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This resource is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, but was compiled and authored by Padraig O’Malley. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.

Decisions of NWC meetings for 1987


1. 27/02/87

(a). Decision to hold bilateral talks with SWAPO in small NEC delegation led by respective participants in preparation for Tripartite meeting with MPLA.

Agenda we shall propose to be:

(i). The general Political Situation inside South Africa and Namibia.

(ii). The assault on Angola and what contribution the ANC and SWAPO can make in defence of Angola.

(iii). Common problems experienced by Angola arising from our presence in their territory.

(iv). Areas of mutual co-operation – FLS, OAU, and international forums.

(b). ANC shall not serve on the steering committee for 2nd York conference but shall find way to attend it.

(c). NWC accepted delegation to Moscow proposed by the Social Scientists sub-committee. Delegation to be led by Cde Pallo Jordan.

2. 28/02/87

. (Arising from leak of NEC decision affecting the outgoing NAT Directorate.)

NEC decisions about the procedure to be followed in dissolving NAT Directorate stands. Cdes PB and UM shall be redeployed as stated in NEC decision on the matter.

3. 30/02/87

Arising from report on proposed meeting with Afrikaners organizers by V.Z. Slabbert and Barclays meeting.

(a). Agreed in principle that ANC shall meet Afrikaners in Dakar but not in Paris. Cde Aziz shall be liaison person.

(b). Cdes in London shall meet A.A.M. with a view to hold second meeting after 2nd March.

(c). Cdes Thabo, Mac and Aziz shall investigate more fully the intricacies of Barclays arrangements regarding corresponding bank relationship with AAC bank at home.

(d). There shall be a public statement from Barclays to satisfy A.A. constituency. A.A.M. must be urged to demand this of Barclays when they meet.

4. 13/03/87

(a). Arising from briefing from President.

(i). ANC must find students for school set aside for ANC in Cuba.

(ii). ANC must appoint a Chief Representative for Cuba by July 1987.

(iii). The questions raised by the rank and file at the Mass Meeting at the clinic must be placed before the NWC and answers given through a second mass briefing.

(iv). A more rational and equitable distribution of the recently acquired ANC cars must take place. Sub-committee of the TG, PMC, and ECC to take charge.

(v). TG's sub-committee on tribunal should meet and make proposals.

(b). Arising from report of NEC's constitutional sub-committee

(i). Documents must address rights of women and children; affirmative action must be directed in particular to African people.

(ii). Statement of intent is too lengthy. Refer back to D.C.L.A.

(c). Cde Chris Hani given permission to contact Grenade to elicit information from him regarding "someone who is assisting them to desert".

(d). Confidentiality of NWC/NEC discussions – Appeal to all NEC members to observe confidentiality about NWC/NEC proceedings. NAT deserves the confidence of the NEC and should receive it.

5. 25/03/87

Arising from report of commission on Prison Exchange.

(a). Women in camp 32 to be moved to another place with immediate effect.

(b). SG shall proceed to Angola to propose to them a package which shall include De Jonge for Du Toit and a select number of our captives. Cde President shall see Cde K Kaunda to seek his advice. Belgium proposed as go between.

The following steps shall be taken:

(i). DIP team must be made ready to video tape and record statements from the captives;

(ii). Commission shall alert the West about our plans;

(iii). Odell Hamington – discussions with YZ on but will not be part of the package.

(c). In view of the enemy's likely response being a rescue attempt, the prisoners proposed for the exchange must be moved to a more secure location immediately after exposure.

(d). The whole first phase must take place in time to impact on the election.

6. 31/03/87

(a). Presidential committee proposals on National Tribunal.

(i). Bogart Soze

(ii). Steve Tshwete

(iii). Benson Lwana

(iv). Isaac Makopo

(v). Che O'Gara

Cde Gertrude shall receive proposals of women to serve on the Tribunal.

Cde Zola Skweyiya shall be Officer of Justice.

(b). Arising from reports on Benjamin Rumotse.

(i). NEC shall set up a special permanent committee on political prisoners staffed by DCLA, PMC representative and Secretary of the NEC Secretariat.

(ii). The political prisoners commission shall devise means to support prisoners, their families and arrange for their re-integration on release.

7. 03/03/87

Report on UDF/COSATU/SPARROW meetings. Referred to PMC. No subsequent report to NWC on PMC's decisions on these issues.

8. 14/04/87

SG, Mac, Chris, Pallo – Received reports on discussions with Netherlands.

KK had suggested to Cde President that Netherlands were best go between rather than Belgium. Mac reported that it was agreed that Netherlands will keep ANC fully informed about Pretoria's thinking on the matter.

Two track strategy proposal – one diplomatic one, one public to pressure regime during election period.

Candidates for press:

(i). Kaliphinde

(ii). Some Black agents

(iii). One turned Black agent

The point of the exercise is twofold – to embarrass the regime during elections and to force them to deal with us.


(a). Commission on cultural and academic boycott shall re-look at its paper and report to NWC .

(b). Arising from report on meeting with Dr Motlana.

(i). The ANC shall work with MDM for victory of continuation of the rent strike.

(ii). The ANC shall call for full participation of students in all activities of the MDM.

(c). Arising from report on Mac's meeting with Netherlands.

(i). Sub-committee set up to manage prison exchange – SG; Thabo; Chris; NAT representative. Shall report to NWC on how it is proceeding.

(ii). Special NEC committee shall be set up to review decisions of NAT to send people to camp 32.

(d). ANC shall send a delegation to Leabua Jonathan's funeral in Lesotho. No NEC members shall be part of it.

9. 05/06/87

Discussions of PC report on White elections. No decisions taken.

10. 11/06/87

(a). ANC delegation to Dakar agreed.

(b). ANC shall recast agenda as follows:

(i). Strategies

(ii). National Unity

(iii). Any other issues they wish to discuss.

(c). Economic unit formally changed to Department of Economic Planning.

(i). Max Sisulu to Head.

(ii). Patrick Magapatono to be Administrative Secretary.

(iii). Department shall be given go ahead to convene a meeting of ANC economists.

11. 12/06/87

(a). Sub-committee to draft Call to People Jele, Nhlanhla, Kasrils and Pallo. Shall revise and have ready by weekend.

12. 29/07/87

On security situation in Zambia.

(a). NAT is charged with setting up security measures for protection of ANC offices HQ, Alpha, Libala and others.

(b). NWC shall meet NYS on 30th July to discuss Planned National Youth Conference.

13. 30/07/87. (with NYS)

14. 02/08/87

(a). NWC accepts NYS proposal that we set up a National Youth Council to advise youth on work.

(b). NWC accepts option 3 for election of NYS leadership.

15. 12/08/87

(a). ANC International Conference

(i). Budget shall be ready within 10 days (22/08/87).

(ii). Preparatory committee shall move to Tanzania as soon as possible, residual group at HQ for liaison.

(iii). Dan Cindi shall reduce travel and devote himself exclusively to preparatory work.

(iv). Name – "People of the World Unite Against Apartheid for a Democratic South Africa".

(b). Visits to Underground Comrades in Lusaka

Secretariat and Army commissar shall jointly work out a schedule of visits by NEC members to underground housed. At least two members per week.

(c). Briefing of membership

RPC shall be requested to assemble branch officials as first step, agenda of briefing meetings to be arranged.

(d). Secretariat shall obtain list of all allowances and supplies receipients in Zambia and prepare to shift out unemployed.

(e). Secretariat and the TGO shall alert E. Africa of movement people from region to theirs.

(f). MHQ shall make recommendations on replacement for Jackie Molefe as head of communications.

(g). P.C. shall draft an ANC statement on the miners strike.

(h). Cde Zuma shall lead a delegation to Mozambique to discuss people caught up there; Cde Thabo shall lead a delegation to Botswana to secure the release of prisoners.

(i). ANC must begin to contest Boer presence in Swaziland. We must seek a meeting with Swazis in 3rd country.

(j). Presidential committee report on appointments.

. (i). DIA. -. memo to DIA

. (ii). MHQ

. . Commander. . . -. Joe Modise

. . Chief of Staff. . . -. Chris Hani

. . Commissar. . . -. Steve Tshwete

. . Deputy Commander. . -. Chris Hani

. . Chief of Ordinance. . -. Rashid

. . Logistics. . . -. Bogard Soze

. . Deputy Chief of MI. . -. Keith

. . Deputy Chief of Operations. -. Mancheka

. . Deputy Commissar. . -. Don Ngakane

. . Chief of Communications. -. Vacant

. . Deputy. . . . -. Castro Bella

. . Chief of Personnel. . -. Timothy Mokoena

Comrades SG, Dan Tloome and TG shall counsel Steve Tshwete about his social habits.

NWC Meetings

Since the conclusion of the NEC meeting in Feburary 1987, the National Working Committee has met on the dates set above.

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