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ANC NWC Special Meeting April 7


PRESENT : A. Nzo, T. Nk, JS, CH, SS, S. Mab, P. Jord, S. Tsh., S. Dl, J. St, R. Mom, G. Sh, A Pah, J Nhl, JJ, T. Mong, S. Mf, HM


IN THE CHAIR : A Nzo opened the meeting. He tabled agenda. HM explained.

T. Mb : Cde NM indicated he is coming tomorrow.

JS : How long is he coming?

A Nzo : They have already decided that instead of coming A. Kath would give report by phone. But he is coming.

T. Nk : But he is supposed to attend the conference in London?

T. Mb : He will leave (for London) from home.

JS : I understand KK announced in the Press?

T. Mb : That was a mistake. We informed KK (of NM coming) and he was happy. Some doctors have asked KK to present a gift on their behalf to NM.

JS : Will there be another program for NM?

A Nzo : There is provision for him to pay a special call on KK. [He reads program.]

J Nhl : Where will he stay?

T. Mb : We thought on Tuesday we would brief him on all sorts of matters. We have spoken to State House and they said we can use the Guest House.

J Nh.: If you want a meeting at Guest House you would have to make full arrangements.

A Nzo : The Security should be involved.

T.Mb : The meeting between NM and de Klerk agreed that the (postponed) meeting should be on 2nd, 3rd, 4th May. They seek endorsement and agreed on a simultaneous statement (issued here and Cape Town.

A. Nzo read draft Press Statement. [Statement approved.] It will be issued at 12:00 hours.

T. Mb : The NWC had agreed that the statement relating to the house would be issued after the statement on the meeting.

A. Nzo reads draft statement. [Statement approved.]

JS : We should congratulate the drafters on the brevity of the statements.

P. Jord : We have been under pressure since de Klerk announced his delegation. Should the ANC not announce its also. Pressure is going to mount.

T. Mb : P Jord is correct. But there is still to be consultation.

A. Nzo : NM has received invitation to 10th anniversary of Zimbabwe plus five from ANC. Has DIA considered this?

T. Mb : NM leaves on 14th and goes to the concert on 17th when celebrations begin. People were saying those going to London including NM and WM were, R. Mhl, M. Valli, Zwelethe. I don't know if this group will come with him to Zimbabwe. They are expecting seven people. If people from London joins it is five (already).

J. Nhl : I interpret it to mean NM is invited with his entourage + 5 NEC members. This matter ought to be cleared.

A. Nzo : In Namibia NM arrived with his own entourage. But the NEC had its own delegation; We must appoint an ANC delegation of five.

CH : I move we add two.

T. Mb : Can we check this matter with the Zimbabweans? [Agreed.]

T. Mond : Mendi says Maxwell publishers have offered a jet and he wants to know our delegation.

CH : Who is Maxwell? [Reply : He is a multi millionaire publisher who supports Labour Party.]

T. Mb : My view is we should try to avoid these company flights.

JS : I support…Maxwell has a controversial image. He is right wing Labour.

T. Nk : I am also worried abut security considerations.

A. Nzo What is going to happen is, after paying expenses these people will be 500,000 in the red.

A. Pah : They are bankrupt and should be liquidated.

T. Nk : We should agree as a matter of policy that NM doesn't travel on small private planes.

T. Mb : The NRC said they wouldn't accept company planes.

A. Nzo : We emphasise NM should be in Harare by 17th and bookings should be made accordingly.

[Agreed there was no need for anybody to go from here (to London).]

G. Sh : Next itinerary of NM should include Angola.

T. Mb : We are preparing an itinerary and Angola is included.

S. Mf : The Secretariat has decided JM and A. Pah for Angola.

A. Pah : I don't think I measure up. It should be someone familiar with the issues. And perhaps someone from the "Big 5".

T. Nk : I would like to go.

J. Nhl proposed postponement of mission. [Agreed to postpone departure to Angola for Tuesday via Harare to connect Portuguese Airlines – JM to accompany T. Nk.]

S. Mf : The Premier's office in Tanzania says President Mwinyi would have to meet Secretary General.

T. Mb : I move SG goes and flights to be checked. [Agreed.]

Chairman closed meeting at 10:05 hours.

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