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Received Thursday 1st  June 1989

To Ken:

1.. Have sent word to Isa to collect Minah on basis she entered on 30th May.  Any further news will be welcome and helpful.

2.. Have taken steps to retrieve TS.  Present state: paid amount owing plus R300 deposit at P.O., took receipt to Siemens who have said that they hope to reinstate number.  In future a/cs will be sent to London address for payment.  For payment need code and a/c no. etc which should appear on a/c.   Maybe we will be able to pay on the ground once we have these necessary nos.  Now waiting to see when they will reinstate number.

3.. Met Suzanne.  Have given her some work.  Collected the 2000 and used it to purchase a Toshiba 1200 with 20 megabyte H/D – not sure yet how to deploy it.  Got it for R8500 which I think is cheap.  Structures at Zola need one but will decide which will be more useful for Tony – the 1000 or 1200.  Any ideas?  The 1200 is pretty slow but looking into whether I can get an AT card inserted in the 1200 – will depend on cost.  Re Suzanne:  Have suggested she keeps line as a fallback in case anything happens to contact between us here.  Meantime have started a slow integration and put her in touch with local based contact.  Plan to leave TB with her whenever Tony is out.  Had adequate funds.  Need her local passport and ID which apparently was in process of being done at your end.

4.. Deeply regret that to date have not been able to locate the key to John's locker.  Will keep looking but hold little hope of tracking it.  Can we replace the bag to John.  Finally, will TV you when Tony is with Zola.  Alles van die beste.  (All the best)

Received Thursday 1st June 1989

Dearest Elsa.  Am addressing this to you though I expect you to share many parts with Janet so that together they can be worked through.  Many thanks for message.  Am worried as to how, when I can exit safely etc.  So far am waiting for local passport (whose use can only be limited to exit/entry and exit can only be to safe point, e.g. up to Big S.  When I am going to get this is another matter – though have been promised I would get it "soon".  Meanwhile the ff have to be addressed and attended to by you folks:

1.. Can you trace my Indian passport under my real name and ensure that it is renewed and validated by the Indian High Commissioner (preferably Lal).  I last used this to go to Big S, hence it should be with Leo and Co. if not in my goods that were returned from Big S.   If it can't be traced, get my old passport photos and ensure that Janet and Co. with intervention of Nzo get the High Commissioner to issue one.

2.. This passport will require a UK visa.  The old one had one, but it may require renewal.  Can this be done without my presence?  Discuss with Janet – maybe Elsa can apply saying I am in SU in hospital – but then they may insist that I personally go to their embassy in Moscow and we don't want that to happen.  Anyway how and when to act on this will depend on first getting hold of (1) above.  Please let me know re progress etc re (1) and (2) above.

3.. If I exited and reached Big S. how would I proceed to UK and what legend would we then use there, e.g. that I have been released temporarily and have come to help and be with you and kids and would be going back.  Then what pressures would arise that I also travel to Raymonds.  Janet and Co. have to work out something on this and advise.  Have only touched on some urgent aspects here.  Will get back on further points.  All my love to you and little people – all of whom I miss desperately.  Tony.


Sent Friday 2nd Saturday 3rd June 1989

Start 1/6:

A&J to Tony/GM and HG.

Some two or more years ago, as a result of the progress of our struggle various individuals, groups, think tanks and similar bodies set up by governments started speculating, discussing and drafting a variety of constitutional models for a post-apartheid SA.  We intervened to control this activity by publishing and inviting discussion on our constitutional guidelines.  Even at that time Inqindi was under pressure to "renounce violence" or suspend armed struggle to make way for negotiations.  We argued then, as we have done since, and not unsuccessfully that many conflicts in the recent past have been settled, ultimately by negotiations, but in no case was any of the parties, or even both, required to disarm as a condition precedent to the start of negotiations; that in every case, a mutually binding ceasefire came as a result of the progress of the negotiations and often at their conclusion.  The US administration through Schultz accepted the logic of our argument as Johan Hayes now has.  But the call for negotiations persisted unabated, with Schultz demanding of the regime to "start negotiations so that violence can stop".

Feeling the need to guide our people and supporters on how to approach the question of negotiations, the NEC in October 1987 issued a statement setting out our positions on the issue.  These positions are now being overrun by the tide of pressures for negotiations which have been sparked off by the December New York Accords which opened the way to the independence of Namibia.  We need to shift to higher ground.

Many individuals, groups, inside and outside SA and some governments see themselves as honest brokers in what they see as a new and favourable situation for ending apartheid through negotiations.  Friends of our struggle of long standing are urging that the situation demands "new thinking" and new strategies ensuring a forward movement.  We ourselves feel the time has come for us and the MDM to move and take up a position which enables us to control and direct these pressures in the interest of our struggle, and so keep the initiative in our hands.

Now 2/6

We're accordingly currently working on a statement which would be a plan, worked out by Inqindi, adopted by the MDM and then by the FLS before presentation for adoption as an OAU document, representing the positions for the continent on the SA question.  The OAU meets mid-July.  For various other reasons we're under pressure to produce our plan without further delay.  What follows is a confidential draft document which we're currently discussing and over which we urgently need your input in terms of both content and structure or form.  We're concerned that the document, and in particular, the proposals it makes are kept secret until the plan is formally announced after general agreement is reached.


1.. The liquidation of the apartheid system remains one of the major issues confronting the people of SA, Africa and the rest of the international community.

2.. The overwhelming majority of the peoples of the world recognize the fact that this system constitutes a crime against humanity which must be suppressed without any delay.

3.. The majority of the people of SA have always acknowledged that the best and most desirable way to end the system of white minority domination in their country would be through a political…..(some junk here – awaiting resend)….. belongs to all who live in it, both black and white.

3.1. To this end, all organizations genuinely representative of this people, including and principally the ANC and its allies, have striven to find such a political settlement.

3.2. Accordingly, the ANC and its leaders have throughout the 77 years of the existence of this organisation, taken many initiatives to bring about a political resolution of the problems facing the people of SA.  At the beginning of this century they petitioned the British government to persuade it to accept negotiations involving all the people of SA.  Since then, they have communicated with almost all the white regimes in SA proposing a political settlement of the SA question. These initiatives have included the suggestion to the government of the day that it should summon a national convention to negotiate a new constitution for SA.  As recently as 1987, the ANC once more, in a formal document, stated its willingness to enter into negotiations to create a united, democratic and non-racial SA.

Here's 3/6

3.3. To this day, the people of SA and their representative organizations, remain committed to the perspective of a political settlement of that country's historic conflict, which emanates from the system of white colonial and racist domination which came into being as a result of the colonization of South by European powers.

3.4. Successive white minority regimes and the British colonial power before them, have consistently refused to accept the majority of the people of South Africa as part of the body politic of that country.  Accordingly, they have refused to enter into any meaningful discussions with that majority, with a view to finding solutions that would meet the aspirations of all the people of SA.

3.5. Consequently, they have responded to the demands of that majority and its struggles to realize those demands by resorting to violence aimed at defeating all efforts directed at achieving justice, freedom and peace for all the people of SA.

4.. Despite this history of many decades, the people of SA, and their genuine organizations, have remained faithful to the vision that a solution could be found through dialogue and negotiation, provided that all recognized the fact that they are South Africans who share a common patrimony and a common future as one nation with one destiny.

5.. It is now universally accepted that the system of apartheid constitutes a grave offence against justice and human rights.  The peoples of the world have, therefore, and without exception, entered into struggle to end this system and help transform SA into a united, democratic and non-racial country.  That struggle will not end before this objective is achieved.

6.. Being concerned to save lives and property, while attaining the objective of liberation, liberty and equality, the representatives of the people of SA have continuously worked to bring all those concerned together to agree to a political, economic and social arrangement that would meet the hopes and dreams of all the citizens of that country.

This = 4/6

7.. In continuation of these positions, and as an expression of our confidence in the ultimate triumph of justice and peace, we hereby put forward proposals for a negotiated settlement of the South African question in the hope that those who exercise power in that country today, will fully appreciate the urgent need to end the apartheid crime against humanity, with the minimum of conflict, confrontation and racial bitterness.

8.. The time has come that the people of SA get together to negotiate an end to the apartheid system and agree to all the measures that are necessary to transform her into a united, democratic and non-racial country in which the rights of all individuals would be respected and protected by law, including the rights of all individuals would be respected and protected by law, including the right of each person to their language, culture and religion.  These would be the aims of the negotiations and not the amendment or reform of the apartheid system.

9.. For these negotiations to take place and succeed, it is essential that the necessary climate be created.  The principal responsibility for the creation of such a climate rests with the forces in power in SA.  Accordingly, the governing power should:

9.1. Release all political prisoners and detainees unconditionally and refrain from imposing any restrictions on them.

9.2. Lift all bans and restrictions on all proscribed and restricted organizations and individuals.

9.3. End the state of emergency and repeal all legislation designed to restrict political activity, such as, and including the Internal Security Act.

9.4. Remove all troops from the townships.

10.. These measures are necessary both to demonstrate the bona fides of the ruling group and produce the conditions in which free political discussion can take place – an essential condition to ensure that the people themselves participate in the process of the remaking of their country.  The measures detailed above should therefore precede the negotiations.

11.. As an additional measure, to create the climate favouring successful negotiations, and as soon as the Items 9.1 to 9.4 above have been realized, the ANC and the South African government should enter into discussions to achieve a suspension of hostilities by both sides by agreeing to a mutually binding ceasefire.  As soon as this has been signed, exiles should then be allowed to return to South Africa without any fear of arrest or prosecution.

12.. The present government should then be dissolved and replaced by an interim government (IG) which should be composed in such manner that it enjoys the support of all sections of the people of SA.  This Interim Government  would remain in power until a new parliament has been elected and a new administration established on the basis of the new constitution.  The IG should, on assuming power, dissolve all parliaments and legislative assemblies established on the basis of the present constitution and current legislation and have the power to rule by decree.  It should abolish all discriminatory legislation such as the Population Registration, Group Areas and Separate Amenities Act.  It should organize the elections for the Constituent Assembly.  (See below.)  Members of the IG would not be eligible for election to the Constituent Assembly.

13.. For the negotiations to take place, it is necessary that there should be created a negotiating mechanism which must derive its legitimacy from the support and confidence bestowed on it by the people as a whole.  To achieve this, it will therefore be necessary that a Constituent Assembly be elected by all the people of SA on the basis of a universal, adult franchise.  Any negotiating mechanism constituted by bringing together institutions created under the apartheid system cannot have any legitimacy and would only seek to entrench precisely the system of state power which it would be the objective of the negotiations to (part missing here….awaiting resend).

16.. Immediately after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, the IG would organize elections for a new parliament on the basis of the new constitution and itself hand over power to the government that would be formed subsequent to these elections.

Last 6/6

17.. Immediately after the formation of the IG, the international community, including the OAU, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth and the UN, should be free to send observer missions to SA to evaluate the situation for themselves and monitor the entire process up to and including the assumption of power by the new democratic government.

18.. The democratic movement of SA, including the liberation movement, hold themselves ready to enter into such "talks about talks" as may be necessary to ensure the speedy realization of the plan detailed above.

19.. This plan is put forward without in any way prejudicing or circumscribing the right of the people of SA to conduct their struggle for the elimination of the system of apartheid.  This struggle must therefore continue until this system is ended.  It is up to the Pretoria regime, by responding positively to the proposals contained in this document, to ensure that this objective is achieved through negotiations and not by other means.

20.. We commend this document to the international community in the firm knowledge that this community recognizes it as the right and duty of the people of SA themselves to negotiate an end to the apartheid system.  We further believe that, while it should support and encourage genuine negotiations, the international community itself has an obligation to increase pressure against racist SA until the common goal of ending the apartheid system has been achieved.


Sent Saturday 3rd June 1989

This = 2 part message, here's first.

Alphons to Tony

1.. Congratulations on successful beginning in developing a line to Sop.

2.. Transcription of Ndima's notes and even paraphrasing them for purposes of brevity to facilitate concealment is gladly authorized.

3.. Re : Communicaitons from Sop:

3.1. To Ndima: (a)

(i). He's been the focus of a worldwide and most powerful campaign demanding his release, which is awaited eagerly by people everywhere as a moment of great victory.  It will take away considerably from the impact of his ultimate release if he leaves prison and then goes back in again.  This could suit the regime's plan of a "phased" release.  Since the team agrees he should report to us, would they not agree that he dictates the report to Sekwati for transmission to us?  The report would record facts known to the team and from our point of view it would not matter if they bugged or listened in to the relevant conversation between Sop and Sekwati.

(ii). We prefer the foregoing options two and three.  We particularly agree about the possibility of a swoop on Sekwati and hope he is taking the necessary precautions.

(iii). Thanks for the explanation re concentrating on internal clash.

(iv). We note the planned meetings with Rocky etc.

(v). (For Tony's attention):  Regarding the NUMSA resolution, who is handling the reading of the statement to the people mentioned?  Is it Albertina and Murphy?  For our part we received the statement, save the concluding two paras.

3.2. To Tony:  (b):  Who might "Ntakobusi" be?

3.3. What a nuisance, I wish I would learn to shut up!

End first, go to second and last.

3.4. Sekwati is trying to see Sop this weekend instead of June 11th.  The reason:  last year in Lybia, there was established a Gaddafi Prize for Human Rights.  Last month a people's non-governmental committee for the Gaddafi Prize for Human Rights was constituted to sponsor the affairs of the Prize.  This committee, comprising various personalities, political and intellectual from different continents of the world, has decided to nominate the "great African freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, as the first nominee to be awarded the price by the committee.  The award ceremony takes place on June 12.  Ndima has been asked to accept the nomination of Nelson Mandela for the price (which Ndima has done) and to attend the occasion.  He has also been asked to provide names and addresses of such other personalities as Ndima may wish to be invited.  The financial estimate of the prize will be expected to be $250,000-00.  Ndima raised with Sekwati the possibility of Sek being one of the personalities but expressed fears that such a trip could be frowned upon by the authorities with adverse consequences for his freedom to visit Sop. Sekwati saw no problem and decided to shift his visit to this weekend,  with t(15 bad chars) of consulting about the wisdom of his traveling north.

NB. The phrase "financial estimate" suggests the prize may not be cash, in which case it would not be necessary for Sekwati to get involved.  As proposed Ndima shall keep the normal telephonic contact with Sekwati.

4.. We are following the progress of your technical exploits with keen interest.

5.. Regarding "435", many thanks for briefing Sop.  It is most important thaqt we involve him in this kind of thinking.  Yesterday Ndima sent you, GM and HG a draft proposal.  Can you send Sop. a summary of the contents and ask for his comments and input, indicating that the document is confidential pending the results of consultations.

Warmest greetings.


Sent Sunday 4th June 1989

Here are the missing parts of the recent comm:

3.. …….through a political settlement which would recognize the fact that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, both black and white.

13.. ….would be the objective of the negotiations to dismantle.

14.. The Constituent Assembly should sit for a period not longer than 12 months from its first session and meet to draw up a new constitution and to agree on such transitional measures as may be necessary to effect a smooth progression from a racist to a democratic order.  The IG would then dissolve the Assembly as soon as it has completed its work.

15.. At the same time, the ANC would then proceed to commit itself to end its armed struggle and to participate in such process for the formation of a new national defence force as would have been agreed by the Constituent Assembly.  The international community would, for its part, lift all existing sanctions that have been imposed against apartheid South Africa.

From Elsa (dictated):

"Hi Tony.  Thanks for your message in which you raised issues re you and Cathy.  I am somewhat confused and Janet told me in a recent discussion that you had indicated to her that you could be at Cathy's on your way out.  She also said that the decision for you to return where you are now after a month's break with us came entirely from your side and that not only did she and co. not instruct you to be there, they do not feel they have any right to instruct you one way or another.  Is this true?  If so, I'm surprised I was not even consulted as to whether the kids and I are able to continue to cope in trying circumstances for another indefinite period of time.  How do you envisage us in this scheme of things?  No doubt you wee planning to discuss all this on holiday but it would be useful to me now to have some idea of how the land lies.  I would have preferred to raise this in a TK but since January have been clueless about the comings and goings of John.  Janet returns only next week and Leo I don't know when.  Meanwhile, I'll begin the passport search.  Take care, all our love to you.  We miss you too.  Elsa, He-man and Shira".

Received Sunday 4th June 1989

1.. Ken – pls repeat message three of yesterday.  When deciphering we are getting complete junk and in same characters as a coded version appears on the screen.  Second:  para 13 of doc states a part missing – awaiting resend from Rays.  Have you received this and when can we expect it.  3rd re message 2 of yesterday's  para 3.1 is headed "To Ndima" but it seems from contents that 3.1 (i), (ii) and (iii) are meant for Sop.  Am I right?  Does Alphons want us to send to Sop?  Please advise.  Fourth:  To A&J :  Is it OK if we send draft doc re "435" to Sop. so as to keep him briefed?  Please advise soon.  Not sure when contact going to see Sop – may have even gone yesterday due to plans re Libya, otherwise it was going to be next weekend.  In latter case Tony was going to prepare something for Sop.  If Sekwati has already gone (and Tony will know soon), then we shall have to wait till next time.

(6). Making arrangements for negotiating document to send to Rachel and HG – latter has passport – we said that if the money was holding thisup, then Vula would advance this as loan to speed things.

(7). re NUMSA:  Sop. is recommending to Alphons that his document be read to those he lists.  I presume this means Alphons should arrange that because as far as Sop is concerned only A has the document.  Small problems with his list of names, viz. he is looking at officials at MDM level.  In this he has Firoz C – ion fact FC is publicity sec of TIC – the sec is Ismail Momoniat and I suggest that IC be substituted for FC.  How should we arrange this recommendation to be implemented?  Hell of a lot of rumours going their rounds.  I would suggest Tony sees Dick and Rob together and arranges that they in consultation with Albertina and Archie then does the reading and cautioning.  If you agree, advise and I shall arrange this.

(8). I think Ntakobusi is Kathy – not sure.

Received Sunday 4th June 1989

1.. Ken:  Your T6 to Isa indicated "Dr" so we tried to collect two messages.  Have only been able to read the first, the 2nd is garbage.  So please T8 Tony once you have the 2nd ready.  Meanwhile, herewith (2) for Elsa:

Dearest Elsa.  Many thanks for message but so many crossed lines.  I'm trying to work out how to come out safely.  At one point I received advice that I should come out for two months, both to be with you and kids and to get out of the enemy way for security reasons (including their view that the legend was fraying and hence to reinforce the legend) and for discussions.  This was from Janet and confirmed in subsequent message from Alphons.  At this end I have been matters are being discussed from time to time with you.  So for the moment I don't know how to respond to your question "How do you envisage us in this scheme of things?"  But for the present I have applied for b/d passport which should enable me to exit.  The issue of where to exit – 1st Janet suggested via India to Big S (so as to meet all the considerations above).  I queried the reason why India, why not UK (trying to work out which would be safest and least detectable by enemy and hostile forces and above all trying to work out how to do it – and all this is left to me with my own resources.  I'm not complaining, but one lives on one's nerves, and I recall even saying to Janet I think at one stage, that exiting and re-entry makes me even more nervous than being here in the midst of constant security scares.)  However, please bear with me as I try to work all this out like how, routes, legends.  It's a b/d passport – I cross fingers I can get it soon enough to be with you in UK, but no way to say when it'll come beyond b/d dealers words.  Still let's get lines uncrossed and work to meet.  All love to He-man, Shira and you, always.


Sent Monday 5th June 1989

First of 3 messages.

I.. For Tone from A&J.  Reply to message received 1/6.

(1). Your observations were mutatis mutandis read out to a HQ meeting and received with keen interest and appreciation.  The message was given as coming from leading cadres at home who are in touch with Alphons and who have been asked to monitor the situation on the ground.

(2). Steps are being taken to prevent 435 being raised at the NUMSA conference.  Your criticism was accepted – whoever gave Erwin the task.

(3). The 435 document is still under intense discussion by HQ.  One of the members observes, in a written comment: "In general the document we are discussing appears to short-circuit a much longer and complicated process, on the one hand, and secondly, we are exposing too much of our hand too early in the process."  Another, also commenting in writing, notes:  "It's a good, imaginative and strong gesture, likely to win applause from anti-apartheid groups everywhere.  But we can hardly suppose that Pretoria will find our proposal more acceptable than those of past years to which the document refers."  Without placing the document before tomorrow's (6th) Indaba with the UDF/Cosatu we will indicate that we are in the process of working out our positions and ask for an input from the visitors.  A drafting committee has been appointed to work out a redraft based on discussions in the last few days at the working committee.  This will be presented to NEC (8th) for a further input.  Your will receive the amended draft as soon as it is ready.

II.. To Tony from A&J.  Reply to message received 4/6:

(1). In his message dd 29/5 to A&J, Tony states (2nd para):  "Here ffs the two comms from Sophitsi:"  These are identified as "(a) reply to Ndima and (b) reply to Tony.  In our message dd 1/6 we reply to or comment on each of these two comms from Sop (see our para 3.0).  We deal first (para 3.1) with the comms to Ndima (marked (a) in Tony's message to you.

(2). Para 3.1 (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) is indeed meant for Sop.  Sorry we did not make this clear.  We sent it to Tony as being the channel through which we had heard from Sop.  Tony will see how to send it on.

(3). In Alphons' message dd 1/6/89 Tony was requested to "send Sop a summary of the contents" of the 435 draft document and to ask Sop for his comments and input, if possible, and certainly to keep him briefed.

2 more messages coming

Sent Monday 5th June 1989

Message No. 2.

Here's Elsa's (dictated 5th) reply to your message to her:

"Hi again Tony.  Lines certainly have been crossed!  Janet added that if it had been your intention to return to Raymond's with us he would have suggested meeting them there for our discussion, so keeping our holiday intact and undisturbed.  She also said you already have the necessary travel documents to reach Cathy's.  To be fair though, I was informed after December and then in March about a holiday with you, but she qualified this by saying it might not…[??]  in any case do a [soonish??] to return here.  More interesting though is that I have found and renewed your passport for two years with a visa which expires on 29th of next [?] month and can only be renewed if you sign the application in the presence of the relevant officer.  The consul who helped you last time has left so they won't budge on that one.  I've gained some breathing space by having offered to seek an appointment with a reputable orthopaedic specialist of my own choice which is true rather than using UNDP's SOS system.  But with Geneva's attitude they've never forgiven me for exposing their shoddy work.  I'm not sure how long I'll be able to store the medical evacuation beyond the time expected to get an appointment.  They – T[?] that is – are already hassling UNDP for all kinds of proof that I need to be on sick leave, let alone go to Cathy's.  So I would prefer my treatment to be over by the 26th of July which is when my contract with them expires.  I can understand the tensions under which you are all anxiously await.  Don't take risks.   It's better to keep me posted about problems re your route etc etc so that together we can work out something.  Elsa and the [somethings – couldn't make out].

One more message.

Sent Monday 5th June 1989

Charles to Tony

Have 6,000 pounds in pocket now; will have other 9,000 by Thursday.

I mentioned before that I have diagram of DLB details recently sent you.  Can send on TC.  Do you want or can you manage on description?

Time for John is coming up fast.  Any special requests?

Let's clear up 'PU';

(1). I will phone TB to say 'Dr' (=2); 'Mrs' (=3); or mention e.g. how many 'parcels to pick up'.  First message will always be ready and waiting for you to pick up at any time.

(2). Either just pick up 1st message and then 'PU' to check if I'm at base to do next or 'PU' before you pick up.  If no TB reply within 10 mins it means I'm not at base.

(3). If you want to do pick up later, call TV and mention time from call when you'll be able to do pick up.  E.g. 'Call PU in two hours'.  This eliminates problem of time differences etc.  I will reply to TB if OK or not.

(4). If I'm at base when I receive your 'PU' I'll reply with 'PU'.  I'll expect actual pick up to take place immediately.  I must be 'PU-ed' before you pick up otherwise you'll collect same message as many times as there are messages.  I can't be expected to stay in all day waiting for you to pick up after I've mentioned how many messages there are.

Suzanne:  Can I reach her now by calling TB in Sello's?

Did you receive OK the messages I sent yesterday?

Tosh 1200.  Tell me soon how you plan to use it.  Do you want coding progs and/or other progs for it?

AD (1). ENC had exactly same problem as before.  If you undo it yourself you will see.  Do you have original?  If so please resend.

John will visit Zola 27th June.



Received Tuesday 6th June 1989

Monday: (1). Please pass this ff urgently to JZ and request a quick feedback.  The message is from Philip and he has been forced to send this via us 'cos he is due to meet J in Mauritius on 13th June3 but has failed through regular communication channels to settle contact point in that country.  Philip will be in M from 12.06.89 to 17.06.89.  Suggest the ff arrangements for initial contact: Place: outside Main Post Office in Port Louis.  Time: 10h00, Date: 13.06.  Fallback:  Time: 10h00; date 14.06, place: same.  Second fallback as in first fallback but date 15.06.89 and this will be repeated for 16th and 17th.  If no contact made by then, Philip returns according to plan.  Will J please send confirmation and acknowledge receipt of this message through this channel as J's contact person does not appear to be in UK.  Philip needs response by 7th as he has to confirm travel arrangements.

(2). Your message received yesterday.  Our request that you code that message again was because each time we collected that particular message and tried to F-5 screen showed page and line no. which was in the preceding message.  When F-5ing accordingly we kept getting total junk.  Final version received gave a different page and line no. and F-5 went fine.  All for now.  Tony.

Sent Tuesday 6th June 1989

Leo to Tony

Re Junior:  We sent a person to monitor her progress (unknown to her).  Our person was to check on her at the airport and within the hotel and not to carry out surveillance outside the hotel.  He reported that there was a hold up at the airport but just one of those that happen (not to worry about).  He reported that all was fine at the hotel.

We were quite pleased with how things worked out in Tessa's but it was a struggle to get her a document and will not be able to use that channel again.  We have to use very high level contact and would prefer that the pp be returned to us.  However, if you feel that you need it there, then it should be in the safekeeping of Isabel and yourself.

Most remarkable is that Junior showed no sign of fear at all.  Taking this into consideration together with the first mentioned delay at the airport makes me a little uncomfortable.  So we request that you make a careful assessment of her and inform us accordingly.



Received Wednesday 7th June 1989

(1). Hi Ken, collected three yesterday, all one after another.  Managed to read note from Elsa and the one from Leo.  When F-5ing the other (possibly your first one or third) only get junk.  It's the one with F-5 ref. 77, line 4.  So could you please re-send after checking whether yours agrees to F-5ing.

(2). Thanks Leo for info re Junior.  Will keep an eye out.

(3). Thanks Elsa.  Great you have passport.  Share with A&J:  am awaiting passport.  Present thinking is exit via Mauritius to India to Big S.  Have checked how George's friend used this route and find there was a problem in India i.e. how to avoid passenger list of flight reflecting name of passport used for trip?  India does not stamp SA passports but airlines demand production of passport.  But looking into this part.  Nest:  Will need about two weeks plus help of Big S to change appearance to "normality" before appearing in UK. - maybe a few days less at a push.  In this regard, what is minimum time you require to get appointment etc for your med – 'cos Janet says Alphons would like us to be at Big S in August.  Query:  does Big S offer for this period include Elsa and the little people?  NB:  all this meant simply to help me work out best route, ensure synchronizing with Elsa etc.  How do A&J feel about these plans re maintaining legend etc., timing, their movements and needs etc.  Miss you all very much, bit nervous, but looking forward.  Tony.

Sent Wednesday 7th June 1989

JZ to Phillip:

(1). Have tried to contact you in the past 2 weeks but failed due to our contact person being absent.

(2). I cannot make the agreed dates as there is a very important meeting taking place during that period.  Postpone.

(3). Please suggest alternate dates.

(4). I am sorry for disorganizing you.

(5). Hope funds question has been resolved.

LEO to Tony:  Message from Pedro is that he cannot make it.  Please postpone.

That's all.


Received Thursday 8th June 1989

(1). Ken:  Only received message two of Wed's.  Please resend message one.  The one we received related to JZ to Phillip.  Inform JZ that Phillip will reschedule and advise.

(2). A&J :  Enemy surveillance has steadily increased.  Our great advantage is we have two sources there.  Somehow (not clear at present how) they have unearthed one place we use.  The place is under care of Kevin.  Enemy has mounted surveillance, including video cameraing movement in and out of the place.  During this period no one save Kevin has been there – and that only once.  However enemy has been inside place, taken stock of everything inside, and are observing to see with whom etc Kevin is connected.  At present they have mis-identified Kevin.  We are busy locating Kevin in order to take safety measures.  Kevin has always been a little difficult but I think we are still on top of situation (provided we can make contact with him fast).  We will have to ship him out.  The best route in his case will be to slip him across to Tessa's.  Will Leo advise urgently where we can direct K to make contact there and get assistance to reach you at Raymonds.  We feel Tessa's will be best 'cos K familiar with that terrain and hence it will not stretch our resources on the ground (which we need to keep at least one jump ahead of enemy).  Of course plans for Tony stand.

(3). Look forward to report of meeting with MDM and forthcoming NEC – sorry pressures on us left no space for me to comment on draft.  Warmest greetings.


Sent Friday 9th June 1989

To Tony from Leo:

(1). Marsha is presently undergoing medical treatment.  Is in serious condition and host have prevailed on him and us that it needed urgent attention.  Though they do not guarantee complete solution.

(2). Re disciplining Rocky:  you'll recall that we'd undertaken to discipline Rocky.  Due to shortage of staff and demands of Congress we decided to finalise this issue in May.  Initially we were of the unanimous view that we should chop him completely from the project and party work.  That view then changed because:

(a). Of the knowledge he already had;

(b). that no department in the movement would touch him thereafter and he'd likely go to pieces and that would've had dire consequences for us.

(c). We're still short of staff.

At a meeting of A&J&L the ff was finally decided:

(a). That Rocky'd be punished for 9 months;

(b). That in future Rocky is not privy to comms and reports between home and HQ.

(c). That he no longer goes to Dick's or to areas for sensitive work dealing with the homefront.  Besides his general disorganization and propensity to tell lies, he seems terrified when he's in Dick's  and drinks.  Taking all this into account we felt that his direct intervention with the homeside of the project should be cut.  All the above is very difficult to implement due to small staff we have.  We're nevertheless trying.  It's ironical we're caught in a bind where his punishment becomes a punishment on the rest of us.  For the most part his work is concerned with run-around work in Raymond's.


Received Friday 9th June 1989


1.. Can find no msg re my msg being read out at <Q mtg.

2.. Re 435 doc – last ref. To this was msg from A asking we make summary and send to SOP.  Earlier one asked us to send to Rachel and HG.

3.. Did not get one of the two msgs you sent on seventh.  Got one dealing with JZ to Philip, but no clue what the other one dealt with.

4.. On sixth June you sent three msgs but we recd only two, viz., one from Elsa and one from Leo to Tony re Junior.  No clue what the missing one dealt with  Wld appreciate filling in on these missing msgs.

5.. Yes, Suzanne shld have Tony's TB and shld be reachable on it.

6.. John's dates noted.  Not clear yet how Tony's arrangements stand re seeing you folks and whether this may not clash re John.  But one way or another John will be attended to.  Will come back on requests on this./  Wld meanwhile appreciate advice re what we can expect from John so that I can properly work out who, how John is serviced in case it clashes with Tony's other plans.  But premature to tell Elsa yet as still don't have pp.

7.. Will check soonest re AO(1) and attend to it.

8.. A&J:  Have traced Kevin, taken initial precautions.  Meanwhile we are intensely monitoring enemy in order to work out plans to get K out to Tessa.  Need reply, advice etc. re this from Leo.  Can he get someone from Leo to pick him up the other side?  Also how he gets from Tessa's to Rays?  By his safe removal we shall have almost totally neutralized enemy re this episode, and drastically contained damage.  Need therefore to work fast.  All for now Tony.


Sent Saturday 10th June 1989

Tony from Leo:  Re Kevin:

a). Who's Kevin, assume it's Tom?

b). If we assume that he'll cross the fence, at what point?

c). Does he have passport which can be used from Tessa's?  If he does, that simplified matters.  Our person can put the necessary stamps in passport and he can fly out.

d). If no passport then we'll have to cross him into Maputo.

e). Very difficult for Leo to go down to Tessa, passport now requires visa.  On last trip held up for 4-5 hours before given a visa.  Cannot try that again.  However we'll find substitute.

f). Does Z need to be picked up at fence or can he make his own way to the main centres, where he can make contact?


1.. Does Suzanne need TV?  We want to 'liberate' one TV for other purpose.

2.. We don't seem to get 'MR-ed' (or MN-ed) any more – which is one reason why there have been missed messages recently.

3.. John will bring: 2 radio sets; 2 radio modems; assorted cables etc for TR; disks; 'birthday card' with UMS; wig catalogues; concealment books; anything else you want (advise please).


Received Saturday 10th June 1989


A.. To Ken:  thanks for Fridays msgs.  Last was bit too long but have almost all of it.

B.. To A&J:

(1). Re Refiloe :  Looked into matter as far as I can take it Isab. denies ever having sent out ANY cards etc to R. ditto R.  I think note from Rocky that in view of the purported card her preparation to come has been stopped places matter out of proportion.  The central question must be:  is she suitable or potential material?  Taking everything into a/c wish to urge you to arrange as speedily as possible for her entry here.  Since course at Cathy was stopped, we can by-pass that and attend to it here on the ground.  Main thing is we need reinforcements badly and soon.  So please, unless you have more serious grounds against it, begin arrangements to send her in.  Meantime wld urge you to check who is the cde who says he/she actually saw the card that R recd from Isab?  How did this cde know where Isab is?  Hope our source is not Rocky, given long standing antipathy between Rocky and Isab!

(2). Have prepared a briefing for Sophitshi wh will go when Sekwati sees him next.

(3). Presently up to my eyes preparing for discussion (likely for all night tonight or all day tomorrow) with Jay N re coming Cosatu Congress.  Has given me the rough notes of discussions etc that have been held inside Cosatu and invited our input.

(4). Side by side with this we are living thro quite a serious security crisis wh has new twists and turns by the day.  But our two lines into the other side give us the edge.  Hence am confident (tho not without much flutters in the stomach) we shall pull thro.  Await your responses to how far you can help in getting Kevin out to safety.  Warmest greetings  Tony

Sent Saturday 10th June 1989

++Saturday No.2++

Leo to Tony :

(a). Re Refiloe:

(1). Rocky's note created wrong impression.  Only decided to cut out comms training.  We'll do as you request.  She should be back here end of June after which we'll try to send her in asap.

(2). Persons who have seen the card (a SA card) are:  Little John, Cassius and Peter Patel.  The first two mentioned they saw the card at the same time;  PP saw it independently.  All three say it's Isa's handwriting.  Furthermore

(i). LJ and C saw card after seeing Isa's handwritten note of instructions to Rocky for the pickup at Dick.  This confirmed for them Isa's whereabouts.

(ii). PP on seeing the card concluded by the origin of the card Isa's whereabouts.  None of them will talk (I think).

(b). Re security:  We'll do all we can to help in getting Kevin out.  We're waiting for your response to our questions so that we can decide who should go to Tessa to organize the assistance.  Unfortunately none of the people that we have there will be able to act on their own.

(c). Apologise in delay in responding to your request re Elsa.  Both A&J have been at NEC meetings.  You'll get first response on Tue.  Take care.


Received Monday 12th June 1989


A.. To Leo:

(1). Thanks for note re Refiloe wh is very useful and helps me to tackle prob.

(2). Yes, Kevin is Tom.  Has p/port- last stamp is exit from Matsapa.  Shall check how far stamps we brought will help.  Bigger prob is for him to get from border to main centers without interception by Swazi.  Despite the p/port 'cos they remain suspicious even if one has p/port.  So far  discussions with him suggest he does not think he can make it unaided.  (Probs compounded 'cos Tony in middle of how he gets out as per plan with smooth arrangements re how work shld go on in absence – even Isab admits that alone he does not think he can manage so many of the complex probs.  Any way will come back on Kevin after further disc. And planning with Isab etc.

(3). Re Tony :  will you be able to arrange entry to Kenya without causing suspicion?  Worth considering  as then maybe Tony cld be on John's flight and you wld have proper report if snags arose etc.

B.. To Ken:

(1). Do you have disk from Elsa (Jan)?  Have it on hand but wait till I confirm whether to send with John.

(2). Will John be bringing New Programme?  If not, when and how do we get this.  Janet promised we wld have it begin June!

(3). Re TS:  Andrews friend from Ldn. Mrs Annelynn Tyler signed form as Andrews' agent.  Paid PO debt of R727.60 plus r300.00 deposit wh they asked to B.J. Bourie at Saxonwold P.O. (receipt no. 1056 89-05-30 72057A).  Mrs Tyler took receipt to Siemens, filled new application with Michelle (?) as Gila was not available.  Siemens took photocopy of receipt and they arranged re-installation of line.  Future a/cs will be sent to Andrews and provided we get from you the a/c ref and code nos (wh shld appear on a/c) we shld be able to pay on ground.

Received Monday 12th June 1989

2nd of Sun: B:  To Ken contd.

(4). Find ways to get us at least 2 copies per issue of AC.

(5). Sometime ago we suspended using data disks for F-4.  Present position is:  Made copy of A2 program wh I am using.  But copy only allows me to use TC, when I tried to use TK or Editor cld get access, but works for TC.  However while still using Isa's A2 original found on two occasions the ff:

(a). once when tried to F-5 msg (I think from Simon at the time) screen stated 'You cannot decipher an undeciphered msg!' Then accessed msg recd by F-7 an indeed found msg there in plain text!

(b). Then with you, got  a msg (Ithink it was one of a batch of 4-5 just before I last went to Sello).  When f-5ing one of them the screen showed up F-5ed msg as F-5ing was going on and then after +- 6 lines on screen it stopped.  Tried repeating process and got report 'You cannot F-5 an undeciphered msg'.  Checked via F-7 and found entire msg wh was quite long, in uncoded version.

(c). Around this time I recall you experienced some prob with one of my msgs.  Decided then to suspend until I had reported this to you and got feedback.  In meantime, after suspending, tried to F-4 a note using data disk, and this time machine locked up while F-4ing.  None of all this makes sense to me but all this was accompanied by the probs at Sello where once we collected about 12 times and each time recd sounds wh seemed like deliberate interference, wh you later cleared up as a prob with you AM.  However, each time we have had such probs we here have to ask whether enemy is on to us.  Take this together with fact that on eve of going to Sello, not one P.O. at Zola had cards left (they still don't seem to have them;  found the same at Sello.  Only solved prob by buying in Pta!)  contd more

Received Monday 12th June 1989

3rd of Sun To Ken:

Add that both at Zola and Sello, found most of the type of phones out of order.  Began to get sense that maybe enemy was baiting me to particular spot!  (Don't laugh, but it's one possibility when you try to hone your antennae!)  Anyway, in sum, original A2 program we have, copy of A2 only works for TC part .  Above explains suspension of data disk – but A2 data disk seemed to pack up.  Re LTs took one and left it with Suzanne to have repaired.  Thought the other wh I left with Isa was only a prob of defective adaptor.  But on return  found, yes, adaptor had packed in but when I tried to charge up with my adaptor got no results – even the red battery light does not come on.  Hope Suzanne has sorted the one, as I plan to take Isa's next time for her to have repaired.

C.. To Elsa:  Also recd msg from Alphons re autobio notes of Nelson and Walter. Recall them when we moved to new (present) place.  Either on shelf on extreme left or left on box.  Most of Nelson stuff is in 4-5 vols in grey hardback thick file (looks almost like A4 size books, and Walter's cld be in envelope-type folder files, some of wh contain typescripts of essays written in prison.  Seem to recall trying to put all these on bookshelf and your asking me why put them on shelf.  So quite likely still in box in study!  Let me know if any progress – may be these texts are one thing I shall have to put on disks when I rejoin you 'cos I can't think how Alphons and Co will handle texts esp Nelson's without my help re supplementary discussions I had with Nelson.  No news yet re p/port but am continually pestering source here.  Anxious as hell to be with you.  All love to you, Shira and He-man! ends ends.


Sent Friday 16th June 1989

Here's 1 of 7:

Charles to Tony:

1.. Didn't get your msg from Sello's.  Were you using TS?  Rcd msg sounded as if it was running at twice normal speed and also wavered a lot.  How's TS now?

2.. Have Jan. TK from Elsa.  Should I keep?

3.. As Tony will probably be visiting Cathy should delay sending TR with John till next time?  It would be good if Tony could be given some 'hands-on' TR training at Cathy's.  TR tricky to operate and needs practice.  In tests worked v. well here.

4.. Did Suzanne get msg to phone her TV?  Does she need TV? We want to liberate it for other purpose.

5.. I have 15k pounds for you.  What to do?

6.. Sending with John also: Programme, Ums, Maureen's driving licence.  Anything else?

7.. Re your probs with F5:  Can't account for your peculiar experiences.  Msgs could not have been sent 'in clear' as prog does not allow sending without 'ENC'.  Also, you'd have noticed if plain text when loading with F9, 'R'.  The only way to get from 'ENC' to 'DEC' is through F5!  Doubt if enemy would play silly tricks as it's not in their interest to expose monitoring (if any).  Sending new data disks and altered TC that will not allow any of the probs you've experienced (apart from accidental formatting!).

A&J to Tony:

1.0. By now you may have received some reports on the meeting with MDM.  Two general categories were covered; the question of negotiations and the Way Forward.

1.1. Negotiations.  On our side we gave info about the mounting pressures for a political settlement from a variety of external forces (both friends and enemies).  We invited input on the question of how people at home perceive the prospects of a political settlement.  In short, we were told that there was general nervousness and suspicions among militants (e.g. Numsa Conference).  The need for maximum consultation and explanation was stressed.  There was all round emphasis from both sides on the fact that negotiations must not be presented as a substitute for struggle and that the basic need was for an intensification of the struggle.

1.2. On THE WAY FORWARD there was an exchange of views on campaigns such as the LRA, Namibia Support, Natal situation, housing issue, workers' summit.  AA coalition conference.

End 1. 2 coming…./

Now 2/7

Key question was the need to engage in maximum activity, max all round activity, in connection with the September elections.  The possibilities of a structured defiance campaign was also an important theme. Unfortunately the hurried nature of the get-together (one day for over 50 people to exchange ideas) detracted from real concrete decision making.  On the question of defiance pls ask Valli to brief Tony on J's private discussion between him and Titus.  J feels that key issues like organized national defiance got slightly lost in a usual shopping list of campaigns.  However the meeting was useful.

2.0. The NEC met for 4 days thereafter.  It covered similar ground on the internal situation, the campaigns and, more especially, the need for intensified activity in the pre-election period in order to sideline them.  The general view squared with Tony's input which was read to the meeting as emanating from an internal collective.  The strike ides was generally approved but detailed decision must be left to forces on the ground.  From ANC side all  political and military structures were instructed to engage in a most intense offensive leading up to the elections.  The idea of "a spring offensive" was emphasized.  One contentious issue which absorbed a great deal of the debating time related to a recommendation from PMC that the ANC and MDM should selectively endorse white candidates who are prepared to campaign on a certain program.  This view was firmly rejected!

3.0. A major part of the NEC meeting was directed to our POSITION ON NEGOTIATIONS.  The document was discussed para by para.  We attach the draft which was adopted (you'll notice that it differs in many respects from the first draft sent to you).  Although the draft reflects the NEC consensus it was decided to leave the way open for amendments after we've canvassed the views of a selected list of individuals both within our ranks and trusted external friends, including selected FLS-leaders. Depending upon responses from all the latter, we may have to look at the document again.

3.1. It's therefore necessary at all costs, to ensure that the document does not, repeat not, become public, nor should it be circulated to any person not specifically authorized to see it by the President.  Once the document is finalized it's hoped to get it endorsed as the position of the FLS and, after that, the OAU.  Premature publicity of the contents'll endanger and undermine this whole process.  Stop 2.  go to 3>

3.2. Tony is asked to get the document to the ff individuals, some of whom could perhaps be grouped for purposes of discussion:  Govan * Omar,  Valli & Murphy, Cyril & Sydney, and FC; if well enough.  Pls also get a copy to Madiba if it can be done safely.  And of course Tony.

3.3. We stress that these individuals must not report nor consult with any other members of their constituency on the document itself or its detailed contents.  We'd like to have responses from the above-mentioned individuals on the document and their personal judgement of how they think it would be received by the MDM generally.  We'd like the responses by not later than the first week of July.  Pls note the OAU meets late July.

3.4. Another document is being drafted as a basis for info for ANC members generally on the whole question on negotiation-pressures.  We'll send you a copy as it's ready.  It may be possible to circulate this latter document to wider groups within the MDM.

4.0. In working out the timing of your trip pls bear in mind the ff:

(a). A had intended to make a special trip to Big S in early August to meet you;

(b). He intends to take his holiday there during September;

(c). It's obviously preferable for you to make your first destination in Big S because of the point you made earlier about preparation for reverting back to your original appearance.

(d). Of course we'll try to fit in with your possibilities.

5.0. Special note from Janet:  The negotiation document will be discussed by the PB in a few days time.  But J feels that already some of the dangers of the negotiation scenario are lurking.  Eg. Part of the reason why our input at the MDM meeting on the WAY FORWARD was so scrappy is because the working cttee devoted all its days leading up to the MDM meeting to the discussion of the negotiation concept.  We came to the MDM meeting without having discussed the WAY FORWARD in the coming period and we were left with a rather unsatisfactory PMC input on the latter.  Of course we cannot avoid paying attention to the pressures on negotiation.  But we must in practice (not only in theory) not do so at the expense of the real thing.

Begin 4 of 7

Position for a Negotiated Resolution of the South African Question

1.. The liquidation of the apartheid system remains one of the major issues confronting the people of South Africa, the Frontline States, the rest of Africa and the international community as a whole.

2.. The overwhelming majority of the peoples of the world recognize that apartheid constitutes a crime against humanity.  The have without exception entered into the struggle against the system.

3.. Since the turn of the century the British colonial power and successive white minority regimes consistently excluded the majority of the people from the body of politic of our country.  They resorted to violence aimed at defeating all efforts directed at achieving justice, freedom and peace for all the people of South Africa.  Under the present apartheid regime which assumed power in 1948, rule by brute force reached its highest point.  By the end of the 1950's, it became clear that for the majority of black oppressed, after almost half a century of non-violent struggles under the ledership of the ANC, there was no way forward without the inclusion of armed resistance to bring about a democratic society.  All avenues for asserting the people's birthright by peaceful means were, one by one, being closed.  The illegalistion of all black opposition was combined with measures to entrench even further all forms of racial domination by the white minority.

4.. It is a matter of historical record, that even in the face of these realities, various attempts were made by the ANC-led liberation alliance to find an alternative way forward.  These initiatives included the suggestion that the government of the day summon a national convention to negotiate a new constitution for South Africa.  As recently as 1987 the ANC once more, in a formal document, stated its willingness to enter into negotiations to create a united, democratic and non-racial South Africa.

5.. All these initiatives were treated with derision and contempt by the Pretoria regime.  It is only because the regime finds itself in the midst of one of its most serious crises, brought about by the escalation of political and armed struggle combined with external pressures, that it is now compelled to talk about a political settlement.

6.. Past experience has taught us to remain extremely skeptical about the willingness of the racists to engage in genuine dialogue with the people's representatives on an agenda involving an advance to a truly democratic South Africa.  Successive premiers have in the past employed the rhetoric of change to fend off international pressure at moments of crisis.  These have all come to naught and were invariably followed by intensified repression.

7.. We believe that, in the last instance, only the escalation of internal struggle and external pressure will lead to the destruction of apartheid.  Those in the international community who are genuinely interested in a peaceful solution in our country must recognize that the racist regime will only come to the negotiating table on a realistic agenda when it is compelled to do so by such internal struggle and external pressures.

8.. We, for our part, reiterate our position that we will always be ready to explore real possibilities of a political settlement which recognizes the face that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white.

9.. Being concerned to save lives and to limit the destruction of property, while attaining the objectives of liberation, justice and equality, we of the ANC have continuously worked to bring all concerned together to agree to a political, economic and social arrangement that will meet the hopes and aspirations of all the citizens of our country.

10.. Consistent with these positions, and as an expression of our confidence in the ultimate triumph of justice and peace, we hereby put forward proposals for a negotiated settlement of the South African question.  We urge the racist regime to appreciate fully the pressing need to end the apartheid crime against humanity, with a minimum of conflict, confrontation and racial bitterness.

11.. It is imperative that the people of South Africa get together to negotiate an end to the apartheid system and agree to all the measures that are necessary to transform oiur country into a united, democratic and non-racial state in which the rights of all individuals would be respected and protected by law, including the right of each person to their language, culture and religion.  These would be the aims of the negotiations and not the amendment or reform of the apartheid system.  Any negotiating mechanism constituted by bringing together institutions created under the apartheid system cannot have any legitimacy and would only serve to entrench precisely the system of state power which it would be the objective of negotiations to dismantle.

12.. For these negotiations to begin, it is essential that the necessary climate be created.  The responsibility for the creation of such a climate rests entirely with the forces in power in South Africa.  Accordingly the government should:

12.1. Release all political prisoners and detainees unconditionally and refrain from imposing any restrictions on them;

12.2. Lift all bans and restrictions on all proscribed and restricted organizations and persons;

12.3. Remove all troops from the townships;

12.4. End the state of emergency and repeal all legislation designed to circumscribe political activity, such as, and including the Internal Security Act;

12.5. Cease all political trials and political executions.

13.. These measures are necessary both to demonstrate the bona fides of the ruling group and to produce the conditions in which free political discussion can take place – an essential condition to ensure that the people themselves participate in the process or remaking their country.  The measures detailed above should therefore precede the negotiations.

14.. The realization of items 12.1 to 12.5 will open the way for the ANC and the South African regime to enter into discussions to achieve the suspension of hostilities on both sides by agreeing to a mutually binding ceasefire.  As soon as this has been signed, exiles and combatants should be free to return to South Africa without any fear of arrest or persecution.

15.. At this stage negotiations should proceed for the implementation of the following steps:

15.1. the present government should be dissolved and replaced by an Interim Government (IG) which should be composed in such a manner that it enjoys the support of all sections of the people of South Africa.

15.2. This IG would remain in power until a new parliament has been elected and a new administration established on the basis of a new constitution.

15.3. The IG should, on assuming power, dissolve all existing parliaments and legislative assemblies and shall have the power to rule by decree.

15.4. The IG should abolish all discriminatory legislation and other apartheid laws.

15.5. The IG should organize the elections for a Constituent Assembly representative of all the people of South Africa on the basis of a universal, adult franchise.

15.6. No members of the IG would be eligible for election to the Constituent Assembly.

15.7. The IG should take control of all armed and other security forces and should take all steps necessary to exercise effective command over these forces.  Such control and command shall be guaranteed, among other ways, by an international force.

16.. The Constituent Assembly should sit for a period not exceeding twelve (12) months from its first session and meet to draw up a new constitution and agree on such transitional measures as may be necessary to effect a smooth progression  from a racist to a democratic order.  The IG would then dissolve the assembly as soon as it has completed its work.

17.. After the adoption of a democratic constitution the ANC should commit itself to end its armed struggle.  For its part, the international community would lift all existing sanctions that have been imposed against apartheid South Africa.

18.. Immediately after the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, the IG would organize elections for a new parliament on the basis of the new constitution and would itself hand over power to the government formed subsequent to these elections.  The time-frame for this process should not exceed a period of six months.

19.. Immediately after the formation of the IG, the international community, including the OAU, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth and the United Nations, should be free to send observer missions to South Africa to evaluate the situation for themselves and to monitor the entire process up to and including the assumption of power by the new democratic government.

19.1. This plan is put forward without in any way prejudicing or circumscribing the right of the people of South Africa, led by the ANC, to conduct their struggle for the elimination of the system of apartheid.  This struggle must therefore continue until this system is ended.  The international community itself has an obligation to increase pressure against racist South Africa until the common goal of ending the apartheid system has been achieved.

Received Friday 16th June 1989

Wed:  To A&J:

1.. Will be reunited with Zola on 15th.

2.. Sometime back learnt of initiative that Ramagadi has been trying to get going at Sello's.  This trip Khalima (who is also in Rachel initiative) asked to see Tony and informed him that Gadi has been applying pressure for his initiative.  Has called a meeting for tomorrow.  Says that when he was at Ray's in May he was mandated to set up a leadership structure here which wld include Samson Ndou, Cholo, Khalima and some others (e.g. Stan Nkosi).  Says he was told to start with ex-Robben Islanders first and set up a leadership made up of them before proceeding to draw others in.  Says he is leaving for London where he is due to report back on progress made by him and therefore is calling the meeting.  Khalima wanted to know what he shld do.

To Janet:

1.. Sometime back the C-C at Sello's approved of a list of persons to be recruited.  Among this list was Sam Tambane.  Am informed that when Sam was approached he informed us that he was recruited to the Party at Freddy's by Raphael.  He was recruited together with Desmond Malasha. Both of them travel from time to time to Freddy but they are partly paralyzed by rivalry as to who among the two of them is the more senior.  However we are bringing this to you to decide whether you feel they should now be brought under the structure that exists here.  Pls advise.

2.. Confidentially HG who leaves this week has been playing pretty destructive political role in many parts of the country on a host of issues.  I hope you folks bear this in mind in your discussions.

To Ken:    Suzanne will have TB from tomorrow.  Cheers end.

Sent Friday 16th June 1989

Ken to Tony:

Here are the two bad sections that I said I'd resend:

From msg 3/7;  section 4(d) and 5.0:  "…….Of course we'll try to fit in with your possibilities.

6.0. Special note from Janet…."

From msg 7/7; section 19.1:  "…..The international community itself has an obligation to increase pressure against racist SA until the common goal of ending the apartheid system has been achieved."

Please let us know if you want the TRs as mentioned in msg 1 as we need to know whether to finish preparations for sending with John next week or not.


Sent Saturday 17th June 1989

Janet to Tony:

(a). Alphons would like feedback on negotiation proposals if possible by not later than June 24th.  I apologise for my original generous deadline.

(b). The Ramagadi initiative sounds like it comes from our friend Mamba.  Unfortunately Alphons'll only be back in +- fourteen days when I'll follow it up with him.

(c). Pls instruct all our family units to discuss the constitutional guidelines and to make suggestions of what our response should be.

(d). Will follow up Tambane in Freddy's when I go there next week.

(e). It would be useful if you provided details on HG's negative role.  On which issues?

Ch to Tony:

I think you should consider changing your TB company at Zola's.  It's been  used so much that as soon as I give your code they all know who it is without looking it up on the computer.  Also, they know that I never give a phone number for the countless names tht I ask you to phone.  They now say  "He knows the number, does he?" instead of as before "And the number please?"  In the interim I suggest the following:  I will ask for a name (eg 'PU') and give a number at the same time.  If the second digit of the number is a zero then the first digit refers to the number of msgs to pick up (eg 'Phone PU on 70 4326' = 7 msgs).  If the number contains no zeros then ignore the number.  The zero will obviously only be included with 'PU', 'Mrs' and 'Dr'.


Received Sunday 18th June 1989


1.. To Ken:  Not sure of timing of exit but think its OK if TRs delayed.  Pls hang on re Elsa disk, advise when latest you must know whether John shld bring this or not.  Advise when money transaction completed.  Re Suzanne – tho she has my bleep, feel she needs her own TV line as fallback esp in forthcoming period and given that so much interlinked with Tony and his movements etc.  Have disk from her for Janet wh will come with John.  Re Zola TB:  Pls change to ff:  Dr. Reddy – tel: 031-379227 Code 866 from today.  Good idea if all names used thus far changed but based on same principle.  This TB is from Multicall.  Enemy have placed a fulltime SB (female) at Autopage to unravel and trace how TBs are being used and by who.  Finally, still no luck with 'How to be a good C-ist'?  What about photocopying from State Library.

2.. To A&J:

(a). Hope I can comply with your time schedule re negotiation doc – anyway have started process.  Will give feedback in dribs and drabs as they come.  Meanwhile shld say that on return Dick bumped into Archie for 10 minutes at airport 7 gave he a BRIEF report of the MDM discussions at Rays.  As Dick puts it, Archie did not  really grasp the briefing but immediately responded 'I am very pleased.  We have to negotiate.  We can get nowhere with the armed struggle.  I am glad you guys now see eye to eye with me'.  Well – that's one unbriefed feedback for you wh indicates that Archie wld see no problem with doc positions.

(b). One prob at Cosatu level – given the Lsk  consultations, they want to discuss report back plus expect matter to come up at Congress on 121 July.  Have to find a way to ensure no leak of doc from any quarter.  But I assume OK for congress to discuss developments converging for negotiations, place regime on dock and resolve broad position ifo negotiated solution.  All for now Tony


Received Monday 19th June 1989

Mon:  To Ken:

1.. Thought had sent msg re money.  Anyway here are the details.  Pls contact by phone Mr Amrithlal Suchde of 32 Amber Wood Drive, New Malden, Surrey.  Office tel:  0932-227017;  Home:  01-9491963.  Tell him that you have been asked to make arrangements with him for delivery of Type 15,000 Queen Refraction Lenses, and on that basis arrange to see him at a venue that you agree upon.  When you meet him give him the 15,000 pounds and collect a receipt from him for the amount.  Then let us know once transaction is completed.

2.. Correction re new TB:  It is registered not under Dr Reddy, but under the name of the same doctor as Isabella's TB i.e. Dr Jetham.  That's all for now. Cheers Tony


Received Wednesday 21st June 1989

Wed.  To Ken:

1.. Hope you got TV msg on 20th re Suchde and the money.  Believe Suchde leaves for Australia tonight so necessary we complete transaction with enough time for party here to confirm receipt with him before he leaves.  If we miss him, we shall have to make new arrangements.  Pls advise asap.

2.. Tell John contact point will be in the car park.

3.. Urgent – pls check full flight timetables for early July re flights from Bombay and New Delhi to Moscow and let me have these details.  Need to see how this fits with flights to Bombay and New Delhi from Mauritius.  Also check cost of return ticket for above leg and ensure you have the funds on you.  Have to consider getting you to make the booking and pay for ticket in London on basis ticket will be collected at embarkation point.  Am busy checking flights from here to Mauritius and on to Bombay/ND.  Only when I know fit will I ask you to make the bookings etc.

4.. On the Tosh 1200 I have installed Q&A software wh I am beginning to find very useful.  Am beginning to wonder whether I shld travel with it considering that wherever I am I shall have to go thro all reports Vula sent , responses etc for discussions etc.  This means you will have to send get all this together on disk with a suitable programme disk etc.  What do you think?  Or will you be able to make an IT available for me even if I am stuck in SU?  Am still waiting to hear whether Suzanne has had the two LTs repaired.

5.. Expect to be at Sello's on 24/25 will confirm later.

6.. Don't send Elsa disk with John – will read it when I get out.  Keep fingers crossed it all works smooth – it's all a hulluva hectic scramble at my end.  Tony …..another coming.

Received   Wednesday 21st June 1989

Wed:  To Elsa :  Hi Boksa, He-man and Shira:  At last I begin to feel that our reunion will really be effected.  Have received prelim notice wh indicates that p/port will definitely come to hand – now just a matter of time ) hopefully, will get it in days).  On this basis have begun looking at timetables of flights to get the right fit to enable me to get to Big S.  Have asked Ken to look into bookings, flights and ticket for last leg ie Bombay /New Delhi to Moscow, while we here are looking at how to get to B/ND.  Pls share details with A&J and Leo and tell J to ensure immediately that Ken has funds to pay for B to Moscow ticket.  Also J will have to ensure entry to Big S.  Travelling name will be E. SHEIK.  Bit question is now exact date for travellling on the respective legs and how to match this with your plans.  How far have you gone re treatment in UK esp re booking dates for this?  I have to spend some time with Big S getting back normal appearance.  Will it be possible for you and kids to join me there and we then travel from there to UK.  You have certain deadlines re employers as to when ;  also there is expiry date of my entry visa to UK.  Pls advise how these fit.  Depending on flights  and availability of seats I think it seems I can be in Big S within 1st week of July;  perhaps appearance issue with expert   help could be sorted in a week.  Wld be wonderful if could join me at Big S.  Pls advise how you folks see all this.  Legend could be that I am released from hosp pending further treatment.  Sorry this note has taken all space on these details.  Am asking Ken to keep your Jan disk for me to read when I get out – but at same time anxious to hear from you and how you are keeping.  Above all aching to gather the three of you in my arms.  Touch wood that there be no slip between cup and lip.  Deepest love Tony.

Received Wednesday 21st June 1989

Wed:  To A&J :

1.. Pls get present stats re travel arrangements and help require in this from Ken and Elsa.   Looks like it will work out.

2.. Re negotiation doc – Rob and Dick recd it on 20th;  Dalla has recd it and it should be with Rachel today.  Syd, FC and Roger should have it today Sekwati should be delivering to Sophitshi by weekend.  Hope to have response between tonight and Friday.

3.. John should be bringing ZPC report for A&J. Also Zc-C and Sello C-C report and a disk from Suzanne for Janet.

4.. Don't think I'll have chance to photo leaflets etc for sending; nor prepare Vula report.  Am caught in a hectic cycle of attending to immediate work, tryhing to ensure everything keeps on track while absent, hope Isab  rk? comms etc etc and planning how to get out.  May also mean that reports re meeting with Rachel, HG etc will have to wait until get out.  But will do best I can re John's trip.  Looking forward to your responses re proposals I have made to Elsa, all of which of course depend other program also.  ……. coming contact with John will be taking Isab with to introduce him, give him contacts for safe retreats etc and access to TS at Sello's.  All for now.  Warmest greetings Tony.

Sent Wednesday 21st June 1989

Ciao Tony – it's Wednesday.

Ø. Thanks  for your 3 msgs today.  All OK.

Ø. Hope you got TB msg that financial transactions been completed.  Sorry could only do it today but AS said to come this afternoon.  He did not appear to be going anywhere.

Ø. Don't have a spare LT but you can obviously use our facilities here.  Suggest you take a computer with you if you're going other places and want to keep in touch.  If you bring your T1200 we'll be able to set it up for you while here.  Does it have a hard disk?  Are you using the T1000 TC/TG/TK disk with it?

Ø. Please return other Yaesu TR set with John.

Ø. As Charles goes to John on Friday, please use Simon from Thurs night.

Elsa to Tony:

Thanks for the info.  Shall search again for manuscripts when there's breathing space – the first hunt was unsuccessful.  Still being at Raymond's is becoming slightly difficult but I think I can just push it for another couple of weeks or so.  Let me know soonest the precise date you can reach Cathy's so that I can confirm one of several appointments.  Flights here are full so will make reservations for alternative dates.  We're so looking forward to the reunion.

All love, Elsa and the littles.


Received Thursday 22nd June 1989

Wed:  To A&J:  Herewith comments on negotiation doc from Rachel and Dullah:

(1). Some cdes have already been to see Rachel for advice re  how to handle negotiation issue at forthcoming Cosatu Congress.

(2). Re para 1-5 Historical part:  Agree – essential that the story of attempts to persuade the government  to move away from apartheid must be told.

(3). Re para 6 : agree re our skepticism about Government.  They feel there is an orchestrated attempt by NP regime and supporters in UK and USA to cast FW de Klerk  in role of reformer.  Hence there is need to give specific place in doc to expose that all his life FW has built on and theorise, on group rights, own affairs and homeland system.  As things stand FW won't  back down from that at this stage.  In fact he is moving fast to consolidate these positions on these premises e.g. his meeting National Forum and various "leaders" who serve on apartheid structures.  He is moving in the opposite direction to that which is necessary to take SA away from apartheid.  All this in context of rapid militarisation, JMCs, troop occupation of schools and varsities by SADF.  Hence there is need with FW in doc.

(4). In some quarters there is still illusion that removing "petty" apartheid is significant, whereas if you keep homelands intact and the Land Act, then there is really no move away from apartheid.  Not sufficient understanding at times of what apartheid really is.  This needs to be brought out.

(5). Rest of doc OK until we reach para 15:  re formation of IG.  Rachel says that in previous response he raised need for clarity on this and to have alternate scenarios as to how this will take place and who will decide on this.  D saw Rachel's point but felt it need not feature in doc at this stage.

(6). Re para 15.3 re IG : after "dissolve all existing parliaments and legislative assemblies" and "and all institutions based on apartheid".

(7). Re para 15.5 re Constituent Assembly: - replace "on basis of a universal, adult franchise" by "on basis of a single universal, adult franchise".

(8). Both felt that at last we've something concrete.  Idea of Constituent Assembly is key issue and setting in motion a process which would lead to a Constituent Assembly would make package acceptable to MDM.  Both feel it is acceptable and approve of document.

(9). R then raises the question – how do we handle matters in our organization taking into account process outlined in document and need for circumspection and not to undermine process.  Feels that in past we've never discussed negotiations in concrete terms as in document – so circumspection yes, but must be able to take the people with us.  "Feels that in organizations we should generally talk about preconditions (which we have been doing).  Then be vague beyond that and say that even if there are negotiations, we want to ensure that the end result is real democracy.  Can thus talk about formulas re how to get people together re adopting Constitution etc.  Feels we should give some formula to Cosatu cdes.  NB points raised in this para relate not to contents of document but how to handle matter at MDM level." Ends comment from R and D.

Finally, further re Tony's plans:  Have just learnt that there is only once a week flight on Thursdays reaching Bombay at midnight from Mauritius.  Have still to see how this fits with flights from Bombay to Moscow.  But on this basis earliest Tony can be in Bombay would be 6th July.  Ends msg for present Tony.


Received Friday 23rd June 1989

Fri:  To A&J  :  Herewith further comments on the negotiating document.  Of course all cdes have been given very little time and this must be borne in mind.

1.. Comments by Rob and Dick

(a). We have looked at the draft.  We find it acceptable.  Our assessment is that it would be well received within our ranks.  We base this assessment on discussion we have had with the following people on the basis of a report of the Lusaka meeting:  Jeff (UDF H/Office), Star (UDF H/OP), Azhar Cachalia, Isu Chiba, Ismail Momoniat (TIO Sec.), Faizel, Raymond Suttner, Albert Nolan, Frank C, Peter Mokaba (SAYCO), Rapoo (SAYCO), Eric Molobi, Yogesh, Irene Rensburg, Khotso, Max Coleman, Amos Masondo.  Reports have also been given at various levels in the unions.  In all discussions people saw the need for us to go ahead and draft something so that the initiative is ours.  The present draft, we think, expresses the sentiments of those we have spoken to.

(b). Much discussion is taking place here on the defy question.  We hope to concretize a proposal this weekend.  If all goes well, the SACC National Conference next week would adopt it as its own proposal.  At this stage the ideas are as follows:

(i). Day of defiance of white hospitals;

(ii). Day of defiance of a range of segregated facilities: parks, beaches, swimming pools, etc.  One target would be identified in each center.

(iii). Day of defiance on restrictions on organizations:  the church would organize a string of mass gatherings at which restricted organizations would be invited to speak.  Hopefully all this should happen BEFORE spring ends (NB from Tony: in discussions earlier Rob and Dick expressed hope that Lusaka would not start using "Spring Offensive" publicly.

2.. Comments by Syd, FC and Rogers:

a). Introductory explanation by Syd who was entrusted with canvassing the three:  Rogers was contacted but has been tied up in his unions negotiations.  We are very much alive to the need for us to give this matter serious attention.  To this end, we have agreed to meet soon as a matter of urgency to look at ways and means of making sure this concept begins to be appreciated by those we work with in the MDM.  We are of course acutely sensitive to the fact that we have, at the same time, to be extra cautious.  We also wish to point out that had it not been because we had to met the deadline, we could have met to give a coordinated collective response.

Comments by FC

b). Thank you for the note.

(i). I would like to know as to who will constitute the IG and how it will be constituted.

(ii). Once suspension of hostilities is achieved and the combatants become free to return will they do so in arms or will they remain in bases, etc?  What is the situation?

(iii). Otherwise I understand the motivation for the need to put up our own position to avoid other people taking the initiative to our disadvantage.

(iv). As far as possible responses of the MDM I would think that if the leadership of the youth are consulted in advance before making this public this could save us unnecessary pain.  The MDM will have to ensure that regional reps (leadership) are briefed confidentially first before discussion at regional levels.  Any matured analytic person should realize that we have no option but to move in this direction.

c). Comments by Syd

(i). For our purpose, the concept of IG needs elaboration.  For instance, is it envisaged that the NLM will be represented in the IG?  If yes, who else?

(ii). If NLM inclusion in the IG is a scenario we are contemplating, then we need to begin to conceptualize as to how we intend to act both at that level as well as on the ground to take advantage of those conditions.

(iii). Is it not a problem to talk in terms of an IG which enjoys popular support and then proceed to say that "no members of the IG would be eligible for election to the constituent assembly"?

(iv). Save for the above on which clarity is being sought, I do not see any problematic formulations in the document.

(v). I do think however that on the ground there are challenges we have to face up to.  Just as we are agreed that the regime has given us nothing to negotiate about, the masses on the ground – at least the membership of the MDM in its various formations – will conceivably look at this unfolding situation with suspicion.  It is our task to explain why as a movement we have to take advantage of the fact that, unable to break out of the crisis, the enemy finds himself with having to look for a political (negotiated) settlement to demobilize us on crucial fronts – pressure must be intensified.  Flowing from that, I suppose the challenge is twofold:

-. to get the membership to appreciate that in the light of the pressures on both ourselves and the regime, as well as in the light of what is happening in the region, this is the route we have to take;

-. To also impress that our capacity to influence the outcome of the process is directly pro …??(garbled)……..all round pressure in the present.


Received Saturday 24th June 1989

To Ken/Simon

1.. Will be out of touch tomorrow (Sun) until +17.00 hrs your time.  And from then until further advice you will be able to reach Tony and Isabella c/o Sello.  So if anything is going later today, you can reach us c/o Zola only until tonight.

2.. Please advise when Ken is back and when we must revert to Ken.  Until such notice we shall assume we reach through Simon.

3.. Urgent Ken provides the info re flights.  Want to be sure re seats.  Have to finalise here re flights by Monday – as it seems flights we have in mind are pretty full at this time of year.  In face for the leg which I raised with Tony, can Tony do the booking on business class for B to M (return) for earliest date commencing 7th July (inclusive), using the name I gave to Elsa et al in earlier message; arrange ticket and get Janet to fix entry at Big S for that name etc.  In meantime hope to confirm by Mon/Tues whether we have got the other parts booked etc from bookings available etc.  Important that all elements etc fit properly.  Also A and J to ensure, if Elsa not making initial rendezvous at Big S, that somehow the Indian passport will UK entry visa is in Big S's hands.  Inform A and J and Elsa accordingly.  Await news re Elsa time table etc.

4.. Can A and J please inform JZ that Phillip awaits second installment plus advise re meeting date.  All for now.


Received Monday 26th June 1989

To A and J

Herewith a brief report received from Dick re outcome of weekend at meeting of Cosatu/UDF NEC's.  Haven't seen Dick personally – will be doing so within the next two days.  His report is as follows:

"1.. Attendance and representation was good.

2.. An assessment of restructuring and unity-building process was made.  Special attention given to the following areas: regional restructuring and setting up of forums at this level; the workers sector; teachers unity; the July sports conference.

3.. Negotiations: detailed report of recent discussions at Raymond's given.  Much useful discussion generated.  Unanimous acceptance of need for a proposal to be drafted.  The main question which faces our level is – what needs to be built into the proposal in order to ensure that we strengthen on the ground?  More important than the technical details of the IG and CA is the need for us to popularize our understanding of the 'creation of a conducive climate'.  BF (I think Bernie Fanaroff – Tony) and JB (I think Jeremy Baskin – Tony) argued that we have no mandate to draft a proposal which talks about IG and CA as our constituencies have not been canvassed on these concepts.  However, the house felt that our years of struggle had given us certain mandates – arguing for CA is within our mandate.

4.. On question of Programme of Action our perspective of the process building up to spring was unanimously accepted.  Key Point:  On workers summit – affiliates have been invited to attend a meeting with the two union federations this Thursday to flesh things out more; report was tabled on Natal talks and related matters.  Is the possibility of Inkatha becoming an ally presenting itself?  Idea of housing conference accepted.  To be held in mid-August.  Detailed report of People's delegation was tabled.  We will not call for boycott or qualified participation in the House of Assembly.  We need vigorous boycott campaign in the I and C areas; our perspective of defiance was adopted.  On 20/7 segregation of hospitals would be defied.  One white hospital will be identified in each centre.  On 30/7 a range of segregated facilities would be defied.  Each centre would identify an appropriate facility.  On 20/8 restrictions of UDF and other organizations would be defied at a series of mass meetings.  It is hoped that the church (which is in conference this week) would make the initial call.  Task forces would be set up in each region to coordinate.

5.. The AAC would be held on 14/10 – on the eve of Malaysia.  One of the key aims would be to mobilize maximum support for our demand that they must create a conducive climate unilaterally.  Decisions taken to form a convening committee.  Opposition from BF and JB on the inclusion of Van.  After much debate the following names were agreed to :  Church – Smangaliso, Beyers, Boesak and one other;  Cosatu :  Cyil and Chris;  Front :  Valli and Mama;  BC : - 2;  NACTU – 2.  Black middle ground – Motsuenyane, Sticks Morewa.  The conference would be called "Conference Towards a Democratic Future".

6.. Other matters discussed:  CDS, DP, Bush visit."

(Note:  Above info remains confidential until public calls etc commence inside SA.   Tony)

Special note for Simon/Ken :  Please acknowledge today's three messages as soon as possible.  My schedules here very tight for resends etc.  Bye bye Tony


Sent Tuesday 27th June 1989

Problem with message you sent to Simon and Charles appears to be on tape – just comes out as junk when F9-ing.  Please re-record before resending.  Booking ticket B > M today.  Please ask Suzanne to inform if she received disk sent in book cover.

Elsa 23/6

Hallo again Tony, thanks a lot for last message received yesterday.  My requested appointment with orthopaedic man for Friday 14 July was confirmed two day ago and so I went ahead to confirm flight on 11 July arriving Cathy on Wed 12 July.  Simply only seats available till October are first class.  UNDP have specially telexed Geneva requesting that I fly first class.  So it would now be difficult to cancel current arrangements unless permission is refused.  From what you say there is anyway a good chance of your being in UK by 12th.  So let's target for that.  This will also give me space to sort out a few matters before I leave.  Your visa expires on 29 June so you will have to get it renewed in Big S or India.  I had indicated there would be no problem in getting your passport to you.  Hope all this OK with you but will keep you posted of any changes.  Could you ask Charles to enlist Ish's help to find us small flat to rent in London for about 3 weeks from about 12th?  A and J and Leo all out but back next week.  Excited that in less than a month we'll be together again!  Fondest love Elsa and Co.


1.. Refer communication Elsa 23/6.

2.. Not possible for Elsa to meet you in Big S, you're to meet her in Cathy's.

3.. This means if we allow +1 week in Big S for your preparation and visa to Cathy that you could be at Cathy's +14/15 July.  We can't apply for visa for you.  Elsa tried but it has to be done in person.  Your passport will be waiting for you in Big S.  Elsa will try to delay her travel and medical treatment but this can only be for a few days.  So, give or take a few days everything should correspond.

4.. Require some clarification from you.  Please give exact itinerary flights/day/time as soon as possible.

5.. We assume traveling name you've given on 22/6 is passport name.  Message sent to Big S to ensure your entry.

6.. Since Ch is to do bookings and tickets for last leg of your trip we'll provide the funds.

7.. No problem to book business class if necessary.

8.. Alphons, Janet and Leo will try to meet you in your first week in Big S.

9.. Re Kevin:  where do things stand presently?


Received Tuesday 27th June 1989

Hi Ken

1.. Thanks for waiting.  Have just attended to John and left him with Isabella.

2.. Our check here shows Tony can get to New Delhi (or is it Delhi?) by early morning 7th July.  Then there is a flight from there to Big S leaving on Saturday 8th July at 10.10 hours.  Can you therefore make the reservations for the Saturday flight, business class, pay cash for ticket and arrange for traveler to collect ticket in N.D. at airport (if such facility exists) or at airline office (advise where to collect, with address please).  Make this under the name Ibrahim Shaik (note spelling because we have to try to keep the passport clean and break links in route taken and destination).  Buy an open return ticket to save problem as passport will have no visa for Big S.  Once you have confirmed this we will confirm other legs from here.  We have to do this by tomorrow as Tony wil be with Zola on Thursday.

3.. Please advise A and J and Elsa accordingly but state timetable is subject to confirmation – don't want to raise hopes too high at this stage.

4.. Can you contact Ish and put the request from Elsa as coming from me and  asking for his urgent help.  Liaise with Elsa as to her requirements etc.  Many thanks.

5.. Am trying new tape this time – hope it works.  Somehow other messages from previous tape get through.  This morning's was a re-write.  Please acknowledge ASPA as we have another appointment in an hour.  Warm greetings.


Sent Wednesday 28th June 1989


(1). Have booked your ticket Delhi to Moscow by Air India.  You must go to Town Office of Air India in Delhi to collect ticket (they suggested you might be able to phone and arrange to pick up ticket from airport).  Details:  Air India flight AI 515; 8th July; departs 17h00; arrives 22h25.  Ask for PTA number 098:4020:365:819:1 [repeat: PTA No. 098:4020?365:819:1].  Booked in name you provided.  Open return ticket, club class, cost £788.  Booked London Office of Air India on 28 June.

(2). Can't understand why you couldn't undo 'LETTER.ENC'.  You are using TK?  TK accepts page numbers up to 255 so book reference you quoted is correct. Have repeated it on TC for you in case – 5 messages.  Advise PU.

Leo to Tony:  RE SAM and DESMOND : The unit comprises four persons: Desmond, Sam, Sasha, Beki.  We're unhappy with their style of work.  They don't work as a collective.  We're also critical of Desmond's connection with Samson Ndou.  At one stage, the frequency of Desmond's visits to the forward areas and the exaggerated reports of their propaganda work began to worry us.  We counter-checked the reports.  The propaganda was actually distributed by the UDF clandestine network in which Desmond played an important role.  Since then there has been a cooling off.  Recently he's remade contact with us and reports that the fourth member (Bheki) is missing.  A sum of R2,000 plus some propaganda was sent to the unit in May 1989.  We have no objection to you integrating them into the CC structure.  A local leadership will be able to attend to the needs of the unit and to its development far better than we can from the outside.  However, please investigate Bheki's disappearance and in general satisfy yourself that they're clean.

Received Wednesday 28th June 1989

Hi Ken:

(1). Many thanks for arranging ticket etc.  Your messages received – all six.  (We expect confirmation for bookings etc for other legs within a day.  But I think we can now take it as confirmed and set.

(2). In case you did not get message – please contact Ish and ask him on my behalf to attend to Elsa's request re finding a flat etc.  Will you please liaise with Elsa and Ish on this.

(3). Isab and Tony will be with Zola tomorrow.  The next few days thereafter will be honing things with Isab to attend to comms etc.  Tony will contact TV hopefully from ND on 7th July and rely on TV to send work if OK to Isab etc on that basis.  Meantime hope to get more specific date, etc of Elsa.

(4). Timing re arrival at Cathy's will depend on:

(a). how soon will get visa from Big S's and

(b). how soon appearance can be restored.

Would like to meet Elsa's timetable, but above two factors are unpredictable.  Useful if Tony knows Elsa's dates so as to really push at Big S's for above two to be done on time.

(5). Unless you have anything urgent, will now be shutting down for this rime round from Sello's.  Cheers. Keep well.

PS:  The two bday cards sent with John are for the kids.  Ciao.


Received Thursday 29th June 1989

Thurs 29 Jun 4.30 a.m.  Urgent:  Dearest Elsa :  Have just woken with a start.  Suddenly realized I shall be delayed at Big S by the Brits if I do not have 4 passport sized photos based on my normal appearance!  This means that I shall have to wait to start growing beard etc on arrival at Big S and then wait until it has grown sufficiently before taking photos and then applying to the Brits!  Sorry that I have to throw you into a tizz by asking you to do as search for any old passport size photos of me and ensuring that Leo sends these to Big S so that these are there on my arrival at Big S on 8th July.  I don't envy you because I wouldn't know where to start looking for these.  And I am sure you have more than enough on your plate preparing to get to UK.  I cannot start growing my beard earlier as colour, etc would clash with age etc on passport I shall be using!  (Crikey, how complicated life becomes!)  Thanks for note – have asked Ken to pass message to Ish.  I hope they can move on finding us a flat – it will be the height of the British summer.  I don't know how you and he-man and Shira feel, but I am getting all psyched up at the prospect of being with you – late as it is due to work pressure my mind is suddenly getting into gear going through all the details that would make joining you successful and timeous.  All love and keep well, Tony.

Sent Thursday 29th June 1989

1.. You have to pick up visa to Big S from their office in New Delhi.

2.. Curtis Nkondo who was here recently applied to Janet to become a member.  He was told he would be contacted internally, that the internal structures decided on recruitment.  The person who contacts Curtis would call himself Tony.  Curtis's address = 99 Atonberg, Eldorado Park, Ext 2, phone 945 2641.  He also requested propaganda.  He asked that this propaganda be posted to :  US Information Service, Market Street, Johannesburg 2000.  The propaganda is to be in "inside envelope" addressed to Curtis Nkondo.  He says US Info Service has agreed to receive his mail (sounds a bit dodgy to me – Ch.)

3.. Have reminded JZ re second installment.  Can JZ's outfit suggest dates for after period mid-July for meet.

Charles to Tony:

a.. Received OK your message of early (!) Thurs morning to Elsa.

b.. Please advise if you know if Suzanne received TK disks I sent her.  Never get TV response to TBs I send her.

c.. Any advice re getting flat.  Ish gone away for week.

d.. Has Isabella also given up TB with former bleep company (i.e. code 2102)?  Does she have new bleep?  Advise which bleeps etc. to use when Tony on holiday.

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