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This resource is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but was compiled and authored by Padraig O’Malley. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.



Sent 1st Sept 1988

From Paul

1.. HOWARD:  You have direct line but confirm time arrangements via Ken as precaution.

2.. EXTRA FUNDS:  Confirm receipt first batch funds delivered by Kenny.  Explain extra needs and amount required.

3.. Not in a position to confirm receipt by Oscar of Report 2.  Ken will check.

4.. Will be able to switch to Rahim provided you give ample notice.  Am still in Europe and waiting for visa to see father, Nigel, Jenny and Maureen but must return to HQ by middle Sept.  Will keep you informed of movements.

5.. Lorenzo has not delivered.  According to Robin he now says he'll give us western ones.  Robin agrees.  Clear there going to be delays.  Also L. away on holiday.  Best we seek help from other friends.

6.. Our AA conference will transmit to HQ for response.  I'm out of national collective and away from family for 2 months now.  Have to find way of uniting broad forces on general line and at same time agree on specific action especially from groups like Inyandza.  E.g. objective relation between KaNgwane and state must be closely examined to locate real points of weakness in totality of relationship.  Such points will serve as political targets round which Inyandza will be mobilized and which unite in meaningful way with nationwide forward thrust.

7.. Regret not yet able to give you useful feedback on political issues.  Robin expected at HQ on 5/9, Reg little later.  Things will improve then.

8.. Will respond on bookshops soon.  Take care, love Paul.


Received Tues 6th Sept 1988

Hello, Urgent for Paul:

As repeatedly indicated via London and direct to Oscar, as well as via Kenny to Harare, June went to Harare with ready doctored vehicle.  But no one turned up at rendezvous today!  Please let me have Alice's phone number by tomorrow so that I can try to help connect June.  Regret I destroyed all Harare numbers as I saw no need for me to keep them on me.  In any case it will still be uncertain whether I can help connect them from here.  Can you help from your end.  In the meantime, Ken, can you check with Lusaka why they have not kept appointment in Harare and also let me know tomorrow.  Bye Ben.

Sent Tues 6th Sept 1988

Will you leave this on your AM for Gemma as usual.  Very urgent.

Ben sent urgent message on sixth asking why no one turned up for rendezvous with June in Harare on sixth.  Ben wants reply today (seventh).

From Paul:

Received message that I should return to HQ soonest but no space on Thursday flight.  Weightlisted for Club Class (upgraded) on Sat 10th.  Therefore will still go to Nigel and Jenny to return in transit on Friday or Saturday 10th.  Should arrive HQ eleventh.  If necessary that I should go on to Howard's please book and purchase tickets and request Raphael to organize visa in the name of Y. Khan.  Please note that our friends from Ben will visit Howard on twelfth.  Over.


Sent Mon 12th Sept 1988


1.. How is Howard?

2.. How do you intend to use extra LT?  Do you need data disks for it?

3.1. Nigel and Jenny: 25 Houghton Grove, cnr Ellis and Cavendish Roads, Bellview, 2198 Johannesburg.  Phone 648 6437 (six four eight six four three seven).  All other arrangements unknown.  N and ?continue to request more funds, apparently for rental of their original home.  Please advise.

3.2. Maureen:  Ma has not informed us of specifics.  We know she is in good health.  Will inform asap.

4.. Received your written comm no. 2 via SG.

5.. Suggest change names: Ben = Adam; Sylvester = Richard;  RP now 'Eddie'.

6.. Require information on :

(a). Chris Waters, attorney with Priscilla Jana.  Presently in London.  Behaviour suspicious;

(b). Pierre Beaudet, Canadian, fulltime employee of SACTU.  Our friend in Canada suspects relationship between him and Gallagher and Harker who are thought to be working for hostile intelligence services.  Pierre also close to Stephen Gelb in South Africa and John Saul in Canada.

7.. Will Ben be meeting John on 23rd?  What arrangements must Ken make for them to meet.

8.. Ken now also has TS so can respond to TV very quickly.  Working on system of TS-TS communication.  Over.

Received Mon 12th Sept 1988

1.. Received your written messages and other communications a few days ago.

2.. Reggie is away until end of month when I will give him general report of your inspiring progress.  Let me add my own excited congratulations on your safe arrival and speedy commencement of business.

3.. Both Paul and I nervous about the number of personal contacts Ben has made in such a short time and before an infrastructure independent of Marsha has been completed.  But at the end of the day you know best.  Am especially worried about IA.  Will do my best to alert him.

4.. The Madiba arrangements (discussed with my collective) seem very positive.  We feel GM should somehow also be involved.

5.. Some of the technical side and other questions will receive response when Paul returns to base.   I hasten however to respond to your urgent query re AA Conference.  Immediately on its receipt I raised issues at special meetings of both collectives which ended yesterday.  I described your query as coming from a top-ranking family collective.  In brief we are of the following opinion (on assumption that Conference is not banned):

(a). Bottom line is one man one vote in a democratic non-racial South Africa.  Since boycott call is illegal, specific defiant avoidance re elections may be judged inadvisable.  But implication of bottom line and general rejection of ethnic solutions will be understood by the masses pointing to boycott of October.  Similar to pattern of COSATU special congress re strike.

(b). The conference must be as broad as possible uniting ALL FORCES who agree with the bottom line even though there may be differences in specific situations on the tactical road towards it.  Thus we ought to encourage confrontation and debate on specific tactics of Inyandza, Seopasegue etc.  The immediate most NB question is as you say the October elections and the latter organizations will undoubtedly support complete rejection of same.  Let us not argue about specific future tactics in the case of opposition groups in KaNgwane, Bophuthatswana, etc.

(c). Our view is that our alliance (ANC-SACP) cannot be seen to adopt different tactics for the different ethnic groups in the same section.  Thus we cannot publicly endorse the decision of FFF etc to encourage whites to vote on an AA ticket.  OUR CALL IS FOR COMPLETE BOYCOTT.  NO ONE MUST VOTE AND NO ONE MUST STAND.  We are aware that the UDF has already publicly associated itself with FFF etc line.  An added complication is that at the recent joint meeting of the ANC and UDF in Harare our delegation was (entre nous) prevailed upon to endorse the UDF line perhaps because it was already a public fait accompli.  The special meeting of NEC WC considered this departure from our policy unjustified and reiterated our original decision.  However we must avoid a public wrangle between us and the UDF on this question.  SO PLEASE KEEP THIS UNFORTUNATE HISTORY TO YOURSELVES.  Without referring to the UDF line we (as ANC party) must continue to agitate for the complete boycott line – see UMS editorial.

(d). We also hope that conference will focus on issues such as new labour legislation, lifting emergency, releasing political prisoners, Population Registration Act, Group Areas Act,  let GM speak, Land Act, etc.  I.O.W. issues should be determined around which there can be post conference joint campaigning around common immediate objectives.  The possibility of setting up a continuation group for future liaison should be canvassed.

6.. Fully agree with your line on how to present the Namibia etc talks.  Also your point about the need for black follow-up to Bruce tendency.

7.. All documents requested are being prepared for dispatch to you.

8.. Please once again accept my warm congratulations on your most inspiring and historic break-through.  The other issues will be handled asap.  Both Reggie and Robin will give you all human backing possible.  Revolutionary love, Robin.

9.. Ben's family send all love and miss him very much.  Things as normal as they can be in his absence.  Ends.


Received Tues 13 Sept 1988

Message 1.

1.. Need confirmation you will attend loading car at Rahim's on 31 (thirty one) Sept as per list sent on tape to Howard's with June.  NB this trip will be a fast turn around.

2.. Amnesty concert on 6/7 (six and seven) Oct where about 20,000 people from this end will be attending opens prospects.  Preparing caravan (because scarcity of accommodation during concert makes this ideal and gas shocks available to obviate problems of quantity loaded) to collect substantial quantity.  Want assurance you will arrange material to be there and ensure loading.  Advise before 20th (twenty) Sept whether you can attend to this.  You should prepare 10 AKM's with ammo etc, 50kg TNT, 100 electrical detonators, 100 detonator no. 8 (normal), 5 rolls detonating (blasting) cord, 3 rolls safety fuse, 100 hand grenades (offensive and defensive), 2 dynamos, 3 RPG rocket launchers plus accessories.

3.. Urge you to solve silencer matter even if you have to get AK silencers from friends in the west or from e.g. USSR, GDR or even Chechs.  Matter is urgent.  Also get extra rubbers for each silencer and silencer ammo.

Message 2.

1.. Re June's trip of 5th instant.  He is not back yet but can we streamline our act.  We gave adequate advance confirmation based on times etc agreed during previous trip when Paul and Enrico were met.  Yet June was not met on 6th.  This forced us to make unnecessary phones.  Contact effected on 7th but on 10th we learnt that comrades delayed his departure to after 1 p.m. 11th for reasons that make no sense to us.  Comrades had more than 3 days to determine what could be loaded and load.  Comrades like June have to get leave from work.  More phones because we have to know scramble to ensure June does not get into problems at work.  Please look into why such problems.  Ensure things work promptly in future.  Can we make the trip of 31st to Rahim's and of 6/7th to Howard's a model of efficiency?  Suitable vehicles and drivers limited.  Bad experience puts off candidates.

Third Message.

1.. Ken, have you sent A1 program, data disk and password to Oscar so that they can read two tapes sent direct via June?  In future shall send more such tapes to Oscar.

2.. Having problems with A1 and A2 disks which went through X-Ray but still checking them.  A1 and A2 each need self-decipherable system for safe storage and retrieval.  Urgently provide for this need?

3.. When can we expect Nigel, Jenny, Maureen and Staley?

4.. Have solved coin noise problem by resort to card phones.

5.. Confirm John will be met on 23rd by Ben or Ben's emissary.

6.. When can we have forthcoming issue of Umsebenzi as we need to plan for it?

7.. Ensure you send CP constitution with John.



Received Thurs 15th Sept 1988


1.. Special message from Masha:  Masha deeply concerned re loose talk outsie and damage this does.  Specific, e.g. underhand passport he used for visit.  Only 2-3 people here know he made visit.  Apart from loose talk that took place during visit, he has news that is even more disturbing to him.  Cham Govender of NIC has been to Lusaka and last week to Harare to arrange meeting between ANC and +100 Indians for early October.  At Harare he met JJ.  In discussion JJ specifically asked whether Masha would be attending Oct meeting.  Cham replied that he did not think so as Masha does not have passport.  To which JJ replied:  No. He has a passport as he (Masha) was recently abroad.  This took Cham aback as he genuinely is not aware of Masha visit as legend here is that Masha was in hospital locally.  Masha  alarmed at casual way JJ refuted Cham and concerned who else from home is given this sort of info.  Such talk will lead enemy to investigate how he went out, source of passport, etc with irreparable damage at this end.  He is even more concerned re what may be said to others in the 100 due for Lusaka talks.  Do take steps to bring this under control and prevent further loose talk re Masha trip and advise as Masha is furious.  Vula has to develop confidence with comrades here and also ensure work done plus safety of Vula.

2.. Apologies for crit of Enrico re meeting June at Howard's.  Debrief shows June was late.  Enrico not at fault.  Our crit re holding June back and delaying his return stands.  Further serious crit re packing of vehicle.  Car badly packed.  Lucky no casualty.  When comrades found compartment not big enough they pulled tank forward an extra 13 inches.  A casual inspection at border could have detected load.  June not advised/ consulted re extra risk this caused.  Luckily no check made at border.  Trip successful.  Taking great care how compartments are built to ensure safety of trips.  Cannot afford to jeopardize everything by such lack of regard to comrades' safety.  Do be extra careful.  Can always collect what's left over next time.  Many thanks for load.

3.. Need A1-A3-A1 and vice versa disks for third LT which will be deployed at Grace's.

4.. John will be met.

5.. Thanks re your message 12.9.  Other matters receiving attention.  Can we push for receive all your message before Saturday to fit Adam's travel plans?  Will test TS at Solly's and try reaching you.  Deep regards Adam.  All love to Gemma.

Sent Thurs 15th Sept 1988

Sorry, was expecting response to yours from Oscar today but he delayed because of yours today.  Should have Oscar's response for you by Friday evening.

Ken going to John's this weekend to take goodies for Adam.  John leaves for Solly's on 19th to arrive 23rd.  What arrangements should Ken make for John to meet Doris?  The usual?  Expect no replies from Ken till Monday.  Use TV if urgent.

Don't send any more cassettes to Oscar.  John will bring solution to this problem.

Will A3 only be used for internal comms?

Please page 893 734461 as soon as message deciphered OK.

More on Friday.


Received Fri 16th Sept 1988

Hello there,

1.. Re John:  Suggest initial contact be in foyer as usual.  Fall back – after changing, John should go to car park on left (left as you come into the entrance) and walk down it.  Ben will be parked around there and would then directly/indirectly make contact.  This alternative gives Ben flexibility.

2.. Will send with John tape/s being prepared for Oscar for you to attend to.

3.. Did you receive the three messages sent day before we sent the two you acknowledge?

4.. All your messages deciphered.

5.. Has Oscar read tapes sent direct?  If not, when can we expect Oscar to be acquainted with contents thereof?

Bye Adam.


Sent Tues 20th Sept 1988

From Paul and Robin (Rec Sat 17th)

1.. AA Conf:  Should there be official message telexed from us to conference?  Our thinking is that such action may provoke enemy into taking direct action against conference.  Therefore settled on following.  You produce message based on UMS editorial and Robin's previous response.  Such message to circulate to key participants at least.

2.. Bookshops:  We've set up meeting with sponsors for October (real).  See no major difficulty.  Provide details, budget proposals, names, etc.

3.1. Howard and Pola:  Understand your anxiety and therefore subsequent call to Pola.  But we must now assume Pola knows.  He thought he recognized voice even in first call in early August.  In similar situation utilize Sylvester.

3.2. Tim falls into above category also.  This is until we indicate readiness.  Reasons:  Actual quantity at Rahim's falls short of your requisition and getting extra not easy.  But if you require urgently what already at Rahim's we can meet request.  Reply giving details.

4.. Avoid using TV code on LT.

5.. Correction of previous message from us:  Pierre Beaudet full time worker of COSATU not Sactu.

6.. Acknowledge receipt of Masha's message etc.  Robin not seen it yet.

From T:

Gemma has data disks but hadn't deciphered tapes by Sat.  They had power failure on Sat so this reply delayed.  John says prefers parking lot meeting – around 2pm as usual.



Sent Thurs 22nd Sept 1988

From Tim:

1.. Have you connected AM to 262535 yet?  Do you need other AM?

2.. Discovered major bug in TC program – numbers go haywire after certain point.  Sending corrected version soonest.

3.. Sorry about last Saturday I don't like to talk about my movements on phone.  Was going to tell you by TC and was waiting for your reply first.

4.. Videos:  Gill hasn't got 'World Apart'.  I found one featuring our friend called 'Bound to Strike Back'.  Is this one wanted?  I found two featuring JS:  CBS interview and a Zimbabwe TV interview 'Guest of the Week'.  Are these the ones wanted?  Asked for 60 in all, does this mean 20 of each of what?  Also asked for 'good ones from other countries'.  What does this mean?  We have to be very specific as source is rather a jungle and doesn't have time to search for us.

5.. Did you manage to decipher 'letter' with KeyCoder?

6.. Nothing from home front this week.  Adam meets John tomorrow.

7.. Sending you un-enciphered copies of documents sent to Adam.  Think we should stick to code names on TC but not other TV codes.  Can never use too much coding.  Bad practice to work on assumption that codes unbreakable.  This is why we must change coding of TC quite often.

9.. Managed to read and retype miniaturized photocopy of Civics Conference sent by Adam.  Sending a copy soonest.

10.. When will JS be here again?


Received Sat 24th Sept 1988

1.. AM not yet connected to 262535.  Will not connect presently since all except Gemma may be out of town by Tuesday (27.9.88).  Instead will connect AM at Gemma by Monday (26.9.88).  We do still require extra AM.

2.1. 'Bound to Strike' is OK, CBS and Zimbabwe interviews OK.

2.2. As you know we cannot clarify exactly what other videos are required; check with Adam but we can suggest videos about Soviet struggle, Nicaragua, Salvador, Tupamaros, Blood Red Roses, Philippines, and about out own struggle.

2.3. Between these you can repeat each to make up the 60.

3.. Don't know exactly when JS will be there but not before 4.10.88.

4.1. Are the Text-Lites that we have off the shelf?  Or has the encryption program been specifically changed as was once raised?

4.2.   We have a faulty TL.  What to do?

4.3. We need another 2 TL's.  I have already informed CB.  Please remind her and also raise with her again 4.1 Presto!


Received Mon 26th Sept 1988

1.. Many thanks for messages from Robin, lit and draft prog.  At Grace's hurried push being made to reproduce Umseb to be distributed before the broad conf. This weekend.  Thereafter further reproduction with a target of 5,000 distribution.  Also before 26 Oct hope to produce two successive leaflets re elections in name of ANC – present projections are a distribution of 50,000 of each of these leaflets.  Have delivered one copy each of the lit sent to Coordinating Committee at Solly's.  Whether they will be able to reproduce Umseb in time for this weekend's conference is not clear.  Will certainly report effective distributions once we have done so at Grace's and Solly's.  Also putting together technical unit to reproduce the pamphlets you sent in substantial quantities.  Both Coordinating Committees have been given draft programme for discussion in the membership.

2.. Regret have been out of touch with you since Adam left Grace's.  At Solly's set about testing TS.  Ran into snags.  Find that when you switch on yellow light comes on and the other three keep flickering.  Screen requests ID card but does not respond when card is inserted.  Hope to discuss this with John to see how we can solve problem which is quite urgent and there are no card phones at Solly's!  If Ben fails to find a technical person at Solly's to look into TS do you think there would be any value in getting TS to you via John at next opportunity?

3.. During this trip found that Suzanne has found Ben one accommodation.  Have been to see it and taken it on as a basis to start from.  Rent R500 per month.  Finding suitable accommodation is quite a problem.  Received details re Nigel and Jenny but no answer at phone and have called at address 4 times so far.  No one seems to be in.  Curtains are drawn and place is in darkness at night.  Have been there at different times with no results.  Wondering whether they have not moved?  Further found that Lothar T left the country in May so that line is also dead!  Agree that finding suitable and independent  accommodation is critical to survival and work – hance our keenness to trace Nigel and Jenny, and Maureen and our requests to Staley.

4.. After receiving June's report re trip to Howard we feel there may be some confusion which needs clearing up.  June says tht Enrico stated that you could only attend to vehicle we plan to send to Rahim's if date is shifted from 31st Sept to 6/7 Oct and that you can simultaneously attend to people we plan to send to Howards on 6/7 Oct.  Presumably he was referring to Kevin's side when he referred to Howard's.  Let's keep the Kevin aspect separate from Vula.  For Vula the position is as follows:

(a). We want to send the same vehicle we sent to Howard's to Rahim's on 31st Sept.  We selected this date because of the high traffic since that weekend will be the month end.  Otherwise we would hesitate to send vehicle to Rahim's because of increased enemy activity aimed at countering entry of hardware and cadres during month of October (key period for the elections).  Can you therefore urgently reconsider dates and advise whether 31st will be OK for Rahim's end.  In this regard please send us Richard's contacts phone number in Gabs.  Further on assumption that you will adjust can we settle rendezvous to be on 31st (Saturday) Sept.  Persons we send will be in the same Mercedes that went to Howard's so Enrico can provide description of vehicle (colour, etc) and how to access compartment.  Arrangements for contact:

(i). First contact at 11 a.m.

(ii). Fallback, if no contact made at 11 a.m., will be at 14.00 hours.

(iii). Further fallback arrangement will be set for 17.00 hours.  Venue for above contact will be same, namely, in the parking places at the tennis courts which are located on the same road as the Holiday Inn in Gab.  If you travel along that road heading past the Holiday Inn and in the direction of the University you come to a turn off leading to the golf course and the tennis courts.  The parking spots would be the dirt road leading to the courts and/or the parking spot further inside the tennis court area.  Whoever you send should approach the occupants of our car and introduce himself as Enrico and/or Paul, and make a cross check with them by enquiring whether they have been sent by Siva.

(b).. We also want to send a vehicle to Howard's to take advantage of the Springsteen concert on 6/7 October and this is separate from whatever is happening re Kevin.  This of course will depend on whether you can get hardware to Howards for this further collection.  We are attracted to this additional measure and are presently doctoring a caravan and we think we will easily find drivers for this trip.  Please advise how you stand with regard to (a) and (b) above.

5.. Thanks for advice re position on elections.  We shall ensure that all leaflets we put in name of ANC will properly reflect this.  Not clear whether the broad conference will materialize.  Enemy has set out firstly to pick up activists (e.g. Soyco bust, arrests in Mamelodi, etc, the detentions yesterday in Western Cape, raids on Cosatu and other organizations in Pretoria and Pietermaritzburg).  In addition at this past weekend the preparations for the conference were pretty inadequate.  Anyway Masha and Co. came to Solly's day before yesterday.  Let's hope that get together gave arrangements a push.  Feel the Western Cape detentions could affect arrangements badly.  So either the enemy through its detentions could seriously affect the conference or enemy will move to ban it.  However, as regards the elections leaflets have begun to appear in the suburbs and townships and the message of boycott is being put across.  The main problem areas are going to be the Indian and Coloured sectors and hence the blasts in Lenasia and yesterday in Laudium will have a good effect.

6.. We believe that +100 Indians will be in Lusaka from here for the meeting on 5/6 October.  They are having problems getting bookings to Lusaka but I believe they are going to approach Zambia Airways representative here to put in special flight.  However those key chaps who are underground will have to take special care how they travel to and from.  In one case, i.e. Ismail Momoniat plans to get over earlier by round about route and return separately from the group.  I think this is wise.  You shall have to take special measures to assist chaps like him.  For the present we draw your attention to him because Robin should make it a special point to give him time.  He is part of the Coordinating Committee at Solly's and should be debriefed fully in this regard.  Also depending on developments, Ben may through indirect means, send further reports through a reliable person in the group.

Revolutionary greetings from Adam.


Received Tues 27th Sept 1988

1.. Thanks re goodies.

2.. Advise before Wed evening if Paul/Enrico will be in Rahim's to attend to load on 31.09 (thirty first instant) per tape sent with John.  Vehicle must be loaded absolutely correctly – not as at Howard's.  Also they should try to take to Rahim's the vehicle's back plate which they removed and kept behind at Howard's.

3.. You may now bleep us on phone (031) 295-123 and leave message for code no. 2023 (Tel. Durban two nine five one two three; message for code two zero two three).  Will expect bleep when you have reply to the above.

4.. Now have Juki 6200 daisywheel printer.

5.. Urgently need engineering, firearm and sabotage notes; also SACP constitution.

Greetings from Adam

Sent Tues 27th Sept 1988

From Paul

a.. Friends of Ronaldo have transport problems and will only be able to deliver in one month's time.  They seek clarification on following items of your order:

1.. Detonators, no. 8, what type?

2.. Length of blasting cord since it comes in drums.

3.. Length of rolls for safety fuse and type.

4.. They have no RPG's presently.

b.. Paul on his way.  Should be at Howard's 27 Sept.  Soon after will go to Rahim's.  Paul will contact old academic friends of Ben at Rahim's; their home number 373122; office 356364.  If number incorrect will correct later.

c.. Due to some confusion about data disks required for decoding of your tapes of 2 Sept sent directly, decoding only carried out on 26th.  Paul reading contents on way to Howard's.  Therefore unable to act on contents.


From Gemma:

Thanks for lovely message on tape.  Delighted at your progress and only hope all continues well.  Never lose your deep sense of security – we want to see you again in one piece!  The children are marvelous; Milou reasons it would be better to wait for you if it means when you come back you'll be well enough for him to play with you robustly without worrying about your knee etc.  Joey reckons she'll play gently if you're not well because of returning sooner!  They're amazingly good about it.  I'll tell you all about rest, job, S and L, etc once we have direct communication.  Keep strong and brave; we're very proud of you.  All my love Gemma and kids.

From Ken:

Did you manage to work TK?  Are documents on disk OK?  Will someone meet John on 11 Oct?  Need to send you new TC program disks as found fatal bug which causes data set numbering to go haywire after about two thirds used.  Your tape of 22 Sept in Lusaka already.


Received Wed 28th Sept 1988

Reply urgently:

At C.T. ad hoc UDF-COSATU meeting – past weekend – Alec Erwin briefed meeting re discussions some unionists had with Thabo in Harare about week ago.  Said Thabo stated Thatcher informed ANC she intended visiting South Africa and would like to return having played role in bringing together Inkatha-UDF-Cosatu-ANC;   Thabo asked them to raise matter in COSATU-UDF and church sector and advise ANC of their views.  MDM asks us for authentic briefing urgently.  Advise:

(a). Correct version re what Thabo said;

(b). What about Thatcher's sabotaging Commonwealth?

(c). MDM must be able to discuss matter in proper contect.  Presently MDM faces urgent task of confronting regime and not dissipating energy around carrots with leaves and no crop.  Any event:

(i). Should Thatcher be allowed to visit?

(ii). Should not her main pressure, if she comes, be directed to Botha?

Clear Nelson going to be released and that should not be allowed to be seen as Thatcher's achievement.

Ken:  Also need copy MK 25th Anniversary statement.  Will John bring these?


Sent Fri 30th Sept 1988

Sorry again no reply from Oscar.  Wed Oscar not available; yesterday had problem with F5 – perhaps the dreaded bug I spoke about.  Eddie going to Oscar's tonight and taking your Maggie message and new LT and corrected programs.

Gemma said going to Malawi over weekend so will only be able to respond next week.  Everyone else away.  Don't think they've got comms act together yet.

Sorry about TB confusion yesterday.  'Roger Miller' meant to mean message received.  In future TB names with following initials will mean following:  RM = call 700 5016 to pick up message;  SM = Send Message to 700 5015;  MR = message received OK;  MN = message not received well – repeat; TV = call TV; NM = no message on 700 5016.  Will adopt new codes as we go along.

Must know if you managed to work TK.  Also were Ums and other documents OK.  Want to know how you would like them formatted etc.  Can send to you absolutely printer-ready but then you will not be able to modify.  Finding out Juki printer codes but doesn't manual have them?

I have TS operating manual (do you?) from previous person who attempted to get TS.  Says yellow light on left lights up on switch on; then red, green and yellow right flash for card insertion.  Then insert card (picture shows strip upwards).  If input not correct it says to repeat own subscriber directory number.  All this will only happen in Solly's as TS needs to make contact with network.

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