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MAY 1/ MAY 2

Sent Tues 2nd May,1989, (sent in 4 parts 5-8)

1 part of 4

Leo> Tony:

*Re Anna: In addition to what you've been advised, you should also know that I've met her recently at Cathy's. Take this into account when you're going to meet her.

*a) Its agreed that you withdraw in July.

b) re move to Sello: we feel you shouldn't move to Sello now given the fact that: there remains:

i. much work to be done in Zola;

ii. given your departure soon;

iii. the complexity of Sello's.

In the meantime you should strengthen your support network in the area to monitor developments & to provide a sake place for you should recent developments re security threaten you.

On both a & b Alphons will elaborate in his next msg.

Ch Tony:

-What is name used by Isabella on TB 2102?  They always ask because they can't pronounce.  Embarrassing not to know who I'm wanting!

-. You can use A1 Data disk with A2 prog.  Or use A3 to avoid confusion.  You can make a copy of A2 or A3 by using F8- copy a disk facility on the start up menu of the prog disks.  Move write-protect tab on prog disks (open hole) to prevent accidental erasure/formatting.

-. Address for sending AO (1) disk:  Avis Hart, 81 Carysfort Road, London, N16 9AD.

-. Where to should I send wigs catalogues?

-. Chas going away for a few days again. Will 'CE' you in coming days.

-. What about money I have?

-. In future *** character = pounds sterling. Proper pounds sign on keyboard doesn't encipher & doesn't print out.

Follows Alphons report- back in 3 parts

No 2/4


Response your msg 26/4

Re comms with Madiba:

There are two central questions: firstly, exactly how you would ensure & be certain the enemy was not picking up the disclosure of your response to M.

Secondly, how would you demonstrate to M the operation of the secret line & ensure that in the process the enemy is permanently kept unaware.  In regard to the disclosure to P per se, we think this would be good news for him provided he's made aware of the deep secrecy of your presence.

Re Xhamele: 

A link up with Xhamele would also be most useful. If the line to M proved feasible

Security wise, Alphons could then link up to Rachel, Xhamela & Madiba as well as hopefully to HG when he's overcome, as I believe he will, his current problems over the cabal & its alleged control of Tony.

Re IA:

IA made a dangerous mistake. Imagine a massive damage had you not intervened.  You saved the movement from being plunged into a stunning crisis. Thanks, well done!  IA calmly told us Diana & Jay had told him they were suppressing the document, little did he suspect the source of that suppression.  Thanks for the detailed & fascinating report on developments re Madiba.  It has been most useful & highly appreciated by us all.

Report to GM:

Thanks for your prompt msg.  By the time we received yours we had already discussed Madiba's 'msg & conveyed our response thought the lawyer, IA, whom we had invited to be present at our discussion of the issues raised by M. he took notes for the purpose of briefing M fully. In addition we addressed a note to m, briefly summarizing our views.

We made the following points, inter alia:

1. That the political crisis as we saw it confronted the regime & was an intended consequence of the struggle. Part 3 next


2. Even so, we fully agreed with him that negotiations with the regime should be approached very seriously, but also very cautiously, given the unreliable character of the regime.  However, there was as far as we could observe no evidence whatever that the regime was serious about negotiations.

3. We stated that in opinion our primary preoccupation is to wage struggle & take negotiation in our stride as we pursue our objective, instead of going out of our way to sue for it.

4. Despite these positions we supported the initiative of talking to the "team" on the basis he has defined.  But we insisted that he must now inform us of the content of the discussions he has been having with the "team," noting that while he observes strict confidentiality, the other side do not & the regime is kept constantly & thoroughly briefed.

5. We asked him not to proceed with the plans to consult comrades from the various regions, feeling that this move had a potential for divisions & bickering.  We urged that the great priority was to settle the question of confidentiality.

6. We appreciated the fact that he'd taken the step to consult us on these important matters & looked forward to hearing from him soon.

Turning your views in the matter:

1. We agree about the impossibility of meaningful consultations at Victor Verster on the scale & for the purpose intended. His release, & that of all the others, would ensure meaningful consultation on a wide variety of issues.  His release has always been a issue & is more so today.

2. We agree, but make two points:

a) The NEC would want to include in the negotiating team the leadership of the Mass Democratic Movement.

b) In the document we received via IA, M makes three points:

i) "negotiation" requires to be handled by the organization itself thought its appointed representatives;

ii) His task, this initiative "is limited to" bringing the country's major political bodies to the negotiating table;

iii) Only if this initiative is formally endorsed by the ANC will it have any significance.

We therefore do not think he has violated the principle in question.

/4 coming>

3) We felt even more unacceptable was the non discloser of the content of the talks.

4) We agree & have referred to this earlier.

5) we felt as these talks have been going in fir some time, with no know harm to the struggle or the movement, we should not stop them abruptly but allow them to continue, insisting certainly to start with, on the leadership's right to know the content of the discussions.  Hence our telephonic conversation in the matter (& thanks for the prompt response). We feel this could spread rumour, panic and confusion.  hence the telephonic conversation -& and thanks again for responding – we think we should hear further from M & consult among ourselves before involving g a broader leadership re this we should consider whether, upon hearing from Madiba it mite not be necessary for your collectives and yourself to get together.

6 & 7

We agreed with the swift action you took to halt the consultations hoping it would be handled in such a way as not to cause panic. Re that we supported the decision that HG should not accept the invitation, hoping of course that he'd find a palatable way of doing so. We feel however that ordinary visits in the ordinary course should continue as there's no intervention to isolate Madiba.

8) Re this we learned that HG has since received another invitation to visit M urgently in connection with life-imprisonment comrades. We support his responding positively & urgently.

The initial reactions to the creeping news of Cde Madiba's document- which retrieved) – found expressions in some comrades declaring angrily that cde M was "selling out". We think comrades separate & isolated from the rest of us by the enemy in a bid to save himself should be treated with calm & calculated consideration. We dare not join the enemy in trying to destroy them. The ease & speed with which a perceived failure to conform is equated with open treachery.

Is worrying, especially where those who pass this severe judgement on a top leader can hardly be regarded as merely rank & file.

We trust we can maintain dynamic contact. It's proving most helpful.

On other matters you'll have heard MX about arrangements for re-inforcement.

Keep checking for initial delivery.

End of Alphons

Sent Tues. 2nd May, 1989, (in 3 parts: 9-12)

one of 4

Second May.

From Alphons:

We feel you should take July & August. Plse inform us of how and what we need to do.

Re Sello:

We incline to the view that intensive work at Sello's should not begin before your return. In the meantime an infrastructure should be put together & strengthened, including making Sello's a place of necessary refuge from the current uncertainties of Zola, where we should continue to consolidate progress being made. In general however, you would be the best to judge how work should be handled in relation to the two month break.

Para 5.3.7

In our reply of 20/4, under the sub-heading "Rachel", we refer ed to the problem of overlapping initiatives & suggested you might want to give the problem a thought & let us have the benefit of your thinking while we grapple with it at our end. There is now one more initiative to accommodate: HG, writing to us on the "state of organization" in the Natal province reports:

"I came out with great expectations. The papers & reports had created the impression that all was well. The facts of the matter proved otherwise. There had been too much of symbolism. Some people were elected into public positions merely because they were associated with the movement in the past. In the course of time democratic norms were abandoned & certain people were appointed or positions rather than being elected into them. The holding of elections was overlooked. All this brought paralysis to the organization & brought about a lot of discontent. To compensate for this, lots of the so-called projects were set up which only served to give employment rather than serving & maintaining the state of organization & improving its health."

He goes on: "Here at home (meaning Natal) we are in a shabby state of organization. It would appear that the organization of internal structures has been neglected or people have shield away from doing so.

No 2 next

Here's 2/4

"It is suggested that we should have hubs. These should be D, P, L, N & V.

(these would probably be Durban, PMB, LadyS, New C, Vryheid- Alphons).This would mean that these would be approximately five regions." He envisages the employment of ten professional functionaries. Continuing, "The climate for restructuring is exceptionally favourable… today almost everyone would like to be associated with us", excluding the old generation. "Strategically it seems to me that special attention should be devoted to the youth, the workers and the women… what is said above relates to industrial areas. Rural work speaks for itself."

In the PMB area we've started restructuring youth & women's organizations. It became necessary to organize independently of Durban. The independence on Durban had rendered the organization moribund. A number of structures have been revived & meetings held."

[NB. The PMB area is defined to include Camperdown, Mooiriver, Kranskop Richmond, Bulwer, Himeville, Umzimkhulu]

We have quoted extensively from HG's comms to let you know his thinking, to throw light on where lines of demarcation of functions might run & to indicate the scope of the intended work in only one of the five proposed regions.

What needs to be understood & accepted is the indispensability of the underground whenever & wherever structures envisaged above are being created.

Reply to yours of 28/4/89

Para 3.2 congress on JZ

Janet & Alphons were very angry with JZ but wanted to avoid confirming any suspicion he may have had. Ultimately Alphons decided he would confront him. Just then he came to see Alphons to lodge a bitter complaint (see below). He volunteered that he'd been told of Tony's presence by one of his men (see below). It was then put to him that in fact he'd asked his man to confirm such presence. He flatly denied this & wondered where that piece of information came from.

3 follows


He went on to say, however, that being aware of earlier plans to put leadership inside (remember he'd started making preparations himself before his name was dropped) he'd become suspicious over Tony's endless treatment. Tony was specifically mentioned in the course of explaining the fact that the Bible was perused by someone outside JZ's outfit & information extracted from it before the Bible reached JZ. There were other instances of the crossing of wires which pointed to the presence of a superior authority & led to Tony being mentioned.

On the question whether JZ had gone sniffing around, Alphons having heard the above explanation felt relieved. JZ hadn't been irresponsible. He was however bitter when he met Alphons: This was over the FM affair. He'd received information about FM from Janet, & then later, exactly the same information gathered expressly on his instructions being impounded en route by Vula & passed on elsewhere. Unfortunately, earlier, Alphons had received a certain number relating to an agent believed to be Bulelani, &, unaware of the implications had passed the number to JZ, warning him it might turn out in the Bible. It did but I didn't know this until the day of the complaint when he cited it as an example of interception.

We agreed & we would arrange a "tripartite" congress with him, Janet & Alphons to sort out the matter. By this time Janet had left for the Far West & JZ followed shortly after & he has not returned yet.  Therefore the congress is yet to be. If JZ did not know, HG's msgs to him have revealed all. The angry tone of his letters (two received so far) bitterly attacking the "cabal" & placing Tony & Isabella right inside it means that he is talking to others. It also appears that people have been feeding him with rough stuff about the cabal. Alphons is sitting with a letter addressed to him, dealing with misconceptions about Vula, but it is by its nature too sensitive to be entrusted to the security of ordinary couriers & there is no simple way of ensuring that it lends safely in HG's hands. Tony's line would offend him at this stage.

Four on way

No 4/4 & last

So we're stuck - at least as of the moment of writing. Leo had an idea but it's not 100% commendable. Do you have any brain- wave? In the letter Alphons is urging him to see Tony. We're encouraging him to come out for treatment so we can meet him. This is likely to be June. In the meantime we're trying to get him to stop talking.

Para 3.6.1

We need to address the reality that there's talking & it can only fly from one mouth to another, with the increasing likelihood of the wrong ear picking it up. The spread can only be arrested by evidence that you're not there, but not at first so far away that you cannot keep your finger on the pulse of the Zola situation so as to both monitor the security level as well as keep at least remote control on the structures, to prevent looseness & relaxation. Perhaps much of the next two months should be devoted to creating the notion that you are "not there" as preparation for the July –August period when you'll be demonstratively "elsewhere". This process should, together with our efforts, kill the talking without killing the structures. This also means we've entered a phase which calls for supreme security sensitivity.

Para 3.9:

Re possible support for HG at HQ, there's fairly frequent comms between him & JZ. Some of it reaches me, particularly where logistics are concerned. We can only surmise. JZ's has wanted to discuss with Alphons aspects of a hot letter written by HG on the subject which seems to agitate him so much. Alphons is awaiting JZ's return. It will be interesting to find out what aspects & what his position are on them.

Finally to end this long "pamphlet", let me say you are doing wonderful work in a situation of deepening complexity, keep it up!

*Have just agreed that you can have Charles. We will begin the preparatory work soon.

End of msg


Received Tues. 9th May, 1989, TC (RP)

{See Tues. 9th May for resend of part one}

May 3rd {resend}

To Ken:

(a) Isabella's TB under Dr Jetham.

(b) Will prepare AO (1) & dispatch ASAP. Advise you when we so.

(c) Rates fluctuate: snags in negotiations. We're flat broke so you shld hear soon.

(d) Any news when John expected? Can J bring catalogues.

(e) Will give J Saponet stuff.

(f) Like book containers, can you send with J some more plus variations? Want to use one to reach Madiba (so it better be good)!

Received Wed. 3rd May, 1989, (2)

Part two:

(a). Can't underestimate security dangers.

(b) . Have set up line of contact wh he is satisfied with for present. Therefore can forward your msgs.

(c) . He indicated some of his objections & probs. Clear from his outline that he sees ANC work as synonymous & exclusively setting up overt organizations. Also deeply suspicious of Durban based initiatives (not new in his history) But Tony raised need for cooperation eg distributing ANC peace statement in PMB area but we shall see if concrete progress takes place in this regard.

(d). Am preparing adaptation of your briefing for Rachel for him. Hope you approve. Outlined our original purpose of meeting him was to give him such a briefing, brief about aims etc of mission, report on progress & probs and hear his views etc. He seems to appreciate this, tho given security & other probs, this aspect could not be covered adequately during the meeting. So I think A's msg to him would be important.

(e) . Am just giving some flavour of the meeting in this note. Will cover meeting more fully with courier, as also the successful meeting with Rachel. 4. Pls take steps to ensure that Ken soon has further instalment of funds for us.

5. Very pleased re Charles" availability. Can we speed up arrangements for his entry ASAP.

Best Regards.

Convey love to Elsa and Kids.



Sent Thur. 4th May, 1989,

pm. On Thurs:

-Sorry to get you out for this msg but think it's important for security.

-Received the repeat of the first part of your msg. When deciphering I noticed it looked funny- many characters from plaintext missing. Could make out what you were saying but not clearly. Problem caused by mixing A1 prog disk & A2 data disk. You told me that you have formatted your prog disk in error but today you used it (I can tell because it puts imprint on msg). Was it your data disk you formatted?

Do not mix disks as prog disks count how many sets of data used on data disk. So if you use A1 prog with A2 data it will use A2's data but A2 prog won't be incremented. Then when A2 enciphers next time it will take as data that which has been wiped. This is what happened today. A2's first set of data has been used. Then you enciphered with A1 prog & it said read first set of data. Having been wiped, the data of set one consisted of O's. Thus your msg was not really enciphered, although it looked it. It also causes the deciphering to go haywire. I will build into prog something to prevent this again. Never did so because never expected it to happen. Use A2 data with A2 prog only. Use A1 with book. Next time you sue a2 & its data disk, encipher msg four times before sending. This will ensure that you are using genuine data & not O's.

Please resend first part of msg.



Sent Sat. 6th May, 1989,

Now Sunday

a] Did you get my last TC re prob using A1 prog & aA2 data?

b] Did you get my TV re John? John probably at Sello's 20 June.

c] Charles will be away for about a week as from Monday morn. Simon will take over from Sunday afternoon. Simon has our money if you want it transferred.

d] Still waiting for re-send of part 1 your last msg.

e] TS: Person we bought from (John Rolt of Car Contact) has disappeared & taken money. Siemens also looking for him. Not awful lot I can so from here. Siemens said I should send them faxes of deposits to Rolt. Don't want to do this as it gives too much away. Suggest you do following:  Phone Gila Eustace (Gila pron with hard "G") at Siemens Mobile Telephone division (407 5436).  Say you're just "passing through" in case they ask your address. Lynton has asked you to find out how to get phone on line again & for him to be billed in London. Lynton did not keep copies of currency transfers to Rolt. Explain that Rolt has disappeared & was paying bills. You don't know where phone is. It's mounted in suitcase & Lynton's salesmen who use it when in SA leave it with friends. Last time they picked it up it didn't work. Lynton's address is 412 Archway Road; London N6: his phone is London 725 5326. You can give them no. of TS (011 6450). Lynton has spoken to Gila & explained everything but she may've forgotten. Poss best if you get someone like N or J to do it. Best they know little & just say they're doing Lynton a favour

f] Masha: Gone for operation. Will bee at least a month.

g] Suzanne: Disturbed you went to Sello's without telling us. We need to tell Suzanne when you will be there. She will not automatically go to meeting place once a week in hope of meeting someone.



Received Tues 9th May 1989

Monday 8th May:

Hi Simon,

Herewith response to msgs you sent:

(1) Whenever Tony is out of town you shld switch to Isabella's TB. In this case Tony had to go on short notice only to find on return that you had been trying to get hold of us.

Two: Suprised John will only come on 20th June. That is pretty far away. How will we get New Programme etc wh Janet said we should be ready to print & distribute from first week of June? Have you perhaps mixed dates & are referring to 20th May. Pls clarify ASAP

(3) Next msg we send will be repeat of Part One of msg of 3 May.

(4) Will arrange for N or J to attend to TS as you suggest. Pls advise what response to give to Siemens should then ask what business Andrew is engaged in?

(5) Did not get your msg re John on TV: only what we got in Sundays msg which we only picked up today (Monday).

(6) Got your msg re program & data disk. Assure you it was A1 program I reformatted & that hence impossible that I could have used it in the msg you refer to. However I too experienced some probs with one your recent msgs. Was hoping to explain on disk wh would be sent with John. But if you confirm that John will only be coming 20 JUNE- then will consider sending our observations re this via this system. I think there are some probs with data disks. Until I explain & you can look into it would suggest we use book code for TC for the present.

Received Tues. 9th May, 1989, TC (RP)

May 3rd {resend}

To Ken:

(a) Isabella's TB under Dr Jetham. .

(b) Will prepare AO (1) & dispatch ASAP. Advise you when we so.

(c) Rates fluctuate: snags in negotiations. We're flat broke so you shld hear soon.

(d) Any news when John expected? Can J bring catalogues.

(e) Will give J Saponet stuff.

(f) Like book containers, can you send with J some more plus variations? Want to use one to reach Madiba (so it better be good)!

To A &J:

(1) Many thnks for responses- wish there were more!

(2) Re communications with M: Believe I can satisfy two conditions you refer to for initial probes to M. At this stage it will only work while IA has visits. Details of plan long to explain but will give outline on disk we send with next courier.

(3) Re HG: We pursued efforts to meet to curb security probs & establish relations/lines of contact. Succeeded in meeting H for one & half hours on 2 May – few hours before your msgs arrived. Only HG & Tony present. Went quite well if we go by his immediate responses, tone & attitude by end of meeting. But others have gone to sort out their probs with him directly-in those cases he has tendency of saying "there are no probs" & then continuing with his "line". In our meeting he was more frank. Don't think all probs have been ironed out but believe useful & cordial basis laid. However (a) he denied telling anyone of Tony's presence except for his communication "direct to A". So was not possible to get who & how many he has told but believe we have initiated process to contain info spreading from him.

Part 2 ffs

MAY 11

Sent Thurs. 11th May 1989


*We've put in place on first of April '89 a temporary DLB for a unit in Sello's. This unit had two members present at congress. We reached agreement with Masha that they should be integrated in co- ordinating committee. Therefore contents of DLB should go to you. Contents are two copies of path to power: sixteen copies of Umseb no one: R2000.

We're not able to send sketch of place DLB over usual comms means but going to send it to Charles so he can forward it physically. Pls indicate if you need it.

Instructions: Take the R 511 from Sello's in the direction of Knoppieslaagte and Brits/ Pretoria. Pass the place called Four Ways. Pass the Hotel Indaba. Pass the crossroad for Knoppieslaagte. Continue for 4-5 km and pass petrol station called Laesonia on your right. After about 2km from the petrol station you see the following roadsign on your left: "R 511 Brits". Turn left in the direction of Brits. After about 200m you see another roadsign: Erasmia-with an arrow to the left-Pretoria- with an arrow to the right-. This roadsign can only be seen by people coming from the opposite direction and not by you coming from Sello's. This roadsign is supported by 3 poles. The DLB is at the base of the third pole. (ie. the one furthest from the road). The DLB is about 30cm from the pole and is covered with earth and grass. Time to collect: Night only- after 11pm. The DLB site at this time of the year is partly hidden by tall grass. It should take 2-5 minutes to retrieve the contents of DLB.

*Alphons enquires from Tony as to the whereabouts of the manuscript of Madiba and Walter.

Received Thur, 11th May 1989 (in four parts)


To Simon:

(1) Pls attend to the funds urgently as ffs: Pls go personally to the HABIB BANK ZURICH, in Moorgate. See the manager, Mr. IQBAL KADWANI. Give him a false name for yourself and tell him that you have come to deposit some money into the account of Mr. HABIB from South Africa. Kadwani would then arrange for the deposit to be made (he would prepare the deposit slip with correct bank account number etc), Keep the deposit slip with you as proof for us that we deposited the requisite funds. NB. Pls deposit only R28, 000.00 (Twenty eight thousand rand). Once you have effected the deposit advise Tony on Tony's bleep by sending msg wh bears ff: First name to begin with D= deposit and surname begins with E= effected. We will assume that money would have been deposited on the day on wh we received the bleep. We hope you will be able to make the deposit today and not later than early tomorrow. Await your bleep.

(2) Tony> Elsa: Did you receive my msg on disk? Pls ensure Leo & co forward your Jan disk to me with Next courier. Anxious to hear how you & kids keeping. We are targeting for us to be together for August at least. Much has to be done to plan sage exit etc. Given agreement with A & J, am now working on prob & anxiously looking to holding you in my arms. All love. Finis

Thurs. Part Two:


(one) we have recd an urgent appeal from JZ outfit here to send msg to him 'cos they are in dire straits. As reflected in our reports around Jan they were in financial trouble, sent appeal via us plus we have advanced sums to keep them going. Still nothing has reached them & now they are up against the wall re funds. All their channels have failed to solve this despite promises & once again they have turned to us. So pls pass urgently. Meanwhile as soon as Vula is liquid we shall do what we can to make further loans to them to keep them going. The msg is from their head here & reads as ff;

(a) In Jan 89 we sent urgent msg to you asking for funds prior to our budget being approved in order for our operations to continue.

(b) In Feb during our consultations we submitted a budget & stressed our desperate need for funds. You undertook to expedite matters.

(c) To carry on with our operations we were forced in the meanwhile to borrow on the basis of this. But we expected that within weeks we would be able to repay these loans.

(d) Over past two months we have communicated regularly with you regarding these funds. You indicated that the matter would be sorted out "within a few days".

(e) In your absence & with your approval we communicated with AP regarding transfer of these funds to us. He is turn indicated at first that he was awaiting your approval, later that he was waiting for the return of the treasurer (Ldn based) who was out of town.

(f) follows

Part Three:

(f) In April, AP indicated that due to inability to overcome problems listed in (e) above, he would release some of his funds to us. But these have still not reached us.

(g) Once again, due to our now utter helpless situation, we sought further loans here in order to continue work.

(h) Despite these minor frustrations we continue to contact Ldn re release of funds. Once again we keep being told "within a few days"

(i) Meanwhile as a direct result of not receiving our funds the ff has occurred:

(I) operations had to be scalped down:

(II) sharp criticisms & resultant sour relationship with those who lent us funds have developed:

(III) general anxiety & demoralization within our ranks

(IV) Very concerned that we are forced to communicate excessive over the phone to Ldn on an almost daily basis. This could lead to a serious security prob that can destroy our developing dept completely.

(j) So situation as at present is that despite our various communications we are without funds. We can no longer borrow, we are frustrated and, most hurtful of all, helpless, but there are still bills to be met, infrastructures to maintain, etc…

(k) Dearest cde, we once again cry to you to save out dept from this situation. We can no longer continue!

(l) Despite your views re communications as expressed in Feb we hope you will appreciate our need to reach you via this channel in order to persuade you to take urgent steps to get funds to us" ends msg to J.

Part Four to A&J continues

Part Four: To A&J:

(2) Jack informs us that he ahs recd word that Flo's cousin Mamsie (who was working in Mabizela'a office in Tanzania & is now either in Harare or Lusaka) is phoning almost daily to members of the extended family here both re Flo case & to assist cdes abroad to contact their families & for clothes etc for them. At the very least for the duration of Flo's court trial such contact can serious affect the defense in Flos case as various members have been subpoenaed in Flo's case but will deny knowing that Flo is in movement. So pls take steps to get Mamsie to stop phoning at least till case is over.

(3) Some time back Rooi & Co insisted Jack send his courier over & are pressing for him to expand his work & report adequately.  Both for security & other reasons necessary to cut this line as Jack full integrated in ZRPC.

(4) also they informed Jack they have cdes for specializing in INT and one for military work, plus to supply hardware etc. Pls check who are these candidates as they may be suitable to send for deplyment under RPC here.

(5) What is happening re Minah? We are in some trouble as we created conditions for Minah & Refiloe & legends for these places are running thin. Not easy to find places. Can you speed up dispatch of both (even cut short preparations wh are delaying sending them). Similarly speed up sending Charles & Jabu. Await your responses. Ends msg

MAY 12

Received Fri. 12th May 1989


Hi Simon,

I assumed you have had problems depositing the money. Sorry to say that much of the probs have been caused by fact that we were given incorrect details as a/c we sent has been closed. Here are fresh details of where etc the deposit should be made. We have not been given name of bank, only the address. Pls go to 56 (fifty six) St James St, and ask to see either Mr JUBERI or MR SERGEANT. State you have come to deposit money in the account of  HABIB & SONS for L.D.C  Financial Services. When whoever of the two you see agrees & indicates knowledge deposit the Twenty eight thousand and keep the deposit record as proof that we have deposited the money and advise me over the bleep as agreed. I am not sure whether you will be able to carry out this transaction tomorrow. If you fail pls attend at earliest and keep me advised of progress both 'cos we want to know if transactions is completed so that we can get the local funds &  'cos we're flat broke (& living on borrowed money!). Sorry about the hassles & many thanks. Ciao Tony

MAY 13

Sent Sat. 13th May 1989


i.. Re Minah: presently in Tessa's genuine Tessa pp is being arranged for her & since she had to pose as coming from Tessa's a legend id being developed for her. During this period she's going to travel around so that she gets to know a few places. Leo is to join her on23/5 and she should leave any time from 26th onwards. We can arrange the meeting for Durban since it's more convenient for you. Can you provide arrangements for meeting & the procedure? Leo'll convey exact date of meeting vie TV to Charles for you.

ii. Re Refiloe: leaving for Cathy's on 24/5 for +- two weeks with Charles for training. Thereafter to Cindy for disguises. Back her end of June. (she has a very bad scar, which'll need expert attention to camouflage). From your msg of 19/3 you suggest that she enters with Tessa's local pp. Do we still stick to that?

iii.. re Jabu; Is back from medical attention in Freddy's. His situation is as follows:

1) bones of right shoulder have knitted but muscles still weak. Still has pain

2) three fingers of left hand are not fully functional. Hand cannot close firmly.

3) doctors say with constant practice shoulder and hand will improve, but esp. hand will never get 100%. He should not (& cannot) carry heavy loads nor do hard work like digging etc.

We need your input on how to proceed hereon.

iv.. re Charles (hereafter Colin): still a small snag, which Alphons will unblock in the next few days.

v.. Out of discussion with Alphons: he requested that in future ZPRC reports should come from ZPRC so that we can give this to the PMC. Comments from Tony & Isabel & other sensitive matters should be separated.

vi.. Has meeting with Suzanne (JL) taken place?

MAY 14

Received Sun. 14th May


(1) Simon- msg recd in good condition.

(2) Urgent- Any news about the deposit you had to make? Has it been affected? If not when? Did you have probs with first effort/ pls bleep news? For Leo:

Three: Thanks, will supply details re Minah soon.

(4) Refiloe: hope you keep to June schedule.

Five: Have not made contact with Suzanne. First effort failed 'cos we did not understand from details supplied that we first had to trigger Charles before going to rendovous point. Presently waiting for news when John will be coming, how & when we shall get new program etc, in order to work out when Tony will see Sello next. Will then fit in Suzanne. May have to so it earlier if John is not scheduled soon. But will first trigger Charles.

(6) Pls ensure next allocation of funds reaches Charles soon.

(7) Will arrange for future reports to come from ZPRC . Do you want pervious reports to be incorporated in this or will that aspect re founding composition etc be done by you all extracting this from Vula's earlier reports? So that reports from ZRPC  will simply take form of progress report. Would save us lots of work etc if you could do this.

(8) Despite promises by Alphons we still do not get material issued by HQ. e.g. reports re meetings with groups from home, statements  re peace etc. We have to pick these up from all & sundry, not always full texts, etc. ciao Tony

MAY 17

Sent Wed. 17th May 1989

It's Wed. 17th:

1: Will deposit money today. There is only f27, 100 total, f7, 000 of which has already been deposited. Suzanne has f2, 000 for you. Extra $3,000 we had for you had to be used for another purpose but will get it back & send to you later. Sorry Simon deposited only f7, 000 but your msg clearly (twice) stated that you canted 28,000 Rands. He should've contacted you as he had doubt. Can get extra f15, 000 if you want it.

2; John goes 20 JUNE. May trip cancelled due to some confusion. John apologizes profusely. We could poss send courier before that if necc. Can you meet Suzanne before that? Also, John's deposit box needs renewal this month else she'll lose contents.

3. Charles has TK from Elsa. Will send soonest opportunity. Elsa recd Tony's TK  & says thanks.

4. Follows 9 msgs from Alphons. Suggests ff: After picking up this msg you PU. If I respond it means I'm at base to change AM tapes. Will have msgs ready on tape so require only 2 min to switch. Leave out TB & TV. Just pick up, wait 2 min then pick up next. After picking up 5 msgs stop & TV me to make sure all OK. Indicate if you want to PU next 4 immediately or later.

5. TS:Lynton Andrews runs computer software/ supplies co. Best N&J don't know LA's affair very well - they are just friends doing a favour. They don't know his salesmen & don't know location of TS. They should do this soon as it'll look strange if delayed too long.

----- hear from you

Sent Wed. 17th May 1989

>1 of 9:


A.. Reply to yrs of 7,14/5:

{1. Hadn't recd part 1 of your 7/5. Now recd –ch}

2. Re part 2 (7/5):

(i)This must take priority over all else.

(ii) Because of the not very unflattering things we say & must say about you in msg, the impact would suffer if they know it'd come past your eyes. In any case now that you've met, we don't have to write telling him who & what you are & what you're about.

(iii) He does have problems about cabal. His correspondence about it is ferocious & furious- to a degree, which seems to allow no space in his mind for u/g org of Inqindi as fundamental to maintenance of structures & the guaranteeing of a sustained offensive at mass level. Earlier, shortly after his release, he'd sought guidance as to whether there ere new approaches to org as he felt the need to start. We advise then that he shouldn't do anything before his treatment when, during his trip outside, the whole question of our experience & hence new approach would be discussed. As it is he started employing the old methods which provide easy prey for the enemy. He's clearly propelled by the feeling, which we all share, that the state of org is v. poor & something must be done about it. Of course, the critical question is, what & even more important, how?

(iv) Fully agree on adaptation of Rachel briefing.

(v) Look forward to reports on the 2 meetings.

3.Word's being sent to Mamsie in Freddy's to stop it.

4. Re IPC & Jack & IPC reinforcement of Jack: Rooi's not here presently. As soon as we get feedback we'll inform you.

5. Thanks for annexures to your report of 5/4. Tremendous work! And v.


6. We're under intense pressure from friends & allies, & also because of Margaret Thatcher-led drive by the west to evolve a strategy that belongs to period following independence of Namibia. The race for who'll control developments in our country has started in earnest, & we should be in the lead. Our friends, no less than we, don't leave the running to MT & other allies of regime. The question being pressed on us from every corner is "what is to be done? What is the new strategy, or new approach? We need to evolve a kind of "435" for South Africa, formulated by us (ANC &MDM), sold to the FLS etc, & used to control & channel pressures, including MT &CO that we take charge of what needs to be done in our country.

End one


A high-powered delegation goes to Nigeria next week. Central to the discussions will be the question of a new strategy. We're going into the matter here. Can you make input?

7.. Finally, Alphons saw Elsa & the kids the other day. All look forward to the reunion with great excitement.

B.. Here follows JZ reply to his outfits:


1.. Firstly we accept the criticism re our failure to act promptly on the budget question. We duly apologize for this. We can promise you that it will never happen again.

C.. On 8/5/89 between 16 & 17 hours Cathy's time, the initial part of the budget was in AP's hands. Therefore by now you should have received it.  You will receive it in parts.

1.. We are now working on the arrangements that will certainly avoid this kind of delay in future

2.. Please confirm the June 13th arrangement through AP."

We are helping with the arrangements.

D.. You will have seen the full text of the press statement issued by COSATU/UDF on May 9. In case you've not seen it, herewith our statement issued May 11:

Statement of the national executive committee of the ANC on the Campaign for peace among the people in Natal

A major campaign is under way within South Africa to bring an end to the fratricidal conflict in Natal, and achieve peace among the people. The ANC commends all the forces, which have put forward various proposals genuinely aimed at ending this senseless violence. In particular, we salute Archbishop  Denis Hurley and the eminent person who initiated the latest round of consultations on this issue.

The ANC has itself expressed its wholehearted support for this campaign. We reiterate our call that the carnage must end. The energies of our people must be directed against the common enemy of the overwhelming majority of South Africans, the apartheid regime.

Two out


We believe that the various initiatives that have been advanced are aimed at the sole objective of ending the inter-communal strife which has brought so much suffering and destruction to the oppressed people. There is no other guarantee to the success of these efforts than the basic aspiration of the masses to unite in the struggle for their emancipation, and the genuine commitment of all patriotic forces to this noble ideal.

The campaign for peace should therefore involve all the people, organizations and structures concerned: Inkatha, COSTU, UDF affiliates, churches and other religious institutions, women, youth, professionals, businesspeople and other interested forces. No one must be left out. The ANC is firmly convinced that these forces share more common ground on this question that what might divide them. All patriots are therefore duty-bound to ensure that we don't allow the white majority regime to subvert this process and thus perpetuate internecine conflict among the oppressed people.

The ANC supports the call to convene a meeting of COSATU, Inkatha and UDF affiliates to work out the practical mechanisms relating to the achievement of peace, including the proposal to hold a peace conference of all concerned organizations and individuals and set the whole process in motion.

In this regard, the ANC avails itself to play as direct a role as it possible can given the conditions under which it has to operate. We believe that this Role should and can only be defined jointly by the forces operating openly on the ground, in particular UDF affiliates, Inkatha and COSATU.

We call on all men and women of good will, within South Africa and abroad, to support the efforts aimed at ending this carnage. Let the movement for peace among the people flourish".

The meeting agreed that if the 3 orgs decide to meet ANC, or if their meeting runs into probs calculated to wreck peace initiative, then ANC would invite all 3 parties together with church leaders, to come to Raymond'; What was left open was level of such a meeting, given that COSATU/UDF didn't see need for a meeting of "presidents" as GB demanded. Your obs will be appreciated. We'd also ask you to pass on above to HG & GM, indicating that we've asked you to do so.

E.. pls forward ff msg from Alphons to HG:

stop 3

Here's 4 of 9

1. We hope x conveyed our msg, & mentioned that there was another we held back at the last minute after developing cold feet about the security of its transit, given its highly sensitive nature. I'm still holding it back. But I now learn that you've met, let us call him PP. This was one of the main requests to you in the as yet undelivered communication. We, including JZ feel the whole issue around PP & his mission, which is the second most elaborately prepared venture we've undertaken, needs to be discussed at a meeting with you. We therefore eagerly look forward, firstly to your receiving much –needed medical attention abroad, & secondly to the opportunity which this will give for us to together – apart from the sheer joy of hugging you!

2. We should take this opportunity to say that pending our fuller discussion, there are a number of initiatives, which call for careful co- ordination. All of them arose out of a felt need, at different times, & are now running concurrently. The situation is not serious yet but we need, in consultation with yourself & others, to sort things out. The potential, as you observed in your communication, is tremendous. This is why we're particularly pleased & relieved to learn you've made personal contact with PP. And we know you'll help to keep him well secured.

3. I wonder if your trip to Madiba materialized. Our msgs to him, in reply to the issues he has raised, will only reach him Monday 15th. There's been a long delay in the granting of permission for the lawyer to visit.

4. We wish you every success in your efforts to cross the borders ( legally!)

next month.

F.. Re Isabel & security:

1.. We informed you previously that Isabel had phoned Sipho Twala in Tessa's  & that there are questions around ST.

2.. We've learned that Isabel has sent a postcard to friend in Freddy's.

3.. Isabel's instructions to Rocky re DLB was written by hand. The person who handled this note by chance also saw the card into & drew the correct conclusions. Of course we share some of the blame in passing Isabel's note directly to the operative. In future Isabel should type notes to us.

4.. In case one & two there seemed to be no hint that the call was from home but we've recently that Isabel has made a phone call to Refiloe in Freddy's & to check this info with Refiloe, but feel it necessary to send the above to you right away.

Four end here


Tony (15/5):

1. Re ZRPC reports: you don't need to include previous reports

2. Will follow up material issued by HQ.

Tony & Isabel from Alphons:

A. In the light of the enormous pressures bearing down on the movement from everywhere calling for negotiations, a document is being worked out at HQ, to be discussed with the MDM & then with the FLS before presentation to the OAU for adoption as a kind of 435 for South Africa. It's designed to guide world discussion on SA presented as an African position, & designed to pre-empt pressure groups, big & small, who desire to impose their own approach to the SA problem. A first draft will be sent to you, GM & HG for your input.

B. Meeting Alan Boesak this week at HQ.

1/. had come to consult on our positions in preparation for the visit of Archbishop Tutu & himself to USA this month. The ff points emerged during the consultation.

1.1/. according to Radio Deutsche Welle, US admin. Had upgraded the status of ANC & that president B intends to meet president OR.

1.2/ . There are signals from the regime that they've already firmly decided to release Cde Madiba after the Sep elections.

1.3/. Referring to the document mentioned under A above, it's reported Alec Erwin (he was here re peace Initiative) would like to have the draft document placed before the forthcoming NUMSA congress (It's hoped to have the document out this month or early June with inputs as requested under A above.

1.4 / . Hank Cohen of US admin. Agrees entirely with ANS'S objection to Margaret T as honest broker. A.B. thinks the way to deep MT out is to promote the EPG proposals because "she cannot wipe them off."

1.5/ . The imperialists are moving carefully towards mediation at the present time. That is why we need the commitment of the FLS & OAU. The entire world is concerned about apartheid & no particular country or group can apart ate themselves the role of mediator.

Meeting between us & UDF/COSATU delegation was convened to discuss progress in the efforts to resolve conflict in Natal, 6/5/89.

5ends, 6next

now 6/9

A..   Briefing by MDM delegation (comprising MM, TM, AE)

1.. After the Lusaka meeting, the proposed convenors were approached and they started process of consulting Inkatha.  However, faced with the public  and negative response from GB, they're not prepared to take the bold step of calling for a Peace Conference.  They also made the error, in approaching Inkatha, the hint at the fact that the proposals being put forward were canvassed among ANC, UDF and COSATU.

2.. GB's response was that he had been presented with a fait accompli, and he's come down heavily on the convenors and Archbishop Hurley in particular.  Since the exchange started, the train of events has, briefly, been as follows:

2.1. GB replied to Hurley's letter, in which he questions why he was not consulted from the beginning; who the originators were and who decided on the composition of the Committee of Convenors.  He then sets out his own "peace initiative".  However, he insists on a quadripartite meeting of presidents and senior leaders of the ANC, UDF, COSATU and Inkatha as the starting point.  COSATU and UDF replied in a memo indicating their support for the Hurley initiative, stating that they have a mandate from their constituency, etc.

2.2. GB complains to COSATU after COSATU (JN) press conference detailing police collusion with Inkatha.  Calls for an end to "smear campaigns".

2.3. GB writes to Hurley indicating that Inkatha's position would be taken by the CC meeting late April.

2.4. After whole initiative had been taken to the press by GB, COSATU/UDF hold joint press conference indicating that the "GB initiative" does not differ in substance from the positions of the UDF/COSATU, and indicating preparedness to meet Inkatha.

2.5. The Inkatha CC meeting resolutions affirm GB's positions: meeting of Presidents and senior leaders as basic condition and first step.  GB also dismisses Convenors as "outsiders" and says he doesn't need "go-between" to arrange for such a meeting.

2.6. Also note that:

Ø. After putting forward his initiative, GB approached the UK Embassy who in turn approached Kagiso Trust to urge the latter to fund the GB Peace Initiative.

Ø. Indirectly messages being sent to COSATU/UDF via Embassy indicating that some forces within Inkatha don't want the peace initiative in general to be scuttled.

7 of 9

3.. Organisationally the MDM has made some progress.  Joint Working Group (UDF/COSATU) functional.

3.1. The various areas could be characterized as follows:

Ø. Where progress has been made in revising structures e.g. Greater Pietermaritzburg Valley.

Ø. Areas where there's fierce fighting and where Inkatha, with the support of SAP, is making headway e.g. Isithebe, Mandini, Mpophomeni.

Ø. Areas where contact has been made with youth and other structures but not yet stabilised (between  Pietermaritzburg and Pinetown).

Ø. Areas where defectors from the MDM have formed gangster/vigilante groups and are on the rampage against the MDM e.g. some areas around Durban and Inanda.

3.2. The Complaints Adjudication Board (Inkatha/COSATU) has been somewhat functional.  But each time a complainant rears his/her head, they're attacked by the death squads.  Recent case of Duma who had incriminating evidence against Thulani Ngcobo (a warlord) but was shot after giving evidence – most probably by the warlord himself.  Then COSATU decided to suspend the Board.

4.. After examining developments, COSATU/UDF held consultation last Wed, and reached the following conclusions:

4.1. That GB is posturing and is not serious about peace process.  Thus need for them to also go public and expose him by taking the initiative and making concrete proposals.

4.2. To call a press conference Mon. (8th M.q) reply to Inkatha, and call for a meeting of Inkatha, UDF and COSATU to look into how to harmonize the peace initiatives.

4.3. Feel there's no need for the quadripartite meeting of Presidents et al.  This  to be used by GB as demonstration of credibility and power.

4.4. Should not allow GB to side step the convenors and other forces such as the Chambers of Industries and Commerce, churches, newspaper editors, NAFCOC, individuals in the DP.  The peace process needs their support and participation.

4.5. During the course of the week to canvass the forces referred to in 4.3 above and explain position of UDF/COSATU.

4.6. Also to pay special attention to chiefs.  In addition to those like Maphumulo who have taken a stand, other chiefs need the "space" within which they can do so without suffering wrath of GB and his warlords.  The peace initiative will provide such.


4.7. Step up international campaigning.  ANC needs to take this up to reinforce their work with embassies inside the country.

4.8. To organize more workshops to educate own members.  This to also involve Coloured and Indian communities where a start's already been made.

4.9. To step up COSATU/UDF propaganda drive.

4.10. To step up mobilization for funding.  Need movement input and also ensure synchronization of follow up.

5.. In response to questions, the cdes elaborated on the following:

5.1. The response of the MDM constituency has been positive in the main.  However, this is achieved as a result of political work within the ranks.  COSATU/UDF have to constantly explain that discussions under way are not peace talks, but preparations for a peace conference.

5.2. Hurley and other convenors have been largely inactive since GB responded publicly.  They've however indicated that their doors will always be open to assist if so required.

Last – 9/9

2.. The meeting then agreed:

2.1. The movement supports the positions taken by the UDF/COSATU to call for a meeting with Inkatha and to go public (refer A 4.1 – 10 above).

2.2. If GB insists on the quadripartite meeting, the MDM to put forward the real logistical problems that would arise: MDM leaders restricted and not able to travel, etc.  Also state that MDM not opposed to quadripartite but that even this would requirfe the meeting between Inkatha and UDF/COSATU, first and foremost, to consider this and all other proposals relating to the peace initiative.

2.3. That the movement will issue a press statement by next Wed. to state its position on all the above, and dovetail with UDF/COSATU publicity drive: the statement to be issued after Tues NWC/PMC meeting which will deal solely with this issue.  The MDM delegation proposed that, among others, the following ideas should be incorporated in the statement:

*. Put the background to the conflict in perspective.

*. Aim, above all, to push GB to the internal meeting with the MDM – leave him with no alternative but being completely and finally discredited.

*. That the movement prepared to play a role, but this to be defined (at the public level) jointly by COSATU, UDF, Inkatha and that the quadripartite as proposed by GB – if it takes place – would be a result of progress in the peace process inside, not the starting point to this process.

*. Emphasize that all other forces: churches, business groups etc have a role to play in the peace process.

2.4. That the MDM and the movement should issue massive supportive propaganda on this question.

2.5. ANC to launch/intensify international campaign on this issue.

2.6. The movement needs to censure the British government for intervening on behalf of GB re" Kagiso Trust funding.

Alphons>Tony ONLY:

Are you aware of relationships between Isabella & Refiloe?

Ends 9/9. No more now

MAY 18

Received Thu. 18th May 1989  (in two parts)


One: Only managed to collect 4 msgs on 17th. But msg no. 3 cannot decoded. Seems either page pr line no. is wrong. You don't have to resend entire no.3. Only the part that does not deal with NEC statement. Hence hope to collect this part of no.3 plus msg 5-9 today.

(2) Pls let us know when the 15000.00 is ready in your hands for dispatch. Sorry about mix up caused by Tessa's soon, herewith arrangements for rendezvous with Minah.

3.1. Prefer M meets us at Zola's.

3.2. From any disembarkation point M shld take a taxi to the ocean city Holiday Inn (NB the old H/I, not the Marine Parade H/I) at the north-end of town on Sol Harris Crescent & book in there for a night.

3.3. First meeting spot is the bus shelter at the corner of Sol Harris crescent & Somtseu Road.

3.4. The time for the first contact shall be 19.00 hrs (nineteen). Fallback time 21.00 hrs (Twenty one) on the date of her communicated arrival wh we assume Ken will send us.

3.5. If contact is not made on arrival date as above, then the contact meeting will be on the following day at 11.00 hrs (Eleven), with fallback set for 14.30 hrs (fourteen-thirty). In this case the meeting spot shall be off Sol Harris Crescent on the Sandtown Road in a small park. M must sit on a bench opposite the only blue coloured swing in the park.

Contd/ Part Two

Part Two:

3.6. Identification: For both meeting sports she must wear a black top (T-shirt, jersey or jacket). She will be approached by someone wearing broad-rimmed spectacles and asked, "Am I anywhere near the Elangeni Hotel?" She shld reply "I might as well as accompany you since I am heading in that direction".

3.7. If no contact is made revert to bus shelter in evening & park daytime, until contact is made revert to bus shelter in evening & park daytime, until contact is made. Times remain the same as above. Also extend booking at hotel.3.8. In the unlikely event of hotel being fully booked, book in at any other hotel in the vicinity, but rendezvous still the same.

Four: Your info re John noted. Given the plans that exists & are being worked on for Tony it seems we shall have to look at a special courier etc. Pls raise matter with Raymond & advise. Either we send some, or you do..

Sent Thu. 18th May 1989


a:Got TV msg re Suzanne but reception bad .Do you want to meet during week& at other times? Same place? Will contact her tomorrow. Sure other times OK.

b: Sorry got you to resend 2 TC msgs but thought you'd work out that I got them OK because I obeyed your instructions in them. It was TV msg that was blank.

c: In future even 30 secs between Pus OK.

Elsa (Dictated msg):

1.. Thank you for your messages and the two lovely cassettes. Surprised you still haven't received my Jan disk as it was taken abroad for dispatch to you ages ago.

2.. We are longing to be with you. Mistake perhaps to have told kids already as hey are now terribly impatient and fretful about dates. With my unbroken stay at home over the past seven weeks I am still on sick leave. Joey's condition has improved dramatically. She has also become more manageable temperament wise and is a real pleasure again. Milou is solid as ever - a rock in my life but they still fight each other like hell.

3.. A last attempt to reconstruct my shoulder joint has also failed. I am reluctant to undergo a fifth operation - the third one to my shoulder since in any case I get none of the crucial aftercare here. Big S might be a better bet but it depends upon the Harare surgeon's advice when he phones me early next week. If a further operation is suggested, and if it can wait, then Big S around the 2nd of July may be my best way forward since anyway the last two weeks of school are more for fooling around. What are the chances that if necessary your dates could coincide.

4.. Alphons we are looking for Mandela and Sisulu manuscripts but I couldn't help him. Had myself been wondering about their whereabouts. What did you do with them after clearing Kabulonga study?

5.. {blank here}…. Things that have been going on starting as far back as my medical evacuation from UTH. Late as it was, thank God the UN intervened when it did. I would have been a cripple otherwise. Even in this kind of milieu it seems that one has to be strong enough to ride the occasional waves of human pettiness!

With love Elsa and the little people

MAY 19

Sent Fri 19th May 1989

Fri 19th May:

To Ken

(1) Now clear that Tony can only see Sello during the coming week. It wld be useful if you cld adjust matters with Suzanne such that contact cld be made on weekday at 7-7.30 pm at same venue. Then Tony cld advise you wh day wld be convenient & you cld trigger Suzanne.

(2). Pls let us know a.s.a. the 15000 (sterling) is available.

(3) Thank for msg from Elsa.

To A&J:

(1). Many thanks for 9 parts msg. Much appreciated. All points for attention will be attended to ASAP.

(2). What has happened to silencers (for AK, Scorpion as well as with & for western made weapons)? Last msg on this was ex Leo wh seemed matter wld be resolved soon. (3) RE Jabu: Sorry to hear about extent of his injuries. A cadre who preformed as he did deserves the privilege of home development! But the key question here is, given that he knew what he was ear-marked for, how does he feel? Is hr still keen? If so, we think he wld be useful here despite disability. Also we could handle locally some of his treatment- depending on its nature. We need battle tested cadres.

Four: Re Isabella & security:

4.1 yes, we had your report re Isa containing ST. This was done on basis (a) we needed to trigger contact with someone at Sello's. ST had met Isa at Tessa's & provided some facilities when Isa was entering with Vula. But that contract has terminated.

4.2. Isa assures me no postcard of any sort has been sent anywhere. So your report on this is intriguing .

4.3. Ditto re Refiloe: no phone to her or mother. Again, intriguing. Five: Tony looking into how to meet "holiday" proposals .Wld help if you indicated wh period wld be best for A&J, how do we fit in Elsa & the two little people, where does one head for, with what sort of profile does one live at such a place, how do we best use such a trip for distilling lessons so far, ironing out problems, and how to achieve return - so that does not damage return etc. But will write more on this as Tony works out proposals at this end. Basically we are thinking of Masha option & looking at routes. This thing makes me more nervosa than surviving here with all the security problems! Warmest greetings Tony

MAY 22

Received Mon. 22nd May 1989


To Ken

(1) Please arrange for contact with Suzanne at venue you supplied for Thurs 25 May at seven pm. Fallback: Friday 26th at seven pm. Second fallback Sunday 28 May at nine am. Pls confirm via TV the contact point need not be inside the launderette but around the entrance - but this latter point is not crucial if there is any difficult in communicating this. The key thing is the dates and the times. During this period Vula and Suzanne can be linked via you (TV) in case any snags arise.

(2) Tony shld be with Sello on Wed 24, >by wh date you shld switch to Isabella's TB & Tony's TB at Sello.

Three: When will you have the 15000 sterling on hand. Can we start negotiations here for exchange?

To A&J:

One project is moving into line, viz, to building of a concealed "basement" self contained room. We have the site, found suitable engineer and builder. Present projections (not detailed costing) is that it will not cost above 60000.00 rands (about 15000 pound) at the outside limit. If we start soon we could have it ready for occupation by around end August (which would be a good fit in terms of Tony's return date etc). Have given engineer & builder the go ahead to prepare plns, do precise costing etc and go-ahead on basis that it must not go outside the 60000 rand range. How do you feel about this? Do you think we can get funds? Bear in mind that soon we shall be reporting on progress to set up proper printing facilities as we are finding our little machines overtaxed by the quantities they have to produce. Most aspects are falling into place re newsletter. Big constraint is printing facilities. More on this later. Bye for now Tony

MAY 23

Sent Tues. 23rd May 1989

It's Tuesday:

+ Received your TC yesterday OK.

+ Re Suzanne: Difficult to tell her to meet at door of place but will try. Suzanne has TV but no bleep so difficult to get her immediately. Have told her to listen every day this week but she tends to do so at end of day. So if you want to say something re or to her do so in good time. Please inform us via TV as soon as you've met.

+ Re money: Charles placed order for 15k pounds with Ian Clarke last week but he's gone away for week/10 days so can't do anything till he gets back.

+When you're at Sello's will you please renew John's deposit box at the bank or remove contents if you decide not to.

+Cindy says she may have another John for us.

+ Raymond> Tony: We earlier asked you for input re "call to the people", can we still expect it? Pls respond within a week since it's already due. Hope not putting unnecessary pressure on you.


MAY 24

24th MAY 1989

Alphons and Janet to Tony

For Rachel and, of course, for you.

Please ensure that R gets it soonest.

Report: on 7th April Alphons raised the following matters with NM, through IA.  We have just received the answers.  Further questions were raised with NM in middle of May.  We're waiting for these answers and we shall be reporting further to GM.

1.. What is the subject matter of these talks?

There is one, and only one, subject matter of the talks, namely a meeting between ANC and the government.  Right from the start of the talks M attempted to define this position as clearly as he could.  He emphasized that he was not a negotiator, and that his only concern was to bring the organization and the government to the negotiating table.  As would be expected, a host of matters have been raised in the process.  Although he attempted to outline the policy of the organisation on each point, his basic attitude has throughout been that all these issues be put directly to the organisation itself when the meeting is held.

2.. It is our idea that we should not negotiate in fragmented formation as this will promote fragmented approaches when the government comes with a coherent plan.

M agrees that fragmented negotiations would be dangerous, and that this should be avoided at all costs.  He is, however, not aware that the government is talking with some of our members other than himself.  He makes it quite clear that if that is what the government is in fact doing he will immediately back off his own discussions.  His intention in urging the government to talk with the organisation is precisely to forestall such a fragmented approach on our part.

3.. If negotiation is not handled we will discourage such pressures as sanctions:

M can think of no better method of conducting negotiations than to bring the government and the organisation together to work out a solution acceptable to all parties.  He has, however, insisted that there can be no change in the position of the organisation, as well as its operations, until a proper settlement is reached.  Naturally, the international community will continue to pressure us to negotiate as they are already doing right now.  But we have fairly powerful machinery and very able and dedicated leaders inside and outside the country, who ought to experience no real difficulties in convincing the world that there should be no easing of pressure until an effective settlement is reached.

4.. The organisation insists that all leaders, inside and outside prison, should be there when negotiations take place:

This is an objective worth striving for and its immense advantages are too obvious to require further emphasis.  But we must accept that it may not be so easy for the organisation to secure the release from prison of all leaders required at such negotiations, and the leadership outside prison may be compelled to enter talks without those inside.

5.. What M is discussing with the government is not known to the organisation:

It is perfectly natural for the organisation to be worried when a member engages in serious discussions with the government without a mandate from his organisation.   It is worse when that member is a long term prisoner separated from his own fellow prisoners.   However, from the very start of the talks M expressed the hope that the government would, in due course, allow him to report to his colleagues inside and outside the country, a point which he is presently hammering in these discussions.  One may add that M has kept his colleagues at Pollsmoor Prison informed on the discussions, even though for reasons which he explained to them, he was unable to be as detailed in his report as he would have liked.  He also reported to Bribri when the latter was transferred from Robben Island on 17 March 1989.

6.. Request to see GM and to get his views on internal leaders to be consulted:  Despite the fact that the government has repeatedly turned down M's request to see GM, he continues to urge the government to allow this visit.  He had discussions with GM on three different occasions before the latter was released from prison, and he stressed the importance of regular contact between them so that he (M) could keep abreast of the thinking of the NE on the political situation in the country generally and on the talks in particular.  As pointed out in (7) below, M is no longer pressing to report first to the internal leadership before he meets the NE.

7.. Report to the NE on the talks:

As pointed out under (5) above, M is urging the government to allow him to report to the NEC on the talks, and to get its views on the whole matter.  He was of the opinion that the NEC would probably want to know the views of the internal leadership on these issues before it makes a firm decision.  He would have preferred to consult with representations elected by the internal leaders themselves.  But the team with whom he is discussing insisted on getting the names of the proposed representatives for the purpose of considering the request.  It was under these circumstances that he suggested certain names on a regional basis.  M stressed to the team that if the consultation was to have any significance, top leaders from each region would have to be included.  Some of these leaders, he pointed out, were serving prison sentences, others were in detention while still others were restricted.  All of them would have to be free to attend.  M has, however, noted your deep concern on this particular point.  It is clear that he did not examine very carefully some of the ticklish problems to which the organisation has drawn attention.  He is consequently no longer pressing for such consultations, and would now prefer to report first to the NEC.  The next step would be taken after full consultation with the NE.

8.. Release of political prisoners serving life imprisonment:

M is definitely negotiating with the government on this issue, and the release of GM is the result of such negotiations.  This particular development must, however, be seen against the background of the massive campaign for the release of political prisoners by the democratic movement and by our friends throughout the world during the last 25 years.  No single individual can, therefore, claim credit for the release of any of our political prisoners.  But M has been discussing the matter with the government since July 1986.  The expectation was that GM and WS would be released at the same time. But this was not to be.   Nevertheless, it was a happy moment indeed when M informed GM that he was being released at last, and without conditions.  GM's release was significant in several respects:

(a). The government has insisted throughout the years that a person serving life imprisonment could never be released from prison, life imprisonment meant just that.  GM's release put an end to that approach.

(b). The government released him without conditions, which meant that the movement would now have an experienced man who would be free to move around the country helping in settling problems.

(c). GM's release was also a test, and the release of the remaining lifers would be influenced mainly by what he did outside prison.  For these reasons M advised that, subject to what the organization outside prison might decide, GM should avoid addressing public meetings.  M is still of the opinion that lifers, and only lifers, who are released because of old age, health grounds or whatever, should be used very cautiously by the mass democratic movement in order to facilitate the release of those still in prison.


As pointed out above, a host of issues were raised in the course of the discussions with the government. The attitude of the organisation on questions such as violence, the SACP, majority rule, sanctions and other forms of external pressure is fairly clear and one can state it accurately.

But there were other matters on which the views of the organisation were not so clear to M.  An issue of this nature, which repeatedly came up, was the fact that the government had repeatedly announced that they would never talk with the organisation.  How would they retain credibility to their supporters, they asked, if they now changed their stand and sat down to talk with the same organisation.

M's own assessment of the line-up within the establishment, especially during the last three years, is that whatever the hawks may say in public, there is a strong government lobby that regards the organisation and its leaders as worthy opponents, with whom negotiations could be fruitfully considered.  This is but natural, because what dominates the political scene in SA today is the fact that the organisation has far outclassed the government both in its ability to mount effective operations inside the country in the face of the most massive machinery of repression this country has ever seen.  Equally important has been the success of the organisation in the diplomatic field.  In any negotiation situation we would not enter the talks from a position of weakness.  Obviously the wheels of government grind very slowly, and almost three years of discussion is by any standard a long time.  Moreover M's illness and that of others from the other side were regrettable setbacks which seriously disrupted the tempo on the talks.  Now the forthcoming general election and changes in the top echelons of the NP and government mean that no significant advance should be expected until about the end of the year.  M feels that there has been fairly good progress.  At the same time he has made it abundantly clear that if the NEC is, for any reason, of the opinion that he should pull out of the talks, he will do so immediately.

MAY 25

Sent Thu. 25th May 1989

Thurs 25th

Dictated by Elsa Wed .24th

"News from Harare surgeon is that if dislocation becomes too painful I opt for a third shoulder operation or just live with the dislocation. {Blank}… UN resident representative here is shattered by this news and has offered to evacuate me for treatment to Ken, all my personal & medical expenses paid This may well be a better bet than Big S in terms of latest techniques and for later follow-up etc. I'm not sure. When is the earliest we can safely meet at Ken's .Already discussed this new medical development with kid's teachers who are being very supportive. Kids are bursting with joy at prospect of being re-united with you. Let me know soonest how your schedules look. Love Elsa"


+ I have plans for DLB recently sent to you. Can send you diagrams via TC. Do you want or was description OK?

+ Please inform type of pagers you have at Sello & Zola's. Are they just bleep or do you have numeric or alphanumeric displays. Knowledge affects way I'll use.

+Have five more TC msgs (from A&J) for you after this one. Please PU me but may be out a lot today.

+Pls advise asa you've met Suzanne OK.

Leo to Tony:

Pls send courier. We understand Vidhu (wife of LG) is coming to Bulawayo around June 19th. If you're going to send anything with her let us know details in advance. Do you want things from us or only to send? Need to know in advance. {Chas: seems no point in this if you'll see John next day}

Rocky to Tony:

Re Refiloe: have investigated contact between Isabella & her. She denies flatly but we're of the belief that contact was made: this arises out of the questioning. Have authentic info that Isabel did send postcard, one member of our unit actually saw it. Worried she may already know of the presence of Isabel. Therefore consideration must be given to her possible interception while going in & subsequent consequences. Question arises whether she must be sent to your structures or not. Have already taken the decision she shouldn't be sent to Charles for training. Pls advise.


Received Thu.  May 25th May 1989


One :On eve of departure from Zola, found that both LTs in care of Isa (The one was from Sello & is usually based there) were out of order. The one clearly has completely flat battery. The other wh I brought along to check & try to have repaired here if necessary was refusing to load program. Anyway am busy checking but in meantime this poses immediate prob: viz, Isa for present can only be in touch on basis of TV. Hence we ask that any urgent matters, esp entry of Minah be sent to me & I shall get info to Isa if it needs action during my absence from Zola.

Two: Please inform Janet that it is regrettably simply impossible for me in present circumstances to draft "call". I hope he will understand.

(3) Hope to est contact with Suzanna soon. Will advise when affected.

(4) for A&J: have managed to get thro to Madiba. Waiting to see his response wh I should have (with luck) early next week. Keep fingers crossed. So far indications are that he recognized author & got a shock. Many thanks for useful report of meeting with MDM. So far no indication that any reasonable briefing to structures has been done but by keeping us fully briefed we can play useful role in unblocking things at MDM level & getting things moving.

(5) When will Leo be back at Ray's. Want to send a msg for him to pass to Abba ASA he gets back. Pls give deepest love to Elsa and  the little people

Ends finis Tony

MAY 29

Received Mon. 29th May, 1989 in 5 parts

29 May

Part One:

To A&J:

One: On 27th Sophitshi (M) saw the lawyer (henceforth Sekwati) and his wife. He handed over a written reply to Ndima and one in response to Tony's note to him. This is the first time that nothing of the contents was passed verbally. As you will note from the replies below Sophitshi is very conscious that the regime may swoop on Sekwati partly because the regime is aware of Sekwati's trips etc to Nadima. Under the circumstances I felt that we should send the report via Vula channels. But we  should not allow the enemy to notice any sharp changes. I feel that Nadima shld continue to phone Sekwati but raise fairly innocuous matters in the usual way with no reference to contents assign in the way that does not allow the enemy  to overhear. Further the methods Tony has been working out with Sophitshi have not been fully grasped by Sophitshi. Tony sent another note to him on 27th so the method is being developed. Once it is fully operational Tony will begin developing an alternate in case Sekwati is prevented from visiting. Also Ndima's note was passed in original form. Note: its form was not really suitable for the concealment method. It would be preferable if Tony is allowed to transcribe it in a more suitable for camouflage. Need your authorization. Here ffs the two communications from  Sophitshi:

(a) Reply to Ndima: Sophitshi is happy to know that you support the initiative he has taken to talk to the team, and your acceptance that he sees himself as merely facilitating talks between us and the other side. He accepts your observation that both you and him are at a total disadvantage in regards to this initiative, since on our side he is the only one who knows the contents of his talks. He will accordingly give you a full report of his discussions at the earliest possible convenience

(more ffs)

(a). contd/. But you must advice him without delay just how the report should be made available to you. There are three options. The first, which Sophitshi prefers, is to continue pressing the other side, as he has been doing, to allow him to come over to report to you. The team agrees with this point of view, but the final decision does not rest on them. It is doubtful whether this is likely to happen before the forthcoming general election. The second option is to brief Xhamela as you suggested. This will be extremely difficult to do. Although Sophitshi's discussions with visitors are never visibly monitored by an official, it must be assumed that in actual fact we are never alone. We cannot give him a written report as he might be searched on release. The 3rd option is to continue using Sekwati to whom we can give a written report for your attention. But Sophitshi warns that Sekwati is a hot potato. It is clear that the other side knows that Sekwati shuttles between Ndima and Sophitshi. The possibility of a surprise swoop on him one day must not be excluded. Sophitshi will consider carefully your guidance on this aspect.

You state that Sophitshi seems to be concentrating on the internal clash between black & whites & not on our set objectives & external pressure. This impression is not correct & is based solely on the part of his comments in which he defines his exact role in the discussions. The forthcoming report will probably clear the issue. However, in the actual discussions Sophitshi has deliberately underplayed the importance of external pressure.

(new para.)part 3 ffs

Part Three: Sophitshi has already informed you that he has abandoned his plan of consulting the regions. But he intends seeing Archie. Sophitshi has already seen Dullah from WP and Harry, separately of course. He hopes to see Dlamini & Ntsiki soon. It may not be wise to appear as treating Archie differently. Sophitshi will indicate to each what his original plan was but that he has dropped it on your advice.

(new para). A resolution adopted by the recent NUMSA conference suggests that somebody is going around saying one of us is negotiating with the govt. Sophitshi proposes that the mischief should be countered without delay by reading to the under mentioned individuals the statement in which Sophitshi has defined his role in the on- going discussions. This must be strictly confidential: Elijah Barayi & Jay Naidoo, Cyril & Mahlatsi, Cassim Saloojee, Essop Jassat & Firoz Cachalia…, Archie & George Sewpersadh.  I will acquaint Albertina & Murphy personally.

( new para). You may have missed the first part of the statement which reads as follows: "The deepening political crisis in our country has been a matter of great concern to me for quite some time, & I now consider it necessary in the national interests, for the ANC and the govt to mee3 urgently to negotiate an effective political settlement.

(new para) At the outset I must point out that I make its move without consultation with the ANC. I am a loyal and disciplined member of the ANC. My political loyalty is primarily, if not exclusively, to this organization, and in particular, to our Lusaka headquarters, where the official leadership is stationed, & from where our affairs are directed…"

(new para).

Contd Part Four

Part Four: The concluding two paras which I did not read out to you are as ffs: "I must add that the purpose of this discussion is not only to urge the urge to talk to the ANC, but it is also to acquaint you with views current among blacks, especially those in the liberation movement. If I am unable to express these views frankly & freely, you will never how the majority of South Africans think on the policy & reactions of the govt: you will never know how to deal with their grievances & demands.

(new para) It is perhaps to remind you that the media here & abroad has given certain public figures in this country, but also in respect of their prescriptive stance when dealing with black leaders generally. This impression is shared not only by the vast majority of lacks, but also by a substantial section of the whites. If I had allowed myself to be influenced by this impression I would not have even thought of making this move. Nevertheless, I come here with an open mind, & the impression I will carry away from this meeting will be determined almost exclusively by the manner in which you respond to my proposal. It is in this spirit that I have undertaken this mission, & I sincerely hope that nothing will be done or said here which will force me to revise my views on this aspect."(new para) This introduction is followed by 10 pages in which I state our policy on violence, alliance with SACP, majority rule and sanctions. ends msg to Ndima.

(b) Here follows response to Tony's note: Sophitshi was pleasantly surprised by your message & it revived warm recollections of the comradeship to which you refer.

Part Five contd/


Part 5: You have however been in our thoughts all these years.

(new para) It was quite proper for you to concentrate on the technical aspects (ie of communications) and Sophitshi has noted all your suggestions. Keeping in touch will be of crucial importance to us all & Sekwati will be the best channel of communication (ie carrying the camouflaged goods). He is, however, very hot as the establishment is by now probably aware of his shuttling between Ndima & Sophitshi. We must seriously reckon with the danger of a surprise swoop on him. As you know, Sophitshi is no longer in regular contact with Ntakobusi & they are not likely to meet soon. Sophitshi will accordingly not be in a position to convey the information to him, which is probably good. Sophitshi is in full agreement with everything you have said & expects a further communication from you. Meantime fondest regards." ends.  According to Swkwati the only point that arose in the verbal part related to Fatima and the books question. Sophitshi mentioned that there is some major hitch regard to Xhamela's release. Plus he asked Sekwati to go to Durban personally to tell Archie and George Sewpersadh that Sophitshi saw HG only to discuss his personal matters as Sop. feared that HG would be restricted. There was also the question of his passport. Whilst HG was with him he discussed other matters. Sop wants them to know that the impression created by HG that Sop holds his views higher than theirs is not correct & he would also like to meet them. Ends (Tony's note: it seems that Fatima conveyed this re what HG is saying, though I have not heard that HG has said this to anyone! Seems there is no shortage of mischiefmakers!)

more ffs

Part Six

(d) Sekwati is due to see Sophitshi on Saturday 11th June. So far the container we are using is getting through. Only Sophitshi has not mastered how to open & re-seal it. The idea is that Sekwati will take in the container and leave it with Sophitshi, so that by next time Sophitshi will have time to retrieve material, prepare his reply etc, insert it & have it ready for handling over the next time. Each time Sekwati will have another container with in-going material, so that all that will happen is that containers are swapped. However, even in this case it will be important that the conversation at the visits does not abruptly and drastically change in content (see what I have said re phone discussions between Ndima & Sekwati).I have plans re how contact will be kept up safely even if Sekwati is blocked but first we have to get present method working properly. Apparently this last time both Sop & Sek were nervous but they'll get over it. In my last communication I took the technical aspects a step further. At the same time I took the liberty of briefing Sop re the issues you raised re "435" based on your communication to us I phoned you approve. I am convinced that once method is mastered Sop. will give Ndima the briefing. However this does not mean that Sop. must stop his request to be allowed to personally brief NEC. He should persist with this all the time. Finally please make sure that whatever you want conveyed at next round reaches me at the latest by Wed. 9th June.

Warmest greetings.

MAY 30

Received Tues. 30th May 1989


(1) Ken, your TV msg last night not quite clear. The msg re Leo: does that mean Minah will be at Zola's on 30th May? Urgent - clarify. Also what was that msg re parcels? As far as we were informed Leo wld keep touch with you re Minah= Junior's entry & you would inform us. And is 30th on TV real date? I have to contact Isa so that he can attend to it, so pls clarify with real date.. You can do so on my Sello bleep wh is alpha-numeric, can tke up to 12 msgs  totaling about 100 characters. My bleep at Zola is also alpha numeric but I can't say at this stage its totally capacity.

(2) Pls inform Elsa I am still waiting for p/port & how to get out. Will advise & discuss with her & Janet how we can see a fit. Another problem is how after exiting to change back to normal appearance if I am to get to UK. Hope to discuss all this with her & Janet in the forthcoming period. Meanwhile she & kids are constantly in my thoughts.

Three: Hope John will also be bringing Maureen's driving license, Elsa's disk, more container books (better made in terms of reusable glue).

Four: Have you now got the 15000 pds? Don't have much time to start negotiations for exchange.

(5) The repeat to the A0 (1) report on disk was posted to the address you gave the day I left Zola. Pls advise when you receive it.

Six: Tony expects to join Zola on Fri. Will confirm by TV.

(7) What news re Masha? When can we expect return? Absence likely to noticed now, esp as enemy seems to be increasing its all-round surveillance. Finally, will try to get this off to you soonest as would like response (pref. On my TB) re (1) above tonight. Have many more msgs etc- prob is to find the time to prepare them. Will do best I can. Cheers

MAY 31

Sent Wed. 31st May 1989

One on 31st:

I'm thinking that the 'goods' Leo was talking about was a  reference to Minah. As a clue he referred me to your msg of 18 May which was re meeting Minah. I wish these guys would be more clear & inform us beforehand what codes they're going to use. They always drop these things out of the blue.

2] Dictated msg from Elsa: "All arrangements for my medical evacuation to Cathy's are complete. It's now a question of booking an appointment with the specialists which depends on knowing the earliest you can make it there to help with the kids while I'm under treatment. Like your sister mine freaked out while she was here so I won't be seeking her assistance again. Look forward to your reply. All love"

3] Please report how your meeting with Suzanne went. Think it may be a good idea to give her your Sello bleep while you're at Zola's as she has TV.

4] I have Maureen's driving licence. John will bring.

5] Will try to see Ian Clarke today re 15,000 as I hear he's back.

6] I received AO (1) yesterday (30th).

7] Masha should be back any time now but I don't know for sure. He'll phone Charles as soon as back.

8] Rocky to Tony: We've info on security branch members, eg head of Durban & Pmbg; warlords etc. where they live, some photographs. Also info on economic targets. If you're interested we can send it to you.


Received Wed. 31st May 1989


To A&J:

(1) Wld like to comment on "435" issue - don't know if I can find the time.  But need to point out that tactically wrong to use Erwin as messenger  & place him in position to be first on ground to raise issue plus introduce it at NUMSA congress. Strategic point to introduce such issues is not with one or other union but rather via Cosatu. Also Murphy & Titus were there for Peace issue - does not appear they were briefed. Anyway, this observation only for the future.

(2) Understand at Sello that UDF/ Cosatu due to hold meeting with you on 5/6 June where central issue will be "negotiating position". Now, no prob with this if our draft will be basis of discussion. But equally important is that this was also supposed to be follow up meeting to the Harare strategizing meeting held earlier. Unfortunate tendency that MDM has done very little to implement & give flesh to views developed at Harare. The basic premise to any negotiating positions must be escalating the struggle & esp in this content the mass struggles. The push from our u/g structures in this regard has to be reinforced at your meetings with them. Have raised this with a few individuals eg. V, CR and tonight with Jay etc I therefore suggest that this shld have equal place on your agenda. Let me sketch argument I have been advancing: Current atmosphere state has SoE on books & will renew, but application of repression becoming more subtle with some de facto space. MDM (ie inclusive of Cosatu) still not addressing issues in way that activist can feel things are coming together again. Positive side is that restructuring is proceeding quietly (in this ex- detainees playing important role in spite of restrictions on them- wh only emphasis that State saw their detention as essential to cutting MDM from grassroots). Also some thought being given to specify issues but all in a piecemeal way eg. Soweto rent boycott issue wh remains very mush a Soweto issue handled by the sp. Cttee and MDM as a whole not tangible related & active on matter: Natal peace campaign wh is moving with all the fits & starts that GB is imposing: thinking going on re restrictees defying: & now the coming: also Anti- Ahd Conf: plus there is the following up to the first workers summit wh this time will invite all MDM orgs to participate. However reality is all being looked at in piecemeal way.

Msg 3: Fact that NECs of UDF & Cosatu have met, that at HQ the two secretariats are meeting regularly is big advance & process needs to be carried into the regions. Equally important is the issue that are addressed & the way they are addressed at these joint meetings. Eg. Issue of next workers summit never features in UDF agenda. Other issues to be looked at separately & in pockets eg. Indians look at what to do re HoD elections, coloureds ditto re HoR elections etc and so debates about elections move in the well worn grooves of participation/ boycott. Meanwhile enemy finds it necessary to soft pedal for a variety of reasons & we must exploit this. Also never delude ourselves that this soft pedalling is permanent (in fact enemy is steadily increasing its surveillance in all regions). Now cf. Dec. Umsebenzi editorial re militancy of masses & the structures have taken & need for finding the right balance with the primary objective of unleashing the energy of the masses. Against all this we have to recognized great need to find the way

(a) to force the Sep elections off the headlines

(b) give FW no breathing space, rather baptize him in fire

(c) keep the DP under constant tension so that there is room to keep it shifting left

(d) find the balance to restructure IN ACTION and

(e) give masses & activists a sense that there is a direction in wh we are moving (& in this regard we must ensure that the Constitutional Guidelines gives an added sense of where to but not in an academic but rather mass action sense. The reality is that there is not even a debate within this sort of framework & what we (ANC) shld be doing is not to prescribe the actual decisions etc, rather to generate this perspective for debate within the MDM wh for within itself & in the context of this debate will develop the campaign issues, the nature of the mass actions & sense of urgency & power the masses command. More ffs

Msg Four: As I see it the Second Worker's Summit is the ideal launching pad- tho not without probes re action. NB. It will be preceded by the mid July Cosatu Congress. Issue- wise the 1st Summit focused on the Labour Relations Act but this keeps being seen as a trade union matter. Further there is the Cosatu Living Wage campaign. Again this issue in practice is treated as a matter betw the t/ unions & employers when wage negotiations come round. In fact it's all embracing & lies at center of worker/ employer as well as people/ State relations. Rise in C.O.L is staggering- in any other country there wld have been food riots by now. Further, if defined thus L.W Campaign can draw in entire people, be used as powerful mobilizing issue, give space for each sector/strata to add diff. Dimensions & emphasis when mobilizing on ground, also give her cover re State re our thrust under SoE. What is crucial is that we shld mobilizes for action around elections but select issues (not a whole shopping list) which focus masses on key issues, treat the elections with disdain yet subsume rejection of elections within the other issues, & thereby dominate election period. Eg why not a 4-day strike/stay away of entire people (not just workers) – two days before elections, plus day of elections plus one day after the elections? Not only wld actions of the masses take center place & sideline elections, but force DP etc to define positions re State & actions of the masses. If launched via 2nd W. Summit & with 6 weeks of solid organizing we may well unleash the masses. But am not insisting on precise action & mix - rather need for immediate strategizing in this framework. Saw Jay last night - clear Cosatu is thinking but still missing that sense that we must wipe the elections into the back pages. Cosatu sending high powered delegation. Will include Moses Mayekiso- important we shld make impact on him so as to lay basis to shift his thinking. Look forward to hearing how the "tripartite" goes & outcome of metg. All for now warmest greetings

Received Wed 31st May 1989


Hi Ken:

(1) Seems that one of earlier three we sent three we sent today was too long. Am now going to resend this part one - but this time break it into two parts. Will wait for your acknowledgement as to whether you have received all parts.

(2) Will also arrange for yours to be picked up with this.

(3) Pls inform A&J that the msg for Rachel was delivered last night safely. Rachel was pleased to receive the briefing. Seems that Rachel is likely to be allowed to visit   Sophitshi soon. Hope he will not react adversely since S unlikely to brief him properly given that S is working on basis that the room is bugged.

Four.  Here ffs part one of today's earlier msg I will break up this into (a) and (b) Hereunder ffs (a):

(a) To A&J:  (1) Wld like to comment on "435" issue- don't know if I can find the time. But need to point out that tactically wrong to use Erwin as messenger & place him in position to be first on ground to raise issue plus introduce it at NUMSA Congress. Strategic point to introduce such issues is not with one or other union but rather via Cosatu. Also Murphy & Titus were there for peace issue - does not appear they were briefed. Anyway, this observation only for the future.

(2) Understand at Sello that UDF/ Cosatu due to hold meeting with you on 5/6 June where central issue will be "negotiating positions". Now, no prob with this if our draft will be basis of discussion. But equally important is that this was also supposed to be follow up meeting to the Harare strategizing meeting held earlier. Unfortunate tendency that MDM has done very little to implement & give flesh to views developed at Harare. The basic premise to any negotiating positions must be escalating the struggle & esp in this context the mass struggles cont.

Received Wed. 31st May 1989

Part one

(b) The push from our u/g structures in this regard has to be reinforced at your meetings with them. Have raised this with a few individuals eg. V, CR and tonight with Jay etc. I therefore suggest that this shld have equal place on your agenda. Let me sketch argument I have been advancing: Current atmosphere State has SoE on books & will renew, but application of repression becoming more subtle with some de facto space. MDM (ie inclusive of Cosatu) still not addressing issues in way that activist can feel things are coming together again. Positive side is that restructuring is proceeding quietly (in this ex-detainees playing important role in spite of restrictions on them - wh only emphases that state saw their detention as essential to cutting MDM from grassroots). Also some thought being given to specific issues but all in a piecemeal way eg. Soweto rent boycott issue wh remains very much a Soweto issue handled by the sp. Cttee and MDM as a whole no tangibly related &active on matter: Natal Peace campaign wh is moving with all the fits & starts that GB is imposing: thinking going on re restrictees defying: & now the coming elections: also Anti-Ahd Conf.: plus there is the following up to the first Worker's Summit wh this time will invite all MDM orgs to participate. However reality is all being looked at in piecemeal way- nonsense even as toW that Y1c  these & other issues are building up towards something. Contd/ Part Two and three you shld have recd earlier. Thanks and over.

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