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Received Sun. 2nd Apr. 1989

Re delegates:

(a) Informed by Sello that Kaiser cannot attend.  Pls advise whether Stan has arrived at Rays.

(b) Neither of two set aside as a second delegate has managed to get p/port

(c) Apologies that all we can hence send are Masha & Stan.

(2) Ken: Tony plans to leave on Thurs to keep John apptmt.

(3) Elsa: Many thanks for the beautiful letter you sent. Hope you are now back from the Harare operation & that it all went well. Keep wondering how you are coping with all the anesthetic! Informed the kids with Chims. How have they been coping with different people looking after them? Miss you three very much & keep thinking about our coming anniversary this month! Hope to advise you soon about our thinking this end re when etc I can visit you – your schedule re kids useful in this. What about your work situation in this regard? Are Peter & Brigitta still at Walisku's? Also has Irene been playing straight or is it still rounders? When will eye stitches be removed & where? Deepest love & kisses to you and the children (don't think I'd recognize them!) from  Mr. Rush.

(4) Not sure if I can find the time to continue with comment re Parth given that I would think that today is the last day when I can submit these to be of any value. In any event here's wishing Congress all success & productive deliberations.

Sent Sunday.2 Apr.1989

Msg.on Sun:

Leo 2 Tony:


A.. Your guess that JZ knows is correct. It seems his machinery on the ground is keeping him informed & much more than conveying your presence. B-Had discussion with Alphons on this & the DN issue. C- Alphons reported on discussion he had with JZ. HG informed JZ that you've been trying to contact him. D- there'll be fuller discussion on implications of above when we return from congress. Meanwhile I was asked to convey the following:

a: Alphonse had told JZ to keep the info to himself

b: We're worried that security of your cdes & project is slowly being eroded. We ask that you consider tightening your style of work, placing a greater emphasis on your safe accom & strengthening of your security apparatus & shifting soon to Sello's

c:  We make these recommendations taking into account that initially you've had to make personal interventions & that 2nd your interventions, whether personal or via emissaries, have been calculated. Re congress: Stan not arrived: Masha has arrived

Re: Elsa:  a) Returning to Ray's tomorrow. Operation complete but due to deformed way bones knitted there'll be need for another operation later on. Doctors have strongly advised that she keep her arm in a sling for min 6 weeks to prevent complications. (Chas-Elsa phoned me to say that op was bigger than expected. Her shoulder has dislocated due to having to look after kids on her own. Hoping to get driver to assist.)

b). Elsa gave us around new year's day a disk to send to you. Due to some confusion disk still with us. We regret this very much & will send it soonest to Charles. It'll be late for John this time. Re MI Info: As We've informed you previously, we've collected much of the .. ( 4 chars. Bad data)..you asked for And they should have gone to you via the last pick up at Dick's We think we should not wait for the next pick up. We plan to send them to you by courier into temporary DLB & will inform Charles of details. Re: Graham We've got his driving licence & will send it to Charles. Charles: Ek has got wig catalogues. I haven't been able to pick up this weekend & tomorrow I see John, Can post but the doctors' addresses OK?/ Should have your money early in week. Pls advise what to do with it. Todos


Received Fri 7 Apr. 1989

Hi (a) Have you received funds for us? Await advice from you so that we can negotiate this end. However, ASA you have to use part of it as ff: Deposit equivalent of five thousand Canadian dollars into ff. a/c in cash using false name to sign deposit slip::A/c number 5183314 ( five one eight three one four) at Royal bank of Canada. Broadway & Farbie Branch, 505 West Broadway, VANCOUVER B.C. VSZ.1E7, Canada. The balance of the amt will have to be sent to us per arrangements we will send to you when you have the money on the ASA Advise us how much is available after above has been deducted.

Two: many thanks for goodies sent via John. Have already put all statements together in form of first time that units of our org. will be receiving such a briefing! Can we make a regular practice? Papers her hardly give real feel of our statements and decisions.  Important that members, units & structures Feel they are part of a larger entity, that there is flow both ways.  (In fact we think it is time elphonB  ) repcrel a special message addressed to ZRPC directly. (c) As part of her preparation can give you Refiloe training in use of our communications system as she is earmarked to work as Isabella's secretary. Four: Have material re SAPONET- will send it when John calls next. (5) Any news re Elsa? Convey love.(f) within days Tony proceeding to see Rachel. Greetings. all for now.


Received Fri 14th Apr 1989

Part two, First: There are times we may have to send a courier direct to Raymonds because of urgency or to cope with the gaps between John's visits, Thus it will be best if Ray also has a copy of the new book. John's visits on Saponet now available and will be sent with John. 3. Visit to Rachel is on. For this Tony will be away for the entire week & will only be in touch with you possibly while passing thru Sello. Otherwise if there is need Tony will touch you thru tv. Plse note that as from Sunday Ken & Isabella will have to be in contact. Isabella has new programme & book so once Ken & Tony are working OK on the new programme Isabella will do the same. Four: Handed TS to the agents to repair. Looks like we'll get it working. At first glance it would appear that those involved in AC and Umseb shld study that Propaganda booklet you've sent because literally at Zola and Sell's nothing is getting thru.(5) What progress re Myna & the special courier that Janet said wld be dropping things at a DLB? Finally urgent that we get funds. 14.4 bye

Sent Fri 14 Apr . 1989

Hi Ken, have just arrived at Sello's. Leaving early tomorrow for Rachels. Problems: TS was handed into Siemens for repairs. Person gave ff details when handing in TS(a) Name of person handling in to: Dick Williams. (b) When asked for name of owner of TS, Dick gave the name: Dean Burrows. At that stage there appeared to be no problems & they isolated to be re the main power supply wh they have repaired.  But when Dick went to collect it, Siemens stated that the owners name did not appear on their computers, that three such sets had been stolen from them (these sets have no serial nos.) & hence some proof of ownership before they can release the TS. Appears that they have a register on which every Siemens machine owner is registered. Do you think you can unblock problem by phoning from your end,.Claiming ownership, saying that you leave it in the care of Dean ( who also travels much) gave it to Dick  to take for repairs? Any ideas? And any steps you can take, 'cos it seems we've run into a dead end here?  If you have reply by tonight re any steps we can take it would help. If not Tony will contact you soon as he returns to Sello's from Rachels and hear how you see things. But time being we are not stuck as we have located several Cardphones at Sello's. 16 April greetings.


Sent Thru. 20th Apr. 1989

Included in the third quarter of Ac. Umseb can only give the highlights /two next


Sent Sun 23 Apr . 1989

No. 1 of 5.  Sat. 22nd


-. A large chunk of your file 'AD1.ENC' on TK you sent with John was corrupted.  If you still have original can you resend?  I'll tell you what to send if you still have it.  All else was OK.

-. Where should I send wigs catalogues, or should I wait for John?

-. Suzanne (JL) approved to join you.  Leaving Cathy's today with TV and TK.  She provided possible rendezvous.  Can she be met Sello's next Sunday?

Janet to Tony:

Just returned to receive your comms of 5/4.  Alphons has not yet returned.  Below is brief response to some of the items in your report and a few remarks about the Congress:


1.. It was in all respects an outstanding success – by far the best Congress I can remember.  The main reason was the presence of a contingent from home whose very presence elevated the whole atmosphere.  In addition, their contribution (& Masha shone) was excellent.  You'll receive a more detailed report of impressions from the internal delegates.

2.. Half the Congress was devoted to the adoption of our new programme under the title 'The Path to Power'.  The discussions were of a high caliber and the whole item was quite brilliantly steered by the chairmanship of Zhukov.  In the end the document in every sense reflected a most democratic discussion both before and during the Congress.  A total of 1250 amendments from the regions and units were all taken into account.  The final chapter is quite innovative and should lead to a great deal of discussion.  I suggest you send a copy asap to Cosatu on my behalf and officially thank them for their inspiring message which was thunderously received.  You can forward copies to any other mass organisation, at your discretion.

3.. For security reasons information about the Congress will not be published before beginning June.  Umseb will come out a month later (mid-June to meet this need.  We'll send you a copy of the programme with John.  It may be a good idea for you to make all the technical preparations to reproduce and circulate from the beginning of June.  The printed version (which we'll forward to you) may take a while longer.  It's intended that the whole programme will be included in the third quarter of AC.  Umseb can only give highlights.

/two next.


4. An international resolution was also adopted which we'll send you.  It was not possible to adopt a popular call to the working class, although a brief discussion on the content was held. I'm still of the view that you are the best person to do the draft (not more than 5 pages) which will be better smell of the earth about it. Pls let me know whether and when we can expect this.5. The congress was excited by a prospective which the PB advanced of aiming to organize the next congress (in 5 years time) inside the country victory or not. 6. The constitution was amended in a number of respects, a copy will be sent when it is printed. The size of the cc was increased by three members & the PB members are JC, Leo & Pm.7. Your sterling apology was received with acclaim & despite your absence you were near the top of  the Pole. 8.Marsh was also elected.  My proposal at the post-congress CC meeting to create an internal leadership core with a defined mandate under the PB was accepted.  It still needs to be worked out. Your views on this idea will be welcome. 9. Unfortunately the only noticeable absence was Horatius who claimed to be involved in the complex tasks of moving our personnel from Angola. I'm not sure whether this was completely justified.  10. Documents apart, you should get the more detailed reports from the delegates. We arranged for Masha's hospitalization .  So his return will be slightly delayed. All  internal delegates where part of our delegation to meet Fidel & both they & Fidel were greatly inspired by the three hour session.

A Political offensive:

In my report the congress I emphasized the following:

a). We've helped considerably to counter the mood of "making time" which began to insinuate itself in the early 1987. We stressed the need to go on the offensive. But we need to turn our minds to providing a clearer conception of how such an offensive can take off & be sustained.  There's no sufficient definition of what the masses should be doing.

3/ follows

Sent Sun 23 Apr. 1989, TC FD (4)

third /5:  b)Among other things we talked about civil resistance or defiance.  But we need a vision which will ignite the mood of readiness into a programme of implementation on a national scale, something which will capture the imagination of the popular masses, something which will catch fire.  We've a broad strategy but there's a urgent need to translate it into a working plan.  Unlike 1952 we don't have to stimulate a mood of defiance by the example of volunteers; it's clearly there & issues should be found which will involve large numbers among masses.  One of the ideas which I advanced is to consider a stage by stage organized plan, say, between now & the end of the year.  Is it not  possible to organize for a day when the people will defy the ban on the ANC.  Another day when the people  will defy the ban on the UDF etc.  A National day of defiance around the imposition of pretty apartheid, not only Boksburg & Carltonville, but everywhere including beaches & selected group areas defiance. A National Day of schools & universities stoppages, including the election of student representative bodies in defiance of the regulations.  A day of action against the LRA ( this seems to be in the pipeline) etc, etc.  The international & internal situation may make it extremely difficult for massive detentions, especially in the light of the successful hunger strike campaigns.  The concept was received favourably at congress, but not followed up. I'd rally value your thoughts on my euphoric thinking, bearing in mind that this doesn't yet reflect a structured collective decision.

Janet's personal position:

Congress was not able to solve the problem of appointing additional cadres of substance to share the family's public work.  The burden on Janet is becoming intolerable, involving all the external diplomatic bits & pieces which take up enormous time.  Janet should be concentrating 95% of his efforts on the internal side.  We'll continue to search for a solution but as you're aware it's very complex.  We could find no substitute for the other public official who is less & less able to represent us.  Janet's just back & unavoidably has to lead a delegation to China within a week.  Maybe he should join you!  He doesn't really expect ideas, mainly seeking for sympathy!

Fourth part coming>

Sent Sun. 23rd Apr. 1989


Rob & Diana:

I endorse you general criticism about the absence of prior consultation with you about the project of the "National Collective".  In mitigation the difficulty must be borne in mind that with security blanket around your presence it's not so easy to delay decisions pending consultation.  We must clearly find a way of overcoming this weakness. I want however to clear up my own understanding of the nature of the "collective".  It was never intended to set up a permanent structure.  The whole purpose, as advanced by R&D was based on the need to engage in preliminary consultations between like-minded people in order to exchange ideas on a more effective coordination of internal MDM leadership in the light of the new realities.  The preliminary consultations would lead to a national gathering as a follow up.  There's no fixed idea that such a gathering would emerge with a permanent organized structure.  The ideas which come up at the preliminary consultations would be conveyed to the ANC leadership which would help to define the main perspectives for the national gathering.  I emphasize again that the whole process is designed to have a structured exchange of ideas between leading individuals, not necessarily representing the organizations with which they are connected.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the final stage of the meeting with the R&D in Freddy's.  I look forward to your further reflections on the above.  In so far as R&D's understanding differs from the above you're at liberty to convey my own understanding to them, bearing in mind that I've not yet had the chance to discuss the matter with Alphons.

*Vula's trip: will discuss this further with Alphons.  * Rachel: The general problem you raised of division of functions, integration of efforts, role of the u/g, remains very complex in the absence of the general institutionalization of the role of your collective.  But we have to move towards some solution otherwise confusion will begin to reign.  Bearing in mind the realities I want to suggest that you forward us a short memo on the kind of structure & arrangements which in your view would be necessary to accommodate all the complexities you raise during this transition period.  This is not a substitute for our own duty to discuss the matter further her in order to find an answer. Alphons & I have already decided to give a report to the NEC working Committee on this project. We've not yet defined the nature of this report which we'll be discussing soon.  Your own structural views would be of immense assistance.

To 5}

Sent Sun.23rd Apr.1989


F.M.: Your info arrived in the nick of time.  We've established beyond doubt that at least some of the documents on which the intelligence report is based could only have come from the possession of the FM. The report refers to the discussion on the vanguard role of the party which it ascribes to JC & HW.  The latter 2 together with FM where on the Cathy's end of the programme committee and the "articles" referred to consisted of notes produced by JC &commented upon by HW.  Only these two & FM had ever seen these notes.  In result we excluded FM from the congress & a follow up by Pedro's outfit is taking place.  Finance: You should have received the funds.  Plse keep us continuously informed on your requirements. Your budget has in principle been approved.  It's not available in one go, so keep on pressing for ongoing amounts, ensuring that we don't leave you high & dry. Warm regards & once again let me emphasize that the success of the congress owes an immeasurable debt to your efforts.  Other items you raise will be dealt with by Leon on his return. Warm regards to Isabella. Her response to RK in the March issue of Sechaba & her longer article will appear in the next issue of AC.

Joey & Milou > Tony:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD" We know you'll have many more. Look forward to meeting you again. Love Milou Joey and Mum." Also birthday wishes from Raymond & Cathy & keep up the good work so we can come to your party next time!

Ray 2 Tony:

+ expect to deliver MI notes within a three weeks time.  Will advise you on DLB. + Minah: still according to timetable.  Had to change route: Harare-Manzini-Jhb. Switch in mid air not advisable. She'll go in genuine Swazi pp- has no ID.  + Refiloe: now starting process of arranging for computer training.

End of five & last]

Pg 7

Received Sun. 23rd Apr.1989

Hi! One: Many thanks to all of you especially Milou, Joey & Elsa for the greetings. (2) thanks. All five msgs rcd well.  (3) Re Suzanne:  Is it possible to arrange for contact to be made around same time as John's next trip?  That would save a lot of hassle, travel etc.  Also is John expected next?  What is Suzannes's briefing?  Are we free to deploy according to needs of work? And what about lines of communications, advice, guidance, reporting etc?   Four: look forward to being able to deploy Minah. Again, contact at Johb presents probs but if it has to be done that way we will find a way to comply.  (5) Info wh has come to hand during my current trip has raised serious concern in me re security of Vula.  Too early to assess fully but am heading for Zola so as to take urgent stock with Isabella, determine what steps to take etc.  All evidence points to HG speaking to various people about our presence (esp Tony) and alleging that Tony is part of the cabal!  If true, only goes to prove the adage:  God save me from my friends, my enemies I can take care of myself!  Anyway will contact you fully on this after making assessment with Isabella.  But in this regard  would appreciate If you advise soonest how things turn out re JZ re Linus and HG (6) will be able to resend AO (1) from Zola, advise parts needed. (7) Who are Horatius and Zhukov? Congrats on successfully Congress. Best regards. All love to Elsa & Co. finis.


Sent Tues. 25 th Apr. 1989

It is Wed:

A] Zhukov = Thabo M; Horatius = J . Nkadimeg. b] Janet 4 Tony: Acc to Matrasov & on the basis of info he read from people from home, Priscilla has been re-arrested & released on bail. This is not related to Isabella. However we take opportunity to remind you that in a previous msg we warned Isabella not to make contact with her.  Our instructions remain the same.  Also take opportunity to remind you of the Bongani case & whilst not suggesting anything we strongly warn against contact with her.

c] Suzanne: Not given separate briefing.  She is to be integrated into your outfit & developed according to your own needs.  Once contact's been established she's your total responsibility. We'll cut all separate comms with her unless you decide to use her for your purpose.  Presently has TK, TV & book-code. These you must take over/drop as you see fit.  She'd be a good comms person as very into computers, but not taught TC.  She must report fully to you on work done & what finances she has available. Funds must be pooled. She has given 2,000 to declare as a tourist – this must go to you. Only agreement is that she can come out in Dec to see parents & that she can retain her link thru us to parents.

Meeting arrangements:

Place: Launderette,  Ponte, Berea, Jhb. ( above parking floors & below floor of flats in shopping arcade).  Suzanne has checked this since return & says OK.

Time: 9.00 am any Sunday morning.

Signals: Suzanne wears cap. Reading Guardian Weekly.

Legend: Doing laundry. Accidental/chance exchange between strangers. Person meeting should thus also bring laundry.

Passw: Contact " Do you have any softener?" Suzanne: "Sorry. No I don't use it " c: "Do you know where I can buy some?" s: "Try Fontana"

Fallback: Next or other Sunday. Same time, place.

d] Refiloe also going to Cindy's for Facial. Expected infiltration: Jul/Aug. e] John don't know next date yet.  f] TS. Person we bought from seems to have done a runner. Will contact Siemens to see how we can get  on line again.



Received Wed. 26th Apr.1989

April Twenty-sixth: First: Your message of today's recd & noted. Part about Legend re Suzanne corrupted, pls re-send this part when possible.  Two: Regret A1 proham disk recently recd got accidentally damaged the morning Tony was leaving Sello's. Was busy cleaning up disk with deciphered msgs & accidentally formatted program disk! Sorry, but due to tiredness & frenzy of activities.  Now using A2 program until you can send replacement.  Data disk A1 is fine. (3) Pls advise wh parts of A0(1) you want re-sent & will do.  (4) for rest of this msg in the event you get hold of Alphons ( & if possib Janet ). Not clear how many parts this message will take but will send off in batches, say three at a time. Issue is developments re Madiba.  Let me \report matter chronologically: 4.1: Arrived at Sello's on the way back from Rachel's on the 20/4, saw IA who informed me he has seen liba the day before & had sent report to Alphons via Bey.  Gave me copy of documents next evening.  These were transcripts of meeting between Madiba  &  the two lawyers. I understood that the meeting related to confidential msgs passing between Madiba and Alphons & also within the context of M's previous of the need for utmost confidentiality.  4.2. About 2 mths previously I had extensively debriefed IA about the circumstances under which he meets M in to determine in my own mind the exact environment, circumstances, whether they would be prepared to respond on a properly devised secret means of communication which could put M & Alphons in direct contact & hence enable Alphons to get in depth briefing from M etc. more follows.

Received Wed .26th Apr.1989

Part two:

Contd.  At that stage the debrief left me with the view that M was holding back because he was trying to ensure that authorities shld be made to believe that he was doing everything above board & hence was not even prepared to communicate with IA by writing notes during their interviews.  However, I have worked on the basis that it is critical I devise a safe line & from my knowledge M (& since I worked in the communications team while I was on RI) I have been of the view that once we could show him that a truly safe and absolutely confidential line was available, he would respond to Alphons, and to no one else & that he would accept my working as the communications link.  4.3. When I briefed IA on the 20th & 21st/4 I found M had moved a bit, that at last he wrote certain things on paper (this meant that he was beginning to feel that he had luued the enemy ). Also that the way in which he briefed his visitors on the basis that he was actually using them to brief Alphons) & in the context that he is aware that the room is bugged,  I re-looked at the possibilities and concluded that I have the means at last to make the move in order to show M how we could operate the secret line.  But to do this I would need your authorization to disclose my presence to M via IA, but ensuring that the enemy do not pick it up. That simultaneously with this disclosure I would leave  IA to show M the camouflage compartment . more

Received Wed. 26th Apr. 1989

Part three.

3.contd.  But we have to work fast because visits by IA are permitted for discussing the Zami problem & these may be terminated at any stage. Further if the enemy detect in any way that M is not playing above board they will do everything to cut off his lines to us.  I think we can do it & believe it's worth a try. Knowing the dynamics that existed in prison there is no way M is going to confide in Rachel. 4.4.  I also took steps to ensure that as soon as Xhamela is released.  He will be confidentially informed of my presence and the availability of a safe line to Alphons. This is also because I believe that M has had recent discussion with Xhamela & it is important that we shld ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction & that there is no abuse of the confidentiality, all of which should converge in the hands of Alphons. 4.5. on the evening of the 23rd I got a shock when I learned from SM that IA had Given a photocopy of his transcript covering the document "19-4-89-NM" which runs to 9 pages, as well as the document marked "7-4-89 OR" which runs into 5 pages.  The latter is Alphons' msg which IA took to M, to Jay Naidoo & That Jay has shown it to SM stating that it was urgent for Cosatu /UDF to meet to prevent M from selling out. My program was extremely tight & I arranged for the intermediary I use myself & IA to take a msg at 11.30 that night to IA.  More to follow.


Received Thr. 27 Apr. 1989

Part 4:

4.5.contd. in the msg I said that it appeared that Jay had a copy of the documents & Y that had not informed me of this; that the documents in question were confidential; that it was imperative that if there was to be a discussion around them it shld be based on permission from Alphons & with his guidance as to who and how it shld be released for discussion; that above all the document shld not be used to spread  panic & conceptions that M was selling out. Accordingly I asked him to take steps to withdraw the document, freeze discussion, maintain confidentiality pending advice from Alphons. 4.6. This step had become more urgent because at 7.30 that evening I learned from Diana (i.e.) that Jay had informed him & Rob of the document, that he had already shown it to Chris D & that Diana, Rod, SM and Jay had agreed to discuss it the next morning. Diana told me that she had done so because she knew that she would be meeting me in the intervening period and therefore have the benefit of my views.  I drew Diana's attention to the confidential nature of the documents, advised her that the four could meet by textual analysis agree that they should take no further steps until they had received guidance from Alphons; that in the meantime a count should be made of who has been informed and or seen the document, steps taken to withdraw the document, enjoin the people to secrecy; that Diana and Jay shld go to IA, ascertain who else had been informed and withdraw all copies until we here from Alphons.  All this without IA learning that I'm in touch with Diana. And more.

Received Thu. 27th Apr. 1989.TC KW

Part five:

4.7. . At Zola's I was informed by Sello on 24/4 that ALPHONS HAD called IA who would travel to Ray's on 25th & return on 26th.4.7. On 26/4 we got urgent msgs that D wanted to see us. Tony saw him at 4 p.m. D stated that he had a msg from Rachel for me to see  and send to Alphons.  He informed me that their "national collective" had met on 23rd , were briefed verbally by Dalla. He summarized the briefing that Dalla gave them and that after discussion they had decided to inform persons approached by M not to visit him etc.  I noted that certain vital aspects in the IA notes were excluded in the briefing that Dalla gave them, that he did not inform them of the contents of Alphons' msg to M. I accepted the note from Rachel which I shall send herewith. In the meantime, when I arrived at Zola's I learnt that HG had received permission to visit M and that he had decided not to go. I asked D whether he knew this and he informed me that their collective had been informed by HG that he had received this permission and that their collective had advised HG not to go. Hence the decision by HG not to go. I advised D of the importance of their collectives discussing matters on the basis of full info. That we shld allow no breach to open between us and M and arranged to meet again later in the week.  Re the msg from Rachel: the first part is a point form summary of what they were informed by Dalla. Since you have the IA transcript I shall not send this to you. But hereunder follows the text of msg from Rachel outlining their collective views when they considered the matter. Follows.

Received Thurs. 27th Apr. 1989, TC  KW   :Mbeki on Mandela

Part six:      

4.7.1 "Our views: (1) No meaningful consultations are possible at Victor Verster. (2) The principle at stake is that any negotiations can only be by NEC should under no circumstances be sidelined. (3) Non disclosure of the government names is unacceptable. (4) It is incorrect for the cde to give names of persons to be seen by him. (5) Lawyers have been instructed to convey our disquiet about the cde's initiative and to tell him to stop and suspend his initiative. (6) We are taking immediate steps to consult MDM. (7) HG was visited by a warder at his home and handed an invitation/permission to see M. (8) Pending directions from you, we are directing that no one goes to Victor Verster. (9) Please give immediate directions. Also, should the cde not heed our advice, the matter should be considered as to what steps to be taken. "ends  msg from Rachel.4.8. Meanwhile we recd advice that Diana was flying over to see us & Tony met him from 7pm to 12.30 on the 25th.  He reported as ffs:4.8.1. on the morning on 24th Diana, Jay ,SM and Rob met prior to Diana & Jay going over to see IA. They agreed on the advice I had  suggested  to Diana which Diana presented with his own ideas. While meeting they read urgent call to meet Khalima (who is part of Rachel's collective - Tony's addition). K intervened at their meeting, and said he knew that had read the documents and that he had been sent to give them "instructions from above", that these instructions where not subject to any discussion by them and that they should immediately act on these. More follows.

Received Thu. 27th Apr.1989, TC KW

Part seven:

4.8. contd. K told them that in the docs there was a list of names of persons M wanted to see, that he and the four of them were to take immediate steps to go and see each person on the list & inform the person that if and when they recd an invitation/permission to see M, the person should not go and that this was a instruction.  Some in the group sensed that there may be crossed lines but did not question K's authority. They shared the Tvl list of names and went out to see the persons listed and agreed to meet again at 4.30pm. 4.8.1. in the meantime Diana and Jay went and saw IA who said he had made a mistake to release the docs and that he was leaving for Raymond's the next day to see Alphons.4.8.2. When they met at 4.30pm they found that they had not succeeded in seeing all the persons they were supposed to see.  But those who had been seen agreed to abide by the instructions.  At this meeting Diana's disquiet re crossed lines, persuaded him to raise the question whether by their actions they were not raising panic.  He told me he had never seen K in the mood he was seeing.  K was raving that M was wearing suits, drinking wine etc and was selling out. Bearing in mind what I had told Diana, Diana then pointed out that those on M's list, once they recd permission would naturally tell others, and that this would then be the best time to inform the particular invitee not to go. That by going to people before they had even recd invites was to raise more curiosity etc.  The meeting then agreed to suspend seeing those that had not been seen at that stage.4.8.3 meanwhile Diana decided privately to come and brief me .

Received Thu. 27th Apr. 1989, TC KW

Part Eight

~.8.4. Tony had a long discussion with Diana, analyzing k's msg and Alphons' msg to M, emphasizing duty to play positive role to find ways to close breaches of position between us and M, caution against spreading stories that M was selling out, pointing out need to wait for IA's return and even when IA comes back to study your response, examine interim developments calmly before acting.  Diana was very positive .4.8.5. Diana stated that on reflection he had begun to surmise that K Dalla were working with  Rachel, that they had shared out the provinces for warning possible invitees not to respond, that K stated his instructions to them was re the Tvl, other areas were being taken care of. 4.8.6.  On reflection Diana stated that she saw how the steps they had been instructed to take by K may cause serious problems but that, given that these instructions were coming from Rachel,  people like Diana could not intervene with Rachel. I said that I would find a way to keep touch with Alphons and see what could be done about that aspect depending on what IA would tell us on his return from responses I may get Alphons.  We parted on basis that Diana wld send courier to me on Thursday bringing whatever he would get from IA.4.9.  That is where development stand. I realize IA would not be in a position to give these aspects. Urge you to keep Vula appraised and armed with your guidance to Vula, Rachel etc.  There are matters bursting around us but we shall report these at another time.  We felt you needed fullest briefing urgently on the M matter. Warm regards. Ends

Sent Thu. 27th Apr. 1989


a}Read all 8 of yours.  You sent 9 but one repeated.  Seem to have it all. b}will send Prog disk with John.  To prevent accidental deletion/formatting you should move write- protect tab on disk to protect position (i.e. hole open).  c}Repeat of Suzanne legend/passw for meeting: Legend: Doing laundry. Accidental/ change exchange between strangers.  Person meeting should thus also bring laundry.  Password: Contact: " do you have any softener?"  Suzanne: "sorry I don't use it" C: "Do you know where I can get some?" S: " Try Fontana"  d} When/if you rec msg with bad data try loading from tape again (F9,R) at different volume.  I often find bad data disappears at diff volumes.  e}Suzanne cont:   e.1 Tony knows much of back gd of S.   e.2 We've not been able to service S nor can she expand operating independently.  e.3 During period at home she's not undertaken any operational work due to above .   e.4  She employed as casual worker to avoid work permits etc.  Her job connected with printing/layout etc.  e.5  She uses PP as ID. It's real one issued by Cathy with husband's surname slightly altered. Therefore wherever possible she avoids using passport.  e.6  We'll be supplying S with ID via you & John.  e.7  She's purchased computer, printer & s/h car which is being repaired & which is not yet registered.  e.8  Although she's survived, her infrastructure is thin &  may not hold when she's operational.  e.9  so she's going to need assistance to strengthen herself including 'genuine' ID   e.10  Having employment has enabled her to protect herself as normal person.  Now that she's accepted as such by friends & neighbours she doesn't HAVE to continue working. She could work full time for org but continue to give impression that she's employed.    e.11  She has shown resilience & commitment during what was a most frustrating period.   e.12  Because of anxiety of parents (who are not well), she has a line to her friends who act as go between to parents.  The friends are reliable & know where she is but parents believe she's in Vz.  We've connected Charles to friends so that all such info goes via him & yourselves.  Moreover, we have tentatively agreed that S can travel to Cathy's in Dec. to see her family.   e.13  However, all above subject to Vula HQ.  This has been made clear to her.  F. Missing part from AO(1) is 25K long. This means you'd been sent +10 msgs.  Could you not just pop disk in post?  We can provide address.  Leo has taken disk with AO(1) but about 1.5 screens from start + last half screen came out OK.


Received Fri. 28th Apr. 1989

Part One: 27th April 1989

1.. After much difficulty cos of length (just fractionally too long – cost  of phone calls risen & hence R11.00 card could not pick up full msg without the warning signals intervening when last 75 cents left on card – managed to read entire msg.  Hence if your TB today re Dr is only that info pls cancel as we have managed to read yesterdays!  Send only additional info by first TB-ing Tony.  2.  Pls send add for us to send disk re AO(1).  3. When can we expect response re Madiba from Alphons as we have also promised to keep Rachel advised.  4. Anxious to know if current msg is going to get to both A & J ( ie before J leaves for China) because of urgency of contents.  Again her follows a long msg which will be broken into series for sending ( not clear how many parts until it's done but will send in threes while Tony is preparing report) Ken, you will notice we are now working under security pressures, so pls bear with us, acknowledgements as quick as poss etc etc.  5. from Sello's I intimated that a serious security situation seems to be arising, that  I would report once I had analysed matter etc with Isabella.  We now wish to report as follows, indicating where and what assistance you could render if possible.  Length necessary as we wish to ensure you have full facts plus our reasoning etc. 5.1. Your report re JZ knowledge refers.  We checked out our info that cde who saw him at Freddy's was asked by JZ to confirm our presence.  So far the cde denies this. More

Received Fri. 28th Apr. 1989

Part Two:5.2. more significant was your info that HG knew of our presence.   I think we reported that we where trying to see HG & that two efforts failed etc.  Anyway we were expecting feed back etc after Congress on JZ the matter but to date have no word from you.  Important that we know quickly who informed JZ, under what circumstances, is it just one person or more, how they communicate with JZ (is it by phone, & how secure is it by that means), what guidance/response has JZ been giving. 5.3.  The reasons why answers are very important for us is the following.  When we learnt from you that HG knew, we felt we would attend to matter slowly & in due time.  In particular we felt the key would be seeing Linus.  So this side of matters we moved slowly confidant that matter was not very serious.  We also allowed Tony recent trips to Sello & Rachel to take precedence.  Also we were waiting for further info from you re JZ.  5.4. Meanwhile we kept hearing bits of disturbing info re what HG was saying/doing but we felt much of this would be resolved once we saw him & gave him a briefing of movement reading of the situation and discussed matters with him 5.5 Of course at same time  we were puzzled by HG response to our efforts to see him.  In this regard we had moved very cautiously.  First, we had Masha ( who is u/g ) see him several times.  Each time we took note of whether these meetings were taking place without security breaches etc & receiving reports form Masha re their discussions.  After Masha had seen him for the third time we began to make moves to see HG via Masha using Marsh's channels but without disclosing to HG our identities. And more.

Received Fri. 28th Apr. 1989

Part Three:

Masha stated that HG was keen & we asked Masha to make arrangements thro Masha's channels. We then received a date for seeing HG.  This meeting was due to take place about six weeks ago, with the precautions we then traveled to PMB separately & met up with Masha in PMB at an intermediate point to which HG was to be brought ( with some breaks in HG's route).  The idea being that from there we would proceed further to a venue while still  checking en route  re whether there were any danger signals from the enemy .Masha had advised us that HG had been given date & had agreed the previous week. At the intermediate point several inquiries Masha's man reported that there was a misunderstanding in that HG's man responded by saying that a few days earlier Hg had seen word that his meeting with Masha " was postponed indefinitely" The msg was so curt that Isabella & Tony sensed something was wrong. Hence we decided to use other channels to reach HG.5.6.  After discussion we decided to send two cdes together to HG to say that Masha & the "cdes from outside" had sent the two to Hg to arrange for the meeting.  We chose Cde Themba (Reg Sec of Cosatu) and Sipho.  In the interim we had a request from Zola RPC urging us to meet HG as they were disturbed by some of the political positions etc emanating from HG. We had also heard that HG had accused Thema & Sipho of being drunks etc at accidental meeting he had  on the stairs of the building where Cosatu offices are; more contd

Received Fri.28th.Apr. 1989,  TC KW

Part Four : contd:  that these two cdes ( who knew HG well, including from prison) had gone to HG's home to discuss his outburst, which they say HG dismissed by saying that he had not meant it, that he was joking.  Before approaching these two to go to HG, checked with them whether their relations with HG was on good footing.  The cdes returned to say HG stated that he did not want to meet us.  They seemed embarrassed.  Isabella & Tony decided that whatever the problem they would look into matter before proceeding further.  In the meantime we recd your word above that he HG knew of our presence so we decided that even tho more and more reports of disquieting nature coming thro we would take more time to understand what was happening etc before taking further steps.5.6. but then everything changed dramatically on Tony's trip to Rachel. While Tony was away Linus gave Jack (under whom he works but not as part of the main cttee charged with work among the enemy forces) a report to say that he had been told by Nzimela that Tony was in the area.  Meanwhile Tony was told by two independent cdes at Sello's that HG had told each that Tony was at Zola's: that Tony was with the cabal; the cabal had destroyed and was destroying all organizations in the area; that the org.  outside did not understand the cabal problem that the org should not send an Indian to build the ANC u/g; that  we had sent Themba and Sipho to make contact with him and that he had refused in addition  'cos Thema & Sipho are drunkards;  that he had sent msgs outside etc etc . One of our informants in this is part of Rachel's outfit (Khalima) and the other was SM. Further

Received Fri. 28th Apr. 1989

Part Five: 5.7. At Zola's we received the matter.  We then interviewed Linus who began telling us more details of what Sbu had told Nzimela.  According to Nzimela Sbu wanted to know whether Tony & Co had seen him; they were in area with large number of cadres, were seeing many to draw them into the organization; that Hg was disturbed and had sent word abroad etc.  Linus denied having told anyone outside or inside of our presence. 5.8.  meanwhile Dm had asked for urgent meeting where he brought the communication from Rachel wh we sent earlier.  Tony then asked if he could take concealed note to HG.  DM became rattled; stated he needed time to think it over.  When Tony saw him again he said he did not know to raise the matter;  that it appeared there was a fight between two senior people (HG & Tony),  that he was stunned when he last saw HG as HG told him of his presence, repeated cabal etc and the question of Tony being a Indian who did not know what life in the townships is like etc.  Anyway we discussed matter and gave him time till next day to confirm whether he would take note to HG seeking a meeting.  This morning he took the note & should be delivering tonight.  Tony briefed him re security precautions etc.  At end of this discussion DM spontaneously stated he admired the calm and constructive way in which Vula was approaching the matter as a political problem etc ( I think in our interaction with him we have reached point of winning him to constructive approach on matters in general) . More follows.

Received Fri 28th Apr .1989

Part six : 5.9.We held regular reviews of the situation.  We cannot minimize the danger to Vula.  Our sources are more or less disciplined cadres. (who else he has told & is telling is another question !)  the fact that none, when told by HG saw fit to draw attention to the danger he was exposing Vula and the organization is really a question of inadequate development of the political culture  that goes with the nature of our struggle & it is likely that these problems will give advance cadres a better understanding of what it means to protect the organization.  At the same time we cannot help feeling that HG seems to be getting support for his positions from someone or other at HQ.  We have begun changing our style of working, begun implementing security precautions to protect Vula from enemy and are closely monitoring the situation.  In our courier report we shall give you more on our assessment etc but we think we cannot only survive but play our part in solving the problems which are fundamentally political.  But we would appreciate your ascertaining who at HQ has a line to HG and getting urgent word to him not to endanger our lives.  Work wise we are registering steady progress: we did not get the statement you issued re Natal Violence from you, but we got one from other sources.  It is being translated and our first distribution planned for soon will be 100,000 copies.  We are looking at a crash program to distribute also in PMB area.  Finally please arrange for next instalment of 20,000 sterling minimum to be in the hands of Ken.  Be assured we are not taking the security problem lightly we always recall Alphons injunction of care & caution & also that the only FAILURE he will accept of us is that Vula returns safely! Warmest greetings.

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