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ANC NWC Meeting September 8


Present:. T NK, JN, JJ, T. MONG., SS, J. SEL, CH, JM, TM, SD, JACO, M. ST, MP, JS, GS, HM, AM, J. MAKH

In the Chair. T. NK opened meeting.

AGENDA:. JS proposed inclusion of item relating to an internal conference of resistance forces scheduled for the eve of the elections.

It was decided that issue be considered at a special joint meeting of NWC/PMC.

JN criticized Agenda: It did not reflect discussion of NEC meeting or organisation. No background information had been provided in respect of item 4. It had been decided that item 5 be discussed at a special meeting. CHAIRMAN explained that discussion on decision of last NEC meeting would have been reflected in item 1 (Report of Control Commission) is Commissions had submitted reports to Control Commission. Agreed that item 4 would fall away. Item 5 would be reserved for special meeting.

1. JN observed state of organisation remained pathetic. Few offices are functional. The NEC Secretariat was in shambles. NEC decided that Secretariat can be absent only in exceptional circumstances. TM moved that the NEC Secretariat should function according to decisions taken and according to procedures outlined at NEC meeting.

2. Visits by Relatives : Agreed that the NEC Secretariat should discuss issue with interested sectors, e.g. Commission for External Organisation and work out appropriate guidelines.

3. Situation in Nigeria : Report of the joint Secretariat/Foreign Affairs Commission tabled. JN, CH, J. Makh, JS, TN, MP, SD, TS, J. SEL, Jacq M, JJ led discussions and it was agreed:

a). The Department for International Affairs would take steps to strengthen ANC mission in Nigeria. The present CR's request to be relieved to go for studies be acceded to.

b). The Nigerian mission should be assisted from HQ. But DIA should insist that Nigeria honours undertaking in respect of support for mission.

c). ANC students in Nigeria should not be withdrawn. Those destined for Nigeria should go but only on a basis that selected students who would help strengthen ANC presence would go.

d). The policies of the NSC should be investigated.

e). The DIA should work on a comprehensive strategy to counter imperialist strategy in Africa. DIP should also be involved and consider preparing a booklet on the PAC.

f). J Makhatini should accept invitation to Nigeria.

g). The President should not go to Nigeria on these issues immediately and an opportune moment should be awaited for his intervention.

4. Afrikaner Intellectuals : TM said a report had already been given on the October '87 meeting and outstanding reports were those of contacts made in '88. They were about political matters in which the intellectuals sought clarification of ANC maxims. DIP was in process of collating discussions in a consolidated report. He only reported on specific issues at that stage:

i). Views on the release of Nelson Mandela.

ii). The prospects of the National Party.

iii). Present strategies of the regime aimed at co-optation.

iv). The Namibian Independence Scenario.

v). Their thinking on ANC proposed Constitutional Guidelines.

vi). Proposal for further meeting in mid January '89.

It was agreed to discuss report further when the combined report shall have been submitted.

5. Correspondence :

i). The Women's Section was given the OK to proceed with the Anti-Apartheid Conference in Netherlands.

ii). Letter from Brig. Mbita read. It ws decided to ask for more information about Camerapix.

iii). Letter from recording department. It was explained no interviews could be granted particularly in Angola. A discussion took place on the ANC Women/Afrikaner Women meeting.

The Chairman thanked members for their attention. He explained that meeting with PMC would take place following day.

Meeting terminated at 13:00 hours.

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