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ANC NWC Meeting 22/23 June

NWC Meeting 22 and 23 June 1988

Present : . President, SG, TG, Nkadimeng, Reg, Shope, Mogalo, Mzwai, Sigxashe, Dlamini, Chris, Mompati, Zuma, Jele, Makgothi, Thabo, Manci, Pallo, Modise.

Apologies :. Mac, Stuart.

Cde President assumed the Chair and explained that the meeting was convened in order to clear away some of the more pressing business before the NEC meeting. Postponement of the NEC was owing to the non-completion of the work of the Presidential Committee.

Agenda :. i). Minutes of previous NWC Meeting.

. . ii). Reports from the PMC.

. . iii). Report on Meeting with Afrikaner Intellectuals.

. . iv). Any other business.

The agenda was amended as follows: Report from GM plus two annexures to be read and discussed after PMC report but before the assessment of internal situation.

Matters Arising from the Minutes

(i). An appeal was made that in future the Secretariat should place before the meetings of NWC matters that need the attention of the NWC, matters carried over from the previous meeting, etc.

Decision :

The Secretariat shall prepare and tabulate matters arising from the minutes and draw these to the NWC's attention at each NWC meeting.

(ii). Report of the Presidential Committee: Cde SG reported on the progress of the Presidential Committee. One continuous thread that recurs in all reports is a problem of personnel. He apologized for the delay but undertook to come forward with proposed dates by the next ordinary meeting of the NWC.

(iii). Delegation to Nigeria: The President's Secretary shall send a reminder to the Nigerian High Commission.

(iv). Prisoner Exchange Commission: Members of the Commission identified as – Cdes Thabo (cnvr), Chris, Siza, Mzwai, Ronnie. Cde Thabo reported on approaches being made to Zimbabwe Government for a package involving McBride for Odell Harrington.

Decision :

Chris Hani can be dropped from the Commission. All the approaches to Zimbabwe should be speeded up. Time is of the essence.

(v). Co-option of Cde Ray Simons to PMC : Decision had been taken by the last NWC meeting.

Decision :

The DMD shall maintain a data bank of all biographical data relating to ANC members and personnel. All departments that have such records should pass it onto DMD. The SGO, NAT, MHQ, etc, shall requisition data as they require it from DMD.

Decision :

SGO shall liaise with RPCS and Chief Reps to complete the outstanding portions of the Death Registry Book. All RPCs shall be requested to maintain data on the membership in their region.

The PMC Reports : In all there were three reports from the PMC circulated to NWC members the day before. In addition there were two military reports plus a PMC assessment of the internal situation plus a draft call to the people. In accordance with amendments to the agenda, the report from GM with its annexures were also discussed.

Decision :

The PMC shall re-examine the reports and see whether there are any issues that require the NWC's attention for decision or follow-up.

After lengthy reports and their discussion the conclusions were summed up by the SG.

Conclusion :

The ANC still accepts the need for ethnic organisations but takes on board Cde GM's appeal for an integrated approach to encourage greater cross ethnic participation and unity in action.

Draft Call : It was decided that the call with be examined as a single document rather than paragraph by paragraph. It was in need of amendment and recasting. A sub- committee consisting of Cdes Thabo, Jele and Peter Mayibuye shall take on the task of preparing a reply to Cde GM's report.

70th Birthday of Cde Mandela : NWC working group to coordinate its marking, Cdes Dan Tloome, Mzwai, Ruth Mompati (cnvr).

Response to PW Botha statement : Cde Thabo shall draft document for NWC.

Matters Carried Over to Next Meeting :

Under AOB:

(a). Visits to the West and u/g houses in Zambia.

(b). Request for conscripts 'Dakar'.

Under regular agenda items:

(a). Report on meetings with Afrikaner intellectuals.

Meeting Adjourned.

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