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This resource is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but was compiled and authored by Padraig O’Malley. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.



Carl to Norman/Kay

Here follows Sipho's verbatim report:

On 18 September Sipho stressed to the Minister K.C. that the release of p. prisoners should be highlighted in F.W.'s first major policy statement.  Ten names were given to him, including that of Mpama's Jeff Masemola.

Early on 10 October S discussed the matter at length with ministers KI.C. and G.V.  They indicated that the government had agreed to release 8 prisoners without conditions, and that an announcement to the effect would be made the same day.  As expected, they were much concerned about the possibility of their release worsening the current explosive situation in the country.  It was pointed out to the ministers that, apart from Jeff, the p. prisoners involved were loyal ANC members and they would accordingly report to the organisation and carry out whatever directives might be given.  It was stressed that these were responsible and experienced men, and that all S. would do would be to convey to them the Government's concern.

At 1 o'clock the same day S. discussed the matter with the Pollsmoor Comrades and OM and later with Albertina, Murphy, Cyril and Cassim.  Unfortunately Elijah did not come as expected.  They will give you the report in due course.  S. recommends that, apart from purely spontaneous welcome rallies on release, these comrades should not be involved in the ongoing demonstrations and other gatherings except on very special and carefully selected occasions.

S. also used the opportunity to warn the Government against any attempts to drive a wedge between the organisation and himself.  Such an attempt, it was pointed out, was contrary to the whole spirit that up to now has characterized the discussions.  S. has since received your comment on the document, reconsidered the question of its "leaking".  It may well be that he himself was responsible for the "leak" as it was read to his Pollsmoor Comrades on 2 August.  However, he would advise against publication at this stage, but fully agrees with its circulation to the membership and to selected leaders of the Front Line States and the Socialist World.  Circulation to some Western governments, organizations and key figures could be considered.  Your comment on the document was read out to the Pollsmoor Comrades and OM on 10 October, and although there was no time to discuss the matter S. has noted the observation that a meeting between the ANC and the Government would be premature at this stage.  In future discussion with the Government emphasis will be put on the creation of the climate for negotiation before there is a meeting.

The release of the Comrades has induced S. to request Murphy and others to set up a communication-consultation machinery through whom reports can swiftly be made.  Communications with Lusaka entails long delays, which are inconvenient in emergency situations.

Lastly, OM informs S. that a certain Mandla from the W. Cape was sent on a mission to Lusaka, but he now refuses to report on the trip.  He will appreciate any assistance you can give on the matter.

You are all in our thoughts.  Best Wishes.

P.S.:  It is assumed that these communications will be made available to Shaun without any specific request from S.

End of Sipho's report.



Carl from Pete


1.. Theo – re-entry targeted for +- 23/1/90.  Please prepare ff:

Ø. Rendezvous point.

Ø. Bleep numbers

Ø. Codes to trigger meeting

2.. Khumalo (hereafter DANDY) – targeted for end of February 1990.  Could Suzanne 9CAN) be suitably accommodated.  If not, get her to find good place.  Also find same at Lobby.

3.. Phillip's boss (hereafter Solly) – targeted for April 1990.   Will also need accommodation at both places.

4.. For Phillip:

4.1. Can Phillip meet JZ in the UK in the month of Dec 1989, from the 12th onwards.

4.2.1. Re trainees:  What are their departure dates and routes.  Need to know for delivery of visas and tickets.  Each should carry 8 photos for visas.

4.2.2. Can they extend their stay?  What date do they have to return?  We intend to send CM and SP to Lucy's for at least a week for disguises and stamps.  Do we organize that within the time limit set by the trainees?

4.2.3. The training period is short and mainly theory.  Therefore we suggest the following:

Ø. Omit structure of enemy services and electronic/technical INT.

Ø. Instead wf MCW, specify surveillance and counter-surveillance.

Ø. Add documentation, i.e. passports etc.

Ø. Add use of small arms.

Ø. Clarify infiltration methodology to read penetration and cultivation of agents in the enemy forces.

4.2.4. If the two trainees are to go to Lucy's, they should apply for visas now, so that our people in Lucy need not know identities.  Contact arrangements will be supplied later.

5.. Have received reports and are processing.  Will get back to you.  Of the reports you've sent us on disk there is one file we can't get deciphered.  It's part no. three of RPC report.  Part two ends with "4.4 Stayaway".  Last sentence = "The people knew that they had struck a political blow to the regime."  Part 4 starts with : "6 Report – D-4."  First sentence "We present this report in two sections:".  Plse send it to us.  Amandla Pete. Farewell.

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