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11 August 1989


Hi there Isabella,

First of all, congratulations on the first anniversary of your entry to get Vula off the ground, and congratulations for keeping it going for a whole year.  Keep up the good work – you're an inspiration to us all!


In the back cover of the book are two articles that Tony said I should send to you.  The one from Sechaba and the other from AC.

Microphones and Cables:

Contained in the package are three more microphone/speakers for TC use.  There are also three plain cables for connection between the modem and the tape recorder.  The one is longer than the other two but apart from its length it is exactly the same.  I hope these cables are OK as I remember at one stage we had to modify the cables with an electronic component.  Inside the plugs of these are nothing.  Check the plugs of your old cables and see if there is a small electronic component in them.  If there is we will have to redo the cables and send them to you.


The letter to 'Sue' is for Maureen.  It was handed to me by JoJo when he was passing this way from Canada.

Program disks:

Enclosed are three new program disks for A1, A2 and A3.  Please start to use them as soon as you receive them, but do not format the old program disks until you have made certain that they are OK.  Note the following about the programs:

2TC : Let's hope TC works this time.  I have tested the programs and they work OK on my set-up.  The problem is that I don't have the same set-up as yours.  However, in order to overcome the problems we have had in the past I have now made the programs configurable.  I have already configured them to work on your LTs so you shouldn't  have to do anything.  But, if you find that you are unable to load received files into TC through F9, 'R' then do the following:

1.. Start the computer without a disk in the drive so that you get the 'C>' prompt.

2.. Place the program disk in the drive.  Change the prompt to 'A>' by typing 'a:' at the 'C>' prompt.

3.. Type the 'A>' prompt: 2edit tapcod.cnf

(Rest of comm is instructions on how to use system)

Best regards


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