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ANC NWC Meeting May 11


Present : SG, John Nkadimeng, T Mokwena, J Selebi, P Jordan, G Shope, S Dlamini, S Sigxashe, S Makana, D Tloome, J Jele, A Mongalo, S Mfenyana, M Piliso.

Agenda :

1. Report on external Women's Executive meeting 3-6 May in Lusaka. [Cdes Zanele, Mavivi attended.]

a]. On the workshop – the recommendations were forwarded to the subsequent meeting of the National Women's Executive (NWEC). [Messages received from NM and OR.]

b]. NWEC – was extended to include representatives from inside. Points arising :

i). On ILC –complaint of not sufficient consultations for nominations. Also few women involved in ILC. e.g. in Transkei various groups announcing creation of ANC women's brnaches.

ii). Women's league – to gradually replace the ANC Women's Section and be launched on August 9 1990. Organisers needed to prepare for the launch. Venue – Durban.

iii). women's conference – will be 26-28th October in Transkei.

iv). constitutional matters – 3 women appointed to coordinate with the DLCA Constitutional Committee.

v). Natal issue – that not sufficient done to expose Gatsha and Inkatha as the "enemies of the people". Mention of supportive role of Battalion 32. Missions to be briefed.

vi). Internal delegation :

-. to tour South Africa on realities of Natal

-. briefing delegation to Zambia (i.e. KK, Women's League, etc.) – done

-. briefing to NWC on Natal – done.

-. Briefing to Monitoring Group (OAU) – done.

vii). 15 women to go inside (list provided). Wish to leave at end of May.

Discussion :

SG :

a]. 6 page report received from the NWEC has to be copied to ILC together with recommendations. Re point (vii) above, 5 ILC women's core and 10 support group.

b]. Commission to report 21st May.

c]. Bill of Indemnity passed empowering De Klerk to issue Proclamations.

d]. Return process – up to now on basis of temporary permits. May 21st report would greatly contribute to final resolution.

G Shope :

In the list are T. Radebe and M Seperepere. The appropriate structures will be appraised and measures taken. Women's Section to draft the letters. Replacement will depend on situation.

Women's delegation then left.

2. The ANC delegation to Cape Town.

SG :

Delegation still at home except for SG, Thabo and JM (who left with NM the previous day). Group could not return together. Ruth asked to address Kimberley. JS attending COSATU shop stewards meeting etc.

The meeting :

[i]. proceedings to be confidential but records kept.

[ii]. Secretariat JZ, Freddie, Maduna. Report to be ready by weekend. (This is to be circulated.)

[iii]. Zambian Govt, charter direct to CT. Addressed Press Conference at CT airport. No crowds but security. Delegation driven directly to place of stay (Somerset West). Elaborate security arrangements, which complicated contact with people though not with officials of MDM and relatives. Situation explained to local MDM leaders with promise to brief masses at end of meeting.

Rallies : CT – Mitchell's Plain 29th April (JS SG & NM).

Preparations : These held on Monday 30 April. Used draft from Lusaka and rest in CT. Topics grouped into:

[a]. Political prisoners and trials ™

[b]. State of Emergency, Security Legislation, Troops (JS)

[c]. Return of exiles (SG)

2nd May : Press brief by De Klerk and NM. Items added by regime: armed struggle and violence (not for decisions).

Seating arrangement – chart available. In between meetings occasions for informal exchange in amiable atmosphere.

Opinions : De Klerk delegation appeared determined to achieve progress. Re armed struggle he said that rhetoric encourage street violence. (ANC response documented.)

Groups :

[a]. political prisoners – broadened to include detained combatants. Trials continue.

[b]. security legislation – to be reviewed but not at current session of parliament.

[c]. returning – already a Bill in front of parliament. Legal experts were in general satisfied with the Bill. Du Plessis (Finance) led in this group for the regime. Required :

-. estimates of returnees

-. no. of families

Regime to make some contributions to the resettlement programme.

Special confidential document on armed struggle – essence is the removal of obstacles to proceed simultaneously with preparations for points of negotiations including armed struggle. [Monday distribute and return on Tuesday.]

Fuller report to come from Secretariat inside.

SG :

Read the Joint Communique.

-. [Original list of permanent staff was submitted. Need to make new Departmental lists.]

-. MDM monitoring groups will be recognized and their views taken into account.

Composition of working group :

-. ANC steering committee (to coopt consultants)

-. De Klerk steering committee being reassigned.

(JZ, Maduna, Freddie, Curnick, Nhlanhla and Aziz. To work closely with ILC.)

On armed struggle – position appears to be that the regime is no longer posing this as part of the obstacles.

Monitoring groups : Creation to come from working group recommendations.

What next? Both sides of the working group will report to their sponsors who will then decide if another meeting is needed.

Troops out of the townships : Troops have been withdrawn. Natal is special case within a limited space of time and location for presence of troops.

Status of SADF : for discussion at a subsequent meeting of NWC.

Next NEC : Postponed from 8th May to a date to be decided by N.W.C.

S. Makana :

On need for him to get regular briefs and timely notices of NEC meetings. Re ANC statements, to designate specific people for making statements (announcements) to the press.

SG :

Summary remarks on report and subsequent actions.

i). met joint leadership of MDM (CT)

ii). met diplomatic corps (CT)

iii). met Democratic Party (8 reps)

iv). Jhb rally (50,000). SG, JS and NM spoke.

v). Briefing ILC plus regional leaders and Bantustan Chiefs (non-independent)

vi). SANSCO (met by Nhlanhla and Aziz)

vii). Wits meeting 8.5.90 by joint MDM (300)

viii). COSATU – 9.5.90

Participants at negotiations : to be true reps of the people of SA. Details to be spelt out at appropriate time.

On reported PAC growth : Cdes from areas where this ascendancy is alleged repudiated the statement. But there is need to quickly reinforce ANC and guide the people. However there is also need to temper youth attitudes to traditional rulers. (Makwetu PAC man operative in Transkei.)

On Reception points in Bantustans – the issue was not canvassed. The solution will be found in the context of current development of the democratic movement in these areas.

On SG's Programme :

-. to leave Tuesday for London to brief OR and brief members.

-. On DIP weakness internally e.g. Gill now 2 months in Lusaka. Issue to be clarified 21st May.

-. Cde Kathrada proposes that 15 members of internal DIP come for discussions in Lusaka.

Repatriation Committee : to compile a list of the aged and invalids for consideration for advance departure.

On border problems : cdes from the Border area request permission for a joint meeting of Border cadres. Meeting approved under PMC control.


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