you received the message that we sent to you on 21 April which was delayed in reaching you owing to the breakdown of ML.  It appears from the notice board when you enter the scan all command that you have read/received it but not purged it.  Also when sending a number of files please try to send them together as one .ZIP file (write messages, in uncoded form go to utilities (F8) and compress files; then encipher the resultant .ARC file which will then end up with the .ZIP file.  Do you remember, you did this with Sarah?  If you are not sure how let us know and we will run through it again with you.

So cheeribye for now.




Daniels to Theo 240490

1.. Your LETTER, MEETING and BONDING files clearly received.  Sorry you can't say the same about my dispatches.  My teething problems are more like wisdom tooth extractions especially since I'm having to train the secretaries at the same time.  But as they say the only way to learn is on the job.

2.. Have given Carl a disc with five of Philip's files including Salesbox.zip; only on the disc it is decoded and has original name.  As they say in the classics one learns the hard way and after sending Salesbox we deleted it before getting your confirmation that it had been decoded.  Fortunately I had already given Carl the original disc received from Philip.  If I would have got that disc back from him today I would have sent it to you via ML.  By the way Carl is trying to get away tonight and has already said ALT0 to me.

3.. We sent all the zip files to you without checking that they decoded correctly hoping that they would, not because we were lazy or simply forgot; but what I have forgotten is how to dec. the zip files.  We tried and tried but kept running into a blank wall so please HELP!!

4.. Thanks for the reminder/instruction on sending a number of files in compressed form.  Will be attempting this intricate manoeuvre at the appropriate moment.

5.. Carl also has a disc with the Miniconference memo.  In a handwritten note I gave him I've indicated that Marsha is down with flu and hadn't seen it.  The boetie resurfaced and I've just met him.  He approves of the draft.  Give us your feedback I'm sure you can improve on it.  In fact I hadn't seen a CC document on the topic, which has just been brought to my notice.  Will study this tonight and consider any additions.  Phillip's accommodation is only available the weekend beginning the 18th.  We are searching for fallbacks/alternatives.

6.. Re purging messages we pick up.  When I received Bonding.zip today I deliberately didn't purge because I wanted to let secretary go through the operation after me and then purge.  When we repeated the access we discovered to our surprise, nay acute astonishment, that the file was no longer there.  How do you explain that Houdini?

7.. Apologies for not paging you when we have sent file on ML.  My face is still red for bleeping the fair Sarah about not knowing what she was talking about regarding the mysterious Peter's car keys.  It was only after receiving your Bonding.zip that the penny dropped – oh dear me!  Yeagads!  How To Master Secret Work and its author better be consigned to the dustbin!  At present page Jean for all PROCOMMS.

8.. Expecting Sarah to inform us how to receive on Carl's T1000.  Trying to contact the Saponet number you've given us.

9.. Can you please get Peter/Kay to inform Fatman that we expect him to officially inform HQ about the accident.

10.. Marsha has raised with me his request that he and spouse holiday at Fatman's in July/August.  He would also like to go to Lorenzo's place.  In fact when he was there they extended such an invite.  The couple have just received passports and need to travel this year.  They will also visit relations in UK.  I approve of this and am sure you and Carl won't have problems.  If so please transmit request to Kay.

11.. TL meeting:  No, we did not insist that before the Tuesday launch Marsha and TL or Marsha alone should journey to Jessy's to see X if as happened TL could not see his way to any additions.  Carl will fill you in on the meeting but the atmosphere was such that we felt it would do no good if we dug our heels in.  As indicated in our previous report TL was basically concerned about his mandate from the top and if he gets further instructions he will abide by them.  So keep at it.

Cha cha and a very big ALT O to the both of you.



1.. Many thanks for MANAGERS AND MORTGAGE which deciphered perfectly!!!

2.. Thanks for the FLEA SAGA.   I need time to ruminate over all that data.  At the moment having to teach the sisters how to operate ML is a major preoccupation and penance for not having been on hand to assist you two initially set the damn thing up.  I do appreciate your attempts to untwist my knickers.

3.. You did not acknowledge receiving the MINICONFERENCE MEMO which was sent to you on a disk with Carl.  Trust you have it?

4.. At meeting of DPC yesterday we discussed the slow progress on training the combat units.  Only Francis, it emerges, handles this.  Because of the urgency to get a move on we recommend that Jack assists as well as the others.  There are four groups to train and others in the pipeline.  Can Brenda also be utilised?  The identity of the instructor to be concealed by disguise/flimsy balaclava.  Please give your response.  We have prioritized the training programme and meet tomorrow to elaborate the programme and briefings.

5.. Don't remember if I've already informed you but the local Saponet number also just rings and rings here.  Well I have to flea ….it's a busy day.


Page 563, Reference 32:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1990/ [] April 25 should read:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1990/ [] May 25

Page 598, Reference 30:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1990/ [] April 25 should read:

[] maharaj/ vula comms/1990/ [] May 25



Howdy Danny, How's the lion's den?

1.. Received 'MLEXERCISE 25APRIL90' twice: once yesterday F4-ed with keyword; once today F4-ed with data disk.  Both received in good order.  Full marks!

However, we have to subtract a few points as it is bad practice to send the same message twice (enciphered with a different keyword or in a different way) without altering the plain text.  A crypt analyst would notice that the two files were the same length and could reasonably assume they were the same file.  A comparison of the two cryptograms (the two F4-ed filed) could help to determine the method of encipherment.  So in future if you every have to send the same plain text twice, alter it the second time or just add some junk to the beginning and end to make it appear longer and therefore a different file.  It is, of course, OK to send the same enciphered file twice.

2.. Also received your TC of 25/4 in good order.  Who did the enciphering of this file?  It appeared to have been enciphered with a VERY old A3 Program Disk that should long ago have been re-formatted or discarded.  It was enciphered with an old version of TC that we abandoned a long time ago.  So of course it did not decipher at first and had me completely baffled.  Luckily I have kept the source of all our old programs so was able to recreate it, but it took a long time.  Please ensure that all old Program Disks are re-formatted so this problem does not occur again. We are currently running Version 7 of TC, Version 5 of TE and Version 3 of TK.  We change the coding periodically for security reasons and each time we do this we go to a new version.


Hello Dannyboy/Dan the man – May Day greetings to you, to good sisters and all!  A note to respond to both your messages received yesterday (Bonuses and Miniconf).

1.. Theo decided that it was necessary to get to Doris's as soon as possible because otherwise there will not be any time between what he has to do here and be here for end of week and next week and preparations for mini, etc, etc.  He has arrived there okay and seems things are getting along.  He will be trying to sort out all to do with the miniconf that involves that end as well as Vula generally.

While he is away, Carl as well as Jessie and Suzanna will continue to handle communications.  Theo and Suzanna have arrangements for communications while Theo away in order to raise things/pass things on.

2.. Theo will be putting together input/ideas re agenda and other stuff from you on miniconf sent a couple of days ago on his return.

3.. Meanwhile Carl has gone through the messages of yesterday and his feedback follows:  (Theo's to follow as soon as I get word)

a.. On pre-conference session feels that the idea of time between this and conference is a good idea but doubts that it will be possible more than a day prior.

b.. Does not see that it is necessary for JC and PM to be at pre-conference session.

c.. About the need for Trevor and Phillip to know identities of delegates in order to couple with appropriate hosts, Carl thinks this is premature and not necessary at this stage.  Later on yes but not now.  For the meanwhile they can just be told that it will involve very high profile people and possible some more senior returnees.

d.. About getting to venue Friday night, does not think there is a need to get there at night or in the way extend the meeting.

e.. Re accommodation for u/g cdes near venue:  the venue itself is not conducive to putting up all the other delegates and it would also be better to accommodate some of them close to venue not at venue.  So additional places close to the venue should be found.

4.. Carl wanted to let Daniel know that things went okay with the first time round – only problem one instead of two cars.

5.. Re messages on TV notifying us to collect TE:  Daniel's messages are a treat.  Only problem is the regularity of the PC combination which maybe we should adapt slightly.  I thought if we stick to a single name (eg Patrick/Patricia) this would do.  Let me know what you think about this/if it clashes with any other messages you may be receiving.

6.. Did you see Shortcake on TV?

7.. We miss the Flea!  Take care Suzanna

Cherry bye-bye cherry bye


1.. We have included in this communication a copy of the IPC document on the underground.  At this stage it should only be read by Daniels and Marsha.  Carl has read it here.  Please forward response to us soonest.

2.. Re T1000: It is at present not possible to transmit with the current version of TE for the T1000 if you do not enter the password.  If you do use the password (i.e. go via the programme) it should not give you any problems.  If it does please let us know (details please) and will see if we can help.  John has promised in the new TE version for the T1000 to overcome this problem.

3.. Got the disk from Carl with Phillip's documents.  The only one we didn't have was very short and called help (not the letter to JZ – we already had that – but along the same lines).

Can't think of anything else right now except greetings to you all from Theo and Suzanna.





Had session with T and P.  Marsha back but fagged out so couldn't make it.  Approved of T's inclusion in planning committee.  Here's immediate points:

1.. AIRBOOKINGS :  These can be made here or in PE, CT and JHB.  We recommend you attend to this.  You could make all reservations in JHB and provide tickets as you brief delegates.  Better to purchase from SAA and not travel agent but avoid purchasing in one batch ("You" being Suzan and others).  Can some fly to PMB?  We are looking into this and maybe even VIRGINIA airport.  Check your end.

2.. SCHEDULE OF ARRIVALS :  We will be needing this from you.

3.. BRIEFING BEFORE JOURNEY :  The should have a legend for their trip but preferably no one should know they're going to VENUE CITY.  You will have given them their tickets or instructed them how to pick up ticket.  You will instruct them what to do on arrival at destination and how they will be picked up.  We will be providing a bleeper number.  T and P need to know the full list of arrivals so tht we can arrange to have them put up by suitable hosts.  We may have to put some invitees in hotels in which case on arrival they taxi  to hotel and stay put until contacted using bleeper call to confirm safe arrival.  Some may arrive on Thursday on other hand  its OK if you feel they can arrive throughout Friday but not later that 17.00 hrs.  They should not wear Movement T-shirts or carry bags with insignia.  We aim to provide bleeper number and accommodation destination within 48 hrs.  We need name of CC delegate from CT and the one from PE unless they travel in the company of the invitees from their cities.

4.. SECURITY POOL :  Would like you to clear the f/f:  Cliff, Charm, Shoots, Cas, Ashwin, Peggy, Ravi (Phoenix), Das, Jits, Moe (Ali), Siva (Meerbank), Rishi (Chats), Kubesh (mbnk), Jurie (Chats), Salina, Sagie (Tongaat).  The area requires Indian cadres but T and P feel some Township cadres must be developed for this kind of thing and will consult Scot.  I accept about 4 township who could be deployed in proximity of venue.

5.. CATERING : Suraya, Vani, Claudia, token male, African female.

6.. RECORDING :  Trevor, Suzan, Vish(Little George).  What do you think of the latter?  Query:  Do we want to tape proceedings?  Or is it sufficient to simply get a summary of each contribution? (I would opt for the latter.)

7.. THEO'S TASKS :  From above we need to know whether 'YOU" will purchase tickets and need schedule of arrivals asap.  Don't concern yourself with Virginia Airport.  If we come up with something original will let you know.


a.. Operation to be known as EAGLE and venue as THE NEST.  City of destination as VENUE CITY.

b.. Body of main invitees are TEAM A and U/G group are TEAM B.

c.. Three stages of A's movements: from airport to host/hotel;  from host's to transfer point;  from transfer point to NEST.

d.. B TEAM will be taken to separate accommodation (sleeps six) ion NEST area.

e.. NEST sleeps 12 comfortably in beds.  Have decided to rent additional cottage for the two senior citizens of A TEAM plus a couple of others who could join them.  We could if necessary book a couple of the lesser known types into nearby hotels in interests of comfort.

f.. Arrivals at NEST between 19 and 21 hrs Fri eve.  (You were thinking of Sat am.  We feel Fri eve arrivals necessary.

g.. NEST will be suitably decorated with wall charts to cover legend.  Documentation will also be supplied.  People NEST is being rented from will be told its for a weekend seminar of university lecturers.  Charts tec willdeal with national housing problem so this can cover for A TEAM should system get a sniff of what's going on and interrupt proceedings.  (NB:  In case landlord pokes nose in there should be no Movement T-shirts, bags with insignia etc.)

h.. If we start on Fri eve we need to consider whether it is necessary to continue into Sunday?  What do you think?  We could get in two hours on Fri and close at 22.00 hrs Saturday.  This could cover things?  There are security advantages in this.  This is strictly my view since T and P know nothing of what we are meeting about.

i.. Security group will keep a braai going outside for legend.  At convenient stage all will participate which will strengthen legend and provide relaxed break.

j.. Here is a timetable which could cover Fri-Sat and Fri-Sun:

Fri 22.00 – 24.00 :. Briefing on legend and rules;

Chair's opening remarks;

Dinner can be served beforehand.

Sat 08.00 – 09.00:. Breakfast

Then four two hour sessions with lunch and two

Tea breaks which would take us up to 19.00 hrs

This could be followed with a braai if we are going into Sunday session.  Otherwise dinner break and resume for two more hours until 22 hrs and closure.  This would give us 12 hours for the meeting if it was Fri and Sat only.  Sunday sessions could give us another six hours discussion with comrades departing after late lunch by mid afternoon to catch evening flights home.  THEO PLEASE DECIDE ON ABOVE SO THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO RESERVE RETURN FLIGHTS AS YOU BOOK THE TICKETS.  PARTICIPANTS MIGHT BE PLEASED TO LEAVE FOR VENUE CITY EARLY FRIDAY AND RETURN TO THEIR HOMES BY SUNDAY.  This would also keep our expenses lower.

k.. Alternate venue still being followed up.  Deadline Monday 7th.

l.. P and T to give security plan report by next week.  We will all be examining NEST again for this purpose plus other properties.

Well that's my May Day input  ChaCha chaio.



TO ESTHER 300490:

So much has taken place since I was last with you.  How surrealistic these past few days have been watching JS, JM and Co arriving for the talks from my bunker.  What a hoot it was when SA TV zoomed in on JS's red socks.  At first I thought the cameraman was falling over himself and then it became obvious what those cornballs were up to.  And today's Sunday papers are full of photos of a relaxed and smiling JS complete with his disarming witticisms.  His reply to a reporter's question about his expectations: "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted 27 years ago – we're getting there"; will undoubtedly to down in the history books.  Today NM, the SG and JS are addressing a rally in Cape Town.  I've been fantasizing all of yesterday about racing down and attending in my clip-on nose and moustache but alas discipline must prevail.  Well my dear I must say I am very well at present.  I've been feeling so relaxed ever since getting back that I can hardly believe it.  This is undoubtedly due to the changed conditions here although there are occasions when one gets that prickly sensation in the nape of the neck.  All those years of clandestine activity in Swaziland and Botswana, where one was literally cheek-by-jowl with the hit squads, informers and local police agents of the regime was superb conditioning for the situation here.  I always called Swaziland "a pocket handkerchief kingdom" where after dark the only cars on the road belonged to the ANC and South African SB.  Botswana, despite the size, was little better with its one arterial route and two small towns.  The big cities and population density here give on the space to move, to remain anonymous, to get lost.  So by comparison with the neighbouring states your old underground hands find surviving at home much easier.  Touching wood he hastens to add that "yes" you're quite right of course, the danger is in becoming complacent.  We do keep vigilant and alert as ever!  Knock! Knock!  I hope those aren't famous last works.  The journey back went extremely smoothly.  All your suggestions were most helpful.  I looked such a dandy that the customs man, a kid of 18 who must have been doing his first day's duty, rifled through my briefcase in search, I felt sure, of illicit copies of PLAYBOY and MEN ONLY. I wanted to toyi toyi with a vengeance as I took my first strides into the country but of course the situation dictated otherwise.  The day before my rendezvous I walked and taxied around Egoli whistling at its skyscrapers, shopping malls and motorways.  Very impressive – yes.  You can see what makes the tourists rave and some exiles tell you that it is so different now; that there've been incredible changes.  Yes – big changes in Tekweni too where some imaginative changes have taken place at the old railway station which has been transformed into a Covent Gardens type set-up and a shopping mall at Point Road which boasts no less than twelve cinemas.  And oh yes the Marine Parade must have had a billion rand transformation and City Council are announcing that the Esplanade is next.  Yet around Jo'burg and Durban are the most awful slums and shanty towns and when you realize that Durbs and PMB are ringed with squatter camps you realize the root of the Natal conflict and so-called black-on-black violence spreading elsewhere is the poverty; the scarce resources; the lack of land – and the manipulation by the authorities.  What is so ironic is that South Africa has this incredible infrastructure and the majority are not able to utilize it.  So the night time amenities all stand under-utilised because the blacks live far away and most don't have the cash in their pockets.  Yes, it's the same sad old SA.  Modern amenities and attractions that would be pack out in Europe yet by 8 pm the beachfront, the coffee bars, the city streets are dead.  It doesn't take much understanding of economics to realize why the businessmen want to ring up the changes.  Amongst the most moving experiences for me have been revisiting old neighbourhoods.  It really is like in those sentimental films, the flashback music and soft colours, when one wanders the way I did down Yeoville streets where I was born and stop across the street from that little cottage in Florida Road with its wonderful trapdoor that saved me from the SB in 1963.  Of course, what is most moving – exhilarating – are our people.  Unfortunately I can't go into details but you can be sure that you have not been forgotten here and they'll roll out the red carpet for you when you when you return.  But it's on the streets, the beachfront, the cafes that you feel how full of life the African people are and how anxious and uptight the whites.  And by the way you win our argument hands down – Durbs is a much more lovely place to be than Jhb!  I had forgotten how beautiful it is.  All those Capetonians in London – Woody Allan amongst them – not to mention Wolfie, the Buntings and Aunt Madge – give Durbanites an inferiority complex.  The climate has been wonderful and I have managed to acquire a tan – part of my disguise (not just luxury) – and get into the sea.  I must say I performed the latter feat with some trepidation.  Twenty seven years absence had given me a greater respect for this thundering, swirling surf than I would have imagined.  You will no doubt be pleased to hear that I am getting very fit and losing a little weight.  I have been keeping very well.  As to the work it is progressing well.  It is such an incredible difference being able to deal with problems on the spot, right here with our people, instead of from abroad.  Let's hope the talks go well.  They're bound to drag out.  This week our leaders will come to know a little better what FW's true intentions are.  I miss you and the boys.  Trust you are all well and that you are handling the accident story.  I wish we did not have to put up the smokescreen and have people being anxious about me but it can't be helped.  Am very interested to hear how your trip went and what you thought of NM's visit to London.  Much love from Pasaden.

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